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redsteeze New York City of Brooklyn The Waukesha parade attack is gone from the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The day after the suspect appeared in court and the death of another child was announced. Sent from a *source Versus Media Podcast on Patreon. Contributing Editor @TheSpectator. Commentary archive at @nro @FoxNews @nypost
RahulGandhi 12, Tughlak Lane, New Delhi On his first death anniversary, I remember Shri Ahmed Patel ji with great respect and affection. Losing him has been a tremendous loss to the Congress family. His memory remains a guiding light for me and for the Party. He is dearly missed. This is the official account of Rahul Gandhi | Member of the Indian National Congress| Member of Parliament
WhitlockJason Nashville Other than the death toll, what's the difference between Charlottesville and Waukesha? Why aren't the media clamoring for President Biden to rebuke Darrell Brooks as a racist terrorist? Why are we not discussing whether Biden's anti-Rittenhouse rhetoric radicalized Brooks? Fearless Get Fearless Swag
KurdAntenna Kurdistan The World Children’s Day: Turkey and the so- called opposition factions caused the death of 341 children and arrest of 108 others Kurdisch antenna is a free news media page explains to you the truth about what is happening in the Kurdish areas in northern Syria.
imdacraic Hollywoo Superman’s kid is actually so stupid. He has to be at least 5 and doesn’t understand death yet? Every African-American is a star 💫 she/her
Maranatha2453 Canada Amhara Fano militia, as well as Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers continue to invade areas of western Tigray, leaving the most vulnerable trying to escape rape, torture, detention, and death. This must stop! #TigrayMassArrests #16Days @StateDept @HouseForeign Gual Tigray❤️💛 Tigray will prevail #StopTigrayGenocide #SaveTigray #TigrayCantWait
RatherNazaket Doda, Jammu And Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir reports 182 new COVID cases (33 from Jammu division & 149 from Kashmir division), 160 recoveries and no COVID death has been reported in last 24 hours. ||📑𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐏𝐡𝐃 (𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫)||👉||𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫||▶️|| 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐔𝐁𝐄𝐑 ||👉||𝐕𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫|| 💓𝐊𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐦𝐢𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐌𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐟e
colinwillsher2 @LBCNews Of these 147 how many had no other serious medical condition, and thus Covid could be registered as the sole cause of death? The only things I really care about are my family and my dogs. And West Ham United.
Fruitlandntrls Convinced my fly home girl to feed the homeless vegan meals with me today instead of go to the homeless shelter and promote death ~ we changing the script n celebrating life with more life!!!! No death or slavery on our plates ever! Ⓥ Lux Culinary Delights 🕉️🌿🍫🍪 ☀️ 21+ rated R content 👁️
lakejacher Nashville, TN @Lamniformes_ @WineAndPop Yeah, I love it and I typically can’t stand stuff like that either. The death/re-spawn is so quick that you don’t really get the drag that some complicated platformers have. Beautiful game! pop culture/nba. gng. blm. he/him.
purplerainf israel @annofbigbeach @AuschwitzMuseum Mothers and children where sent to death immediately. Young men and women with no children they use as forced workers. they took pictures in every engle and with a hat in case they escape so they could recognize them. Germans so evil And sadistic ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏גָּדוֹל יְהוָה וּמְהֻלָּל מְאֹד וְלִגְדֻלָּתוֹ אֵין חֵקֶר feed the street cats don't be cruel to animals
DavidMister11 San Juan Capistrano, CA @shawnfielding22 @BazookaDhb @JoyTaylorTalks Did a king require Kyle to fight a holy battle, because that is defiantly allowed. Brandishing a weapon of death and killing a person, not so much. Sports dad, fantasy football fanatic, and independent thinker. are u? if not, why not? #takethebluepill🐑 #trystero
Chris68947108 @ArtistAJ17 All the TRUE "death panels" are supported endorsed advertised and worshiped by the majority of the so-called "PRO-LIFE" Republicans.
paulg44721749 United States @KristanHawkins I would think abortion would make a woman regret the death of her child the rest of her life. But this is a guy’s perspective who is pro life, so what do I know? Never could figure women out- and can’t live without them I’m a conservative, pro 2nd amendment, anti abortion, Vietnam combat vet still hoping America can be saved.
EarnanToryn On one of Trillions of Planets @Bronso04 @TruthPolicor @stillgray your point of view - at least the way I see it - you’d never even consider that, because it is you who only see life and death. Fair enough. Then die. 19 / Studiert Geschichte und Physik. Gegen Covidioten, Faschisten, Verschwörungstheoretiker. I try to be nice to people, although sometimes I fail.
Kikisma4880 @mrlnxf @jk_rowling No, you don't get to send death threats and put out someone's address where the unpredictable people of the world could harm her family. You have zero argument here. That is wrong no matter what side you are on PERIOD.
theaviary4 creator is 22, they/them You have witnessed the birth of a new god. It is a silver vulture with eyes like glass. It holds dominion over life and death. Somewhat ominous bird tweets every 30 minutes. made with Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
TOO_WRONG jupiter red spot themacabrenbold: Detail Hans Baldung - The Three Ages of Man and #Death. 1541-1544 Days like these, you wish you had an organ fort.
ryujmega she/her the discussions surrounding male aggression and crime have been beat to death with a very large stick and we know the answer but as usual , it’s the fault of women … i am tired ✧・゚ ceo of the ryuji goda club && 24/7 kenny omega simp *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ❕ yakuza 5
kingtek10 Amhara Fano militia, as well as Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers continue to invade areas of western Tigray, leaving the most vulnerable trying to escape rape, torture, detention, and death. This must stop! #TigrayMassArrests #16Days @StateDept @HouseForeign I trust in God
ahmsolmd Houston, TX @Hragy @iamritu Clearly the ECG is concerning, but functional capacity and no CAD is very helpful. If no clear FH of HCM, SCD, unexplained death.. may consider genetic eval for HCM.. patch monitor for 30 days for PVCs/NSVT (even an ILR) &very close imaging follow up until it is unmasked. Cardiologist @hmethodistcv #radialfirst #PreventionIsBetterThanCure -we can’t save the world; but we can change it-#telemedicine enthusiast- tweets are mine-
MorphOutside Severing Ties with DEMA @j88tyl A Car, A Torch, a Death, Holding on to You, Ode to Sleep, Choker, and Nico and the Niners |-/ You'll see purpose start to surface
Scrubben_ p:rattenstein h:BearApologist "this album is melodic death metal mixed with symphonic metal mixed wi-" shut the fork up it sounds like Guilty Gear and that's cool (they/them) - 21/Gay - EN/FR/DE/JA - I draw furry stuff and tweet about music too much. Currently working on Flame of Phoenix with @LightBlueCath.
DazzlerAOA Chicagoland Il @TheNewMutant Definitely ! She just has a very specialized telepathic ability! And in New Mutants Truth or Death she really expanded her abilities to more general telepathy! I guess I’m a podcaster? Nathan @xisforpodcast. Bi/Queer talks about Sub Rosa too often. Comics, Horror, Star Trek, Sci Fi, Camp. charming dumpster fire.He/Him
Magnum_Dorkus @mandaIorr 🎶 And I was catching my breath, barefoot in the wildest winter catching my death 🎶 29|F (she/her) - Turns out I'm 100% that gay 🏳️‍🌈 #BlackLivesMatter Katie McGrath's bitch for life 🖤
WhereDidJennyGo Seattle, WA @alaskastardust Yeah I’m sorry I didn’t reroute my thanksgiving flight to arrive in NY and personally play Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of her death, guess I’m basically a Republican now for realizing I’m only one person Loud music, baked goods, and zines. Chris Cornellogist. "The Outlaw Torn" Defender. King Animal of fork Mountain. 🌸They/Them🌸
Kooka03 @Ontario2020 @bitswift_tech @ForThePeopleOf2 @AmitAryaMD There is tons of data showing injuries and death for vaccinated children. Very little showing injuries or death for children with covid. Why don't you trust the data?
PreciousMsane Pretoria, South Africa I don't think people understand how anxiety & depression work. You don't choose to go through it and have it. Sometimes it consumes you so much that you think the only way out is death. No one is selfish for contemplating suicide or actually going through with it. Avid reader 🥺• Capricon baby🤍• still finding my feet👣 • IG: ria.h_m •
yobmotch They really put Hyojin Choi, Gabee, Honey J and Rihey in one room chaotic kaayo mmtg yawa HAHAHAHAHAHA they will be the death of me 😭 just me and my mental instability
Plumberman4u North Wales @RealDeniseWelch It's ALL BOLLOX. St Let immune systems do their job, sick and /or elderly GET JABBED. Im in Wales and the worst covid DEATH here was a 30+year woman who was DOUBLE JABBED. Get A GRIP SHEEPLE. Proprieter of SEAN JONES PLUMBING SERVICES. Love my 5 boys. Need to get out on my motorbike (FJR1300) a bit more.
Cymraes_90 Cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @SomewhereinGer8 So the Imam that spoke out against terrorism received death threats and was made redundant? ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💚🇮🇪🧡 ❤🇬🇧💙🇬🇧❤ No DMs. Thank you.
zi_hra67 @_AbolishPolice_ @gilroy_stanley @nowthisnews If lawyers didn’t cost so much the death penalty would be the cheaper option. The law is about punishing behavior, and sometimes people can’t be let back out in society. Why waste everyone’s tax money keeping them around? Non-binandry. I live my life by one motto: unexpected item in bagging area. I steal organs 🇦🇱
Payelbha New Delhi, India Thus, A Warrior Dies Dancing, That’s Who I Am…  The upshot is life belongs to us but we belong to death  Meanwhile dance away the time you get with all your heart I resuscitate ceaselessly, I wage wars with verve, In a point of no return, ~a vHL warrior, author, poet, EX -TOI blogger,blogging at WordPress. NET (MET)
Desai_Joker @etihad @EtihadHelp I’m trying to reach by Phone and Twitter DM. No one is helping me. I like to Change Date for travel due to Family member’s death. My flight is in 3 days and I can’t travel. Please respond to my DM soon as possible. 🏀Nuggets 🏈Chargers 🏏Team India ⚾️Yankees
Curleone_ Kansas, USA What kind of sick individual wishes death on someone’s kid? The NBA has to investigate this and give those fans the harshest penalty as possible. That’s inexcusable regardless what environment or venue you’re in. Hats off to Bron for being in great control over his emotions Producer 👨🏾‍💻 🎹🔉🔥 (Link below) ⬇️ | LAL Fan 4 Life 🏀➡️| Just A Young OG Getting These Tweets Off 🤷🏾‍♂️| IG📸: Curleone1 #Lakeshow🆙 🟣🟡#ChiefsKingdom
BigbossUpdate15 Mumbai Netizens Upset With Makers to Carrying Out #SimbaNagpal Elimination In A Coffin. "Death Isn't Game and Death Isn't a Joke" What do you think about it? Like- Part of a Game Retweet- Shameful & inhumane #BiggBoss15 #bb15 BiggBossLiveUpdate follow @BiggbossUpdate
InternetFount Planet Earth Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end. - Tryon Edwards #QotD #QuoteOfTheDay The Internet should be a wellspring of fantastic information. Publish and share.
Belizean_bz Orange Walk, Belize Justice for Molly, a beloved 15-year-old cat attacked for over 45 minutes and mauled to death on Friday night the 8th November 2019! Plz sign: I am a 31-year-old man from Orange Walk in Belize; my favourite film is: “All about Eve”. I tweet: English as a second language & Animal Defence.
j_oconnor37 In 1997 a former Rep of Georgia dipl had his dipl imm waived and he was imprisoned by US court for death of a Maryland teenager in a car crash. Asst Dep Atty Gen for Maryland, Katherine Winfree, said “DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY IS A SHIELD AND NOT A SWORD.” Same for #HarryDunn's case? Retired engineer. I am a frightened person, the world frightens me almost to death about once a day.
TJones2112 lets get voter ID laws passed in all 50 states. Match current voter rolls,census rolls and death certificates to voters,get rid of mail in ballots(military and verified home bound exceptions),voting day is voting day,and go back to Amish voting and ballot counting.
msabouri @RichardWWard1 @greg_travis <Your use of "age adjust excess deaths" is just a misguided attempt to defend Sweden> 1 teenager dying of a mitigation induced overdose death has more impact on life expectancy than 5 NH residents dying of Covid. And the flu hit countries at different rates just prior to 2020. "Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them." -George Orwell
michiganjayoli Wouldn't you like to know, weatherboy? @sjwrenlewis Appreciate the reply. What can break the cycle if not being true to the consistent moral principle? I'm sure you don't believe in this cowardly stance that comes from second-guessing the electorate. It's vital on life & death issues like this to lead by principle and not flinch.
PartPersonne @quelizinha @leakylike It's very telling about people when they willfully misrepresent women speaking out about women's issues as an attack on the people those women are not prioritizing over (*checks notes*) matters of life and death for women. What does he think VAWG is? (No, don't answer.) If you think that irony, sarcasm, and criticism are hatred, you have been living a charmed life. "We know about ourselves / only what we've been tested."
richardlpbtn South East, England @westbornergirl @KwasiKwarteng Geothermal is all about getting close to areas whereby temperatures are high enough to heat water hot enough to create steam and drive a turbine, which is likely at odds with mines. As you wouldn't want to be boiled to death whilst chopping some coal out. Optimistic for the future. Renewable energy advocate. Tech fanatic. CTO.
serpentinedr3am she/her @VeggieBlue @tetrachrovaly Yes, the people in power negligently ignoring the needs of a specific group of people causing death and suffering is part of genocide. Sounds like genocide denial to me. Queer Bisexual 🌈 - As seen in the Local Newspaper when I was 12 - an absolute chaotic mess, follow for fun 🐍 Mother of 6 Snakes 🐍 #BlackLivesStillMatter
PearlsOfSunnah_ He visited Baghdad several times and had the opportunity of delivering lectures there. His last visit to Baghdad was two years before his death. After collecting Hadith he settled at Neyshabur where he came into contact with Imam Bukhari. ++ Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah▪️ Guiding People To The Path of Sahaba▪️ Alerting from Bid'ah▪️Enjoining what's Good and Forbidding what's Bad▪️Al Wala wal Bara▪️
GinnyCPickles A Shambles @PaulDHeenan @SapienWoman @KristineWahl @hbgilchrist @LiveAction @conservmillen I’m fine with embryos who don’t feel a thing dying when the only alternative is abusing pregnant people. It’s your lot who don’t own the damage you do, always blaming trauma and death due to abortion bans on something else. YOU own your crap. I like dogs, breakfast food, & dancing. #ADHD brain, bi human, #ClinicEscort. Vaxxed bc I’m not a bioterrorist. #AllBlackLivesMatter. (she/they)
_Death_TheKidd Paradis Island I’m all for matching energy and dukes not letting that happen lol I tweet 50% bull 50% crap.... FOH
EmoJackBauer Los Angeles, CA @dodi_rains I qualified it, thanks. And I’m not sure you can really eradicate coronaviruses, influenza, RSV, etc. They just go endemic. But you can reduce the number of serious COVID infections, ARDS, and death through a combination of natural immunity and vaccination. Federal Agent, CTU-Los Angeles. Kim's dad. I can’t tell you what I do. I’ve been wrestling with this one my whole life. I do whatever it takes. (Parody)
ren_nashw @latelateshow He said “it wasn’t an-“ then got flashbacks of the death threats and decided to shut the hell up 💀 Did you know you can’t smile with your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth?.. CAUGHT YOUR BEAUTIFUL bottom IN 8k ULTRA HD

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