Justin beiber.

What are people tweeting about Justin beiber.

"Justin Beiber is the beat singer in the world" *everybody in the room glances up and then goes back to playing on their phones, too tired* says theJuneAsterisk.
Did anyone else notice for the first time that Justin Beiber is attractive during the super bowl? says _Alli_Bear from Planet Earth.
@JoseFranco_ but hey everyone knows who Justin Beiber is says DaveBrill1 from Santa Clarita, CA.
@DLoesch Justin Beiber is Canadian. #JustAnObservation. But... WHATTHEHELLISWRONGWITHYOU?!?!?! says _s2_11.
My obsession w Justin Beiber is unhealthy. Not sorry says jrichardson1482 from St Clair, MI.
wow I guess Justin Beiber is busy saving Japan while Lady Gaga is saving the US says xX_Nice_Guy_Xx from San Francisco AKA TECHNO-HELL.
@BettyE235 @LoganPaul @jakepaul JUSTIN BEIBER IS FOLLOWING YOUπŸ˜§β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ says nightswjustin from Europe.
okay @RecordingAcad how the fuck is bj's In My Mind not nominated for album of the year but fucking justin beiber is??? smh says jukema_ from Portland, OR.
lrt justin beiber is my favorite anime says PiderIsTheKing from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Justin Beiber is the biggest star in the galaxy. Ok Jupiter is, but still says RNM1996 from The Gardner-Webb University.
Justin Beiber is gay I'm sorry I only like 2 of he's songs says legend_temari31 from Jacksonvile NC.
And Justin Beiber is one of them dammit says tyree_hunter.
Yo @_itstasuu yooo JUSTIN BEIBER is back on INSTAGRAM says akazi43.
"I dont think this justin beiber is going to be around much longer...." - ominous old lady sitting next to me in the waiting room says hachiojis from KogaP + TsumugiP.
What if Justin Beiber is a boy? says Okfuturemfana_ from Lichtenburg, South Africa.
So i heard justin beiber is back on insta. But I cant see him there. Is he inspired by John Cena? #youcantseeme πŸ˜‚ says PRINCE__4EVA.
This World Series game is intense! Justin Beiber is such a good quarterback 🐐 says noni2396 from Mount Olympus.
@OneFlewWestBand @ColoradoMom Justin Beiber is a talented, humble artist and you should be honored to pay him tribute. *pukes* says AmericnBlackout from Ft. Collins, CO.
kinda makes me sad that my chances of marrying justin beiber is like negative says baileeydoee from Mansfield, TX.
Kate McKinnon's Justin Beiber is a riot says adamhaztweetz from Ypsilanti, MI.
Justin Beiber is the goat he should do the halftime show next year. says AndreMcMacs.
Justin Beiber is so cringey my hell says ethanlurcher from Sam.
Justin Beiber is probably the only "white" boy who looks weird in a suit. Nice ass tho. says GayPrizon from Page, AZ.
Justin beiber is a don he has the waviest tunes says Kelvin_Murph from Dublin City, Ireland.
also hating justin beiber is tired you were also a jackass when you were 18. relax. says travis_mke from Milwaukee.
So that's how Justin Beiber is making money these days. says TheLocalLunatic from Waynesboro, PA.
Justin Beiber is still trying to be a Black R&B singer. This is "cut my braids go to a fade" stage of his career. #StayWoke #SuperBowl says JasmynBeKnowing from New York, NY.
Wow - looks like Justin Beiber is hard up for money - that T-Mobile commercial was terrible says SandDollar04 from South Carolina, USA.
Justin Beiber is perfect for T-Mobile. Neither of them are for people over the age of 20. #Superbowl says ZoltanCOMEDY from San Diego or somewhere else.

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