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bennyjohnson Tampa Florida Andrew Tate discusses the difference between how the rest of the world handled COVID compared to Sweden “It’s actually scary, you see how the Nazis were able to do what they did.” “Sweden never did a thing… Where was their winter of severe illness and death?” 🇺🇸 God, Family, America 🚀 Pod - The Benny Show 💀 The Left Can’t Meme 🎥 Journalist 👊🏼Father 🥩 Meat Eater
BetoORourke El Paso, TX If the federal government does nothing to stop this, more people will needlessly die. They already admitted that these buoys will cause drownings (from WSJ: “Abbott and McCraw said the hope is that the possibility of death will deter people from trying to cross the river”).
AlbicelesteTalk Leo Messi: “I went through difficult situations and was criticized a lot, I saw that there was a generation of boys who defended me to the death. They fought with a lot of people to defend me. “Thank you for all that love and those fights you had for me. It is also a great… 🏆🇦🇷 15x Champions of Copa America and 3x Champions of the World | @duelbits
julepandme Wichita, KS @RepBarryMoore @JudiciaryGOP Good. You don't need to target more people for death threats. And yeah trad Caths are definitely extremists. All religious fundamentalists are extremists. But FBI wasn't looking into them in general - there was a tip about a possible crime. Why do you support criminals, Barry? Do not obey in advance. - 'On Tyranny' Slava Ukraini!
SelfHelpSilo @BldgBetterDads The loss of a parent is devastating. My head spun for days on end. Because, my foundation was gone, I was lost. - - - Honoring all parents who did their job and had to leave too soon. Decisions of life and death, are mostly, above our pay grade. Cherish them while you can.🙏 - Steal tools and principles learned over 30 years of self-help - Gain Wisdom to defend your mind & spirit - Master Universal Truths and improve your life 👇
LydiasElizabeth @abandon_mansion @panda_editing "So fun and full of twists and turns. Power against Power struggle. Life and death, blood and laughter. It's all in this awesome story!" What are you waiting for! Buy @MTHart1's The Wandering Wish TODAY! My mother and my sister are vampires. Me, I was just a Goth trying to make my way. But it finally happened, I am now a vampire as well.
hammeredheadpe2 Soviet Union @prageru The one with the most prisoners on earth who are forced into labour in prison camps, death squads that murder minorities and whom assassinates dissidents, including sitting Presidents if they step out of line Well grubbed old mole
PRlNCESS_TRUNKS Gongaga @EsotericSunset I’m not the one who’s made racist comments, sent death threats to people and stole someone’s Yaeyato fanart and just made it EiMiko fanart. 20. Autistic. He/Him. Pansexual. | Pokémon | Fire Emblem | Yu-Gi-Oh | Evangelion | Final Fantasy | Attack on Titan | Sailor Moon | Genshin Impact | Star Wars |
suzyemre Lubbock, TX @KCBD11 As Chad died on 11/5/21, ans as much as someone should be charged in his death, I believe you guys need to look at the headline and story..... don't match up Happily Married! #LEOparent #WreckEm #ChiefsKingdom #PregnancyAndInfantLossAwareness #ThinkGoodness
spicy_jank #ikeakumaweek Day 2- Hurt and Comfort #ikeakuma ⚠️ Warning: Blood, death (an illusion), partial nudity ⚠️Please view this if you are above 18 This one is password protected (nothing too complicated) Read left to right Side account | 26 | Ship art & 🔞 art | Mostly Ikeakuma but I like other ships too
LindaTh57005019 @MGarlandDOJ forking BULLcrap Garland. Where are all the arrest of black people calling for death against white people. You are the most corrupt AG in history and should be FIRED.
Blowmeo2 Nebraska Panhandle @SteveSu86953046 My two cent review: Meryl next to Goldie is EVERYTHING. Death Becomes Her is a cult classic I'll never get tired of. Cher didn't get a solo? How about one of Bette's go to her?! I had no idea Goldie could sing! Beautiful performance though, and yes, the forking star power! PANsexual dude in the PANhandle of Nebraska.
rawaa_al_almhdi @elpaisinenglish The #UN and #EU must request from #Turkey to respect basic #HumanRights. 103 members of the Ahmadi religion of peace and light will face #torture and #death i they get deported. #humanrights #bbc #theguardian #receptayyipErdoğan - Believe in yourselves, and embrace the power that is within you.. 🤍🍭
rdfigure @polo_kimanii Holodomor wasn’t man made. It was due to weather conditions, crop failures, and other agricultural challenges. Also the death toll of the Holodomor is likely exaggerated. Realist
theFaiyattak Islamabad, Pakistan Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death. I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hear or what they think.
DeCosteIsClear Claire’s place @MitchFriedman7 @WCVB Yeah man every crime should be instantly punishable by death no trial no jail straight to the morgue all cops are saints and angels with perfect judgment cisgender he/him
MoneywagsUSA @GwynninPA I pray that these (bleeps) are outted and PROSECUTED.... preferably given a DEATH SENTENCE Wife, Mother, Grandma, Daughter, outdoor enthusiast.
LydiasElizabeth @RaelleLogan1 @panda_editing "So fun and full of twists and turns. Power against Power struggle. Life and death, blood and laughter. It's all in this awesome story!" What are you waiting for! Buy @MTHart1's The Wandering Wish TODAY! #nobubblegumvampiresallowed #vampire #horror My mother and my sister are vampires. Me, I was just a Goth trying to make my way. But it finally happened, I am now a vampire as well.
pedrosorianome2 Barcelona, Cataluña @CallejoHernanz gifts, Nero - murder and arson, betrayal and terror. Mutilate your subjects if you must; but with my last breath I beg you - do not mutilate the arts. Fare well, but compose no more music. Brutalize the people, but do not bore them, as you have bored to death your friend, 3/ Abogado procesalista civil y penal. Devoto de la música clásica, Frank Sinatra, Adolfo Suárez, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln y el Imperio Bizantino.
SoMais1Episodio MELHOR ATOR COADJUVANTE EM MINISSÉRIE Murray Bartlett (Welcome to Chippendales) Paul Walter Hauser (Black Bird) Richard Jenkins (Dahmer) Joseph Lee (BEEF) Ray Liotta (Black Bird) Young Mazino (BEEF) Jesse Plemons (Love and Death) #Emmys #Emmys2023 #EmmyNoms Visão feminina sobre o mundo dos seriadories.
TheXWEWrestling New York Tom Cruise does death defying stunts and has so much range (Tropic Thunder, popsicletail, etc.). He plays roles and does his own stunts. The world of wrestling is similar since these are trained acrobats who play characters, yet they don’t get the same acclaim. The OFFICIAL Twitter account of XWE CAW! Support the Top Rank movement TODAY!
ClintHampton6 Dont mess with Texas .. @MsAshBash420 I do have a crush 🥰🥰🥰 on here that many female adult entertainer's need to take lessons from, she's on top of impersonations and communicates,to even the down to earth people, she's my only fans only from California... Just a sweet forkin lady I do love to death Evolving cartoonist 🎨. What if God was the actual void in the universe , you know all the little nothings in between something.
goyuukkuri AND WHEN YOU USE THIS AS CONTEXT TO THE TITLE ART? It just… guts you 🥲 these brocons were destined to revolve around eo, in life and in death (+ if/rit chasing after p/hoenix) 🔞 20歳↑ she/her | ハイカー | 腐女子 | 五悠 @goyuukkurii・勝デ 🔄🚫❌ | 20歳↑だけお願いします
ClaireR88974876 Imagine knowing you could of prevented someone’s death if you wasn’t so self absorbed and incompetent. How on earth would you sleep at night knowing a young life was lost all because of you. Running for my mental health ✌
EverythingEOcom So sad... Elizabeth Olsen is not nominated for #Emmys2023 for her performance in love and death. 24/7 Daily Source of Elizabeth Olsen. (Fan Account)
shuushirolls ★★★★★★★☆ if there's a name id write multiple times on a death note that would be 'gary' and their ugly bottom usernames dnf me im gay for dream
MarcieF8 @CBCNews Those who fired me, and agreed with that decision, those who wished death on the unvaccinated, those who wondered if we should tolerate the unvaccinated, those who loved having a vax-pass installed on their phone and relished in using it: MANDATED SHOTS FOR THEM FOR LIFE. Wannabe homesteading 🇨🇦 mom… love Jesus, seeking truth, finding wisdom. Trying to make sense of this world, even though I’m just a passing through.
funnlim Malaysia I'm still shocked over #cocolee death. But 1 thing I must say, is that rarely in Asian entertainment the family of the star will be so forthright on reason for death especially suicide. It opens doors to talk about mental health and their willingness to talk is admirable. Pretty, gorgeous, beautiful me! The rest Cha Seung Won, food, games like Legend of Zelda & Demon Slayer.
JakkoLantern13 @LeftyTravis @canadiangirly74 @JaneTea4 @MeshaMainor republicans will ALWAYS vote for the misery and death of ordinary Americans. It's in their vile DNA. They are literally Evil.
wholenineinches @KayvonOjulari @NFL @NFLPA @nflcommish 1. the death threats were not unprovoked 2. he doesn't have your address and is likely not coming to your house to kill you and your family 3. stop trying to capitalize and make banger tweets off of a person who is either CLEARLY mentally unwell or sick of being antagonized KAW IS THE MF LAW | BUMS DNI | lakers are cool too ig | PANTHERS RUN THE USFL
Insightnews24 Neverland @ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Long term support 🤭 you sold out your soul and country to the devil… they are all profiting from the death of your male population… an when they finally tell you now is time for peace, you’ll realise all this sad for nothing… The latest geo political news & conflict footage from across the world 🌍
lemaywatson @Jamiebower @Stranger_Things @STOnStage @strangerwriters Come on Jamie that's been 4 years i am waiting Vecna is supposed of having saved Eleven at the Starcourt Mall and Billy Hargrove is supposed to be in the upside down alive the song of Heroes played for his fake death
GlascottGroup All over the USA There are only 2 certainties in life—death and taxes—and life insurance helps with both of them. #DoYouHaveEnough #ProtectYourFamily Shamus Financial offers its clients financial services & insurance products. We support agents nationwide, providing marketing and training.
wiferickgrimes @fearneyasha i was wondering if she'd be nominated for guest actress against anna and if me and you would have had to fight to the death LSMDODSNGBIUSHJDFNGKGN alyssa. 25. rick grimes is my wife. 9-1-1. supergirl. star wars. twd. tlou. anna torv. god bless! (any gifs i post are mine from tumblr)
kaylin_416 Me and @idleglisten contacting you from the dead rn. Cause of death: 'All we ever do is talk' music video @club23official ambassador // if you know me irl, no you don't
TheDarkPages In the shadows. Remembering Beah Richards, born on today's date in 1920, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Richards earned an Oscar nomination for her role as Sidney Poitier's mom in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and received two Emmys, the second in 2000 just a few days before her death at age 80. Karen Burroughs Hannsberry, editor of The Dark Pages, the planet's oldest #filmnoir newsletter. Author of the Shadows and Satin blog &
LexiMurica @seanaolson @harryjsisson There is a difference between death by natural causes and death by murder. So you think it is alright to kill an innocent child? Free Speech Absolutist.
KevinKoback De Pere, WI @Peter_Bukowski @lockedonpackers This hit home listening to Brandon Staley on “The Playcallers” series. That was his philosophy,adapted from Fangio, and Joe Barry was in his staff. Prefer death by paper cuts. The problem is they’ve given up crazy amounts of explosives in the run game. Need better big dudes.
AttitudeGalor Luxembourg People who tailgate and speed for no reason are people I do not like who are increasing risk of accidents, death &/or dismembering just so they can get somewhere 2 min faster & need therapy desperately to figure out why they’re angry I tweet those miniature epiphanies from Reddit
UntaintedMich San Diego, CA @redheadlass1402 @MdBreathe @Cobratate @TateTheTalisman @TuckerCarlson Convenient you don’t also show the articles and stories of the vaccine injured and those who died or lost children and loved ones to an injection with serious adverse events-including death. Shame on you! 🤬
BarbFreitchie @jamiehanna2 @ClownWatcher5 Gush over and act like he is just the best. Kiss of death. Constitutionalist Trump 24 Thank you @elonmusk for giving us a more level field I don't want to see anyone's naked anything Just here to help save USA
Dave_Goren Lewisville/Winston-Salem, NC @ChrisPollone I read someone else's post about his death, and said, "I can still hear his voice in my head." ExecDir., @NSMASportsMedia; Sideline Guy/Wake Forest Football; Prof of Prax/Wake Forest U. Used to love pro wrestling, then I turned nine.
NayiValye İstanbul, Türkiye @ArchyPunished İt did got purged to the death in Ergenekon and Balyoz but I don't think a random Yank would know about late 2000s Turkish politics much. Cis+Het Male Türko. Hafif Neoliberal ve Ağırlaştırılmış Küreselci. Agnostic. World Federalist. Utangaç Aspie. Priv:@privalye He/Him
olasemo Lasgidi, Naija The five step-wise stages of decline: Stage 1: Hubris Born of Success Stage 2: Undisciplined Pursuit of More Stage 3: Denial of Risk and Peril Stage 4: Grasping for Salvation Stage 5: Capitulation to Irrelevance of Death. - Culled from “How the Mighty Fall ..” - Jim Collins Nigeria's foremost budding entrepreneur #the billionaire in training #E-business Consultant #ErlangDeveloper #ASPNET #ElixirDeveloper #PhoenixFramework
emartn1206 @410forward no, the people are hideous and must be told so, we can't give them any false hope, fredo, or the elon death squads will know and they will not be happy I'm just some random dude who does things.
rachelyelynn Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gracious gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 10:9 ...if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. #JesusSaves #Gospel Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6
UN4G4M1 Bandung Wetan, Indonesia @ninjaman285 Yeah i wish we can see more about him. As being someone who also have feelings of each other. Or maybe,he just switch off his "emotion switch" after Wu's death. Or,does Wu already Dead? But,i wish we can see more fun and hilarious Zane. He's just so damn silly at pilots. Him/Man,19. Muslim. Mediator ✨ Music,Movie, Game, Electronics, English,Tech. LMK|LN Pokemon Unite Brawl stars : #UVYGVRUJ Discord : Nalenoko#5985 #Ninjagotwt
Mamee_luv South Korea He will die a death of degradation and disgrace. 2. He will die in hunger 3. He will die in a state of such a terrible thirst that even if he were to drink all the streams of the earth his thirst will not be quenched. And the Three punishments that he will suffer in the grave Mummy's pet ♥️ Tea lover ☕ 7th may 🎂 Abusite🥰 old account hacked @Mamee_luv shoe plug 🥾 MY DM strictly for business pls ❌ backup account @mamee_lov
Alicegroyper Scarlet Devil Mansion I did. I tortured him to death and ate his flesh. Scarlet Devil TND
praisefrequency Uganda @Connekt_Age it says to them on a level that is deeper than actions than what is tangible he says we are an aroma or a Savor of death until they feel death and says to the other the savior of Life unto life #ProphetElvisMbonye he makes the poor to sit with Kings ☺️