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JennaEllisEsq Washington, DC Trump lawyers are not dropping out for no reason. They're getting death threats, harassed, and having to be placed under protection. That is UNAMERICAN and UNACCPTABLE. Constitutional Law Attorney. Senior Legal Adviser @TeamTrump and Counsel to @realDonaldTrump. Senior Fellow @Falkirk_Center. Special Counsel @ThomasMoreSoc.
KatiePavlich On Instagram/Off Twitter wknds When asked about punishing China over Wuhan coronavirus, Biden says he is going to rejoin the World Health Organization. The WHO allowed communist China to lead the way on pandemic response, which they lied about, resulting in severe economic damage and death. Born free 🇺🇸
OC_CA_SportsMom The Beach @Tristanshouts @jacquie_rudy @OCSheriff @OCSheriffBarnes How does a death rate that is lower than the seasonal flu and several proven effective treatments qualify as a health crisis? Find 1 medical facility in OC that is overwhelmed with Covid patients, more than all other patients combined. Or has been at any time this year. Thinq for myself. Always Learninq and Growinq. Qeep America a Qapitalistic Republiq. MakeAmericaSafeAgain; Trump 2020 🇺🇸
INDAV8R (5 of 5) ...(13 times more than whites). So when that inner city black carnage of death spreads throughout America with Biden in the White House, BLM won’t give a crap and wishing you would’ve voted for Trump won’t stop the slaughter of a single black American! #BidenKillsBlacks
pechvogeI 🇨🇦 i know pointless suffering was kind of spn’s bread and butter but this really is a perfect storm of my two least favourite occurrences at the end of a show... ~subverting expectations~ for the worse and using death and high stakes for drama so much that your real death fails amateur cryptid 💫 22 💫 they/them
taesyunho Texas s/h 25 TEN SECONDS INTO BLUE AND GREY AND I WANT DEATH!!!!!!! #태형 + #윤호 ✨ bangteez⁷⧖
mariesmellsfear ☼aries ☽virgo ↑libra | she/her disgusted at the wincesties making deans literal death scene about their forked up fantasys. go put on some sweet home alabama and have a blast somewhere else. snapchat is dead maybe go there. | you changed me, dean. i love you. | to somehow. |
WhitestGuyUKnow Just listened to the latest BTB and then got home and watched Death to Smoochy for the first time. Absolute perfect combo of anti-rich works of art. @IwriteOK @bastardspod If you're reading this you've already lost the argument BLM. Vegan. Leftist. Winner of the 2019 Dad-bod of the Year
kurosujuns [sie/hir or she/her] @poison_skeleton ooofff if you like mysteries stella please watch Death on the Nile (1978) and Evil Under the Sun (1982) I like, them. tyler • 23 • tragedienne • wall meat inspector • special guest villain • youre a new desperate housewive
RoyRupere South Africa @KMutisi @mdczimbabwe I can't imagine myself joining ZanuPF, openly practising satanism witchcraft and occultism. A normal person shoul never consider such evil. I can't i just don't have the heart for openly lying about the suffering and death of my family and friends. Who does that. Curious 🇿🇦🇿🇼|Arsenal|Cricket|Economics|. The strong do what they can & the weak suffer what they must.
when031 @MrPinkPalooka Roll around someone and choke them to death or perhaps pleasure ( if they think that’s kinky ) 20 | i love lewd and nsfw crap lol | Online most of the time ig
airebnb United States my son is autistic and i’m screaming internally. the world is so forked up caused me so much stress during my pregnancy sent my family death threats talked crap about my son before he was born and still do to this day. i’m autistic too but i didn’t develop it at birth. don't regret bad choices | H.S. 👶🏽❣️
somelarrybird @lfastf_4 @Robthegman @RichHultquist @komonews If there are 50MM why isn’t the death rate higher why is it going down? We know who’s at risk and we know the recovery rate. Holy crap, even chicken little STFU after awhile. And, I won’t ever live in fear. Is it a “right” that life has to be fair? Fear on fearless fear monger
lostloveletter_ acc delete soon! @death_reminder that was about a month ago and i came back from the dead ♡︎she/her♡︎im sachiko, and this is getting deleted soon, follow @sachitalktalk! 💞@TheONLYTrueNiko is my heaven💞rp/art acc: @aikatshii
AlanRya84903846 @tessfortruth @mstephan6 @DoberMom2 @BillKristol If you are going to pray, then pray what the Church prays for...! Catholics and Black Protestants pray for Democrats, and Catholics and White Protestants pray for Republicans. But, a Church Official has said the Democrat Party has become the Party of Death. Be careful. Not special, but faith
BTSismyhomeOT7 ≮ᴮᴱ⁷ BTS⁷𐤀 ◡̈ @kv_3crks EXACTLY WHAT I SAW AND THE CAUSE OF MY DEATH “The dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest.” “The morning will come again. No darkness, no season is eternal.” “Life goes on. Let’s live on.”
platour68 Chicago area @SenatorDurbin and @SenDuckworth, I am a constituent of yours and I want to see legislation banning the death penalty. It is barbaric and unjust. Please help bring an end to it. #DeathPenalty #BanTheDeathPenalty I'm a writer. It says so on Instagram. ✍🏼📷
CBarnesLyrics Everywhere. But it's all I have, all I have and even though it scares me half to death Tweeting @charliebarnes lyrics every hour. --- #blacklivesmatter
John00472243 dont forking worry bout it @nytimes Better to live life free and happy, and face death with courage and resolve born and breed American love my country and our constitution
starkeyclan @IvankaTrump Your fathers incompetence has caused the death of many many thousands of proud patriotic Americans! Your family will be remembered as both the losers and suckers of the White House! Do not try & sugar coat it! It is what it is, remember? #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #TrumpMeltdown 🌺Retired! I ❤️ 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 Politics! I block & do not acknowledge or respond to trolls/bots. #WearYourDamMask #COVID19 #bcpoli #Cdnpoli
Sivi_TW Very early morning to you world! Great stream last night, good chat and much death! Thanks for making it so. Laptop gamer, amateur streamer. Getting through life one frame rate at a time.
eyalfeed Planet Eyal, Shandral System BoneDaddy(16 skeleton sun paladin) was infected to death by Weirdling Beast and slowly consumed on Yiilkgur, the Sher'Tul Fortress 1. Join in the fun of perpetual characters deaths in Tales of Maj'Eyal! Realtime funz to be had! -- I am a bot in case you didnt notice!
wrld_health @hahaJayy @GIRLALMlGHTYY Ah I see the importance , see you were really hurt by me praising death, due to my religion, so you decided to combat by saying go meditate as now you wish to enter my brain and spark emotion
stvlinskism (己) So say dean had to die at least do something better than a screw to kill him and have Sam at least end up with Eileen not some random chick....I did still cry like a bitch with deans death but still he deserved to live a happy life too🥺 "𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝙾𝚏 𝚄𝚜 𝙷𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚃𝚘 𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝙼𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜. 𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝙾𝚏 𝚄𝚜 𝙰𝚛𝚎 𝙷𝚞𝚖𝚊𝚗."
TheSaturdayPM Nairobi, Kenya He came to earth as a human being; therefore, he understands our weaknesses and shows mercy to us. He has once and for all paid the penalty for our sins by his own sacrificial death (atonement), and he can be depended on to restore our broken relationship with God. A city service where we walk through the Bible chapter by Chapter. Every Saturday, 6PM CITAM Valley Road. Life`s questions, God's answers
Hrishi_says_so Pune @PrudentHermit The worst thing probably is that entire world couldn't do a thing to prevent Dr Khan, a "merchant of death" from selling his methods, formulas and centrifuges to his clients Iran, Libya, North Korea and who knows how many others A self taught developer on his way to complete CS degree. #infosec enthusiast. Endless Love for 🇮🇳 Yes, I'm awesome at the same time being affable 😎
vminberries 23 | she/her | 뷔민 | g♡ vmin harmonizing.... death awaits me and i welcome its warm embrace Am not a kpop bitch. Have never been. But that taehyung guy makes me feel some typa way | 🔞
CathoConser Pure Michigan @dumpleXdumple That's not logical. The death penalty is a punishment that makes sense for some crimes, but not others. It's not really a policy. It's a punishment. Each case in court meets to decide guilt or innocence, and then they decide the correct punishment. Catholic Convert, Russell Kirk Conservative, and Higher Ed Admin. Book/film hoarder. Rotarian. Teetotaler. MAE Higher Ed, BS Hist/PoliSci/Anth
YayoTheCaveman Funkytown, Texas @avocadomma I can only imagine how terrifying that must've been. That really does sound like an awful experience but it's awesome that you made it through and touched down safely. Near death experiences are crazy. 🙏 MMA casual since 2006. Mexican AF. Extraordinarily humble. weed and food make me happy.
ThisiPhone1 Bendigo, Victoria @LordSedgwick @murpharoo @LevSzeps There are two scenes in Death in Venice featuring a paint on hair dye - the 1st is a barber adding a paint in dye to cover Dirk Bogarde’s greying hair, the 2nd where Bogarde has a fever and the sweat makes the dye trickle down his face. Gotta be this stuff I reckon. Gen X. Single parent. PhD candidate. Writer. She/Her.
kinabikina the scorpionic depths and even in death i am lagging mother of rabbits 🐰 🦇
HollywoodLTMG Dallas, TX Y’all really want celebrity death match and I see that now WOOD(dot)wav | “Heads Or Tales” AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE | @LoosetemperMG | Booking/Beats:
JdMinks Chi-City i think when Dean and sam had those dark dreams about one dying and the other living fit into that mold, esp a gruesome death Graduate of WIU Class of '17. Very radical. Nkrumahist. Toureist. Maoist. #NatashaMcKenna #FindtheMissingBlackGirls
Jhammon67 Louisville @Bobbyjo83759287 @CoachMarcWilson Just go get it and remove yourself from the population so I don't have to worry about you. You have your freedom, congrats, go be free. You're free to choke to death. 👍 Food. Nerd. Food nerd.
saya8964 平壤 龙城官邸 @FlavoryCofean @Comrade_Waluigi sure authoritarianism and oligarchy mean communism! beside, millions of people starve to death also means communism! but as Xi's right wing Economic policy, I would rather claim that he is a national socialism 因果律属性超能力者|人生导师|2021出生的妹子|愿我们煲底再相见|中央政治局第九常委|找回推油中|文化反支但对人爱支|gab号防失联
StasiiSchulze Jersey Shore Overall, I didn't hate the finale. I love the idea of a combined heaven where they're with everyone they lost; it was just the way they got there. Dean's death was absolutely unacceptable and Cas 1000% should've been there waiting for them. #Supernatural NJ Model/All-Star Cheer Coach *Booking Inquiries ONLY: PM/ *
StevenM88988810 The food bank gave me stuff I cannot prepare things that require a kitchen so I am going to st and continue to be bitten by deadly spiders all till death thank you all .
AuduKoto @SaharaReporters @femigbaja In quest for daily bread he met his death in a horrible way😢 Life of the poor in Nigeria is filled with pity and grief. May The Almighty protect us and bless our hustling Have hope in the mercy of the Almighty.
lsepper Austin, TX My path to law school and my experience of advocacy began with anti- death penalty work. This Supreme Court is the machinery of death. Professor @UTexasLaw. Fan of health law, religious liberty, & equality.
jeominyi Lagos, Nigeria “My brothers, if one of you wanders from the truth, and someone causes him to return, you should know that whoever turns a sinner from his wandering path will save him from death and cover many sins.” Ya'akov (Jas) 5:19-20 CJB
BotStateRocking In the 1989 Game Theory remake of the 1982 Alternate Learning song "Beach State Rocking", lyricist and singer Scott Miller successfully revives the 1980s after its untimely death due to the Game Theory song "Last Day That We're Young" from the 1987 album Lolita Nation ! Lyrics by Scott Miller © 1990 Enigma Records
mattljames11 @i_aver @RealAPolitics @NedStaebler EvErYtHiNg iS aN Op lol Maybe ppl are just forking crazy and send death threats to anyone who's against their dear whiny bitch losing president Full Stack Developer - Good at figuring out where you've seen that person before
Ucanreadmylips @LTrimarche @IvankaTrump U ain't seen nothing yet. It will continue for the rest of their lives and when they got to prison too. Your so called president and his family are denying he lost the election! Wrap your mind on that sicko lunatic way of thinking.WE are sick to death and won't stop the treatment New on Twitter! Follow button 🥰 I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice. Me doing me. #Resist #BeTheChange Born 🇺🇸 Living 🇨🇦Since 1998 Ottawa
Clearwater85 Vestavia Hills, AL @McConnellPress IS THIS WHAT YOUR PARTY HAS BECOME. A PARTY THAT IGNORES DEATH AND DESPAIR ALL TO PLEASE A LUNATIC. WHAT DOES HISTORY REWARD PEOPLE LIKE U. U got power. At what cost. The horror in all of this is U HAVE NO SHAME. U JUST DONT CARE. WOW! Certified/licensed MT & MLT (Medical Lab Technologist), w/ AMT & ASCP. My career is in clinical lab medicine since 1985. Married 24yrs w/ 2 amazing kids.
imhoneybeeee living off of my hero academia I FINALLY FINISHED ANGELS OF DEATH AFTER PUTTING IT OFF FOR SO LONG AND THAT ENDING BRO "pain is temporary, pride is forever." call me blake or bee. vegas girl at the peak dumbass age of 17. occasional banger mha tweets, that's it.
vampcaptainkidd she/her, 21 Akihiko punched a shadow to death and said GOODNIGHT can i be next in line main: @mystic_dream // my carrd is horrible i’m sorry LMAO