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Guns Do Not Kill People

Bullets Kill People

Yes, it's time to bite the bullet and ban the bullet.

XZeroano United States Guns dont kill people. Dems Kill people. And... Redpilled Patriot

darlas29 Crocket County TN I think these kids posting this crap are too young to have experiences that us older folks have had. They need to read our Rights, not have someone tell them. It’s open carry where I’m living now and I love that. Guns dont kill people children, get that straight for once. In love w/my truck 😎 NASCAR, 4ever3. Cup 42, 48, 88 X 7, 10 Truck 3, 88, 33. Really dig NCWTS, ARCA, Vettes, Chevy! Love all animals! 💜 🐈

ShintaiReviews Miami.FL Look, guns dont kill people. bullets do, that's two degrees of separation between Kiryu and the guy he shot, he totally didn't kill him. I am just an overly verbose critic that spends way too much time analyzing video games and occasionally anime. YouTuber, podcast host, overthinker.

PaigeZanco Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Spoken from a person Living in a Country with the strictest gun laws in the world. A country suffering from shootings, bombings, machete stabbings, rapes and not allowing us to protect ourselves with anything more than a knife w 3” blade Work within eldercare. Married to the love of my life and soulmate. Mom of 3 sons, 2 are army veterans. ✌🏻

brusiom Above the mess. Below the I ah damn Danny devito be killing babies and be a DEMONCRAT. All KILLING IS EVIL. STFU with ur talking points. Guns dont kill people. PEOPLE DO. just like the BABY KILLERS who get abortions. Maybe if u leftist had more kids they could grow up and change the laws But keep killin Brusio 'The Light Rapper" This world gets worse everyday the media/celebs tell you how to live; what to believe, and you actually listen.

IndependentAme9 Learn how to handle a firearm store a firearm what a firearm can do good and bad educate your children on firearm safety Gun vaults trigger locks locked ammo boxes you want me to keep going GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. MOVE GUNS AREN'T GOING AWAY SORRY !!! No nonsense all buisness this country is a buisness and needs to be run as such santa clause is dead nothing is free.

d8aac887fde04fe Lynn, MA Mental health is the real problem guns dont kill PEOPLE. PEOPLE kill PEOPLE and usually these people dont have a license to carry a firearm and they don't run background checks on the streets kinda like the drug dealers dont take your medical insurance card.

TheShadowWolf32 Eastlake, OH Notice the words are HOMICIDE, and not SELF DEFENSE, again, it has nothing to do with a gun, people murder with knives, you can buy one of those anywhere, you can kill with cars, you can kill someone with a stick, so again, GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, grow a brain. I'm a cuddly wolfer, I'm dm friendly, I love building models/drawing/gaming/music/dogs, he/him/bro, you may wonder if I'm actually straight icon by
Actualpersonalo Colorado Louis CK... Guns dont kill people. Dads with guns and racist alcoholic indoctrinations and homophobia and soulless ginger issues do... Though. Thats just you Fuck face. Image and likeness are life coach. Entrepreneur©Artist ™ ® tmi. Fit R.O.m ⛡ Right height. Have knot the sluggers inkling as to how much my heart left.

brown_ricco Aiken, SC Unbelievably they still moan "guns dont kill people; people kill people" Yep and Hillary's emails, Benghazi, Obama the Muslim Kenyan and Alrmternative facts... My God tell me again how we got to this point???? Open minded, free thinker with absolutely no tolerance for bigotry or hypocrisy. Good character and intelligence rule over money, material things, looks.

firemanemt4evr Land of the Free Here is a solution. Stop sancturaries for illegals whom have raped and murdered and been let go by authorities. You can have laws until you are blue in the face. Guns are a people problem not a gun problem. Guns dont kill. People do. People use cars, bombs, knives, etc I am here because liberties have allowed it.
ReyesJ_96 This white dude in a diesel cut me off but then honked at me and flipped me off. His back window said "Guns Dont Kill People. Planned Parenthood Kills People." Makes sense 🤡 San Jose,CA.

coolchipmunk923 As dramatic as that stat looks, guns are not the leading cause of death in America. Guns are not the issue. People are the issue. There is an underlying issue in the US. We are so divided as a nation and have so much hatred for one another. Guns dont kill people. People do.

aSkepticalHuman A lot more data and analysis on the substitution argument here: YouTuber & writer who debunks flawed arguments & tries to make people more rational & informed.
cummins_kevin It’s not you stupid bitch, GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, no law will stop the insane, yes it’s bad but protect yourself buy a gun and learn how to use it practice with

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