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@MelanieLBBH Melanie is it cow milk???? Or is it vegan milk? 😛😛😛 says MiryamSheeran from .
@bunny_slick @SheilaT17200455 Thank u bunny for reminding us Melanie is first flouts that didn't need total makeover since Jackie o 💋🇱🇷🐸 says la15plunkett.
Just turned on #5USA and Law and Order: SVU is on and it has guest starring @melnking Twice in a week Melanie is on UK this week. says JanEWallace28 from Scotland.
@TrumpFlotus @CNNPolitics I don't know where Melanie is from but I read this in a Russian accent 😂 says _tonyaspencer.
@Monte_Alto @Scribd Melanie is America biggest free loader! says Enrico056 from Mesa, AZ. via Chicago,IL. .
@ABC I've gotta say Melanie is not winning right now.. very sad. Give her job to a real American says dontcuckmebro.
Melanie is literally my fav person to mess with😂 says its_cinthyyaa.
@_lamexican I'm pretty sure Melanie is knocked out lol says Magc_2913 from Rainsville, AL.
@Rosie Melanie is scared to death he treats all his women like dirt subservient and will obey no matter even trying to force staff lady dres says weener67 from Hamilton, Ontario.
Wonder where Melanie is.... ;.; says GoooeyLouie.
She's not being a very good first lady I miss having a first lady in the white house but I don't believe Melanie is the one for the job says BlackwellHattie.
melanie is sooooo beautiful says prisetski from Making The Big Bucks™.
@palmer1619 @thehill Melanie is an adult. Stop treating her like a child . She is a willing participant bought and paid for. says MaianneNielsen.
@xo_eiinalem @__Skidd Melanie is being mean😭 says Quamere_Sabb from Los Angeles, CA.
@goldengateblond @olivefotini -Melanie is an opportunist. Why else would she marry trump. says Livingston442 from USA.
@antcapo9983 @chelseahandler @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls We still haven't seen truth that Melanie is legal. says NikitaKitty.
@dylobean Yes Melanie is my Queen says obrienstarks from mieczysluts™ || multifandom.
@2020fight ah yes Melanie is so hard done by .... NOT! says fourcue2000 from canada.
@XcrossAtlanticX @A_M_Perez That doesn't mean Melanie is Communist says KottonKlown from All Around You.
i'm crying about how fucking adorable x factor melanie is says PLAYTAXlCAB from a beach in michigan.
I hate when Melanie is right🤔 says Jeaniners21 from Baldwin Park, CA.

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