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We were not wealthy, nowhere near, but did not want. Mom made sure of one thing for her three boys: That they knew how to cook, clean, etc. because we shouldn't expect no woman to do it for us.

>We need home economics now more than ever

: an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed

- French: conseil

- German: der Rat

- Italian: consiglio / suggerimento

- Portuguese: conselho

- Spanish: consejo


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Muslim Life Hackers

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Xyla recently made a video with advice for starting makers

I just updated this list of links to all of my writings on Stoicism in Medium, adding about 20 more entries. Looking forward to adding quite a few more this month!

Artists with online shops: what has been your experience using Im contemplating a switch. Im currently using Squares online store powered by Weebly. Im based in Canada.

Any suggestions on how to deal with a neighbourhood pest

There's a guy let's call him the Leafs Asshole who drives around the neighbourhood *laying* on the horn of his Leafs-flags bedecked silver Hyundai. He's got the radio blaring too, and he alternates between driving very slowly yelling at people or extremely fast and unsafely. You can hear him many blocks away.

He's been doing this for a while. He clearly has some problems, but he needs to stop.

In every lie there is an ounce of truth, but the truth they won't tell you is often an agenda or there is some form of conditioning behind it. Because truths would speak for themselves. Whereas lies are hidden in a deeper meaning.

How To Get Unstuck With Helen Thomas

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Hmm I've been using Bobby to keep track of my subscriptions but it seems it has gotten way out of sync between and and has seemingly lost half of them :blobcatsad:

What do y'all use for tracking


We clean our clothes like this and it's a significant economy

Advice from centenarians: get a good education, do what you love, choose the right partner, stay true to principles, keep moving and keep learning, cherish friends, learn from elders, think positive, believe in self, be kind, be determined.

despite that i clearly express they can engage with those ideas at their own leasure i still end up putting a pressure on them. I want to respect their time, so i want to empower them to have a rudimentary exploration of consent from my end on their own time, without me needing to be present.
My good intentions don't translate into a good experience for others.
I started looking it building a telegram bot which acts an NPC presenting the dialog tree in a less overwhelming format.

Hey peeps. Any recommendations for bookkeeping software that works with Venmo and Wise (Transferwise)

As Quickbooks has ended connections/ no longer works with Venmo, and Wise doesn't transfer well either, seeking other options moving forward.

Anyone got any on how to communicate the CPU temperatures of several in a cluster case to a main controller

Here's a flowdiagram of how this is gonna work, hopefully:

Main pi controlling fans --> waits for a pi to report temperature (main board also periodically checks temp) --> adjusts fan speed based on the highest temperature in the cluster

Do you think we'll succeed

Aligned And Thriving Podcast Strategies For Achieving Work Life Balance

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Okay, frens and people of persuasion: I need musical .

I'm looking for your favourite / artists. I've been listening to compilations on the Toobs but that's like listening to a 'baby's first classical music' CD. I've got a music theory thing running around the brain bucket and need guidance.

Your favourites, the ones you 'member from old , your older stoner brother who never grew up and talk about nothing else Drop them below.

February is unsubscribe month.

take the time each day this month to clean out your email subscriptions to reduce clutter and improve your own helath and welfare.

What do you think of the new look

Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon urges to have two-year supply on hand in event of . No on how to pay for or where to store such a , though:

Managing Beautifully

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Pro tip: People often neglect flossing. Make it a thing you do when streaming media. Put some floss next to your remote control. If you floss as an idle activity, you might become more consistent at it.

Healthy Travel Tips: Advice & Snacks

Stay healthy while traveling! Get expert advice and healthy snack ideas. Don't compromise on your well-being read our guide today!

Daisy Ridley Reveals JJ Abrams' Honest Advice about Star Wars

Sending this question into the mastodon void:

Has anyone ever used a sun lamp/light therapy lamp at home And if so, did you find it helpful to your sleep quality/circadian rhythm

Check out the latest article from Fatunla Samuel:

Writing Made Me Know Too Much

What to do if you think you might be laid off or if youve lost your job WGN TV

I've produced quite a few videos on Seneca's Letters, but there's a number of topics I haven't yet gotten to. Here's a new one focused specifically on grief in Letter 63!

"Dont Quit Booze Just Drink Differently: 15 Ways To Change Your Life Without Trying All That Hard", The Guardian ().

The Pete Isaia Podcast

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I had planned for this weekend's comic to have a caption or some dialogue. I decided instead to go for something quieter. What are your thoughts Let me know in the comments!

Financial Autonomy

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Anyone with experience of using water fountains for cats/dogs I had one for many years, replaced it a few times for various reasons but in all used it for 15 years or so. But when I replaced it after the pump broke, I got the new version and it sucks, the pump keeps sucking in false air, making it gargle and be annoying. I need a simple thing that just keeps the water moving and do some filtering, without it making fountain noises, hate the sound of running water.

Apropos of nothing at all, if someone tells you that you have to do something nonsensical to your code base at work because some other group/team/internal org requires it, speak directly to that other entity about it!
Dont remove your unit tests or all links to documentation based on a game of Telephone.

Here's my entirely biased review of "The Best-Delayed Plans: The Game Master's Guide to Adventure Prep", an exciting new collection of Tabletop gaming advice!

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