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WhiteHouse Washington, D.C. “Maduro uses death squads, trained and equipped by Cuba, to kidnap, imprison, torture, and kill,” @AmbJohnBolton said Tuesday—while families “dig through garbage cans in search of anything to feed themselves and their children." Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:
DineshDSouza United States Yes but why was he taken off suicide watch? Who made that decision? And who if anyone had access to him prior to his death? Being “stunned and angry” is no substitute for answers to these questions Can Trump—and we—save America from the Democrats a second time? "Death of a Nation" is available now on DVD, Blu-ray, & Digital HD!
CraigMurrayOrg Edinburgh Scotland Epstein’s Death Must Be the Start, not the End, of the Investigation - There are a number of royal palaces and grand residences of former Presidents and Prime Ministers where the inhabitants have a little bit more spring in their step following the death Historian and human rights activist. Former British Ambassador.
Commander_Hill @Death_By_Nina Maria looked at her weakly as she was starting to catch her breath as she was a bit surprised and yet still to sore to do much "Thanks Nina" "Why was I a low ranking Shield Agent?" Earth: 616 | #MCURP | #AOSRP | #XMenRP
SadollahAmir Danville, VA @rolandsmartin You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing Michael Brown's father on your channel to re-open old wounds and act as though the evidence is going to change. You know damn forking well that Brown caused his own death, you forking idiot. Shameful. I love family, football, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not necessarily in that order. #MAGA!
LORDLEMAH London, England God is loves as all both unbelievers and believers so in situations such as disasters, how great will you think he is if he allows only unbelievers to die? The only advantage of being a believer is when such things happen you have an assurance of after death Mind your damn business or come work for me if you’re so interested in my business
LORDLEMAH London, England Death is only one stage of our life cycle for after death there will be judgement and those who God sees fit to inherit his kingdom will join him in heaven. The price to pay for the suffering and death is small compared to our rewards in heaven Mind your damn business or come work for me if you’re so interested in my business
PercyIsMySon Sans hill zone @CWTWheely You are beating it to death. Everyone's expressed their feelings and Westie's said his sorrys to Michelle and her Family. Teapot, Wall Crawler, Blue Streak, loser, an aspiring filmmaker and writer TATMR Obsessed I also have ADHD.
AlexBurleson12 Easton, MD @TKnehr What the fork is wrong with you? How could you compare Epstein’s death to YOUR OWN BROTHER’S?! You need serious help. Chester would not be proud of you and the hatred that spews out of your mouth. Let Chester Rest In Peace for forks sake. 25. #SteelerNation #GoPenguins #SPNFamily #LPFamily #forkDepression #MakeChesterProud @thenightgame @impracticaljokers
Wyldflowerchild Bay Area, Ca Y’all gone masterclass, and workshop us to death my goodness I got respect in a hundred sets Too many chains, need another chest Playin' no games if it wasn't chess Cut from that cloth that you couldn't stretch 💙 🏁 ™️©️
AmirLein Israel, Germany @6echelon @IDF And the 630000 Israelis men women and children , some death camp survivors wouldn’t forget how the USA boycotted arms to Israel at its most critical moment for its survival in 1948 Biophysicist, CTO( sienna cancer diagnostics, Physical Logic) HighTec entrepreneur( AEBi, Tracense,GREINDx)cats man,sea swimmer
pressley15troy North Carolina, USA @_Jubii @cnnbrk What's new is the specific cause of death and complete confirmation of their identities
wollensak1 @habilis123 politics in cal was like a game you pushed hard and won -is the idea usually a sense of fair play usually not now WIN AT ALL COST CRUSH THE OTHER PARTY TO DEATH AND CHEAT IN THE OPEN I CANT TURN CAPS OFF DAMN ... STILL CONSERVATIVE but no more a REPUBLICAN as of 08/03/2019 Extreme left will prevail if we dont throw the hate out of our tent! STROKE patient so be patient
CityOfChamps14 And then, most importantly, the O-line. Procedure and holding. That is, numbers rather than yards. How do you tell an OL to stay in his damn stance? idk. It's Edmonton, we don't know anything other than "death by a thousand cuts". #deepscars I mostly yell about football, curling, hockey, etc. Jesse, Anton, Anton, Oscar, Rej. Hitch's expression ⬆️ is my relationship with the Oilers.
Nellaysodope Central Coast, California @politico Odd that Barr should proclaim Epstein's death a suicide before the medical examiner even completes the autopsy, let alone an investigation. That doesn't happen. EVER. And Barr, so adamantly pointing fingers, you can bet he is protecting his great lord and master. #EpsteinCoverUp Cornell University Graduate 👊🏼 | UC Davis ‘21 🌾🍓
Goseb90 Shawinigan, Québec Misbehaving Stardestroyer using Death Ball and QP from 100% Orange Juice
Marine0141 Missouri The Left-Wing Media Is Calling Out Warren and Harris for Lies About Michael Brown's Death in Ferguson Marine Vet '62:0331,0141. Volunteer for Mr Bass 1988, Golf , Scuba, 2 Marine Sons, Conservative, #USMC #codeofvetsUSA 🚫bots 🚫libs
AlanLohner Pacific Northwest @ewarren You and fellow Marxist Kamala Harris know full well that you are lying about Michael Brown, whose death was ruled justifiable homicide. You are accusing Officer Darren Wilson of murder, and I for one wish he would sue you, because you would lose and true justice would be done. Writer. Former police officer. Proponent of America First #Trump2020
DIEMcorp Patchogue, NY There's been an estimated 100 billion people on this planet...and we wish we could have sold all of them something or worked them to death in the work caves...oh well, here's to our next 100 billion customers/employees/slaves! #WorkCaves #ToilEndlessly Seize YOUR day! We create destructive weaponry & tasty treats, and strive for total control and/or destruction of the global marketplace. Resistance is futile.
nbcwashington Washington, D.C. Attorney General William Barr, who oversees federal prison and jail facilities, has received harsh criticism from some lawmakers in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's death Your place for breaking news, weather, investigations and exclusive local stories in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. #Working4You
macergifford London, England @rcallimachi @AndrewKramerNYT Happens to the best of us. One day you're in Walmart and the next day you're 2000 miles away in a genocidal death cult. Oh lord, if I had a nickel for every death cult I accidentally joined 🙄 Human rights activist & anti-ISIS campaigner. I fought in Raqqa with the MFS ( Syriac Military Council) & served for 3years in the YPG. MSc Security & Diplomacy
moodybluemood I can't write anything further in the Lovely Creatures timeline until I finish The Death Fic due to [REDACTED] but rest assured, I am counting down the days until I can unleash the phrase Beretta Uzi Mista (and the 200k Sale redemption arc) on the world. petty & cranky | 29 | 🏳️‍🌈 | gender???| i write fics about people crying on each other a lot
Ur_VirtualPA Richmond, VA Miles Moore is obsessed with fire. He can’t help it—it’s in his genes. He’s also the famous performer Ari, an international hip-hop sensation. - - There are some negatives that come with fame—death threats and life… As your virtual personal assistant, I help take some of your load off of you!
andrew_simpson3 Stockport, England New BBC Doc 'The Harold Shipman Files' Delves Into The Chilling Crimes Of 'Doctor Death' qualified commercial pilot, service engineer on MAN diesel engines (marine and Industrial).MCFC fan.
oldfnbartender @ThisIsGwyneth When you hurt children, cruel and unusual punishment is justified, followed by slow painful death. Finally found a place to pee where I’m accepted, but I’m still not lifting the seat
Lvdicies @iCMxFN @narsty i’ll do what i want, not gonna listen to a kid who used to hope my parents caught cancer and wished death upon me🤡 ...
gurshawnbal Mia Khalifa took bbc dawn to dusk, had ISIS send her death threats and ruined her self-image for used toyota camry money hahahah [ 𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘢𝘮𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘺 𝘺𝘰𝘶 ]
TrumpyGrl I think its a valid theory considering the suspicious deaths of those that could expose the Clinton's!! #MAGA..Trump 2020🇺🇸..Christian🙏 #BuildTheWall..#KAG..#BanSharia..#AntiSocialist..❤our military/vets... ONLY following Trump supporters!
untitleduser Little Rock, AR @MikkiLexa @saintwalker98 The animated films often feel like I'm soaking in what I love about the stories. Really wanted to see Death/Return done right so I saw the theatrical release of the two films and it was one epic afternoon. Penguin, Bacon Maven, Good at TV, Aura of a Bear, father, he/him
sambrodey Washington, DC New: House Judiciary Chair @RepJerryNadler and ranking member @RepDougCollins send letter to acting head of the federal Bureau of Prisons demanding answers to 23 questions over the death of Jeffrey Epstein in custody Covering Congress for @thedailybeast. Lapsed Californian. Find me at sam.brodey [at] DMs open.
StorzElena Hornell, NY Guards 'severely overworked' at time of Epstein's death #SmartNews The guards watching him do what they are told. The question is given his crime and a past suicide attempt, why was he's not under 24 HR observation? MLB Photography NFL NHL Music Arts & Culture Technology & Science Sports Science Literature
beowulllf 💮re-education camp This summer has sucked. I feel like I'm getting nickel and dimed to death, by the universe, but the nickels are a grand. ghost Parler remove the 2
Draculababe Green Bay,WI @nancyodell Hey Nancy I would love to interview you about your career at ET and what you have planed for your future at Death Valley Football Field at Clemson and you are the very best!!!!!!!!!! #Nancyisasmartblessedwoman🐅🐅🐅🐅🏈🏈🏈🏈 Kelly A ScovellGreen Bay WI 57 years old 5/3/1962.LouisAguirre fan,X-Men CSI Make the Planet&Animals Great Again, Clemson Tiger Freak.
SamMMAFanBronx Bronx, NY @lauriecrosswell Reasons one needs disprove they are racist: 1. Call for the death penalty for 5 POC and are unwilling to apologize once they are exonerated. 2. Lead a birther movement against the first African American president 3. Claim their are some neo nazis that are fine people. MMA Fan, fan of a lot of things (not our current president).
fondhaunt Miskatonic University @tomato_blood @heeltactic There’s one match where angel uses a cream pie in a death match and my boyfriend is the one who made the weapon “Never forget the level of anime trash you're forking.”// they/them // def Daddy’s little ghoul// 💚@no_more_mutants💚
Jahana Nashville, TN @heyjeffdavidson @bykerseven @greg_doucette The day is simultaneously his birthday and death day until you observe the wiki article. STOP CONFLATING "I DON'T LIKE THIS" WITH "THIS IS BAD". He/Him
TheFarrowisGod St Petersburg Florida @BobbyBronz @fcukthisguy @JIMYSTANGOMETHD @Hamsiplo Bro her popularity ain’t come til she got death threats from that hijab scene. She ain’t film for an entire year. She did most of those scenes over the course of 3-6 months and retired another 6 months after that one half of the #blockmeback podcast. I will slander Paul Pierce until I’m 6 feet under. we can always fight about it
QXZenith here Pizz-ini / Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line! (Pizza) and the Six-Fingered Man (spicy fries) (both still closed before the party to keep them hot) #PrincessBrideParty ~~~~ Professional liar. ~~~~ Ask me about my Controversial Bible Opinions trying to add more positivity to the world pronoun indifferent
jbcraig “Many of the nation's current pathologies are taking a heavy toll on the majority-white population living in rural America, which was severely impacted by the opioid crisis and has dealt with falling populations, job losses and rising suicide rates.” Communications advisor, Chevron Corp. Opinions are my own. RTs ≠ endorsements.
BrianCr34740611 @birdman8272 @JayneMachacek i don't care about that piece of crap's death. hope it was slow and painful! what i care about is that the investigation continues and all his elite friends AND the people he was blackmailing go to jail for what they have done to young children!!!
JLaC975 St. John's, Newfoundland and L Remember that smell that your parent's room had? My room now has it. It's like part @OldSpice and part #death. #Dad Morning Show Hosting, Saturday in Big Tom's Shed Lovin', Golden Gram Eatin' Lego Buildin' Labrador Dad.
ferrelldodoma77 New York, NY FBI agents react to Trump's conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein The baseless rhetoric of hateful conspiracy theories of President Trump shows his disrespect for his Office and displays his sick mind. This is the work of a Satanic mind. Lifestyle retired and sharing of knowledge
ericjschuster Minneapolis, MN @mike_daws (but I started with This American Life and Comedy Death Ray/Bang Bang, so it wasn't nostalgia per se) man in a monster suit. he/him.
David00997884 Central Ohio @_Montana_Bound_ @Adsvel I dont trust Dr Baden. He was the one that was Over JFK AND MLK. DEATHS. Dont trust him, may be linked to Clintons, maybe Clintons tied to MLK, no doubt Clintons tied to JFKs death Im considerate,i either like you or not, cant stand Stupid, Love our great President, and love my family
pjkate USA WALSH: The Conspiracy Theories About Epstein’s Death Are Perfectly Reasonable And Justified Ret.SuperiorCourtClerk⚖️ HappilyMarriedRet.NavyWife⚓️ GOD🙏Family❤️Country🇺🇸 Constitution🏛️Israel 🇮🇱 #KAG #Trump2020👍#ProLife😇#1A#2A #GodBlessUSA🎆🚫Porn🚫DM's
BarrelofBarrels @TerryMcAuliffe imagine dying of a mcdonald heart attack and then the media uses your death as propaganda learning to love
jere7my Watertown, MA @Gavin1502 @brandonerd12 Luke entered the hut to confront Ben. When the Force showed him what Ben was planning (the death of his students, the destruction of his temple) he had a momentary impulse to strike him down, which he mastered immediately. And “let the past die” was the villain’s message. Writer, photographer, cyclist, cat-entertainer. Quaker committed to nonviolence. Social justice Jedi. He/his.
aideence London @RDValerie Why so hostile to vegans’ choice of cruelty free food. Why block vegans who disagrees with you? Yes we like tasty food but no to animal suffering or death so we can eat. If plant based takes over, we celebrate, animals live and the planet gets a reprieve. All winners! Consultant Psychiatrist West London NHS Trust. Views expressed are my own.
timkmak Washington, DC NEW: The House Judiciary Committee is launching a bipartisan investigation into the circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein's death. Chairman Jerry Nadler and Ranking Member Doug Collins wrote to the Bureau of Prisons asking for answers about Epstein's apparent suicide over the weekend Reporter, NPR's Washington Desk. Covers national security/politics. Also an EMT. 202/870-7566 Gmail: timkmak DMs are open.

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