How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

Dreams are always in black and white.

Anyone who says otherwise is simply dreaming.

ProffessorGD Brooklyn NewYork Track proposal Track: Pretty Balls freestyle Proposing to: Dedicated to: Curated by & I dream in colour , I’m dedicated to seem lucid, Less than a 4.0, does that mean I seem stupid. Me and Ye heartless , my city need Cupid … 🇨🇦 PHD Art History & Spatial Engineering - liscense Marine Socio-Biologist Coach - 🎙️Podcast Personality
PatLoganTBay Ontario Canada Democrats dream in colour. Republicans dream in black and white. ‘Get Vaccinated’….. please. Facts matter. Truth matters. Right matters.
CerridwenRowan Australia I know now of people who don't have pictures in their heads, can't visualise, who don't dream in colour...I can't imagine it. I see, taste, smell, hear and feel things in my dreams and imagination. At times it is terrifying but more often wonderous❤️ Busy not drowning. Part-time optimist
idealbathrooms Milton Keynes Dream in colour with Feeling collection of colour coordinated toilet seats, bidets, washbasins, shower trays, and shower valves! 🛀 To see the full range for yourself visit 💻: Ideal Bathrooms is proud to remain the UK's leading national bathroom distributor with an impressive portfolio of all the leading bathroom brands.
NicolaLondon87 London Woke up to having a dream about my dad being still alive, and giving me money for my birthday as he did when he was here, I thank God for that beautiful dream, the inceptions I have of him are always amazing of him being alive and well, ” I do also dream in colour and in rhyme” Rapper/ singer/ songwriter Beauty student
creativeheadmag London Do you dream in colour? Want to get stuck in with vivids, pastels and everything in-between, but your clients are anything but adventurous? Live your best vibrant life using these tips to entice and cultivate a more creative colour clientele: The leading magazine for hairdressing professionals in the UK & Ireland. In print. Online. Everywhere! [Sister title:

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