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NiaGotFansss LongLiveTaego💙 i love chelsea to death but she get on my nerves @Chelsss1117 🌈🤞🏽
mandisatweets South Africa 🇿🇦 I can't ever conceive of a 'last supper' that doesn't include Chicken Licken hot wings. Even if death has to try t… living sub-judicae in a prima facie world | awaiting terms of reference for meaningful inquiry | reclaiming my time and applying my mind
LivingOnChi Massachusetts, USA #DanaDurnford .@DrDurnford #Fukushima #BanTokyo2020 BAN #Tokyo2020 #SixthMassExtinction 3/15/18 LIVESTREAM at 9:00… #Fukushima and #GeoEngineering are ACCELERATING #ClimateChange and the extinction of humanity Steal my content and create new tweets. Spread awareness!
Ricochet Daily Standard: Doggie Death in the Skies, the Theranos Fraud, and the Democratic Wave Gets Bigger. #podcast Conservative conversation and community. And podcasts. And a newsletter. Join now and get your first month for free (Coolidge level).
amandaataides Goiás, Brasil @FernandoVB_ A simple game of genius mano, soldier boys and Jesus freak's, THE DEATH OF YOU AND ME Kickin' up a storm, from the day that i was born
3abdulla_OP Dubai, United Arab Emirates Ski was death cadet,economist 🧠
FrankieWuzHere Florida, USA @Patriotfal1 @MPA2000 @DCMonteverde Normally a crime or murder done in a moment of passion (Road rage for example h… Open to discussion if you disagree or think I am wrong on something. Just message me. Keep calling the right names. We are growing everyday. Facts Trump Feels.
iCedric_Diggory Hogwart "They are with Professor Sprout. She was Head of Cedric's house, and knew him best." —Albus Dumbledore in 1994, after Cedric Diggory’s death RP Account of Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter :)
binghamtonnynow Binghamton, NY Police Report: Haley Anderson suspected Tercero slashed her tires, months before her death Curating the best media feeds in Binghamton. Part of the 400-city The Breaking News Network, the largest community news network supporting the social good
gnewburn Gainesville, FL @salnuzzo I mean, we already have the death penalty for drug-induced homicides. Florida Director, @fammfoundation. Proud alumnus, @uf, @uflaw.
billtormey Dublin BBC News - Mariam Moustafa: Egyptian teen's Nottingham death sparks anger Doctor, Commentator, Academic, Professor, Farmer, Editor-in-Chief Irish Journal of Medical Science

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