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Trump repeats lies until people start to believe them. I wish I could do that. Unrelated: Trump has a carp dick. His dick is a carp. The fish. And he has to wear water underpants so it doesn’t die. Anyhow good talk. More on this later forever. says bretterlich from Los Angeles, CA.
What the hell is the point of doing the solo flawless if you’re just going to cheat it? It’s like buying a trophy for something you didn’t do. No one respects you and your dick is hella small says Gigz from Los Angeles, CA.
social media seriously gets into some people's heads too much no one fucking cares if one of ur socks is higher than the other or ur dick is out they're just gonna scroll and forget it .0001 seconds later says aaaalicjaaaa from sewer rat base.
to the guy that just ordered $50 worth of food in the tbell drive thru at 1:30am and did a burn out in his giant truck while blasting shitty country music when pulling away, i'm sorry my dick is bigger than yours... maybe you should give me your girls # ?? says mjk8600.
JK is struggling to read the definition of mitochondria when his dick is hard enough to nail in fence boards and JM teases him bc how is he gonna pass a class with these kinds of study habits but JK is just like This isn't even my class?? says vlevxn.
@lovemeh__ Put it to like this. Not a spot on a female body I won’t touch. Your cum down my throat or dripping off this dick is my goal ALL THE TIME. You tell me what you want done and it’s done. says FuckUpYourPH from New York .
@thicchocolate69 @KaponeICU I never said hello to begin with. And your dick is ugly. Blocked says sirisuccedme.
And I know right now that we’re not talkin I hope you know this dick is still an option 🎶 says callmerayz from Astroworld .

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