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JonahMarais Los Angeles, CA tweet your reactions to listening to the album with the hashtag #TGTATBO !!! me and the guys are looking through right now :) LOVE YOUUUUUUU THIS FEELS SO INSANE THAT ITS OUT IN THE WORLD i’m in a band @whydontwemusic
joshtpm New York City News that Biden will be mobilizing FEMA and National Guard to set up vaccination clinics across the US should be a reminder that it was always INSANE and criminal dereliction to punt the entire thing to states, especially in the midst of vast budget crises. Insane. Wrong. Founder and reigning monarch at TPM. Lapsed historian. Polk Award winner. ✡️
writemeenal Mumbai, India There are govt-mandated voice messages saying Indian-made vaccines are safe, yet the form says people getting #Covaxin are actually enrolling for 3rd phase trials! And if you say no to this, you won’t get the Oxford vaccine. Insane #VaccineForIndia Editor, writer. Author of Death in Mumbai.
Geosfear_ African-Americans got robbed from out of town who just came to party And why you decide to play with me? My shorties insane about me I started rapping, I dropped out of school, I had my first deposit I wasn't gon' finish anyway, being honest And I can't do no minimum wage, being honest
unos_dos_trey The African-American was on television and said Americans will get 2,000 checks. Warnock had a graphic of a check for 2,000$. Insane to think that what they meant was 1400. “I would like us to do something unprecedented," James Baldwin wrote in 1967, "to create ourselves without finding it necessary to create an enemy."
TheCyberPost1 New York, NY @Zaeyx Bunch of mentally insane....gathering the mentally insane for harm and out of insane conspiracy ideas Cyber security news, vulnerabilities, breaches, updates & education. #CyberSecurity #Malware #Cybercrime #CyberSec #News #Infotech #CyberNews #Hackers #Exploits
lovermantics taylor’s basement @ALEXVO0DOO AH AAHH OOOOH so its gonna ne forever or its gonna go down in flames you can tell me when its over if the high work in flames got a long list of starbucks lovers they’ll tell u im insane INSANE but i got a blank space baby and i’ll write ya name FAN ACCOUNT - not affiliated with any celebrity or team - TS AG DC LM NM KP MB DL CxH B
redbeardttv Florida, USA I want to double these numbers. But I appreciate you all. I started the year at around 400 followers last year and now we almost have 1k. That’s insane to me. Thank you. Owner of @upshockgg // Business Email: // Live on Twitch daily
graysunflowr 00:00:00:00 @lexiawastaken epic smp and a maybe lore day today is insane lmao i do not know who i am yet but I’m kinda cool with it (they/them) 17 grilled cheese woot
alldrunkdads Los Angeles, CA @johnlevenstein He will license his name to OAN, that will become the Trump News Network, and he will send his insane rantings daily to millions I'm a thing.
TheGreatScott4 United States @WXBelk He gotta recruit shooters. And we haven’t been able to defend 3 for the last 3-4 years, it just gets worse every year. Just insane to me. We went from a top team to not even ranked 2 years in a row. It’s BS. | Proverbs 16:9 | 📌 Ohio | Basketball coach | Love UNC 🏀 & Ohio State 🏈 |
MRibnek California, USA @Michael15924774 In real life, with real numbers, it isn’t possible. The idea that one earns what they make, and therefore unbridled capitalism is merit based, is completely a myth. Sure there’s a balance for merit based income but we have surpassed that in such extremes it’s insane. catholic mom of 7, lots of typos accordingly, I try really hard to see the person I’m tweeting w/ but also reserve the right to slice through the bs.💘
7070UT -ˏˋ ・ ‸ ・ ˊˎ- anyways yato & saeyoung in the two middle rows. that's coming into my comfort thread and it's driving me insane ——they/them ♕ 18 💌 READ CARRD BYFˊˎ-
WeaselArmy Everywhere @PaulSteveSamuel What does "like this" mean actually? Like what? Its a rifle, a regular standard semiautomatic rifle. What, you think its a forking grenade launcher? And as a FREE man, I dont need a 'reason'. But the insane neo-boshevelk's talk of re-education camps is enough. Wearing my love for Bernie like a Digital Ghillie Suit! Progress Comrade! Professional employed vagabond. Follow or RT not an endorsement. 100% F/B.
jaksroche24 Austin Tx @JackPosobiec People who propose stupid bills like this have never had a real job. It will put people out of work and agility small businesses out . Absolutely insane but it must be good because Biden said so! 🤮 Life long Texan finally back home. Cowboy fan for life. I pull for the Astros, Longhorns, Bellaire Cardinals, Benjamin Bucs,SHSU Bearkats and my softball team
BarbozaI98 @FIFAProcraster @GCIIMessi It’s also a business decision. They can please Americans by releasing these cards while not massively influencing the meta. It’s shown time and again that they can release insane off league players and most people still spend money on packs/coins for SBCs when they release main..
mooninfirst 22! lesbian! they/them! like i don’t mind whispering and being able to hear it but if i can hear muffled sounds from another room and i don’t know what’s being said i go insane maybe if U were a frog U would not be in that situation
CEOofAlice @OoC_SAO That reminds me of Fatal Bullet where the tit physics were a little insane... like how some of the female outfits had metal armored plates over the chest area and they still JIGGLED when you ran.. The husband of my love Alice Synthesis 30™ | Gamer (Peach/Byleth/Min Min/Corrin main) | Chuunibyou | SAO | Date A Live | RWBY | DxD | Mami Defender
smithant Seattle @SanctiJacobi It’s insane. And a festering wound does not heal by simply putting a bandage over it. blithely somber bookish bon vivant. liberal, capricious. married. instagram: antonyinseattle
dizzyliz01 @percy636373 @yesabeisme @0Akamechan2 @Harold08665618 @GudelZilv @CandidlyVal Don’t say that word to me. Being concerned for that young man isn’t insane. Let me educate you also do not call anyone who deals with mental health issues whether themselves, family& friends or caretakers, insane! It’s the worse word that can be used and devalues the issues.
coldestsolstice @dirtiearlobes literally, the emotional labor that ppl that work in food have to go through is INSANE. y’all abuse ppl that work in customer service lol. so not only is it physically exhausting, it’s emotionally exhausting too and quite frankly, overwhelming most of the time •she/they• libra ☼ aqua ☽ leo ⇧ •The rest is confetti. cashapp: $haleynbb
BanksBerhe @BeschlossDC BUT IT WAS..done so in plain sight for all to see unabashedly for 4 years....really...THAT is what history will sparse...more so than him himself...that it was enabled; went un obstructed for THE ENTIRE TERM...insane; inexcusable; deadly and dastardly as such.
LCandidly @JessicaMathis88 Yeah, it's just such an insane and horrible situation. Unfortunately, my friend is too deep in to make common sense. Mental/Emotional Health blogger and artist. I write based on my experiences and the experiences of others. New posts every other Saturday!!
MarcusBow24 Norman, OK @TrayWoodall1 @CraigMeyerPG Ahhhh...forgot about that one, that was insane...and then they answered with like a 17-0 run didn’t they? 😂😂 Blessed..Husband to Rhea, Father to BB & LJ..Senior Assoc AD/CFO @OU_Athletics #Boomer & former D1 athlete #H2P..loving and living life to the fullest
NYANAGl sol/sols ! 15 ! white ! @CHIGlRI I like cuttchan lots already! although it iz a little bit concerning because he is an enfp but there r two kind sof enfps, the insane ones and the kind ones, the insane ones as cuttchan and mikhail and the kind ones as gon and sora harukawa bennett i am waiting for you
SPMJM 31.4 Miles South of Hollywood There are 350 million people in this country and the platform some of you give to .1% of the truly insane is remarkable. Social distancing since 1981.
DogLog_ California, USA @dreamhampton During a “permanent white nationalist insurrection?” Your mind has been carved like a tunnel and filled with media propaganda. What an insane way to view the world Circle back to center
Jeffwardo14 San Diego, CA @Avictd_ @SnipedSox It is very clear that you main spear and dont like people point out how broken it is. With dair being unpunishable, dlight being unpunishable. It covering the edge amazingly, killing well, having insane dodge punishes, and nairs hitbox being disgusting. “Whales are just fat dolphins and sharks are just mean dolphins.” - Franklin D. Rosevelt
onceyeri she / her . 17 Judge forked me over and told me I had to wait till after my rebuttal to view evidence even though he told the other team they could view evidence I’m going to go insane. THEN THE TEAM TOLD ME I LIED ABT THEIR EVIDENCE BITCH THE JUDGE DIDNT LET ME SEE IT #IRENE: 🤠
kenzdahl philadelphia @wulfwriting Also and this is purely anecdotal — I make $2.83 an hour as a waitress how in the world is that the case in 2021. Like truly that is insane plants, politics, and protesting the f*cking police
ta152c variable @militaryhistori He wasn't clinically insane, that comment has no basis. Paranoid, absolutely, and calculating, totally. available for cabaret, bar mitzvah's and masonics. My tweets are dull and unfunny. How about that?
yutasbladder asian they/them 20 and I still can't update deresute and I hyperxiate on this forking game I will go insane if I won't be able to update it at all yuil edm unit
AngelaParziale Take 30 seconds out of your day to just listen to this rain and see the drops jumping off the little stream outside. Now imagine the smell of the 50° crisp, fresh air. The senses this is unloading right now is insane. Hope your day has been relaxing so far. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🐠 🌊 💙💜 Gridcraft is a vibe 🐺😉💜💙 MEOW
cassc38 🍁 @sinningsadie It really is insane that we allow this to continue. I mean, not to sound all "over throw the gov't" but nothing's going to change if we don't stand up and make it. Self-proclaimed coffee addict ☕ | author | editor | beta reader | #WritingCommunity #amwriting
CalumStewart88 Out of Bounds Insane that we were calling for Lennon to be sacked in October, it’s gotten unimaginably worse since then and he’s still here 🤒 Golfer & Finance Convener @BroraGolfClub, advocate of squeezy fades, accountant for Goldwells Ltd and occasional visitor of Celtic Park.
ChompyWompy 14 . do not repost my art @buraihaz could that mean the 'original' vampire outbreak in europe was also staged?? if fukuchi needed a reason to capture bram and bring him back to japan, fyodor could've pulled the strings to make it happen i bet. jeez how far back does this plan go these guys are insane #TECCHOU: ants are the perfect model of leadership and loyalty. do your best, ants.
JohnWesleyPhoto @DavidBr70826125 @davidfrum It’s insane. Since 2009, ish, as social media got going, as we elected a black president, we have slow motion watched ourselves aim for the ditch and stay perfectly on that course. Very frustrating.
rachel94879488 Canada @ddale8 @bbbbbbbennnnnn @ddale8 your commitment to these past years of presenting facts have possibly kept millions of ppl from going insane 👏 🏅 You have done a beautiful job and deserve a huge rest! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you 😊❤️ hustle and flow life💖 if you follow me, I will follow you back🙏😉 🌊 #biden2020 #canadasupportsusa #resistandpersist 💯
FixedNorah @AlbertKJ3 @BobsonMaiso @KagutaMuseveni Insane and dombo covered NRM 🤣🤣🤣🤣
CoeurDeLuciole I’m still sad FE2 is ruined for me due to the map voting system they have going on now. Also that you can’t just lock insane and have to build up to it... waste of my robux on gems 😐 at least FE1 doesn’t have this nonsense Languages: English & Français ✦✦ Artist, yes I drew my icon ✦✦ I'm over 18 ✦✦ Commissions: OPEN (check pinned)
NYANAGl sol/sols ! 15 ! white ! @CHIGlRI WTF NOE IS KIND AND SWEET NOT INSANE LIKE DOUMA AND FERID bennett i am waiting for you
CamReddishSzn @1CE_TRAE @rayfordyoung @TheTraeYoung Yeah Gallos impact is insane, A bench lineup of Rondo kev Hill/Snell Gallo and OO is gonna be deadly imo #CamFam 😤 l @Steelers l @ATLHawks| @Yankees l Fan Account l Kaden l Gus l Brodie l Eli l Luke l Champs l LeIsaiah l GreekFreakSzn Stan Acct l @HoodieOkongwu 👀
HiMyNameIsTJS Charleston, SC @clay_mcch $15 minimum wage is an awful idea. In HS I worked at a golf course washing carts and picking the range. The fact that we’d pay high schoolers who work at ice cream stands, golf courses and swimming pools $15 an hour is insane 419 ➡️ 843 🏝 @BGSU
DratsSmithsoni1 New York, USA @isabellelane This story is INSANE! Turns out the band on his leg was a fake (?!?!?) and he was actually an Australian pigeon that was, for some reason, disguised as this American show pigeon 😂. Glad he’ll live to jerk his head another day. Weird though. Artist 👩🏻‍🎤 || NYer || 54mos. sober from drug & alcohol addiction || Libertarian (please no propaganda)
Dpnsauce 999Forever🇵🇷 @FNCompetitive The amount of uneducated people and the disrespects in the comments is insane. This fandom is so bad oonga boonga gamer/ DB or MHA? why not both / professional: @exoh2x simp advisor for @phantasmssbu
biglitttlelies uk she/her 16 sandy shouting at sarah just to get up and come on stage just does things to me maybe i’m insane bangs and cheekbones
egalitarian131 United States @StephenKing talking about killing people and spewing hate is ok....but a thought provoking movie, too far.....what is happening with society anymore, that's insane! Lover and protector of all life... life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it! Egalitarian #TheResistance #NeverTrump
issapinkmoon so i’m doing a juice cleanse (safely) and the first day was rough. my body went through insane withdrawals just one day without coffee. it’s scary how addicted/dependent our bodies are to certain things society deems as relatively harmless. i will always win the argument that lemons go well with everything 🍋
Misheylooking Washington, DC @babyscatz This is insulting. American Jews are Americans and Trump is an insane pathological narcissist. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”