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The things some people say about Death.

Alyssa_Milano Los Angeles More than 850,000 civilians are trying to flee a brutal war in Syria. The vast majority are women and children. The children are freezing to death. They are trying to escape Russian and Syrian bombs. Pls watch this guttwrenching reporting from @arwaCNN. 🇺🇸 Check out @sorrynotsorry @PatNotPart and @NoRA4USA Please follow my other accounts for career updates @AlyssaDotCom @TouchByAM #NoRA
AuschwitzMuseum Oświęcim, Polska 17 February 1941 | Franciscan Fr. Maximilian Kolbe was arrested by Germans in Niepokalanów. He was first sent to Pawiak prison in Warsaw and then to #Auschwitz, where he finally sacrificed his life - volunteered to replace another prisoner sentenced to starvation death. Official account. The Memorial preserves the site of the former German Nazi Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. You can help
GermanAmbUSA Washington, DC On this day in 1943, Sophie and Hans Scholl of the White Rose Nazi resistance group were arrested by the Gestapo. The death sentence against them was executed only 4 days later. We remember them, the brave students around them and their courageous resistance of the Nazi regime. German Ambassador to the US. RT not endorsements. Views are my own.
camareno_caleb Corpus Christi, TX They hate you to death and fake love you when you die. When you see us, you know we mean business.. •Romans 8:18• #RIPTOALLMYLOVEDONES 💔
BasilWho Space, Time, both, none. 'Death to the Amy' An Exciting Adventure of the Eighth Doctor and Bazima. Generating exciting adventures since tomorrow afternoon.
Scngwriting #𝑺𝒖𝒏𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 / RP She sighs. "I know. It wasn't hard to connect the dots. Even though you shouldn't have done it. I mean... When Marty did it to my father, I understand, it was a literal life and death situation... But Gustav was only a crazy boy. He'd eventually stop..." 𝓣𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓻𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓯𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓲𝓽.
online_still United States @realDonaldTrump Both parties being so corrupt could care less about the American people about the American Health Bloomberg basically believes in death as a form of health care for the elderly. If you want to save this country and the Working Class People vote for Bernie president Sanders I am a public speaker, educator, teacher author, proud American For the Working Class people, painter, animal lover and the proud son of an immigrant father!
jencreamer Raffles (1930) “You frighten me to death with your bells and your nonsense.” sponge of all things audio, visual, and literary #TCMParty
tealgecko Melbourne, Victoria @DrMelMcD @DefenceScience Given the success of the Boeing 737 MAX and it's inability to judge life and death situations, I concur! Full time scientist, #embryo development, #IVF, #stemcells #metabolism, #nutrition, #metaboloepigenetics & the #microbiome, full time Mum & avid foodie #science
Omar53223122 Buffalo, NY @Electricepistle @TenMillionIQ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lump all atheistic worldviews together. Atheism is merely an absence in belief in God and atheisst in the most developed nations on earth are more depressed and suicidal and the ones in poorer nations starve and are worked to death like in China/N Korea yemeni american college student. trying to be a decent person but society is filled with toxic people it's hard to be
sikenpoems It’s thinking of stabbing us to death and leaving our bodies in a dumpster. That’s a nice touch, stains in the night, Posts poetry by Richard Siken every hour.
IamPenelopeB United States trips and baecations, I want a concrete foundation. I wanna be able to trust someone else with my life, I wanna prepare a meal, sit at the table, hold hands, and figure out who turn it is to say grace. I want FOR BETTER OR WORSE, TILL DEATH DO US PART I wanna be loved correctly, God 1st, Mother 2nd, Business women always Fashion Junkie Hair addict I'm your local beauty drug dealer
richg3323 United States @kobebryant death still feels unreal. It's going to be a long while before we adjust to him, Gigi and the other passengers not being here physically.
neovheen [ parental death ] - - - - - - - - - - - auntie put a post on my fb feed about “no one has your back like your mother; love her while she’s still here” and that was the last straw for me to start crying without even noticing Gale Leon Bogard (+ system). Any pronouns, androgyne nb. He is a mysterious character who often says cryptic things. 💜@maoukessen @checkerlily555💜
_cjmdz bay area I feel like im in my death bed and ai came to do this 12 hr shift im a real bottom bitch ain’t no twitter in heaven // IG: cj.mdz 🦋
hzzbt @Nikkki_R @OnsideOrAnother @PatDeplorable @IlhanMN You call me deranged, you call Ilhan Omar deranged. Trust me if I had her public platform, you would be calling for my arrest and riots on the streets. She only got death-threats. Somalis are brutally honst, fierce and frank, no poker face as time is being wasted type of people Life is a prison and when you realize that, you no longer fear Death.
jaycole_cole Ohio, USA @realDonaldTrump Lawsuit argues, Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft and Tesla all aided and abetted the mining companies that profited from the labor of children who were forced to work in dangerous conditions that ultimately led to death and serious injury.
leafs871 Burnaby, British Columbia Death, taxes and being emotionally let down by the maple leafs Leafs fan in vancouver
jo28885634 Think! Lefties kill babies and the stupid gun free zones kill people and yet the lefty is against the death penalty! Conservative; long military family history ; love my country
artiste47 Put this POS in jail with his buddy Bill Cosby, so they can both drug each other and hump themselves to death.
Jimijmurphy USA Excellent for her! She is a classical liberal. A Patriot. Half the country in the 60s. The good ones bailed out as the Clinton Corruption & Death Machine captured America. Patriots left and right come together for the war on Evil. Free JA! I’m just a cheerleader for the Good Guys! Courage is saving our Republic. Share the good news, the Patriots and the Heroes. God is Speaking.
casatiel San Jose, CA is it bad if I find newer medics in tf2 endearing like. most of the time all they want to do is heal and will jump into death to do so its caskett / 20 / studying art / she - they, ace / 🇲🇽 / internet book bird n horror fan - talkin toons [CHIRP FRIENDLY ZONE]
babs_to_you @PCC_Car @RadioFreeTom The Soviets were responsible for far more slaughter and death during the 20th Century than just about anybody except the Chinese. But it is true that Americans are abysmally ignorant about this. "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts." - Rachel Carson.
diegochrisflynn Basingstoke, England @cubsmontgomery9 @JacobRE1996 @DLand91 Indycars death were also truly freak. Justin wilson was hit on the head by a peice of metal falling from the sky. He could have been a ft to the left or right and be alive today. What's not freak is cars going into walls or upside down at 2 tracks every year
5C_AR_ Maybe I've died long ago and this is punishment for a crime long forgotten everyone I love are just images and symbols.that prevent me from leaving my cell maybe death is the end of our sentence did I earn my suffering is this redemption for a sinner am I broken for opening #We only have once race The human race #friends are.made by heart Not by colour 💞💞 #TRUMP love with everything 💞💞
layne_rice One of the biggest story beats of The Last Jedi was that Ben’s fall was largely Luke’s fault and that he ran and hid out of fear of repeating the past, instead of going to Han and Leia and working to atone, and yet there are people who blame Ben for Luke’s death. Reality is a disappointment, and nerds have ensured that there’s no respite in entertainment either. Leftist/Socialist. He/him. Header by @bobaquail.
Megasomama Meguro-ku, Tokyo @puppybellies YES I had it in an omlette and was like oh this is ok. I had it outside of an Omlette and begged sweet satan for death They*A bird*A Witch*Furry* Anime, Video Games, Comics Gay as hell Probably on some bootlicker fashy blocklists :3
ilyyAlexismwah @saveasprism And in the death of my reputation I felt truly alive This love is ours / ily Alexis and David and Spit and R and Nils (especially you) and I hate heart. Azaan get a job
Traysav6 @MinoRaiola You and Paul constantly slate this beautiful club and it is a matter of life and death to us you fat idiot pogba needs to sack you get your pancake bottom back to turin. ManchesterUK,highrisk free my friends hmp living.
chuerta1 Portland, OR @essenviews Women who give their power away don't understand what so many women before them went through to give them the right to exercise their power. I'm talking incarceration, physical harm and in some cases death and all for standing up to a man. What a shame. 😔 Happy, blessed, healthy and loving life. A proud member of the #resistance and remember folks DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!! ☮️&💜=✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍🌈✌🏻🌊🌊🌊🆘️
misty_monster I like death of the author and the idea that everyone’s interpretation has weight but also like. considering the author’s intentions or lack thereof is important sometimes too bc you don’t need to be praising the author for something they didn’t write (they/them⋆20) your life is your own 🌻
elcnasaIvatore @babiexharry @oliviasbkers @darkpetrxva the line of "respect' should be drawn at someones life being at stake. elena was walking to her death. stefan shrugged and didnt even think of a way to save her while damon acted quickly and still looked for a way to keep her human. you want a love that consumes you
nunca_pasaran @PeteTeachers @Dee_N_Morse @songforacarter @BootsRiley Who is "I"? I thought you were a group of teachers? Teachers who publicly wish death upon a man who's secured some of the biggest number of teacher support and promised free meals for public school children? Quotes and ponderings and crap.
WFP52038344 Toronto, Ontario, Canada @vickievignon @allresidue @ReformedBritt @66lizzys @meganmesserly @ComfortablySmug @BernieSanders I live in Toronto...our health care is a joke . And its not 'free' like some seem to think . We are taxed to death in Ontario. Hey USA can we trade leaders?
harper_tymia @smackmyjass It’s crazy how so many people have so much to say about our HBCU FORT VALLEY ‼️ but who was to know any of these things would happen at our HBCU , everybody is not perfect at all and not just our HBCU is dealing with crime or death in the school it’s happened all around. FUN GIRL MIA #Fvsu long live greg💙
Cuevas_____ @FlaminHotBeck @svddendeathdub @larvitartoes @Wonky__Wook SVDDEN DEATH and the hell raisers? lol
Ron6713 Let's see now Turned 50✔ Got into fight with death✔ Kicked his ass✔ Learned to walk again✔ Lived though open heart surgery ✔ To own and learn to ride a Harley Davidson street 750 TBD
seccopistols chicago bro can someone come over and choke me to death please The name’s Katie • I love JoJo’s • Joji and Kira Yoshikage stan • Mercurial • Davie504 is beautiful• Bi • 17 • She/they • @oijosuyasu 💘💞
OSDM_Bot Grave diSEMBOWELMENT- The Tree of Life and Death Death Metal Is Low. Bolt Thrower is rulez. 中の人:@xScherzox
Maverick__Matt Northeast Ohio One show that I can’t recommend enough is The Haunting of Hill House. It is so tragic, yet so beautifully sad. It will especially resonate with you if you’ve dealt with the death of a loved one. It encapsulates all the feelings of mourning and grief in such a profound way. 2006 Time Person of the Year. Ezekiel 25:17. BUAIDH NO BAS #Believeland
emlafudd Australia i hear there is a report out today saying ppl losing faith in the AFPafter media raids. started 4me when they used the Bali kids used as fodder for a country with death penalty for drug offences and 2 Australians executed. Media raids the straw that broke the camels back Proud LEFTIE 💙💜 Racists bigots 1Nation,Trolls &white supremacists will be blocked For o/seas twtr pps pls note LNP in Oz=Right &Far Right
pinkblacknoise Montreal hey @theneedledrop might you be interested in reviewing "Dead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam and Death Tribute to Nu-Metal"? support sex workers and support hex workers
Dwebbleposting A Cave by a forest @Surskitposting As you have heard, I have became the gem king during my absence. I rule over a whole system of tunnels and even a town or three. But, not only that, I fought through death and even hells and heavens to be brought back when some bloak tried to assassinate me. inspired by @snomposting cover by: BrentVdeW on deviantart *Rock Blasts you* believes @GCorsolaposting is their friend. pfp by @jellydrawings
cisph0bia Colorado, USA @BlancoMartini @BernieSanders I’m in favor of violent revolution and death of my right wing political opposition 🤷‍♂️ - Kaleb - 21 - He/They - bi - social justice terrorist - uwu - 🔞 - I get into discourse sometimes, this is a warning 4 that -
mathymichal A2- I always liken this to the parent who sees their child fall. if the parent freaks out, so will the child. If the parent remains calm, so will the child!! We, as teachers, have the power of life and death in our classroom over these students. ESPECIALLY with the youngers!
VanessaRiley61 Australia @elgorbeh @W_K_Martin_III @BehrouzBoochani As I said before all the info you need is on my time line but you are too lazy to seek it or find out any information yourself, do think he will walk away from un licensed driving, DUI and causing the death of that young woman. He is not leaving Manus in the short term. 👄☔️
aspiringstepdad a steely dan concert @Slick__Nick Yeah but your job isn’t life and death. If this idiot makes a mistake he’s gonna kill himself or someone. Pacers Year.
CardiganStories Thunder Bay, Ontario @ParZevil No! I have been close to death and a feeling of extreme peace came over me. I said my goodbyes and calmly waited. It was the strangest thing. I had already been told I was dying. I don't remember anything until about 10 hours later. Published Children's author, cancer survivor, animal lover, Mom, Canadian, crafter, Genealogy. Check out my 5 story book on Amazon 🇨🇦🇮🇸🇫🇮
icequeenx_o_x London, England Fact of the matter is sending abuse and death threats to someone is wrong. But expecting people not to comment on someone’s wrong actions is also wrong. Idk what the answer is as I’ll always speak out if it think something is wrong but that’s not an excuse to abuse or send death 22 • Siren 🧜🏽‍♀️ • Music Editor @raggedcult✨• Freelance photographer 📸 • Welcome to my bpd world 💜 IG: destinyccx
LaidFitness From Hazmatt’s Region @MattyGOAT You’re just allowing them to catch it and make the matchup 100x harder. It’s also easy af to catch with wolfs tilts/aerials. Gyro combos as Wolf optimize can lead to a 0-death Laid aka Koolaid✊🏿 | Early Screening Reviewer | Fitness 💪🏾 &Smash Bros Pro from NE | Coach | Pro Player & Streamer for @Daijoubu_GG

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