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ImranKhanPTI Pakistan Shortly I will expose how I almost walked into a death trap & the plot to kill me in the Judicial Complex; and how Almighty Allah saved me in the nick of time. Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf & former Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
MeidasTouch Trump killed his supporters and their families with COVID. He helped get them thrown in prison by inciting January 6. He stole their money and gave it to his billionaire friends. And now he’s calling them to action to get arrested for him again. It’s the ultimate death cult. Producing the most influential and impactful pro-democracy content in the world. Meidas Media Network. MeidasTouch PAC. Meidas Merch. Because TRUTH is golden.
gunsnrosesgirl3 Support and tips Predation is a selection pressure on many species, In this dramatic display in the battle for life and death, these antelopes chose the perfect strategy allowing them to survive 📹Latest Sightings banner art by @AurelieBeatley
aatroxesq It weighs as it should. @Konami I just put my F4F SotN Death up on my shelf this past weekend! Symphony of the Night is far and away my favorite. Pick a god and pray. Avatar by @frogapples_. Banner by @nn_ee_zz.
PCRepair5 Xbox Insider @The_NinjaKnight This is modern Ireland. I'm telling you once they become the majority in government they will kick the rest of them out and we will serve them. It's invasion through drips and drabs. The diversity hires will be the death of us!! Xbox Ambassador and Xbox ProjectXCloud founder. I repair PC's and Xbox 360 Games Consoles. My prices are competitive and I have a great attention to detail.
IBNUSHAFE Kalmar, Sverige @StewPaling @shio_migadjuro @sahouraxo Russia can be blamed for many things, including the backing of asad. But it was the west that started handing out weapons to civilians, which led to death and distraction. student of life. a humble dad and husband. life long Man United fan. 🇸🇴🇰🇪🇸🇪.
Akanshajain05 India Heart kept pumping like it was beating for the one last time, adrenaline rushing all over the body, the scared to death face, and the so beautiful Palm Island🏝️ COO @dzap_io | Technical content writer | Web3 Researcher 🧠 #womeninweb3
notgabbyb United States cannot believe that I posted a bikini photo on instagram and got death threats and hate messages for being a sl*t. the internet is wild Cohost of History of Everything Podcast • She/her • 26• Scientist. Dead on the inside. 🇹🇹
MilesNorsworthy Urbana, IL @BrandondelPozo @K12ssdb Yeah, that's not true either and hasn't been for a long time if it ever was true. We don't have sergeants with polearms threatening troops in the back with death if they try to run.
BurnerAccount35 @KhanTheEmperor1 @DelusionPosting Islam didn't exist until 600 years after the death of Christ. No one disputes that Christ wasn't white, every culture and ethnicity see themselves in Christ, and portrays him in their nationality. If you are anti-nuclear energy you are anti-environmentalist.
SardonicAndroid "We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? " ⇢ ✥ Even if our words seem meaningless It's like I'm carrying the weight of the world ✥ ⇠ #NieRRP #NieRAutomataRP [Fan account] #CʀʏᴘᴛɪᴄFᴀɴᴛᴀsʏ
RapelyeLiz New Jersey, USA @svhpodcast listening to the masterpiece that is Love and Death in London. This is the only teenager who has ever worn an ascot. ! Reader. Writer. Actor. Mother. Hallmark Blogger. Fan of Jane Austen, True Crime, Musicals, and Baking.
_Hum_aira_ This girl is crying her eyes out because of the death of her pet and this guy is using it for some pscyhopathic laughs. I'm here to avoid friends on Facebook.
guy_nando United States @CrzyHazee @nikkissweet @envscientist72 @Jason Absolutely acknowledging all innocent human beings’ inalienable right to self defense amid credible threats of immediate death or severe bodily harm. It sounds like you would rather have seen this human’s body dragged out of the vehicle, beaten, weapons taken, and then executed? Hominid. Steward of dangerous things.
jelicaalynn Appalachian Mountains, USA @AFC202203 @WarMonitors as prior service for the US Army, no we couldn’t. lmao 💀 we can’t even get our vehicles to start half the time in our motorpools. soldiers are undisciplined and the higher officials are too busy r*ping privates and killing them. IX · XXVIII · MMXVIII 💍 | 🇺🇸🇷🇺🇧🇷🇲🇽🪶| US Army Veteran Against the War Machine | #RageAgainsttheWarMachine | #StopTheWar | #StandWithRussia
ALANDexter2020 USA @Momof4Cats4 70 guns were confiscated, how sick is that,but this is the norm in the USA?They should put this guy and murderers up for the Death Penalty to eradicate this problem,once they are found guilty. Love my Country.I am an advocate for the poor,sick and all of those that are treated unjustly,whether it is race,sexual preference and faith.Independent Voter.
DraKKar360 Washington, USA Okay, this might quite literally be the most important move any state and the federal government could make. The existence of CBDC's are inherently the death of all individual rights. Big time lover of baseball, go M's! Libertarian Republican. government is the problem. Atheist. Persecute/Fauci. P.S it's called Soccer 😝🇺🇸
Akanshajain05 India Heart kept pumping like it was beating for the one last time, adrenaline rushing all over the body, the scared to death face, and the so beautiful Palm Island🏝️ COO @dzap_io | Technical content writer | Web3 Researcher 🧠 #womeninweb3
RedVioletPanda Oregon, USA Internet: This show is stupid The Show: A philosophical take on life and death, the main cast is going through a spiritual journey and fighting for their very lives against a tyrant who demands conformity. Artist, writer She/they NO ENEFFTEES/ AI ART #obanstarracers MollyxAikka! #myheroacademia Reads the Tarot C0mmissions Open 4 Slots
landoflove20 MinyaAsyiotSohagQenaLuxorAswan Reliefs in the tomb include scenes similar to those of his father, with offerings and marsh activities. The tomb was apparently unfinished at the owner’s death and there are some figures which are roughly sketched in red paint. Keeper of his people Heritage #isuffered, #ilearned, #ichanged, Allah Forgive my Sins ⛵️ All pictures are mine , you need to ask my permission for sharing it.
elebull California @DailyCaller Did they miss the memo that the vaccine does not stop transmission only supposedly "reduces the chances of severe infection and death", so how would not being vaxxed keep it going? Proud American stuck in Commifornia. Hobby researcher/fact-checker. I follow Patriots.
urtv667bot proship dni Scary, scary... You've always been two-faced, you know. Offering life in the one hand and delivering death in the other. Too bad I can't die. Hahahaha... AHAHAHAHA! posts quotes by albedo piazzolla, U.R.T.V. #667 every hour.
Neloangelo314 The sides of the North @MarkyJDavids @cswarketatora @MissytheMuse @harold_hawaiki Do I need to come to an understanding when I already understand? The mark happens when the beast and false prophet is present. Thats scripture. Not me. It's final because it's God's word. "In sight of the beast" "He causeth all". "Image set up" " Put to death for not worshipping" Christian. Kjv only. 3.14. Hidden watchman. #Xrp maximalist. Not a financial advisor. Xlm #2. xrp address: rfR2ncaLsh2XGSdH3bJEBJa3kHXnH4WqM1
SaintMichael32 @TheOldNarrator @jackanerd @benekcj @Jason So he's supposed to stay right there, in his vehicle, surrounded by a frothing mob? Until when? Until they decide to break his window, drag him out of his car, and beat him to death? fork that. Protest peacefully and legally or prepare for your death.
FartingBigfoot Cave Spring, VA @I_want_to_death @KyleKulinski Nobody said work until you die. We’re saying that if you’re going to rely on government for retirement it has to make sense in the system. Life expectancy is not dropping. The dip was largely due to covid and excess deaths, overall the population is healthier and living longer.
death_cab_bot Seattle, Washington With every movement, everything's said I drink till I'm sober and start again hourly existential anxiety // lyrics of death cab & ben gibbard by @littlefurybugs
Carl__P_ @GeraldKutney Sorry but where is the increase in death and destruction you talk of? Fewer deaths now because of climate/weather related issues than a century ago. Footy, snooker and other stuff
lukeztars ☆彡 he him  ♡ & ↺ pin     ˊ˗ │     ⊹₊ ┊ STAR WARS  │                             there’s a star  man ╰➤                          waiting in the sky @PRETTYBOYH4N 💫 — hed be so indecisive, but probably an extra day with his family: his dad, aunt and uncle. He was never prepared for his aunt and uncles death, and with his father he wished he would’ve gotten to know him beyond Darth Vader. He just wanted to know Anakin, his father.
chinese_paint middle of nowhere I am not a 'defender' of the September 11 attacks, but simply pointing out that if U.S. foreign policy results in massive death and destruction abroad, we cannot feign innocence when some of that destruction is returned. - Ward Churchill #quoteoftheday #Results #random... Traditional Chinese and Japanese painting with random proverb or haiku.
Jacquel12936870 SHANQUELLA ROBINSON'S FAMILY demands action after suspicious death in Mexico. Mar 16 2023 I sent a letter to President. Biden and the Secretary of State this week. So that we could close the gap on unawares in the case, I Am A Realistic Person. I'M CAPTURING STORIES THAT I CARE ABOUT.
wrestlingmutual You coming through the door with a cigarette lit, and I'm not supposed to think your death wish is cool quotes and lyrics i love
WhiteNinji #ガンヴォルトアート Add a bit of resentment and death to the pot, let it shimmer, and boom, you got an adept brewing with malice! It’s Asroc! I play Nintendo and Indie stuff, might get into manga He/Him if ya curious. Catch ya on the flipside!
Rod1musGames @TheNazgulelyar @Sanjistars bruh your entire profile is CRINGE and i don't even have to click on your name.. Death battle knows more than you literally EVER will because they actually read the SOURCE MATERIAL and are older than you so have had more to read than you. get rekt., Lzzzz Former Twitch Affiliate (fell out of it tryign to strart up again) Transformers is my jam. BIG on gaming and love random lore about game universes
dixonsgtusmc3 WYOMING As such, it was now determined by the Company’s advisors and clinical team that any deviation from the Study’s original primary endpoint (‘hospitalization or death’) and Human mind kind OF miniature representation_aeons_emanate from_ultimate God… reason, Gnostic could also contemplate God by contemplating HER-his own intellect!!
NeHir_Ya Pakistan Ahhh Allahim this trap reminds me of shehzad Mustafa death, when people insisted him don't go to your father (sultan Suleman) camp that was a trap but he didn't listen and said "he is my father he can't hurt me" but sultan killed his own son 😌 remember who you are.........
cthuloser R'lhey, Michigan @rosesonhergrave Death being "bad" seemed to really only become a thing when later in 3.X, when they (the developers) were pushing the idea of "balancing" encounters (nevermind the variation meant it was hard and that CR never made much sense). That continued in 4e and 5e. (2/3) "Metal, punk, comic book, horror VHS / Nothing else to live for so I might was well obsess." ~ Acid Witch - Stoned to the Grave They/Them; Asexual.
dixonsgtusmc3 WYOMING Although the Study was originally designed for a ‘hospitalization or death’ primary endpoint, and it completed enrollment of almost three-quarters of the Study’s recruitment goal and recorded specific clinical symptoms (i.e. cough, fever, heart rate, and oxygen saturation), Human mind kind OF miniature representation_aeons_emanate from_ultimate God… reason, Gnostic could also contemplate God by contemplating HER-his own intellect!!
BreuyH @omunderdal @K_NON_9 @ninaturner @elonmusk @POTUS @CommunityNotes The term "death and taxes" comes to mind. They always pay. Yes, since most have no classic "income" their tax burden is often very low as they grow their companies. This is intended, if you tax unrealized gains you will see a massive cooling effect on innovation and INVESTMENT!
ShelleyGailLav1 @DOJCrimDiv Shelley Gail Lavender I have a trial experiment with computer interface in my phone with different systems violating me to a point of death and wire fraud in the most invasive, illegal ways distributing private information and has been for 6 years.
BetrayedHuman My friend who died... So one time he got me to log into his Amazon account to help get a refund. So for fun I put in his cart the butt wipe helper thing and I laugh at the idea of his family member/s seeing that after his death in his shopping cart😂 ❤️🤔😂🤷🏼‍♀️🙄🤬👍😏
Anniebeth1976 @pjparkjd @Matt_Twomey @bennyjohnson God bless Dr. Varon & others like him. Sadly, Dr. V was interviewed over 1,200 times for local, state, national, & international news outlets, yet most reporters never asked him why his death rate was so low compared to the nationwide average. And, if they did, that portion of… Mom. Attorney. Constitutionalist. Proud Texan. Pro-1A/2A. Anti-Big Pharma. Pro-Local Farmers & Ranchers. ❤️ Tattoos, ❤️ My Jeep, ❤️ My Dog.
little_wizard12 @WenclairEndgame The second is correct , I think that enid since this season already carries a heavyweight of being the strongest of the group and as Jenna said she is already forced to suffer and go out of her way in each season, her death would imply complications in the show Shipp #1 de wenclair, New account, trans guy
standardnews London A 18-year-old was chased and stabbed to death in broad-daylight by a masked teenage boy who had armed himself a 22-inch-long machete, the Old Bailey heard Breaking news and updates on top stories from the newsdesk of the @EveningStandard 📰
SandySaratoga @PureTalk I just tried to cancel my father’s line because he passed away. I was told by your customer service that I can’t do that because my father is not available to verify his account. They said I have to mail you a death certificate and apply for a refund.
SadiRazaMD Dallas, TX A final for the ages, it had everything, great batting, stunning bowling spells, amazing catches & the twists and turns in the death overs in the first and obviously the second innings. Fantastic for the fans, spare a thought for the betting companies and the bookies as well 3/ Cardiologist, Board of Directors @HeartPlace, Cardiac Imaging Expert via Harvard, ‘Canes/Dolphins/Man Utd fan, podcast host, husband of @ samrrazamd & dad of 2
bizmuths 🏳‍⚧ ┊he / they ┊🧡💚 @ThorfinnsBae yeah say anything related to death and twitter axes you. i'm on my third strike myself 🌿 17 - bnha mainly ❗spoilers warning❗+ pokemon , animator & artist , multifandom , read rentry byf 🌿
jrtgirl35 Billerica MA @SirAutistic People associate grieving and the 5 stages of grief with death that’s not made up nor is the fact that regardless of their intentions advising parents to go through this process implies that an autism DX is akin to a death sentence. How Language is used matters #ActuallyAutistic Im a part time student 👩‍🎓 and also works part time when I’m not working or studying I’m reading a good 📖 hanging with friends or gaming #ActuallyAutistic
PrimaryCarePAC @sjs856 @Anniebeth1976 @Matt_Twomey @bennyjohnson She won't explain b/c she can't. Anecdote is not evidence. What happens when you need a ventilator and you don't get it? You suffocate to death. Remdesivir follow-up studies on PubMed show efficacy. All medications have side effects. It's always risk vs. benefit. Sharing a Primary Care Perspective on exercise, diet, health, and current research. Focus on resistance exercise, osteosarcopenia, protein, and creatine.
flowersofjannah amuseumofmyheart How can you love someone and not crave for their presence ? How can you not want them to hold your hand when fear is choking you to death? How can you not want to spend summer days with them, collecting flowers and sitting under big oak trees? 2/3 Even in the belly of the whale, there was hope ♡ - my lil’ vulnerable space | hummings of heartache.⋆。⋆☂˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆.
andybetterideas Virginia @SierraDeciduous @TJ_onfire @bitterclingerpa @IvyShoots @JackieFrancesca @th1rt3en_TM @JeffAllen2143 @SunshineWav3s @kraegkust @AsherCl11285056 @SlaggitySlag @ohginger_snaps @friedvocalcords @annaeck73 @barrenessblack2 @AsherSummerson @medwoman1 @mirandaisrisen @CrucialBunny @stevieanntas @mr_JasonW @Tactical_review @Poo_anne @ShayCormac_1 @2aHistory @Krispi_Largo @willag47 @reaINathanD @quackrwhackr @Nomological180 @Juliaswart3 @DamonKnox13 @dcffk @smashli1228 @TXBridg @JGainsbourgh @RisingSekhmet @MucusMucous @Ihonestlydont19 @Ivygraysa20 @MindfulDamage @Justinjtp @uranoutofluck @TroytheMan207 @Car53134231 @TzarTate @Epsilone23 @Gunner1301 @LifeLover1781 I have already explained the rules in this monstrosity of a thread somewhere. Suffice to say that God is NOT breaking any rules and to claim such is just idiocy. Life and death are different to Someone who controls both at a will. Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. Romans 1 is real.