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Guns Do Not Kill People

Bullets Kill People

Yes, it's time to bite the bullet and ban the bullet.

BillEagarJr Philadelphia, PA Big liberal/progressive here. But not on this issue as I agree w Bill Maher 100%. I hate the phrase “guns dont kill people…people kill people” and Im all for sensible gun laws. But there was no shortage of guns 3 years ago. This is something way bigger than just gun reform. Over 50 atheist single gay guy. Barely surviving mentally these days & yes I have a fulltime job. That actually is me in the pic. Progressive. Howard Stern fan.
uber_vierzig Omnipresent/Scotland Yep having no guns in scotland (and the uk) really has worked🤦‍♂️. If i lived in the usa, I'd definately be armed. I know if i really need one over here, 2 calls and an hour (and im not in the city) guns dont kill people, people do GETTR/uber_vierzig Family, gamer, bedroom dj, anti snp/blm/wokefuckery. Always followback - NO SALES DM'S for drugs. Advocate of psychs over pres drugs.
Circe_420 Waterford, CT Guns are a problem? Illegal guns are obtained by CRIMINALS! Who you wont put or keep in JAIL!!!!! Guns dont kill people. People kill people. If guns kill people tell me how ive owned a gun for 12 years and it still hasnt killed anyone!!!! Certifiably insane but extremely entertaining. Always stoned and always gaming. Stubborn and Submissive. Here to cause trouble 😈 🤘🏻 🖤
Msclemantine Guns dont kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE !!! A gun is a tool like a knife and a hammer. PUT BAD PEOPLE AWAY!!!
2centsfrmBill dont kill people People with Guns kill people And we need people with Guns to kill people with guns who are trying to kill other people! A man of knowledge uses words with restraint, and a man of understanding is even-tempered. -Proverbs 17:27
KirkPaulson1 its bail reform you moron. guns dont kill people, it's evil assholes that use them that kill people. I'd deputize every law abiding 2nd amendment supporting New Yorker and have them help KMA
anchorbabynotes Is ir safe to assume you are one of those people who say " guns dont kill people" and then high five yourself for your brilliance, not realizing that no one in the history of the world thought guns came alive and killed people from their own volition? Notes from an Anchor Baby. To be Anti-Immigrant is to be Anti-American. Firm believer that there is no more sacred a space than a library.
CthulhuKin Catholic Place of Worship Guns dont kill people and bullets dont kill people.....its cyberbullying that does it Spiritually Italian with a secret family recipe for eating the nightmares YUM. Ex Boyscout who deserves legal Veteran Status. Unlicensed empath, Freud apologist
GabrielKnights1 Alpha quadrant Earth Scotland And cars dont have brains but kill people but you have to be trained ,licensed,insured and subject to traffic laws. guns dont kill people people kill people is a bullshit argument, PEOPLE with GUNS kill people America all the time By a Quirk of evolution,Completely Immune to fake news and conspiracy theory's
freight_x_train Goddamn this argument is tired and stupid. “GuNs DoNt KiLl PeOpLe”. Just shut the fuck up, Kevin. He/him
DrRichardTrikle Fuck you Pull an Alec Baldwin! “I didnt shoot her” yet its a firearm that can only fire with a cocked hammer (SA only) and even then it needed a trigger pull… what a fucking clown lol guns dont kill people. Alec Baldwin does… he also travels to illegal sex islands and does nothing… Please… call me Dick. An extremely overpriced piece of paper does not create YOUR WORTH. $CEI🚀 “Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems” - Sun Tzu
RatliffSe OKC Metro Narrator III: Guns dont kill people, people kill people. It was true then and its true now with software. Software in the hands of a skilled operator has the potential to harm more people than a gun. Christian, Husband, Father, Digital Firefighter, Reader, Technology Evangelist, Goofball, Foodie
PnMuntergk Lund, Sverige If guns dont kill people, and people kill people, why should soldiers have guns ! Holy shit you are stupid ! Conservatives? What do they want to conserve? Is it dependant on the age we are in? Polio, witch burning, slavery?
chrisofthecrew she/they guns dont kill people people do for some reason a lot of my fellow leftys tend to make this correlation causation argument most terrorist attacks are ideological ones and open carry laws would not increase terrorist attacks most attacks would happen even if these bills are pasd She/they 🔱 pokemon enjoyer 🔱 bi/pan ace🔱social democrat dex entry number pfp: ♂️♀️⬜♀️♂️ φ=fuck zoophiles
PnMuntergk Lund, Sverige Of course this not facts 😂😂 Its taking your argument that ”guns dont kill people, people kill people” and turn it against you ! Conservatives? What do they want to conserve? Is it dependant on the age we are in? Polio, witch burning, slavery?

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