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chrislhayes Brooklyn The Doral G-7 thing is flatly unconstitutional, an obvious and insane abuse of power, and impeachable in its own right. Host of @allinwithchris on MSNBC, Weeknights at 8pm. #WITHPod Host. Cubs fan. Insta: chrislhayes FB:
CarmineSabia President @RealDonaldTrump is a rock star. His rallies are unlike anything ever seen in American history. And it drives the media insane when they see the love we have for him. #TrumpRallyDallas. Christian conservative. Managing editor. Yankees fan. NRA member. Israel supporter Do not forget to call me a fake Christian, bot, fascist, racist and Nazi.
krystalball King George, VA Hillary’s comments about Tulsi just make totally clear how ridiculous the Russia conspiracy crowd has become. The idea @TulsiGabbard is being groomed by the Russians is every bit as fact free and insane as the Crowdstrike Ukraine server theories on the right. co-host Rising @hilltvlive Reversing the Apocalypse. Ella, Lolo and Ida Rose's mama!
marrcamp @WalshFreedom Every Democrat would have too. Because it's forked up and an insane abuse of power. Difference is, one party treats it as a "Does not apply to GOP" and the other says "Applies to everyone"
rex_trump If that's the case, then it's because of Democrats' insane leftist policies. Like spending taxpayer $$$ on liberal pipe dreams and illegals. I'll go with Trump. #Trump2020 no Okay, let's try this again...
pvfc_zack Stoke on Trent @Castro1021 Yet another insane stream brother your amazing and the goat Amputee who is a PORT VALE fan above knee amputation won the princesse Diana award. I am an affiliated content maker on twitch.
OldShatterGeek The Netherlands Welp... That just turned into a 6 hour stream! Started a bit later but was live until 2am! The 3rd book of Captain Toad has more levels than the other two and, fork me, some of the challenges are actually insane... We will be continuing tomorrow! Drinker of alcohol | Twitch Affiliate Streamer | Proud member of @NerdNationHQ
mumeisus local black gal @S_warrior1 @Marvel Felicia cheating drugging, forking with his brain is enough to ruin them to me. she's toxic and she abused Peter. i'll just say i've seen a lot of insane "SpiderCat" shippers here who yell MARY PLAIN MARY PLAIN like mf jobless robots when somebody just mentions they like MJ. music. #bbh. used to be a spidey comix acc, exo just hanging out rn. still unfortunately a 616 spider-man shill.
AdviceSuperflex United States @amazehayes_ 65% completion percentage gets you negative points... Seems a little harsh. Other then that I like it. Pretty similar to what I use. Thank you for not making completions and incompletions worth the same. I see that very often and it drives me insane. Your one stop shop for all your SuperFlex advice. Send me your Trades and Start / Sit questions. Dynasty enthusiasts and commissioner.
nondairymilkman coffee is literally making me go insane I feel like im on every single planet and like i know how to drive in italy the African-Americanly niggler seems to free his mind at night
Marticka13 @beckilecki @GeoffRBennett @Yamiche Yeah, something isn't right with Gabbard, bc she doesn't sound insane like the rest of the socialist presidential candidate mob. Obviously, something must be wrong with her, she sounds sane and is not afraid of Hilary.
cassie_worley @JeffreeStar This is absolutely amazing!! @shanedawson and @JeffreeStar are going to change the makeup game. They already broke YouTube lol it took me two hours to watch because YouTube kept getting interrupted! This collection is going to be insane! Mommy. Girlfriend. Friend. Lover of baking and reading and enjoying life ♥️
HunterProbss August, GA @spoiled_eq @carriage_gal @PAHiLyVisible I'm more inclined to blame her "unknown" feed program than anxiety at this point in time. Granted I don't know her, but excess carbohydrates and glucose can make a sensitive horse inSANE. Bikjoring Doggo ♢ Foster Kittens ♢ ❤ Animal Nutrition ♢ Married 11.20.17 ♢ RIP Derby 10.13.16
quadfourseven The Sticks @Leo_Carr14 @DaithiDeNogla @jd_insane @McCreamy Waiters and waitresses aren’t paid as much as theyre supposed to be. I’ve heard some are paid like 5 bucks an hour Amateur streamer, experienced crapposter. TTV: quadfourseven. YT:quadfourseven. My opinions have never been my own
CCLcaribecrew San Marcos, TX @Sham76 ...I guess b/c he's controlled the national enquirer for so long he can't stand independent reporting. That, and he's forking insane. TX Grown Smartass - If You Are Offended By Salty Language, Don’t Follow! - #CrewLife #ShipLife #LightingDesign #Resist Vote Out Cornyn & Cruz ❤️ #MollyIvins 🆘
Michele07366771 USA People who actually watch @OANN will never read this, but it is our responsibility to make sure this is taken seriously - and this network is BANNED. I never heard of them until tonight, but this is INSANE! Mostly from wiki. @nytimes @washingtonpost Independent Resistor; Hater of bullcrap; It's not about politics #RESIST
TessaPiazza @iAshenn Reminds me of this one from Puerto Rico with @SydneyFurman. Also unedited and also the most insane sunset I’ve ever seen. The pictures don’t do it justice either CSU ‘22 | she/her
Busiismo @LaMasiaGrad @b10ion This season he has been doing this. Some of his passes and ball retention has been insane. ok
starbs_n_carbs I guess I'll be the weird white bitch and say I'd 100% sign my girls up. they wouldn't be wearing clothes like that, but.. I loved pole class when I did it, and would 13/10 do again in a heartbeat 🤷🏻‍♀️ the strength you gain/it requires is insane feminist. mom. virgo. coffee lover. crazy in love with the man of my dreams. temporarily on the east coast, but my heart is in Oregon. #cannamom 💚🏞💙🍃
lexieeburst #JeffreeXShane this series has me feeling all types of feels. Seeing the journey and all the work that goes into this is insane. All of the emotions are crazy. Thank you guys for bringing us on this amazing journey. @JeffreeStar @shanedawson @AndrewSiwicki I love you guys 🐷♥️ 18✨ I love makeup and animals 💄🐶 insta: xoxlexiie🎨
BobCanDo @mgrant76308 Insane or not, the world would be a better place without him. Just make it slow and painful. Husband, Father & Grandpa I follow back Patriots. Christian, pro life, 2nd Amendment, supporter of our Veterans, Voter ID, MAGA
Bonsoni3 Colorado Springs, CO @jd_insane @dark_zenos @Leo_Carr14 @DaithiDeNogla @McCreamy But like, the free healthcare comes out of taxes and raising minimum wage just increases Inflation Roblox Arsenal has better shooting than csgo.
JordanTheHut Las Vegas @SkillUpYT It's straight up disgusting. Yong even mentioned Torluf's talk... AGAIN. and he hits the nail on the head. How they don't feel the need to take 30 showers a day is insane. If I owned a lawn I'd tell you to get off it. "google, what is the twitter?"
Shanthyer @JuliaDRobertson @NoToMisogyny This is insane and an insult to women everywhere. Parent, Veteran, Catholic, American, Independent, Feminist. Against Child Abuse in any form. Facts not Feelings. Please don't label and pigeonhole me!
BinMoood RIHANNA Devil's on your shoulder tryna make you insane,And it's starting to get hard to make it all go away SOUR CANDY
selfstyledsiren Brooklyn This thread is worth your time; and Emily Guendelsberger's "ON THE CLOCK: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane" sounds like something this former secretary and retail salesperson should read. Film writing, film history, film love. Bylines @FilmComment @SightSoundMag @Criterion + others. Novel: MISSING REELS. Blogging as Self-Styled Siren since 2005.
lhgmk2 @Majyd001 Massive totally out of the ordinary violent and persistent forms of masturbation probably, terrible personal hygiene, multiple untreated infections etc. Really extreme stuff. Self harm level weirdness. Can't warn normal people off masturbation like they're insane sexual deviants Photographer, wildlife rescuer, artist, writer, nature guru, atheist, forknado, complainant, politically disgusted, #GTTO #LEXIT #JC4PM #NoToAusterity No dm's.
DerezicMobius @Chico_Maivia @GailSimone Had the exact same opinion until I tried tf2. There is INSANE gameplay variety and overall it's the exact opposite of dull lol Am a wolf. I main Bowser+Kirby, love and (attempt to) produce electronic music, and may or may not agree with you :/
I_AM_A_LEX Transylvania, Dracula's Land @thebrittanyxoxo Hi beautiful Britt. Again words that go to the heart. Thanks! ❤️ Your speech gave me an idea. Let's make this weekend all about good vibes, great food and insane orgasms! 😜 By the way, I love peaches. Yummy! 😋 Have a magical day! 💋 I'm not perfect. I'm just an original romantic.
OPRAHHATPARTY DADT Ok Judy was insane and there were only two cringey parts in the whole movie which for Hollywood in 2019 is very impressive. It had the trolley song and good costumes and crazy faces so it was great A VERY STRONG, VERY BEAUTIFUL MALE PRINCESS.
swifty_z33 Kissimmee, FL @MattTheGinge That’s pretty insane that’s the points leader and he’s struggling to keep up with you. yurrrrrrrrrrr
BattleofHudson Staten Island, NY @4EverBlueshirts Kreider is playing the right side. This coach is insane. It should be Kakko. Buch and CK have chemistry. I'm the originator of Battle Of NY and New York Puck. We've transitioned to the Hudson Rivalry. Covering the Rangers and Devils. Hughes vs Kakko!
Logan_1913 Santa Monica, CA @J_Kennedy_81 Slot apprentice or whatever the one is called where they get better hands and routes from the slot. It’s insane Faithful lightskin just tryna make it in this world
jackieandrade49 Y’all don’t understand how much I hate being sick and being home drives me insane . 22|🇲🇽| STAN ALUMNI 👩‍🎓 | LIVING LIFE 🙌🏼
thorpeja Buffalo, NY I can’t believe Christopher Nolan birthed Heath Ledger, and drove him insane just so he could play the Joker in the Dark Knight The Buffalo Bills are the only New York NFL team Canisius College ‘23
warrenwan la→sf→nyc→sf→la Back in 2012, @Zappos had a data breach and my account was compromised. As a result, I received a class action settlement of… drum roll please… a 10% off coupon. Not only are there no consequences for bad data actors, Zappos will MAKE money off victims’ purchases. INSANE. product guy. dog owner. lover of tacos. formerly @myfitnesspal, @eharmony, @yahoo, @geocities.
kopke_eva Australia, Melbourne @AusIndiMedia Trump is insane. Why on earth can’t his own party, let alone the people of the US see this? He has to be removed from office before he drags us all into WWIII. And the Turks have form when it comes to genocide. Iconoclast, freethinker, hater of bullcrap, Murdoch media, lies & right wing politics. Born again cynic. Guzheng player. I block trolls and racist bigots.
Jauffins Chicago, IL @EVGA_JacobF @SaiKrishanKumar These are temps under a moderate load, the fan speeds physically set to 25% in Precision because if they weren't, the fans would kick on (at 50c) and back off again, every 10 seconds, until I go insane. Twitch/Influencer biz (CM, analytics, strategy, marketing, technical setup) DMs open. Tweets may contain Affiliate links to help buy me coffee.
Unicorn8881 @sankrant No need to be so NEGATIVE. We are organising INTERNAL SURGICAL STRIKE crack teams Israeli Shin Beth style. We know who the masterminds are. We know where they are. They will be taken down hard and fast. #KamleshTiwari is one of the LAST victims of insane Gandhian psyop! #SanskritiRenaissance #SatyamEvaJayate #SadhviSymbolisesDharmYudh #BJP #RSS #VandeMataram #BringBackTrueIndology #Modi2024
TheCelebrityWa1 Los Angeles I saw Emma Watson run up to and punch Donald Trump at the Denver History Museum, and it was INSANE! I go out and find celebrities to follow and report on what I see them doing.
pugnaciouskvz1 @gregolear @CFraase I have no idea if that’s true, but I do know there’s something distant and disconnected about Gabbard. Not likable. She reminds me of someone who can’t empathize—sorta like Trump ( but not insane like him). storyteller. sass queen.
dwknapp138 Texas HRC claims Tulsi Gabbard will run as 3rd party candidate & says Gabbard is a Russian asset. You KNOW anything HRC says that someone else is doing IS EXACTLY WHAT HILLARY HAS DONE & WILL CONTINUE TO DO. And women look up to HER?That’s just INSANE! USN Aircrew vet, pro-life/Israel/1&2 amendments/ US Constitution. Lexington & Concord were men protecting their weapons & ammo. Gov is to serve US, not us them!
DMMJ314 Long Island, NY @SebGorka @TulsiGabbard @HillaryClinton Actually Mr Gorka, I think Hillary is both evil and insane. The charges against Rep. Gabbard are totally crazy. America First should be the motto of every United States citizen. Married to wonderful woman.
teacherbaby @AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump Keeping that info under wraps. If you think she is FOR YOU, you are as incompetent, insane as she is. She gave away her power to AOC and the SQUAD. She, Schumer, SCHIFF, FEINSTEIN and many other are Thieves, Spies, LIARS.and should terrify you!
AlongtheBillabo @SergioGor @RandPaul What happened to the Liberals. I remember when they were all free-loving, free-birding, free-speeching, laid back folks with flowers in their hair and "Live and Let Live" t-shirts. Now they are just hateful and insane. Bring the true Liberals back. I miss them. America is being ruined by a culture of victimhood. Unfortunately, as Mr. Lec once said: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."
robertlasala El Salvador The 🐐 ! Insane strength and raw power. @LSU & New Orleans @Saints / @ULLafayette Alumni / Lifting heavy stuff🏋️‍♀️/ The secret of getting ahead is getting started" -- Mark Twain
dirtsharkthebot 'm getting the most insane itch to scratch myself and not care who sees. Hole diggin' bot.
VonnieCalland Charlottesville, VA “I thought about outlawing all the campaign ads,” (but I realized I would lose a crapload of money, and I fear this because I am insane). Dismantle Racism. Make Reparations. Protect outliers/artists. Hospital Chaplain. Singer 4 @CvilleSideHust1. Writer. Sober. My❤️@unitedmongrels She/Her. #Resist
AlongtheBillabo @KamVTV @SergioGor @RandPaul What happened to the Liberals. I remember when they were all free-loving, free-birding, free-speeching, laid back folks with flowers in their hair and "Live and Let Live" t-shirts. Now they are just hateful and insane. Bring the true Liberals back. I miss them. America is being ruined by a culture of victimhood. Unfortunately, as Mr. Lec once said: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."
JACKSONMUGHAND1 Malawi, Africa. @NayJr_ Hummmmm, We really chats as agements most of the times not that I am disrespectful or that she is insane, but because we both likes Joking and that step sister_brother kind of relationship though a mother makes us to be more open to each other. An artist and a world president to be

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