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Guns Do Not Kill People

Bullets Kill People

Yes, it's time to bite the bullet and ban the bullet.

Bluesrains United States Guns Dont Kill, People Do!! Pretty Soon The Whole World Will Be Communist!!! God Help Us!! The Dems Have To Go!!! They Are Killing Our Rights!! We Are The People And We Need To Fight This, NOW!!!! USA-Truth-News-Politics-Future-Past-World-Love-Science-Law-Tech-Space-Nature-Web-Health-Peace-Humor-Animals-Pets-Music-Art And YOU!!
landerwyoming So the guns we own are in jeopardy daily an next knives hammers and such ! After Waukeshau is it going to be SUVs that are in jeopardy. Our politicians have no clue. Guns dont kill people they are just tools that follow a humans will. The car is a missle and it is guided.
Zlizlikovac1 Hrvatska Guns dont kill people. People kill people. DMX. Dont start shit, wont be no shit. 3 violent criminals started violent shit. They were not protesting. They came there to burn destroy steal and hurt someone. Stop defending criminals.
yodameister Nash/Phx/CostaMesa/BTV/Cayman Might be because looters and rioters like Kenosha and yesterday San Fran are allowed rontoam. YOU don’t need to own. But I do. You do you and tray not to be sanctimonious and arrogant. Guns dont kill. People do Anti PC & Cancel Culture. FACTS Lives Matter. Entrepreneur, started dirt poor, Priv.Eq. ALL Buckeye, Cowboys, foodie, wine & Whiskey lover, fitness, small Govt!
nickens_jr Kansas, USA 6. A pedophile and a women abuser no longer is roaming the streets, which makes America safe! 7. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE …PEOPLE DO, and I promise you that a civil war will break out before the government take our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AWAY! USMC Vet/Laissez Faire Capitalist/Constitutionalist/Conservative/Catholic/Pro-life/A.A Criminal Justice/Political Science Major
angrylatinafrvr This has A LOT of important info Enby/Pan/oppressors CANNOT be saviors/ ACAB/ Arm the marginalized! Links to scripts in 📌 post. level 38.
Edzy_FPS Unknown Guns dont kill people, people do. Take the guns away and they will use something else. Connoisseur of time-wasting
leninistjones We don’t want another CHAZ. What we learned today is the need for a step up in organization beyond just cyclically exposing ppl to state violence without any cohesive demands. Marxist Leninist. People’s Revolutionary Party Cadre. Free the people, free the land ☭
KOCORICA "Guns dont kill people, people do" Yall gotta realize guns dont play. Power do. Your enemy can drive you out financially and mentally, basically screw you in all holes. While you are still pro "law", which is written by and for your enemy
JhnGmingFntime North Carolina, USA wow,if you're stupid enough to not get it. alec baldwin who is the typical "guns are bad and kill people" lefty,has killed someone on set with a gun. G+G,who is a gun owner,has not. which also means,guns dont kill people,the people firing them do Making videos and other stuff
really_dee Chicago, IL guns dont kill people... people kill people and if you gon kill people u dont care about no law they was gon have a gun anyway. Fuck you
EarthsAngel555 California, USA I posted a keyword for you, find that comment and do the research. It may just change ur mind. Guns DONT kill people. Just like cars, knives, poisons, etc DONT kill people. Bad people kill good people. 😉 Put your trust time and faith in God. Thank Him everyday. Don't forget everything you have is from Him. Be thankful.
Pratikstan1 New Delhi, India No people are and you my friend need a life, you been at it since yesterday. Guns dont kill, people do. here to support only pratik sehajpal! 🇺🇸 🇮🇳
sir_stride And what? They thought i was gonna say guns dont kill people and i didnt. Whats the problem? 24 she/her 🔞 BLM 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 ADHD I am literally Gutz from Berserk. Edgekino enjoyer. Speed Racer (2008) propagandist
RobotD3v i think the argument is that boob shading is more sexualized and not used as a more subtle piece of character customization, most people who use the guns are larping as military. obligatory guns dont kill people, people kill people. I enjoy making big robots.
brandonald1 indeed. and did you know DTJ is profiting from & politicizing the tragedy by selling shirts? political beliefs aside, it's scummy. it's scary that people are cool with it. kinda like how they're cool with his fake ass blue collar persona.

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