How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

Everything you were dying to ask about death.
. . . but were afraid to find out first hand.

What is Death? What happens when you die? When will you die? Who invented it? Is there an App for it? What happens afterwards? Why should I bother? Is it bad for me? Where can I it?

saltygulf 🐚Gulf Coast area ⛱🐬⛵ That mountain has claimed many lives. Some have survived conditions that no one should have survived. George Mallory's body was found 75 yrs after he died on Everest. 🚩▪NO LISTS▪No DMs 🚩▪Liberal▪Politics 🌴Believer in Science & Keeping the Faith 🌴Interests: Reading, Photography & Art
DaleGregoryRowe Ste-Agathe-des-Monts Nord, Qc. The Night the ’60s Died: How the News of Sharon Tate's Death Spread Through Hollywood Poet, playwriter, photographer, painter, paperback penner, philosopher, penisolopher, psychotically pessimistically psychotic
MILESGHARMON Parkwood Soundstage 1 “Holy actual shit the Night King died. Like, actually died. In one of the coolest scenes to date on the show, Arya came flying off the top rope and stabbed him with some Valerian steel.” - ⁦ TMC 🏁.
denise__joanne Netherlands I got spoiled in Youtube! Never expected that from the channels I’m subscribed to. Someone literally uploaded a video with a title and thumbnail that said “(...)’s death explained”. Needless to say I unsubscribed from said channel. Blogger & Youtuber | 🦅 Ravenclaw & Pisces ♓️ | Pink makes me happy 💕 | Quartz crystals 💎 |
DorkSideOForce A galaxy far, far away... It's not a galaxy far, far away. But you all watched it and we NEED to talk about it. All things on the Network.
jdavhill Chicago, IL Wait, so....the Night King and the White Walkers were a f*cking MacGuffin the entire time? Interim Managing Editor | Co-host Stacking The Box podcast | Popcorn enthusiast | Known to shout about Bucs and Timberwolves josh.hill
PaulRowlands7 Hofu Shi, Yamaguchi Ken, Japan Once upon a time in Hollywood... Film journalist, owner of respected film site Money Into Light
alexRsimon Hollywood, USA Stunning article about a seismic event in Hollywood history. Scribbler of words; Muser of life; Lover of film.
TexasRex Texas The Night the ’60s Died: How the News of Sharon Tate's Death Spread Through Hollywood Writer * Teacher * Father
PirateCatSF Berlin / L.A. / S.F. Interesting article, Manson, Tate, Polanski... Its sounds like the chewed bubble gum that you'd find under a restaurant table. Listen Live!
Backstorymom1 Manson Family Murders Revisited 50 Years Later - Sharon Tate's Death Reactions From Her Family and Friends Harvard Dad, UCONN Mom, UPENN Brother, HBCU Daughter , avi by Cliff San A Jong. Creator of (in honor of Mike Brown) &
KennethWReid Boston, MA I find fetishization of the Manson murders revolting but that being said this is a very good article Pop culture damaged man. All views and statements are my own and do not reflect any organization or businesses.
boreskes Los Angeles, CA Imagine, as a reporter, being able to say: "I don’t do murders." Metro reporter benjamin.oreskes213-238-8436. DM me for Signal contact info.
shelbygrad 🌴Los Angeles💥 The day in 1969 when the phone never stopped ringing. Assistant Managing Editor overseeing Metro & California.
LAObserved Los Angeles Coming up on 50 years since the Cielo Drive murders that etched Sharon Tate, Voytek Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring, Steven Parent - and Charles Manson - into the history of L.A. and Hollywood. Nice revisit of the shocking weekend by Los Angeles media, politics, culture and place.

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