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chancetherapper Dusable's dystopian bohemia. CHARGE AND CONVICT THE MURDERERS RESPONSIBLE FOR GEORGE FLOYD’S DEATH. #TheBigDay, #10day, #AcidRap and #ColoringBook out everywhere now
realDonaldTrump Washington, DC At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd.... 45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Kaepernick7 When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction. The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance. We have the right to fight back! Rest in Power George Floyd
MariaBonanno9 Forgetaboutit, New Jersey, USA The cops involved were axed and President Trump himself has pledged an expedient investigation by federal law enforcement but that has done little to quell searing outrage Minneapolis was literally torched and necessitated the Minnesota National Guard. Conservative #BuildTheWall #Navy #Nonsibisedpatriae #Trump #MAGA #BlueLivesMatter #NRA Followed by Scott Baio John Batchelor Gen Flynn Sean Spicier ScottPresler
HellBxast @Txme_r’s Beast @kidicaruslewd — something he experienced, so he was suspicious. After all, how does one benefit from this? Sex and death made sense. This didn’t. ᴀ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴ ᴏғ ʜᴇʟʟ. ᴇᴀsɪʟʏ sᴡᴀʏᴇᴅ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʙʀɪʙᴇᴅ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴋɪᴅɴᴇʏs.
HaganTyrome @TomiLahren Y didn't the Officer just get off his nec, now you got a culture with broken rights, all flustered and angry cuzz four officers of the law, didn't care for one man's life so they served him the death penalty, slow, humiliating & painful. This is pretty Sad & Scary REASISSANCE (REASISSANCE)
CochNk Fly Africa b4 u fly america/as @cnni just strangled a man to death for trying to satisfy a basic need by using a lower grade of the fake medium of exchange created to replace reciproxity and sharing with one another..our education system which impacts n instills less knowledge on how to survive in the real world,.. #HIghEXcell #FA| Pray. 3ny3eduro)boade3niwopeabraebisa
Hullabalooah Bat Country @alexxxandria23 He was staring down at him while he died, and continued to kneel on his neck improperly after his death. Sick forking man dude. $chaoticrunchies because cash app told me to. I like all types of chicken. What doesn’t kill you, makes you weird at parties.
johnwickneo Cornwall, Ontario @cwlpolice Surprised and troubled by the lack of any mentions of #GeorgeFloyd ‘s death. I know it was in another country, but would have been nice to see what values my local PD has... Auto mechanic, lived in Boston for a year, Proud french canadian and social democrat. Followed by: @joncoopertweets @DevinCow @TranslateRealDT DMs welcome.
SeemlyTuber1 New Mexico, USA @CarmineSabia @donlemon is a #Karen using the suffering of your own race... To push and agenda should feel ashamed. You couldn't wait a week too use someone's death as a push move to for hate speech. If you don't like him we all understand. But let the dead at least be buried before using them Youtuber/Vlogs/Brand Check Out the Apparel
Huge82246957 @angel4autism @MSNBC Autopsy will give cause of death and is the only definitive source. DA came out and said they have exculpatory evidence which honestly is a bit shocking. We will have to see all the evidence. That is a beautiful black sky Good faith political banter. not a racist. not a bot
AshBash_TM @TomiLahren The fact that she keeps tweeting about stolen TVs and hasn’t even truly acknowledged his death is the problem. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter Positive Vibes Only😏🌌 |myASUAlum👩🏾‍🎓🐝|ΤΒΣ💙4️⃣💛|ΜΦΣ🔴2️⃣⚫️|MMH🐝|#Elma🍇|ΣΑΠ📚|IG: dj_sum
Rlemond4 Detroit @danagould Straight up dictator, same crap as china and these redneck forks call themselves patriots while their freedoms are stolen right out from under them. Kind of glad i'm getting close to death.. this crap's getting old already :) Detroit.. and cranky.. Jazz drummer (bad), movie lover (B&W) trying to stay sane in a trump world :(
espourtoe hoenn. god the stormblood soundtrack is just gorgeous. i was on my way to work and i was listening to ‘liberty or death’ and i started crying??? slash (he/him) is a saucy, imprudent man lacking morals. // peregrine lascelles @ KUJATA 🦖
CatlinLois North Okanagan @tracesoffaith It was years and years before I understood the heart of the gospel. I spent so many years trying to earn God's love before learning Christ's death displayed it for all the world. An old gal who loves truth. Seeking first the Kingdom of God - no other government compares.
imSU31 Top Soil, Planet Earth 🌍 @mrkrishna1969 @SriraampA @Sanjay_Dixit My fate is afraid of me, Not I, After Drinking the venom of Kalapani (Cellular Jail), After shaking the fearful jaws of my death, I have returned again and again, And I am alive, Death fears me, not I.... #VeerSavarkar Humanity is not for the Inhuman. Liberalism is not for the Regressive. Global Right wing supporter. Vehemently Anti-Islamist. RW may or may not be endorsement.
NeviTheLettyFan Well, I can finally confirm my brother absolutely wants me dead and my mother doesn't give a fork if anything happens to me my brother has a weapon too I never thought I'd be scared of death I'd rather go homeless than stay here, but I can't go outside either i'm so scared Profile picture by @jeptefer - Constantly with an existential crisis Love Letty Whiterock - May reweet NSFW Personal account: @NeviTrashcan
NewYorkerPhil New York City @fud31 No written guidance? Don't expect any! When Georgia opened up they had written guidance even for dog walkers. The only written guidance he gave us was this one and it led to the death of hundreds of seniors! Retired Detective NYPD
essex_truth Colorado, USA Rioting about what po whitefolk do is annoying yet here we are; and here's to whitefolk being just as legal system illiterate as the the formerly enslaved people are: there's two sides on every coin focus too much on one side of it and you'll be lost &turned out
jorddvn Fort Worth, TX @lovekchanel Theres no justifying it. Any cop who abuses their power and causes a death of an innocent life deserves everything that comes for them and 100x worse. I do believe their are SOME good cops who do their jobs to help others. I only believe this because of the man who raised me- it is what it is
JeanTer82510682 Oregon, USA @audreycnn @donlemon @CNNTonight Oh stop. I know no racist. Nor do I know anyone who would act like these rioters. The gentleman's death is tragic and should not have happened. These crimes are few and not the everyday occurrence Lemon wants you to believe. He stirs up division and hate. 82 year old who loves the Lord. kind of embarrassed to say, retired public employee. Dog and cat rescuer and lover of all animals.
GoodmanTheThird Fort Worth, Texas Hey everyone. Work on commissions are going to halt for the next couple of days. There's been a death in my family and I need a few days to deal with it. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions feel free to dm me I'm Jay. D&D nerd. Purble boi. Bi and loved. Forever yours ❤️ Buy me a coffee! (Him/his)
nicholasteo14 @realDonaldTrump As the criticism built up against Trump and his administration when the death tolls exceeded 100k, Trump has no choice but to tweet, offering condolences to those lost in their lives and hoping to gather some support from the families. This is truly a form of crocodile tears
GoldCoastMan_ London, England in well-nigh the whole rural South the black farmers are peons, bound by law and custom to an economic slavery, from which the only escape is death or the penitentiary. “First, Love, and Do As You Will” (St. Augustine); “The note next to the one that you think is bad... corrects the one in front” —Miles Davis
samitakesphotos NYC + DC + LI Every time I see Cameron’s story I just remember that could have been me. #SUDEP (Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) is scary and very real. Nobody deserves what Cam & his family went through. Donate if you can to find a cure. @AmericanU she/her🎞🌻🌈
BJ__Williams #CanIBeVulnerable Folks have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted, AND sentenced to death from drunk eye witnesss at night. Spare me There's some BAD n the BEST of us. Some GOOD n the WORST of us & a little FREAK n all of us...
CuomoPrimeTime "It is a rebellion or a riot depending on whom you ask," says @ChrisCuomo of the demonstrations in Minnesota "Either way, don't miss the symptoms for the sickness. What you are seeing in Minneapolis started for a reason. The video of [George] Floyd's death. And it is disturbing" When he faces power, no one gets a pass. #CuomoPrimeTime with @ChrisCuomo airs weeknights at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. #LetsGetAfterIt
br4tclub houston,texas so eternally grateful for my friends. my family. y’all are my family and I love you to death. be sweet
maverick_mango Hell @MouthMoth What's the wad in the third pic? Also just wanted to say that I'm loving this so far, the audio is so, *so* good, and the death horny stuff is great Hey, I'm Jamie! I draw various gross things you shouldn't show your parents. I post my FA stuff along with random other doodles and such here. Nb (They/Them)
kate10010 @NBCNews This is insane. And for all of you “innocent until proven guilty” folks- never mind that George Floyd didn’t get that “right,” that’s what A TRIAL IS FOR. Charging this guy with murder doesn’t send him straight to death row it starts the legal process. And it should be done ASAP. Quarantine drove me to Twitter
OYCar West of Sydney, Australia @HelenBranswell @CDCgov Quite a few caveats here; "death status only available for " presumably means missing and/or right censored data - no not the GOP but the fact that some cases not resolved yet - so a CFR > 0.47% - a lower bound already above the CDC's own "best estimate" Sometime astrophysicist now an investor, smallholder, baker, hobby awk coder & ordinary dad
andrewamonti Toronto @Viktor_Revmir US Police are the violent arm of the State and they act almost like death squads, regularly shooting black citizens and getting away with it because the state permits them to. 3000 thousand black civilians are shot a year, and at least a third of them die getting shot by cops. Political Economic Research & Communications, PhD
emmy_hatch_15 I’m just going to say the looting and destruction of property is not an ok way to deal with the rage and upset over George’s death, however this is not me being more upset about it. The fact that a black man was targeted and killed makes me feel sick. The fact that people respond I tweet about @yamhausband a lot and tbh you’re gonna have to deal with it. I also tweet some funny and interesting things.
dd_juve So, people protest an unjust, senseless death.. a cold-blooded murder.. and the national guard is called. Armed white men storm a state building and no arrests are made. Tell me again how institutional and systemic racism don’t exist. This place is a forking joke. Lu Signiuruzzu li cosi, li fici dritti, vinni lu diavulu e li sturcìu. she/her • Gender Traitor • NOLITE TE BASTARDES CARBORUNDORUM
Almost_Anna Birmingham, AL @ericsmithrocks I have tried five times to write five different responses and my brain keeps getting the blue screen of death THE ACTUAL fork I KISSED ALICE (7/28/2020, @imprintreads/@mackidsbooks) || rep: @litagentmarini || she/her || hi im bi || UAB ELA c/o '22 🐲 || #pitchwars '19 mentor
LowProfile77 Waterford, CT Nope! #Anemia doesn't kill or even contribute to death, unless its #perniciousanemia where you're low on #vitaminB12. I've had heavy bottom periods for years due to #uterinefibroids and was only tired, not yet weak. #BrittanyMurphy @DiscoveryID #drugs #pneumonia It's been real.👋 #RRMS #MultipleSclerosis #GreaseAndFreedom
LordeOfSoup Texas, USA The magnus archives sucks bc all my favorite characters are dead and my other favorite character IS death I cant win God's court jester
FrankJo01502903 @thedailybeast @ChrisCuomo What does a man's death, have to do with looting and burning innocent peoples businesses, SAVAGES that use a man's death to steal and burn their own neighborhood need to be arrested and prosecuted! Former Democrat, American Patriot. Capitalist, Entrepreneur, ALL LIVES MATTER
habalollaa egyptienne @mariem_nada then we all must fight and speak up against every form of racism, and to never be silenced even if it means getting in trouble or even death. staying silent is how they win, so we should all make chaos. poppin prescription pills
IslesCup17 @Kaepernick7 What are U talking about ? R u serious? Revolting is the only logical reaction? Its not logic at all.When does destroying property, fires and looting lead to anything positive?Everyone agrees this was a tragic death. Completely unnecessary to cause more destruction is stupidity.
SagarMandiya_ Panwaliya, Sanganer, India Tribute to Chaudhary Charan Singh ji on his death anniversary. He was a true benefactor of the farmers and a strongest voice of the poor. Everyone should demand the government to give him Bharat Ratna. #BharatRatna4ChoudharyCharanSingh @FarmerTheUnion Founder and spokesperson,@FarmerTheUnion
luvdinahs Alabama, USA @troubledsome27 ty❤ , i was just watching Netflix and got emotional over a character death naturally happy asf ♡ #BlackLivesMatter fan account
MYDESIREHJ kim wooseok you’re busy worrying about the fandom being toxic while people are being attacked and shot to death bc of their skin color. fork out of here. this ignorant and salty kpop crap can wait. it isn’t important. raising awareness is what really matters. #HONGJOONG: hello! i’m an alli alligator
StellaPurrCam the internette @reagenrebel The sound was deafening and the person was tipping to incapacitate me, they were "offline tips" because I was outside but I could still hear/feel them and I was just running around trying to escape this psychopath who I ended up beating to death with a crowbar. 18+🌷Camgirl🌷Canadian Weirdo🌷Cat Mom🌷DM only for business🌷 🔪Dick pics = blocked🔪
Kyle_SSanchez Arvada, CO @Clariccce @wilburnya80 So you are trying to justify these people taking advantage of a death to rob stores and ruin their own communities... Mines '22 🇵🇭🇺🇸
glorytruth TW/ DEATH WHAT THE ACTUAL fork. ACAB ACAB ACAB. fork ALL COPS AND THIS IS ONE OF THE forkING REASONS WHY. lovers in the dark #blacklivesmatter
sonoftitan Texas @lifeafterlich 2 notable riots from the 90s are the LA riots and the St. Louis riot. One was because Rodney King was almost beaten to death by the police and the other was because Guns n Roses stopped their show early. Guess which one whitey mcwhiterson started. the best advice given to me is never serve who is not there to serve me
ARichards1877 @roslawley @campbellclaret @BorisJohnson @ChrisGiles_ Ahh but the death toll for the UK is way behind 800,000 killed in Iraq , 12 million refugees, rise of Isis , 1 Dead Scientist WMD ..not based on scientific advice but with Spin and briefings on Anthrax , Nuclear weapons ..from the likes of these two now that’s A Scandal Richards A , Senior , Any issues come direct show some backbone , WWFC, Owned by a Doberman and from the Race of Angles

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