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Dick is not a gift says twerk4shootaa from DM[V].
My dick is nice and shaved 😋 says lilsazon_.
If my leg is shaking during sex the dick is really good. My leg(s) don't shake often when getting fucked. says carterjbanks from Atlanta, Ga.
my dick is 10x your size says Chemso_x.
@GlaceonSubzero My dick is harder than that statement says jigglybot from twitter dot com.
my dick is in flames says fagcry.
@Croth51 guess it depends on how small your dick is says muther_faulkner.
To quote @sirCharlieScene "rated ten by the bitches, now I'm gettin ridiculous, guess how many inches my dick is says kadowlicious.
I feel a 4th NUT coming on, my dick is hard AF says DFW_B8r from Dallas, TX.
I'm coolin with yuh bitch she said my dick is delicious says GoonieMan666.
If he's mixed and a track runner his dick is nice says JayKenMinaj.
@bellafiore4u @moodbeam1 really? Thats the best u got? Your 4.5 inch dick is showing. Your mommy has ur sammach ready.. says Auntoys.
@mihcaelscott his dick is probably so tiny in comparison no wonder his wife always tops says thejohnlocksucc from Maryland, USA.
My dick is still out for you Harambe says CollinsDaLad from London, England.

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