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ItsBennyBlanco a lot of u guys have been asking me questions about how the video was made and i wanted to tell u few cool things u may not kno about it… 1. snoop surprised me and made a death row chain and gave it to me the day of the video shoot Bad Decisions out now 💜
Netflix_Sandman Watch how Death and Dream's conversation in "The Sound of Her Wings" is almost word-for-word adapted from the page. #TheSandman is now streaming, only on @Netflix. The King of Dreams has returned. Official page of ‘The Sandman’ series now streaming, only on @Netflix.
Clarknova1 Kurōzu-cho, Japan Shut up, and listen. Here’s what you’re gonna do. First, watch Neon Genesis Evangelion eps 1-24. Then you’re gonna watch only the first HOUR of End of Evangelion. Then eps 25-26. Then Death(True)2. Then the REST of End of Evangelion. And only THEN do you watch all four Rebuilds. SVP of Action and Anime, Warner Discovery. Co-created Toonami. Producer of The Lord of The Rings: The War of the Rohirrim/Shenmue: The Animation & more
Tweets_n_Nike Queens, NY Irv Gotti and Murder Inc’s downfall was easy in retrospect because 50 was the street African-American that Ja Rule was portraying to be. 50 def destroyed they musical credibility by exposing them as soft and a feminine type label trying to be death row. *DISCLAIMER* only here for jokes, Mildly popular member of #SportsTwitter #TogetherBlue #RepBX #NewYorkForever #NoQuitInNY #CollegeFootball #TechBros
EpochTimesCan Canada An #Ottawa #police officer is facing charges of discreditable conduct for undertaking unauthorized investigations into the possible connections between the deaths of nine children or infants and their parents’ COVID-19 #vaccination statuses. The Epoch Times Canadian Edition. Canada's Top Quality Independent Media Company. News, Opinion, Science & Technology, Health, Entertainment, and Arts.
specialladycake the way raelle grabs scylla's head the way scylla has a death grip on raelle's jacket the way raelle goes in for one more kiss the way scylla's face lights up after the kiss these are all taylor & amalia's doing and what makes raylla extra special 🥺 #motherlandfortsalem #raylla 'I'm gay witty and friendly what else do u want forkers' 🤗 she/her; i make gifs and stuff *SPOILERS ZONE* #MotherlandFortSalem #raylla #quarterhorn
JiWon51949620 United States Military armed forces bombarded Darparpar village, Loikaw tsp, Karenni state by 2 aircrafts yesterday, resulting in death of a resident, injuring of 3 and damaging of a civilian house & a clinic. #2022Aug10Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar L-1485 Teume 💎
mrotzie Minneapolis @dskamper @kcolempls @NortonMpls I really wanted to know their plan to a)pivot to support the Dem slate in the general and b)defend against inevitable national headlines about the congressional nominee with the wrongful death suit once their gop support got ilhan out of the way and went back to their own side. Former Jewish social justice staff and co-host of the @wrongaboutevery podcast. These are my personal tweets. Dance 10, Looks 3.
ShaunKingLies @RachelRMarshall If only you were as outraged when Boudin released violent repeat offenders to pummel our elders to death in the streets, as you are that Jenkins was compensated for 6 months of work after volunteering for the recall and quitting her job.
406Llama Montana, USA Oh still Not Doing Anything. I am Too Old & Broken to Crawl through night in full kit to evade Dog Patrols & Motion-Detectors to Plant Little Reminders of How Fragile Our World Is upon your Machines of Death & Destruction and Then Hit Another A.O. later in same Night... Just Talk RadicalEnvironmentalist Criminologist Photographer Navybrat Hunter Gathering'er 27yrs Praying 4WorldPeace #JohnLewis & #JohnMcCain #RBG are my Heroes #Resist
BoydFast2 Life and death are bound together, talk to Zicheng. See you one eye, god said the four words in my ear, there is no escape from fate.
RomeoJulietBot Thou, wretched boy, that house Romeo seal’d, Shall happily make thee death, and I must go with him? these violent delights have such violent ends
MissHoneyMagick Michigan, USA Remembering a ceremony from like 3 years ago ish where I married Death (another story for another day) but it was specifically a plague aspect of death and it didn’t make sense at the time but it does now Hoodoo, medium, scribe, oracle // Southern Michigan Marsh Mistress, Lucifer’s PR agent, High John’s Daughta, light in the darkness ☕️
TheCherryTree68 California, USA @tmcluer2 The Jews have promised never to walk in lines of death ever again. They will fight, tooth and nail, if that's what it takes. But, it can't happen here they say. Resister.I'm grateful to those I follow. I need rationality during these chaotic times. I'm a cultured redneck hippie. I'm terrible at proofreading, lol, sorry.
EricMarti Europe @Valere_ia @Ghostofk1ev @redflag3rd @cathyraats @Earnest101 @Biezer11 @Alex87431641 @GangusKhan777 Two fascist states Russia and China discussing how to repress political opposition , put them into death camps and gulags and invade neighboring countries. Passionate skydiver, pilot, biker, runner, geek, 💕science.. Other likes: 📖🔭🔬📡💻🗽⛵️✈️🌊🌼🐘🦉🚀🚲🎬🎨🎼⛷☕️🍋🌞🌳🐋🐝🏃🏻‍♂️📚💖🎉
Edward_scary @WhaleEverything $Marvin is aiming his death ray at the #memeverse and about to take the top spot for meme and dog tokens 🌕🛸 ⚡️💸 @elonmusk @Marvin_Inu 🛸🪐 #MarvinInu $marvin #BINANCE #CRYPTO #money #Shib #FLOKI #BTC #NFT #ETH #Torn #Boo #X2Y2 @marvin_inu
moonhare77 Factory fish farming is a ruthless business: the fish suffer disease, stress and a painful death. The EU is making key changes to laws that protect farmed animals. Add your voice and push our leaders to protectfish too! #endfishcruelty Forget Parties. We're either Predators or Prey. The Predators are in charge. We Prey must unite and work together before they chew us up and spit us out.
TempaCliffy Lagos, Nigeria @GazetteNGR Is it the same Tinubu that said Labour party will labour till death and in vain?? Please, more pressure is needed!! Upcoming Artist Song writer Aries One love by Cliffytempah is out and 🔥 click, listen, follow,like, download and God bless
tpmnetwork New #podcast: @reedsmith & @chrisboyer: is the rise of recommendation engines in social media potentially hastening the end of social media as we know it? Are influencers becoming less important to #hcsm #hcmktg & #hcldrs? Give this episode a listen: touch point media is a collection of podcasts dedicated to discussions on all things healthcare.
Chanmyaekyiph10 Junta soldiers shelled artilleries in the clashes with local defense forces in Rihkhawdar tsp, Hpalan tsp this morning, resulting in death of a local and injuring of 3. #2022Aug10Coup #LegalizationOfNUG #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Please help restore democracy and end violence in Myanmar by donating to our interim government CRPH
jane_fieldsend Norwich, UK Factory fish farming is a ruthless business: the fish suffer disease, stress and a painful death. The EU is making key changes to laws that protect farmed animals. Add your voice and push our leaders to protectfish too! #endfishcruelty #BrexitIsntWorking #ProgressiveAlliance #RejoinEU #ClimateCrisis - love Denmark, music, nature, organic gardening, cycling, books, Arsenal FC supporter #COYG
SuesanneTusiime Uganda Resumed gym and these muscle pulls are going to be the death of me! Have me walking around like a deceptacon all day?! 📌CEO & FOUNDER: @paplerayn | @180degreesglow| DESIGNER: Paple Rayn Hub |BLOGGER | Deeper than usual ❤️💭
FAIreland Ireland The FAI is saddened to learn of the death of renowned football writer and former Irish Times correspondent Peter Byrne. Our thoughts are with Peter’s family, friends and colleagues at this sad time. May he rest in peace The home of Irish football • • • #COYBIG • #COYGIG • #WeAreOne
tiktakcrypto @kswindells1 @obaido15 @emorut_olinga Scientist are lying and goverment impose taxes.With taxes you will safe the world.Ban the plastic bags and straws and pack the paper straws in plastic bags.forking stupidity worst than the fake pandemic of 0.001% death rate.Wake up and live we dont need anyone to think for us.
janesaisquoi @flowerennce Wouldn't really say a hero... The main character is part of The Endless, family that consists of life's aspects as their names: Destiny, Death, Dream (The Sandman himself), Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delirium. So yeah maybe a little bit hero but also.. Sherlock Holmes-y? My waves meet Cedric’s shore, ever and evermore.
Chanmyaekyiph10 SAC troops abducted a man who drove tractor in Natogyi tsp, Mandalay division for having an area measuring application in his phone, tortured and interrogated him until death on 8th August. #2022Aug10Coup #LegalizationOfNUG #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Please help restore democracy and end violence in Myanmar by donating to our interim government CRPH
summer_dust_ somewhere @Peeporpy stretched septum makes me wanna say 90s punk and death metal *so* bad but if it's actually like, greatful dead, I'm gonna be fuming she/her, Bi, ACAB Artist. Local NFT hater. Dating @sikkadownsouth 💖 ☀️♋🌑♎⬆️♉
williamferry1 Pasadena, CA Families who have lost their loved ones in officer-involved incidents deserve unbiased cause-of-death investigations. Tell your CA senator to pass #AB1608 to make the offices of sheriff and coroner separate in CA. #California Live performance production and management.
nyehenry licensed in GA "but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” ― Benjamin Franklin Allow us to help you prepare financially with Life Insurance for the unexpected or unanticipated. ✨Call Us: 404-292-2224 ✨Email Us: Insurance Agent / Owner of The Henry Agency / Specializing in Auto, Home, Business & Life Insurance
adamvick3d North West, England I've been at this 20 Yr now. Surviving Today. My neighbour after saying to me hello, very politely, shouted at my deliver woman to "WORK HIM" I'm pretty strong through it all. I have a good death threat pretty often,and atleast one person per month asks me to kill myself. Lead Character Artist with 20 years experience in the games industry. Grads in Games Advocate @GradsInGames
milfsharma 20 he they neos ❤︎ juny ❤︎ like HOW would she literally freeze to death and die in the same well where dodge was aka where dodge MADE IT OUT … make it make sense og ronance stan - txti byf
GHRWestMids West Midlands A 55yo man's being questioned by @WMerciaPolice on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after a fatal crash in Telford. A 62yo man died and a woman was left with life-threatening injuries when a car and motorbike collided on Dawley Green Way last night. The biggest songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s played by presenters you know and love. Listen on your radio, mobile or on your smart speaker.
Erica93489587 @ArabellaRober19 @BaronessBruck U pathetic b*tch u r really r a loser wishing death on Harry, Meghan and their children btw I reported your a*s Behind every successful woman is herself
minglossjpg she/her i was torn between death note and haikyuu but i think haikyyu means the most to me 🥺 anyway, bangtan sonyeondan
AnthonyALaurie Dallas, TX The only mistake here is the prosecution not seeking the death penalty and going for life imprisonment. Yaser Said is a prime example of someone more than deserving of an execution. He will rot in Hell when his time comes. 🏠 Dallas, TX / MN Native / Conservative / Former political candidate / Sports fan / Foodie / Political junkie / Free thinker
FrancisPitt Nuneaton @Marcus4Nuneaton Marcus, it's your party that has caused this mess. It's your party that is going to let people freeze to death as they won't be able to heat/eat this winter. You support Rishi but he openly admits taking money from deprived areas like many in Nuneaton and sending it richer ones How do I convince you about anything in particular?
UKEDNurse Dartford, South East @galluslass @charlottemm23 @wontsomeonethi2 @JolyonMaugham And more - for being bullied to death by a school that refused to support him. 17 yrs in NHS, hate seeing it wrecked by Brexit. Kentishman, British and European. Pro Eu, Trans woman, living and loving my new Life. she / her.
Sulleymon @birrion @Landorcan @Noratoriou5 huh? i just asked you about the Holodomor and the GLF. What's your response to that? That revolution isn't a tea party? cold comfort to those peasants who starved to death. you want that happening? you're ok? you'll defend it? Veteran of the Grannicus, Gaugamela and Issos. Cavalry General. I talk Chicago Bears and Philo. #Centrist🌐 I-L-L. #BearDown. I invade #DarkSouls and #EldenRing
NoCongestionTax @nicolegelinas This will be far from the only unintended consequence. Prices rising on everything, garage prices above 60th soaring, families with cars moving out of the zone, people deciding enough is enough with cost of living, crime and now the tax. It's death by a thousand pricks. #AxTheCongestionTax *NYC Residents Do Not Deserve This Regressive Tax. We believe Economic Recovery for NYC Businesses and Keeping NYC a Family-Friendly City.
trending_notice RIP: Denise Golgin Death Cause And Obituary, How Did She Die? Creating Awareness To The Globe
Michell45254238 “Desus & Mero,” and the partnership between the two co-hosts splitting up, was met on the internet with the type of grieving usually reserved for a celebrity death. Desus and Mero: Behind their split The recent announcement that both the series "Desus & Mero" and the partnersh...
DJLagente Louisville, KY @CatharineMcDo @KRAKATOAH @RachelHeckert @RevJacquiLewis Police are not judge, jury and executioners. No matter what a person has done the death penalty by a cop is not in the books. “The first duty of love is to listen.” ― Paul Tillich
iNewsGuyana Georgetown The prosecution on Wednesday withdrew the manslaughter charge which was instituted against Dave Singh last week and is now charging the 23-year-old man with murder. Guyana's #1 Online News Source.
CentricDannny @RonFilipkowski they left trump untouched for 18 months and merely served a search warrant. Assassination? This guy is like my little sister with a blackberry thorn "OH MY GOD MY FLESH IS RIPPED I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH!!" I live a strange and unique life. Fashion... and other acquired tastes.
PigeonsPark @James_Ara011 @spog729 @wyonaf a man that took away women's rights, gave everyone a free for all with guns, told us to sacrifice our parents during the 1st wave of covid, did nothing while people froze to death and refused to step foot in a highly LATINO town when children were killed. Smart Gun control, women's rights, universal Healthcare, a great disappointment to my father. Married and not looking. I don't answer dms
CaptainSeaRager @EMIYA_Shirou33x @D1G1TAL_DEATH @mazcreate @Colfern326 @MCU_Direct It's not bad it's just not what you wanted. You expected a 1:1 of the comic but he made a movie about finding yourself and fatherhood instead. Was that the right move maybe not but it's still a fun flick. He/Him
WakeUpCall58 @CommishSmith @mmasnick Biggest tech would welcome it. They have the capital to dispense with the frivolous litigation. Their smaller competition would die a death of a thousand duck bites, and who is going to invest venture-capital that’s going to be spent on lawyers to fight off frivolous suits?
richslezak Los Angeles, CA @NFTtransylvania For life be, after all, only a waitin' for somethin' else than what we're doin'; and death be all that we can rightly depend on. BMX Flatland Rider | NFT Surfer | @ZerkPass | @AlphaXGroup | @AlphaLabsOne | @Ascendants_nft | @mirrorpass_xyz | @AlphaSharksNFT
berfertt Good Ole USA! Hey all Trump supporters, I just heard there have tons of death threats against the AG, FBI director and agents on the street. I am pleading with you all to not do this. We need this to be very civil and ABSOLUTELY NO VIOLENCE!! You know the dems are looking for this. It would Still proud to be an American! What's wrong with making America Great again? SGT US. Army Veteran. 🇺🇲 Did not vote for the Big Guy! ULTRA MAGA!!
WINYRadio Putnam, CT FROM THE NEWSROOM: (AP) The New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is denouncing comments by Gov. Chris Sununu and his attorney general after a jury acquitted a truck driver in the death of seven Eastern Connecticut's radio station! We're your source for news, information, entertainment, and more!

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