Tweeting on the topic of Death.

margueritte_T San Diego, CA Death threat by Chuck Schumer. Transgender, male to female. Pro Constitution / Bill of Rights for all Americans including transgender human beings.
DonnMellow Rialto, CA Words could be Life Or Death use it well... Rap Artist, Producer. All bookings: #OneBeyondSpace • #1347
Polopo98 Granada, Fuerte Terror. happy death Valar Morghulis💀 In my dreams we're still together⏳🌚 UGR📚
_DarbyAnn Today will be the death of me. 😩😭 Darby. 22 and happily engaged by the love of my life.
MrJudeMitchell @jacksfilms 78% of fatal accidents result in death #YIAYfact
frecklepuss121 Bournemouth, Uk Gin fizz will be the death of me. Send help. Whats all the fuss about? 28
badwebsites @MeAShrew @joepauley Republicans may seem happy when they're tea-bagging. But it's causing death by pulling away ou… bad websites! lots!
anarutobot Konoha Rin was... Rin was the light in my life. Even with this Sharingan, after her death, I could see nothing. a bot that tweets canon naruto lines! | run by @seafolking
jiquez_cool From life, to death 😖¿I'm Stressed As Usual?😖

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