How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

Everything you were dying to ask about death.
. . . but were afraid to find out first hand.

What is Death? What happens when you die? When will you die? Who invented it? Is there an App for it? What happens afterwards? Why should I bother? Is it bad for me? Where can I it?

CT7056 Kamino, Cloning Facility It's legends but since we don't have her death explained in the current canon and that most of the pre-battle of endor stuff from legends is in a way transported to canon, we can assume that's how she died in current canon as well. Clone Trooper commander. Z-6 rotary blaster user. Y-Wing pilot. games player. Artist. Alternative account:
lgbtqdean she/her • 22 • bi • dutch still cant get over how selfish dean and sam were at the end of season 10.. death explained what the darkness entailed and yet they said nah i just wanna live fuck humanity honestly😜 i cannot believe i'm rewatching spn
hakktenk you mean Joe Bidementia? Perfect candidate to position and navigate in whichever direction is suitable for the new world order - “vaccines” for all! Prepare for death explained through “natural” causes, an everlasting narrative: title - COVID-19 = the new cancer, a business! 🦶 On the ground. Homeland 🇦🇲 is calling, I am going. Who is with me? Passport ready? Affairs in order? Good! Get a flight, time to unite!
BrodyKerr3 When Itachi had his death explained and it turned out he did all of that for Sasuke. Now that us enough to make a grown man cry.
SmoothGroovz Marvin Gaye facts: Motown singer's career, wife, children, parents and death explained - Smooth Radio

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