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The things some people say about Insane.

MattWalshBlog A police officer saved a young black girl’s life by shooting the person who was attempting to kill her, and the community immediately turns on the cop and calls him a murderer. It’s so repugnant and twisted and evil and insane. Words can’t express it. theocratic fascist, tyrant, beekeeper
benshapiro It is fully insane that the president of the United States seeks to address the nation in the aftermath of individual criminal justice cases, but this is the new normal and has been since Ferguson Editor Emeritus, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show,” NYT bestsellers "The Right Side of History" and "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps"
terrycrews WOW!!! This is insane! And this is just part 1! Special thanks to all the crazy creative minds on the @SpiceCollab team. Lover to my wife, father to my children, friend to my friends, and servant to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Fueled by $POWER.
pureriffery Tucson, AZ @DynastyPeasant I got this the other day, and while not nearly as insane as yours I had no idea why that guy thought I would accept this Black Lives Matter
iforkCheol 알잖아 어차피 쉬운 일은 없지만서도 난 네가 있어서 모두 다 괜찮아 사랑은 내게 다른 게 아니고 사진 속 우리의 웃음이 다야 no cause seriously, seungcheol's visuals are INSANE, he's one of the most finest men in Korea and some of y'all don't realize that ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀🗯 .. SHE20HER ☻︎ CARRD BYF ⁉️
lilmamamuang Driving myself insane by looking up the worth of beanie babies I used to have and it was over half a million dollars between 6..... I mean not that anyone buys this crap but holy fork why did I get rid of them. At least I have the turkey worth $6k lol..... Sa bai diiiii
mingkiboo she/her l 19 l asian AND IKON IS DOING INCEPTION THIS IS GONNA BE INSANE ☁️ thinking about song mingi from ateez . . . . . . .
GSWRevengeSZN In Your Head Wiggins laughing and happy that he hit 10k points and these pathetic no life Wizard fans make up that he was laughing at Deni, the disrespect this dude gets us insane #dubnation | @warriors | @patriots | @bluejays | @rjbarrett6 | #nbatwitter | @JalenSuggs2020 fan account
Frenzy2nd The Interaction between Fortnite and the community today has been insane, very well done Epic, I'm proud of you all! <3 @FrenzyLeaks’ Personal Account. Here I post stuff about other things that are not always Fortnite.
hellobobaaLIVE she/her :D I RECEIVED SO MUCH LOVE FROM THE TWITCH COMMUNITY TODAY!! thank you so much to @colincamachooo for the insane raid!! you completely made my day man and i can’t thank you all enough for supporting me!! thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you guys <3 love you all! twitch streamer. i'm pog. that's all you need to know.
dks__room any prns 17 Giggling like a fool this is insane look at my baby guys hes so tall and strong and handsome 호시우지콤비 들어 봤나
bygay Roselle, IL I mean, maybe the last 4 insane years and blunt opposition to any action of the previous 8 finally got to them, as in, why the fork are we afraid to do the right thing. Semantically incoherent meat popsicle of questionable value with occasional tweet in a strange language. Potato aficionado. #teamKamala
aslemmingsdo Melbourne,Victoria. Australia. @PissOffTrumpz That was an insane read, so somehow Jim Caviezel and Lin Wood can STILL get away with spouting sh*t like this?! I don't get it. 🤬😬😱 Mother. Keeper of stories. Children. Climate Crisis #StopHateForProfit #DeathPositive Animal Rights Horses The Resistance. Honesty Clean Water and Food for All.
_loukanikos_ Βουτιάνοι My older brother is so miserable about it that he got mad at my sister for watching Anastasia because monarchy is bad and then told her Lenin was good. They’re insane • Væringjar • Μανιάτε • #1 in exporting Hellenism • On the lamb • 🇬🇷🇦🇲🇨🇾
JoeDoe22125021 @jonathanchait @JohnJHarwood It would be uncontrollably hysterical if it was not so transparently perverse. His lunatic reasons could apply to his state and every other QOP controlled states of the union. I suppose their states need their statehoods rescinded for exactly the insane reasons he gave for DC.
smooothzy 5. This and 4 are interchangeable and 5 isn’t even a bad spot for this due to the insane amount of good one piece op’s #RIPKobe💔🏀/ backup/Anime account: @smoooothzy
soosleepyyVAL Los Angeles Really tough loss today. The team showed strength in mental and clawed back into the series with insane overtime matches in map 2 and 3. One week of work and we look good. I can't wait to work with these boys long term 😈 #LRSwin F/A Valorant Head Coach and Mentor for @LastRoundSave Twitch Chat Savant
TakesWereMade_ Miami, FL @marlinsminors @JaxShrimp @BlueWahoosBBall @BeloitSnappers @GoHammerheads That single A advanced OF and Starting Rotation are forking insane. A Miami Sports Site.
stone4prez Canada So if you spy on life hard enough for long enough you can use the knowledge like a direct visor As you can see There's a price to pay called any kind of insanity I started off insane but too smart for the bad guy to win and now I'm burnt through with it and my visor has strenf Wutang forever, Theodore for life
Astro_Saurus United States SUDDENLY MISSING FRIT AND FRIKU HURGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHG I WAS SO INSANE OVER THOSE SHIPS FOR MANY YEARSSSSS HRGHGHGHGHRHGRHGHR NBNGRHRRRRRRGGG Astro / 26 / byf, lots of creepy skeletony robots/mild blood/mild cartoonish zombie gore warning! I make techno music and art. Commissions are always open!
terencelau LA x Bay x HK x Shanghai @CasaDeHank oof, this is the roughest one. But after this they get insane, dumb, and fun. Cal Bear. Hoops x Running x Bicycles x Travel x Food I put the Asian in Home InvASIAN Rockets Dodgers Fulham FC Raiders
arayayb Canada @BirhanSegni This message is for you. You are a terrorist and a traitor blinded by an insane dangerous ideology. Fortunately, Ethiopians are strong and a psycho's dream like yours will never be realized.
NickSiwak New York @ddofinternet If I could meet myself I'd give myself soooo much crap! And I'd then try to help myself achieve my own goals... Man that sounds insane lmao 🤣 Kind of a chilled out guy. Certainly a Crazy gamer! Loves to laugh too much at anything funny 🤣 And I enjoy mother nature. what's up?
karram68 There's gotta be more 'Cause this life is insane Gotta turn this around And find the purpose for pain There's so much to lose Yeah, there's so much at stake Gotta turn this around And find the purpose for pain The purpose for pain pro American, pro life, love Metal Music
alisaaalilyx 860CT my heart was pounding all day because of the insane amount of @batchybrew I had. BUT I did get Dae's entire apartment cleaned, 4 loads of laundry done / put away, and had dinner ready for when he got home from work 🤩 Taurus 🌞 Libra 🌖 Taurus ⬆️ | ❣️Forever in my heart: Daddy | Yai | Michael
chaekookrs 21 ☻ she/they no i’m truly insane i’m jobless and i have to pay for a summer class and rent soon why did i buy this #VMIN: that’s my best friend, she a real bad bitch
caramac54 Oakland, CA @rgay @LisaDelay @mnmnadams It's insane. On the buying front, we're in Oakland - Oakland, y'all - and on average, people are bidding half a million OVER asking price. What of those of us who aren't millionaires, who can't pay in cash, who simply want to call this gritty city home? Writer / Speaker / Author (The Color of Life) / Advocate. Occasional snort-laugher if you really get me going.
monnietrash she/her i am not saying sm is perfect, but their concept, the ideas they have, how much effort they put in their groups? and their idols and trainees are insane this reminded me of jae saying that sm's marketing is insane cause they also use new social media platforms before +
KennyGoo Queens, NY I've been fu*king telling y'all since day ONE that the "coup" here was not Trump, it was literally just the police -- and Democrats gave them a standing fu*king ovation for it. Insane. Unfunny, Chronically Online Leftist™ and long suffering Mets fan. I tweet garbage takes on hip hop, film/TV & gaming. fork Andrew Yang + his cult.
pkm_inc @lwoodhouse @HypeVaughan Does anyone else feel these people are insane? The job of police (even the USA one) is to prevent violence and protect the potential victims. From the footage the officer did just that.
stormtheninja Somewhere in the atmosphere It's been 3 days in a Canadian hotel and @markiplier has already gone insane. As a Canadian, I am slightly concerned but highly entertained lol. (also cmere Mark memers new meme template pspsps) I'm StormtheNinja Productions, or Storm for short. I'm a commission artist, and I would love to work with you!
bipothemo @jyangstar Your use of the word guillotine and really all of this is absolutely insane. The fact that you cover covid and are completely unaware of the actual risk to yourself and your husband is stunning.
soobscribr 97line&she/her yeonjun and soobin are insane for this bro i just need that mubank win (so pls buy tcc when its out)
subject_dim @ddofinternet You just fixed the "an" huh!. I see you bruv. I'd love to meet my clone. I talk to myself all the time like an insane guy. And i even make myself laugh. zote the mighty is the only one i could possibly donate all of my findings to.
pjlauthor Upper Michigan I think @markiplier is getting into character for the show he's in Canada to film. Think about it, in it, you sleep you die so you can't sleep and wouldn't that just make you go insane? #Writer 📝 #Creative 🎨 #Vampire Fanatic 🦇 Patreon: #UrbanFantasy with a dab of #scifi that you can escape into. Warning: vampires bite
seungtify ⿻ stayville SKZ IS COVERING I'LL BE YOUR MAN AND THE TEASER ALREADY LOOKS INSANE seungmin thinker ...🗯️ —she/her
Dryya_ school is eating my ass @iiivovol its so forked up the game devs are insane for how well they pulled this off. please please take care of yourself. its VERY disturbing. and lots of jumpscares/chase scenes spam/alt: @dryyass || no reposts/edits. always ask || mcyt and genshin brainrot || any pronouns ay okay
Zarinthel val was raised by the double combo of nald'thal lalafels and his insane mom both of whom fully believed in the principle that you should be mean to people you dont like. especially if their rich she/her | 22 | ff14 on main. 18+ please icon by @Juviyes
LetsGoSac Sacramento Can we get Anthony Edwards and Zion on the same team? Because that would be insane to watch. #SacramentoProud
death2freedom United States This is hilarious. The FedGov will continue to lose legitimacy with statements like this. They are so divorced from reality and have no way to enforce their insane Covid edicts. Libertarian Blogger. Freedom is dying. Let’s try to save it. Hate the State.
kim34009675 @eveforamerica Oh that’s insane. Trump and Mike need to get their social sites up and running. We need to get off Twitter Proud Trump supporter! Protect our freedom always! Avid runner and cyclist! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
DrShahEndo California, USA @waitbutwhy And to add the insane overhead expenses on emr- requirements by the insurance companies Doctor, long term investor in both 🇺🇸 and 🇮🇳 stock market , #fintwit Do your own DD before investing
aft753 Birmingham, MI @MNBonnie @SamBraslow I’d help with your bail. This is insane and harassment of children. stay-at-home professional auntie and doggy door opener. An unrepentant liberal with a temper and a very low tolerance for B.S.
TheAshySavant @Flyblxzzy you African-Americans are actually insane when it comes to JT but ima stop and let u be Gassing tf outta wtv i enjoy(a lot of mha tho) nsfw(don't come crying when u see some occasional horny crap on ya forkin tl)
Irishredleg Houston, Tx Pitchers have bad nights, to put a guy in situations where he’s clearly not ready for is insane. Also to have guys on your roster, that can’t run the bases, should be cut, especially the last guy on your bench. This is an organizational issue and continues to be @Reds Proud Girl Dad and Long suffering Irish, Reds, and Bengals fan that loves live music, craft beer, BBQ, burgers, & every taco ever made.
delenacastaways singular act I track 5 no cause when jallie broke up callie hadnt even passed the bar and now jamie gets to see her in action first-hand?????? insane behaviour i love this #goodtrouble michael guerin and nancy drew defence squad (real) || #1 pusher of the jallie agenda
Ianbrooks89 @Rob1990J @SenSchumer @wbmosler Keep drinking your Kool aid man. You're insane. You actually think debt means surplus. You think the national debt is us having more money. I've heard dumb before. This takes the cake and then some. Dad. American Worker 🇺🇸. Conservative.
wiIdgoosechase human torch ⌁ he/him @FROSTSEVA add that to the list of ur already quite frankly insane powers and u might just become the next leader of the free world getting hotter every year this is so embarrassing
mypointsofdrew We really don’t bring enough attention to just how insane Dennis Rodman’s whole being is. Dude partied with Michael Jordan, Madonna, and Kim Jong-un and like, those aren’t even the craziest things he’s done.
TheYoungKeel Delanowhere @JayBGames DLC is super cool! I still have sooooo much to do and have played for so long its insane! plus the new pokemon are just super cool @GOCharityTeam Community Manager #forthekids