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AnxiiousGay Oakley, CA I crave death
divinemadness (joke about Florida here) @SeanTheDisNerd SEAGRAMS IS DEATH PISS in the year of the scavenger, the season of the bitch. do no harm but take no shit. strong women intimidate boys and excite men.
Castroabel_ hell California mooo, wet, death FUCK YEAH
KaylaTobi Huntington Beach, California @AMCTalkingDead Does Daryl blame himself for Glenn's death?
w_makor minding my business You would have thought we were friends hmmmmp 😂😂😍 ( planning your death ) 😊🤔jk
cliffxrdblvd 18 | melbourne me: no death will be worse than beth's death twd: does THAT me: ngl i would die for joji
WickstromBlake Tiffany needs Mike to live life. Sean needs a poison apple to end Sarah's life. Only a can end this cycle of death.
HeartSouthNews An inquest starts later into the death of a woman who fell from a bridge over the M27 near #Southampton… We are the team for Heart South News
A21DACB68AB54F6 Ernakulam I can teach you how to bottle fame brew glory even stopper death if you arent as big a bu #HATD
Rauschnmg Teacher: Did I give out homework? Class: No. Teacher's pet: " Yes he did! Don't you remember?" ALL OF THE CLASS : * DEATH STARE* Follow me back, love meeting new people :) xo
taosharptongued Toronto, Canada @AMCTalkingDead little bit sad totally mad and can't wait till Negans spectacular death We are your Navigators into the night. sit back let the music and talk WAKE YOU UP!

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