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Tip! In the same way that your skill and style are part of your artwork, so is your signature remember to include it. It's good branding and a nice finishing touch.

I finally wrote another after a forced hiatus due to family. Its a new form Im experimenting with so any is welcome on this intended for

Building Better Humans Project

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What Should You Be Doing Right Now If You're In Your 20s And Want To Succeed As A Writer

A few brutal truths at that nobody tells you about launching a writing career your first few years out of school:

Hello i have a question do you know a cheap VPS that have all the security / privacy (and yubikey 2FA) that have server in Dsseldorf (Germany)

Check out the latest article from Walter Rhein:

How Your Bio Is a Secret Resource That Most Writers Fail to Optimize

Don't forget that Tumblr links are often sample links, ie the artist draws more than one 'taur pic, but I don't like to post a large clump from a single artist.
Likewise, posts from FurAffinity and other galleries might be the first SFW image from a set, so clicking and exploring is always a good idea.

Spike has turned away from the fish, and he does not fit, yet he maintains a relaxed posture. Today, understand that not all problems can be solved, but the situation is excellent.

I"m not satisfied by Mastodon. I thought i would have more engagement on it for the lack of algorithms. Is it because hip hop is a niche topic on the platform or my posts are simply not interesting. If it's the later, how can i improve my posts.

Hey kids If you're in a band, and the moment you leave you get replaced by someone who's been "in the wings", you've made the right call as they clearly did not respect you to begin with and was just waiting to replace you.

Music is a cool thing that's supposed to bring joy. Be sure to only make it with people who helps make it a good time and respects your contributions.

Incidentally we're slated for some cool collabs down the line, so keep a lookout for that!

Positively Leading

Great Australian Pods Podcast Directory:

Mastodon God, sir/ma'am/volunteer pls, I find this article unsatisfactory:

Do you, or anybody else, have any additional tips for getting link previews to appear regularly I just find it so annoyingly inconsistent

- Never leave a compliment unspoken
- Always make sure you've been for a wee before you settle down to paint your nails.
- Friendship is everything.

40 things I've learned before I'm 40...

>Learning to Recognize Your Magical Successes by John Beckett

Is it time to plant new herbs yet

Anyone using NovaCustom laptops in , wanna share your feedback on them Considering it as one of the options for new laptop in the near future

(for the record: I know about Framework - and I also consider Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 - but I want to have a variety of options before choosing)

and feels like we're gonna suddenly be a destination for people to come a get drunk which also makes me worried about drunk drivers, our kid playing outside, and our pets safety.

Have any of you experienced this before
What questions would you ask the potential new owners of a "casual drinking spot" going in on your street
Am I just being a giant crotchety ol' NIMBY

Planning a writing retreat Read this first -publishing

I think part of the reason why criminals (or wrong doers) tend to turn to a path of enlightenment is because they've known suffering and now feel guilt. And now need to ground their wrong doings into something else, hence why people turn to religion, or activism, or charity work. There's unlikely to be any forgiveness for those wrong doings in past actions, so that's why we need to appreciate the person in front of us, so long as they demonstrate good intent and not bad.

"Advice is not a gift, but a debt that the old owe to the young." James Fenimore Cooper

Good here also applies to non- code but & must actually provide business-value:

Youve Just Inherited A Legacy C++ Codebase, Now What, Philippe Gaultier ().

Via HN:

Just a reminder that your toots will probably get better traction the more of these details you include: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.
You don't have to include all of them, but make a game of seeing just how many you CAN include.
Eye'm a trouble-maker in the Pacific Northwest who used to be an editor who gets his hide chapped by toots that lack important details and leave me with too many questions.
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Conferences present a great opportunity to meet other professionals working in your field and lay the foundations for future collaborations. But what should you do if the idea of meeting new people puts you well out of your comfort zone Check out this week's blog for insights from a conference aficionado!



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- Nadiyno !

Michelle Obama Facing BACKLASH After Saying THIS To WOMEN !!! - YouTube

Stephen King's 'On Writing'

hey mastodon: any recs for a wide angle or telephoto zoom lens for a Nikon D3000 ideally something in the low two hundreds max on the used market. thanks!

Yesterday I visited a nearby shop of old/vintage stuff. They had this "new in box" ML550 B/W . Couldn't resist, was also rather cheap too (10e).

I immediately modified it for input and to use it as a portable monitor. That worked a treat.

I am now trying to get audio input working, but I'm not being lucky. Total silence from the TV if I try the mod shown in the picture with a 33uf decoupling cap (audio from RF was there before). Maybe line level as input is too low Any by people knowledgeable in circuits I can share the whole schematics (and will upload it in the future).

Just a word of if youre making or any kind of art for - please do not use of Palestine that features . I see this all the time and its getting really frustrating. Golan Heights is -occupied land, it is not part of Palestine.

Leonardo DiCaprio Told Timothe Chalamet No Superhero Movies, but Chalamet Says Id Have to Consider One If the Script and Director Were Great

>Timothe Chalamet first revealed in September 2022 that his Dont Look Up co-star Leonardo DiCaprio once gave him brief but essential career advice: No hard drugs and no superhero movies. DiCaprio has never gone down the comic book movie route, and its a path Chalamet has also avoided so far despite the...

I saw Dr Karan's video on supplements being BS recently... there's bits I agree with and bits I don't agree with. But the main issue is the core problems aren't addressed. Like medical malpractice which naturally leads to self-treatment and self-diagnosing. So really, the blame relies solely on the persons whose job it was to begin with, who has failed. My only advice is listen to studies, and listen to your body.

How do you like your books to end Let me know!

Greetings, bookworms and story lovers!

Im on a quest, and I need your knightly assistance! As I embark on the journey of crafting the sequel to Rabbit Fever, I find myself at a crossroads, pondering what makes the perfect finale.

You see, the ending of my first tale has stirred quite the storm in a teacup! The feedback is as varied as the spices in a bazaarsome of you adore the conclusion, while others not so much. Its like a literary Marmite situation you either love it or you hate it!

Could it be a matter of taste Perhaps a dash of personality Some crave the comfort of a neatly wrapped story, while others relish the thrill of an enigma. Its the age-old debate: to tie up loose ends or to dangle them like a hypnotic pendulum

So, Ive concocted a little poll to quench my curiosity (and hopefully yours too!). Cast your vote and lets discover together how you prefer your storybook journeys to end. Do you yearn for closure, or do you delight in the unknown

Take a moment, share your thoughts, and lets unravel this tapestry of endings together! Your insights are the secret ingredient to the potion that will brew the grand finale of my next novel.

Check out the poll below and let your voice be heard. After all, every reader is the co-author of the book they dive into!

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>A Reminder in a Contentious Time

In a nutshell, do what you can with that you have.

I produced another Quick Takes video this weekend, reflecting upon reactions I see quite a few readers and learners have when they spot what they think are contradictions or inconsistencies in works of philosophers. Turned out I had a lot to say about it

In case of fire break
Not glass, but expectations.
You don't need this stress.

Insane Advice

Can anyone share their experience with UK Parcelforce

"Your parcel is being held in our delivery depot awaiting payment of customs charges. The addressee is being sent a letter outlining the charges and how to pay."

The addressee hasn't received any letters. It's been 3 working days now.

What is considered an appropriate amount of time to give them a call

Edit: In usual life fashion the letter arrived the next day!

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Insane Advice