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jk_rowling Scotland I’m devastated to learn of the death of Helen McCrory, an extraordinary actress and a wonderful woman who’s left us far too soon. My deepest condolences to her family, especially her husband and children. Simply heartbreaking news. Writer sometimes known as Robert Galbraith
RealCandaceO New York, USA We went from “George Floyd is an innocent black man who was suffocated to death by racist police” to “okay sure he was ingesting toxic levels of fentanyl while high on methamphetamine and resisting arrest and maybe never had a knee on his neck BUT STILL”— pretty quickly. New York Times best-selling author. Founder of @BLEXIT organization. Black people don’t have to be Democrats— still.
FredTJoseph Don't watch the Adam Toledo video. Just know, as is almost always the case, police lied. That 13-year-old boy was not armed, had his hands up, and was in no way a threat. Police in America are simply a death squad given power to murder whomever they want. NYT Bestselling Author of The Black Friend | Patriarchy Blues and Better Than We Found It (2022) | #ForbesUnder30 Marketer | Insta: FredTJoseph | he/him
DamnFunk1 @tiernster @NICU_doc_salone @NoonanJoe @Orlaodo Az is still thought to protect against severe illness and death in case of infection with SA variant, unless I'm mistaken
sarra_isabel Montréal, Québec @Deactivated4323 @fish_called @nattyb_fitness @pieissatan @MARCBELISLE1 @JustinTrudeau Lockdowns and measures cripple the economy. Not a virus. The death rate is too low to cripple.our economy but government measures are strong enough to do so. Digital marketer. Canadian. Looking for open debate and questioning censorship.
LavanyaBallal India The people are angry a Jd upset with doctors , but the doctors have been risking their life from past one year. The Gujarat model was a lie, now they are fudging death toll and denying people dignity even in death. National co- coordinator for Social media AICC
rickmandarling she/her | ♑︎ | nsfw ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ﹠ pro-snape. bc of a disagreement my great friend here is receiving death threats by this person, who’s now taking the victim blame by saying deb is a lesphobe for disagreeing with the statement “tom hiddleston is ugly”, please report this person, this can’t and shouldn’t be gotten away with don’t step on my forking cape ~ alan rickman.
KLovegrove1982 Wokingham, England Sangju Police Station: Punish the murderer who dragged a dog to her death with Hyundai Galloper in Sangju, Korea - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange please please sign and share this awful story no one has signed yet paw need us I love animals but most of all my cat tigs he is my heart and he likes snuggles and hugs mummy will do anything for you my paws your my heart and world 🤗💞🐾🐈
Dinesh80060807 @pandeyji_k_beta @SidnaazT Population of up is 23.50 crore. and its true that government of up is downplay the death by corona. Delhi 3 crore population and they tested 85k to 1 lakh per day. student
ks2020free @LifeNewsHQ @GiantSlyers We are DONE with her and her Anti American citizen crap. she is our enemy and must be "termed". #570days and we take it BACK to AMERICA on the path to #2024 we must get this socialist/palestinian out of office. She seeks the DEATH OF AMERICA.. maybe that is why she came and omar. AMERICAN
uzair1321 New Delhi, India @agarrahul96 @kdhiraj123 Conducting exam is not students choice based on his/her preparedness. It's not even ICAI's choice. Respective states have to give clearance which seems very very difficult right now. Death and cases are at least 10 times more than what are being reported.
GogolIcy Virginia, USA “The only goals of this deception called ‘Covid’ are to cause sickness and death in order to accomplish depopulation and set the stage for technocratic control over all of humanity.” The Covid Propaganda Continues, Even in the Face of Vaccination Murder global warming, federal reserve, currency reset. RT does not necessarily mean like. Hey look at this what do you think? other: conversant in all sciences.
uzair1321 New Delhi, India @Ajinkya_Pande_ @kdhiraj123 Conducting exam is not students choice based on his/her preparedness. It's not even ICAI's choice. Respective states have to give clearance which seems very very difficult right now. Death and cases are at least 10 times more than what are being reported.
division6 England, United Kingdom Samsung S21 phone just forced me to factory reset it for the second time in three weeks. This time I won't restore the apps en masse - pretty confident it is a phone glitch and not an app glitch but necessary troubleshooting made more necessary by phone death. Progressive, husband, dad, polymath geek: politics, tech, puns, parenting, bourbon, burgers, science, comics, sci-fi, film, PR & marketing. An MD @brands2life.
GOPshipoffools El Paso, TX (WBAMC) @GreenLiberty1 Drinking soda, eating fast food and alcohol consumption are personal choices. Getting shot isn’t. Alcohol consumption that leads to death of others carries criminal penalties for the person who injured another due to alcohol and civil liability against bar owners. Antiracist
Manjula14355953 @Srinivazan1 @annamalai_k This is a condolence message, are you people so hollow÷headed to spread hate messages in death and grief also. Idhuku naalu like vera .... you all should be ashamed
fizzy3131 #\KICKDAVE ive just been scrolling through this hashtag while listening to my 12 yro brother listen to him nextdoor. Imagine if i told him his fav youtuber is getting death threats and possibly in massive amounts of danger because of all the doxing. hi , i just need some theropay
pancakespeedy Budapest, Hungary Love, Death + Robots s02 trailer! Yes! and also 3D animated Michael B. Jordan! 👀 Doin' some CC work in mobile gaming -------- Emotionally I'm doing the laminated paper wobbling sound.
ConnyBremer Köln, Deutschland @RE_DailyMail It is really unbearable, this shameful hunting for Harry and Meghan. Seemingly none of you has learned out of the tragical death of Lady Di. Just to remind you all: it's eben Charles and Camilla who destroyed the Family by committing adultery from the first day of Engagement... Folgt mir in Politik, Krebsforschung, Depressionen, Lerncoaching, NLP, gewaltfreie Kommunikation
ChiowitaB @Jesskia13 @thatfangirlhtx @themahnetea U must be one or her supporters? That's fine and all umky. First of all theirs thousand of parents that's going through something or the same as 21 and love and take care of their child no matter what's the disability. Wishing death on your child because your tired 🙄🙄🙄🙄
EmilyLostNFound Northern New England @LindseySoucie We are both firmly committed, so we have that going for us. It feels like she only sees loss and death which makes it harder for me to try and spread my wings. She keeps trying to still see the “he” everywhere. It leaves Emily just feeling so unwanted and rejected. But I ♥️ her! T R A N S and living it more and more • Keeping the love of my life | Starting to own She/Her | HRT 12/4/19 | Cyclist 🚴‍♀️ • Scuba Diver 🤿 • Trail Name: 🦋
Bionix01 Phoenix, AZ @sondereve @20wonderwoman08 @sapnapcats Less than one quick would you make a life of death decision. Would you wait and see if that gun you saw in hand was dropped while a shooter is turning your direction or would you be running? Sneakers, 1/6 collectibles, movies, and video games are what I love
WassimHadhri Toronto, Ontario @AmbGordonGray How do you explain the death threats, the harrassment and the personal attacks on a acting elected Tunisian Senator Woman? What have you done as an USA ambassador for human rights, Women rights and freedom of speech in Tunisia?
atul45modi_self Gujarat, India "The ultimate self is free from sin, free from old age, free from death and grief, free from hunger and thirst, which desires nothing and imagines nothing." ____ #drsarvepalliradhakrishnan #spiritualquote We are sent to earth by God for specific work. Self is the representative of universal-consciousness. The self needs reawakening No porn
et_amor_spiro Armenia Mr. @elonmusk, I love a girl ❤️ who is а die-hard fan of you. I need to surprise her with your tweet. Please pm me, I’ll send you her name and other details. Please response, Sir, it’s very important for me. it’s a matter of life and death. Please response. Tweet № 372 Hi, I'm a simple boy who loves a simple girl.
ManagementWA Leamington Spa #Vue Entertainment Ltd has admitted #health and #safety failures after a reclining seat came down on a man’s neck and killed him. The #cinema pleaded guilty to two charges under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act. Read more from @SHPOnline: 👇 Management Consultants in Health & Safety and Management Systems covering Safety (OHSAS 18001), Quality (ISO 9001, TS16949 & AS 9100) & Environment (ISO 14001)
BrendaSteel Sheffield Very sad news, and coming so soon after the death of Paul Ritter. Both gifted actors I greatly admired, both so young. Bloody cancer. Proud librarian (retired), feminist, socialist. She/Her. Come on world, sort yourself out, I'm not getting any younger.
Ysayn3 @Edwina2018 @dj_breathnach So do people in their 30s 40s 50s Why shouldn't the more at risk of death be vaccinated first ???? Why are they sacrified to lessen transmission instead of simply reducing the death and hospital count ?
ThatGoodNoob1 @whiskeydances @Hbomberguy in this ^ person's world, guns don't exist and nobody fears death. Alpha Pepega
AikiBriarRose austin, texas thundergrace: You don’t have to pass around footage of police shooting a little brown boy to death to spread awareness or keep his story in the news. People who are actually concerned and who would want to do something about it and support the... Writer, sometimes artist. Books, music, art, video games, movies. So many cool things, so little time. My opinions are my own.
Iadeeljafri Karachi, Pakistan Just came to know about death of Helen aka Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders and Narcissa Malfoy from Harry Potter. What a fine actor she was !! RIP. #HelenMcCrory Agar aap ko mujhse koi masla hai to ye aap ka masla hai, mera nahi. #MUFC || Software Engineer || SC: a.jafri ||
enbynosferatu NSFW!! CWs are usually listed! the horrific and terrifying third option; death grips queer 18+ only - they/them - yt cherokee- 20 - bi - sci fi and body horror - blood drinker - gender not haver - fat bottom haver - antifacist - poly - acab - dms open
labe63 @IslandGirlPRV @CurtisHouck The incident is truly tragic, what is a 13 year old doing out at 2 A.M. with a gun. Police officers are in mortal danger even making a routine traffic stop. Every decision to shoot is a split second decision. His death is the fault of his mother and father, not the police.
uzair1321 New Delhi, India @AngelicAnjalii @kdhiraj123 Conducting exam is not students choice based on his/her preparedness. It's not even ICAI's choice. Respective states have to give clearance which seems very very difficult right now. Death and cases are at least 10 times more than what are being reported.
WheelsSams @ordinaryfreak69 @TheHeresiarch @VaushV So you went from: “Vaush hates trans people and called all trans people subhuman” To: “ok! He was talking about people sending death threats to Contra but Vaush said mean things! You think that’s ok ?” No
Fray_OSRS London, England My wife trapped a spider under a glass and forgot about it for a week. I just noticed and he is now dead. He likely thirsted to death. Thirsting to death is likely going to be the way Grossgore goes out too. I should probably call the police on them both. OSRS YouTuber @
WyneMyatNoe1920 Myanmar A 17 years old teen was shot dead by a machine gun on March 29 and since he didn't die from the shot, military terrorists continuously shot him to death. SILENT REVOLUTION #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Apr16SilentStrike #WeSupportNUG
johngrap Battle Creek, MI See, the eyes of the LORD are upon those who fear him, upon those who hope for his kindness. To deliver them from death and preserve them in spite of famine. - from Psalm 33 Catholic husband, father, son, brother, friend - Notre Dame grad, Peace Corps, Packer, StL Card, Red Wing fan - Paris lover - Friend of Ethiopia - Storyteller
DEATHSNEWS United States Death - Obituary - Cause of Death : BREAKING NEWS: Actor And Comedian, The Legendary Vivek Pa... Trending Deaths News Period!
jwalk128 Tupac faked his death and joined the Avengers.
tingo_taught_me Art/BurdickOquetWalcottGarcia If someone laid a finger on my kind, sensitive, wonderful, artistic and sweet 13 year old brother, I would burn this country to the ground personally. There would be absolutely nothing left. I am so tired of these executions, exhausted by all this death. Praying for Adam's family Anthropologist of Land, Black Liberation, Extraction and Health in 🇩🇴💫 NYU PhD Candidate 💫 Facilitator @inculturedco 🇩🇴 🇭🇹 💫 Organizer @BarrioAlante
thepainterflynn Ireland Today in 1920 the inquest into the death of Tomás MacCurtain, Lord Mayor of Cork killed by policemen in disguise on 19 March, returns a verdict of wilful murder against the RIC, and indicts Lloyd George and the British government hanging on by my fingernails
ASchenna Stranded in (web) Paradise… #booksbooksbooks His nightmare had just started. It was the story of a young man’s survival. After his battle against death and fate, nothing would be the same again... #Kindle #timetravel ZeuS by A. A. Schenna via @amazon #Love 📖 Writer @ Solstice Publishing. Join A. A Schenna's newsletter at
aquaempress7 she/her | ig: @ rani_tarot I tried to have a meeting with this person thrice but all three times it got cancelled because of an act of God (death of pet, no internet connection etc) and now I'm starting to think Spirit doesn't want be to entertain this person anymore 👁️👄👁️ intuitive tarot reader 🔮 manifesting my own reality ✨ ♒sun ♌moon ♍rising 🌼 DM for bookings!🌿
eecummings_bot new england till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers filled with sleeping birds and i will take the sun in my mouth: in death be sure a new e.e. cummings every three hours
daisombit 🇵🇭 tw // implied death , implied animal death my kitten is very weak and i'm just waiting for the worse :((( i've been crying for hours now i can't look at it because i get sadder :((( Haseul is the answer | stan account | gg stan | StayC, LOONA, Weeekly, and æspa | 18 | Lesbian | she/they
Cris47543863 @mrs_savyy In your songs pls try show the world videos of millions of people starved to death, and all manner of annihilations/subjugations the Biafrans are going through on daily basis without anyone asking WHAT, WHY/HOW? @EyecareDr
labe63 @CurtisHouck The incident is truly tragic, what is a 13 year old doing out at 2 A.M. with a gun. Police officers are in mortal danger even making a routine traffic stop. Every decision to shoot is a split second decision. His death is the fault of his mother and father, not the police.
Abbie60950720 @Leperfast I’m a terf, I have been since 2015. And I’ve been called one for supporting gender dysphoric people, being anti male fetishists co-opting women’s struggles, and acknowledging sex is a biological reality. That was enough for me and my friends to be sent rape and death threats Ever notice throughout human history bodies with vaginas always happen to be silenced and controlled by bodies with pensis?
ggalavan Carlow, Ireland Death taxes and Huns mental gymnastics thats life folks Celtic FC UTLR Indie,Alternative and House Music Irish Republican La Dolce Vita From Carlow Ireland

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