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Guns Do Not Kill People

Bullets Kill People

Yes, it's time to bite the bullet and ban the bullet.

maiawnr Golden, CO your argument that guns dont kill people, people do, is old. Congrats, you realized that Americans with guns are shitty people and guns don't act of their own volition. Look up pipebomb violence and get back to me I’m the funniest person I know (She | Her)
Moogthurso Scotland, United Kingdom So you are telling me a country spending billions every year on defence , making billions in profit on private prisons has a higher murder rate than 136 other nations ? And your proud of that? But guns dont kill people ignorance does. .... Engineering traveller working across europe and africa and realising how lucky we are in europe. Will calmy question quittlings, or climate deniers.
brienza_p oh ok so the boring inside-out tshirt version of the “guns dont kill people” argument. you know, canada has a unique position and *could* use that to provide actual insights to resolving the current problems asst. professor school; thinking too hard, not having fun with it
KoolHandLuka Anti-Fascist Guns dont kill people, humans do and when a human wants you killed he will kill if hes "allowed" a gun or not. Just like humans smoke weed if they are allowed to or not. Murder is against the law and if someone will break that law they break any law restricting guns Luka Dončić And Elena Delle Donne Stan. Left wing politics ✊🏾 👑 (He/His)
1HailTheQueen1 west virginia guns dont kill people, people kill people guns are merely the tools used to do so. take away them and we will find another way KNIFE CRIME STATS IN BRI- i retweet anime and talk about history or something..
SpaceLaceFace Trump is like a gun. If you give him ammo(Twitter) and an incompetent handler(Republicans) hes wildly dangerous. Without his ammo hes less likely to cause harm but the world needs him to be locked in a safe away from idiots... Because guns dont kill people, but Republicans do. I'm a twitter cicada... I emerge very few years, make a bunch of noise, consume all I can, then realize this place is for the birds and will eat me alive.

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