Strange Tweets about Death.

fo32767691 Clacton-on-Sea, England @Trixlack @darkangel510 @GoldingBF ok. They always say about the pale virgins. Meaning there's a better place after death. Correct. Now read
asgartair East Midlands, England So saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Amateur Boxer Ed Bilbey who died at the Derbyshire home show. RIP. Thoughts with familyπŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜ͺ Pro/AM' Boxing coach. Boxing experience at all levels. Head Coach at the East Midlands Boxing Academy/Prospects ABC
HardyBean Overthinking will be the death of meπŸ™ƒπŸ™„ Live every week like it's shark week. ♑️ Insta: serenabean14
kitty_kaathyy Melbourne Australia when ur so behind in uni that u don't have time for a mental breakdown, so you gotta watch back2back lectures and accept death just a stressed out gal
SunsetDaily New York, USA/New Jersey, USA Don Lichterman: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty & your Death Penalty Focus! SCA is an Entertainment Company and a Non Profit Organization founded by Don Lichterman.

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