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taylorswift13 Just got to play 3 insane shows in Houston and I’m waking up smiling reminiscing about how much fun we all had. Loving this tour so much because of the passion these crowds put into it all - seriously can’t wait for Atlanta ☺️ PS for those asking how I cut my hand, I’m totally… I'm the problem, it's me
upblissed D(M)V calling your wife mid and then tagging her in the same post is insane LLS🕊️ LLC🕊️ LLB🕊️ LLN🕊️ LLI🕊️ LLK🕊️ LLG💔 LLT👼🏾 LLO🕊️💔 AND IT’S STILL FUK DA OPPS💔🖕 #WAMMYFREE🤫𐕣🪬
BillboardChris South Surrey, British Columbia When you start a child on puberty blockers, you are psychologically locking them into a medical pathway which includes cross-sex hormones and surgeries. It is barbaric. It is insane. It must stop. Children cannot consent to puberty blockers! Father of two girls. Travelling the world to expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition. Donate:
vinxehni 22, any prns dojaejung, svt and woodz in the span of like a week is actually INSANE . . . #KYO: i think we're very talented in the arts department i'm not even gonna lie // ## multi
Godis888 @philscowcroft @SandraWeeden If you look at them retarded, demented or clinically insane it’s the right lens to not be disgusted and repulsed by the behaviour. Helps to understand too they simply can’t understand reality like a functioning person. They aren’t there. The consciousness of light
tamagartchi USA @DragUpdate There is such insane talent in Mexico and y’all really chose Valentina… 28, Arizona. PoliSci major into Gaga, vinyl records, and Pokémon. ✨🫶🏽
notesbyjisoo Far far away Why yall speaking on Jisoo in the quotes😭 mfs see Dior and the first thing in their minds they go Jisoo!😭this kid was announced yet yall still talking about sooya. The relevance is insane I have no situational awareness.
SCutwell @MorganScorpion @Slatzism I went through a really nasty divorce. I was once a professional sculptor of some small repute. She did her insane best to destroy my career and by God she did. Thought criminal
egnimi222 City of God @sivbreak insane work ethic and discipline. only time will teach you.
kxylacy ily @moniquesfist this is absolutely insane maybe the theories about her being trans is true and she wasn’t out yet so she was CF as a woman or maybe she bought the account bc it has a large following or MAYBE PIGGIE HACKED HER 🇵🇷🇭🇹 les/bo yes
ponyspaws Massachusetts, USA @DanielMillerEsq @atrupar He just keeps digging in with his personal opinion and trying to present that as a fact. Just insane. Software engineer, Mom, Gramma from the great blue Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
jebionez she her 19 rcbyf no because the stance, the forehead, the WHITE SHIRT, the way his hair is styled ONCE AGAIN WHITE SHIRT and his necklace and the way he has his arms folded THE WHITE SHIRT BTW DON'T FORGET THAT his lips the neck veins the pose SUNG HANBIN YOU'RE forkING INSANE 😭😭😭 very casual zb1 and nct enjoyer
kenzie_bwell no sorry I can’t I have to wear an insane outfit and go look at europe’s widest waterfall There's a map in my room on the wall of my room and I've got big, big plans // f&m '21 // she/her
Pope_Bane A galaxy far, far away. @popebrewer @NickAdamsinUSA No, it did not. I did a quick search for GQ and couldn't find any cover with him on it. I think he's either a parody account or completely insane. He says contradictory crap all the time, so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Skeptic, Humanist, Freethinker. #Science⚗, #Astronomy🔭, #Botany🌵, #Pharmacology💊, #Horror💀, #SciFi🛸👽, #HarmReduction💉🚬🍺 Lover of Absurdist comedy 🤣🤡
CJ_Ubaka England, United Kingdom @AdaobiOnyele I hope you know that you can’t just drink bottled water and throw the empty bottle into a closed gutter. If the person is really insane, the worst is that he or she will drop it by the roadside. So it’s not really a prerequisite, it could be a step towards getting it right. Project Manager with special interest in Agile Principles (Scrum) | Personal Development built on Incrementalism theory | Lover of God and Humans 🇳🇬🇬🇧
moominmarxist she/they being an insane person is so unfair like why was i completely fine and normal a week ago and now it’s taken me 5 days just to have a shower nevermind look at a computer screen and do work (obviously i’m working on getting out of it and being better but it’s not going so well). sociology student. tweets about being mad/disabled/ND. lesbian, feminist, paramore fan + loud mackem ☭
FroidEtCold Canada @RedSquirrelFtw @PaleRider_505 Imho, we've gone insane and no one wants to admit it. $btc #acadie
CanadiumPippy 新加坡/ Singapore American politics in my opinion is cancer and I wished there was a firewall to keep their cancer from the world Both of their left wing and right wing is out of touch and insane |Likes Azur Lane HMS London| Collects Stamps | Sucks at Chinese| 21 irl| Smart enough to separate fiction from reality| Politically biased against USA|
trynasabotage she/her guys i swear this works wonders for constipation and bloating its insane bmi: 13.3 ♡ edtwt (19)
aosdatcsriff she/they Gone from "I need a hug" to "someone needs to hold me before I breakdown and then just be in my vicinity as I have said breakdown" like 💀 Finally getting the phrase silent scream. Honestly fork this crap, none of this is worth driving myself insane like this but whatever ig? 🤩 Header Credit: @hackedbyawriter 🤍
hearts4chlo she/her bisexual @qtzhaobin OH MY GOD I JUST SAW AND IM GOING INSANE #HAOBIN ☆ 🎻🐹 🐰🐶 🍓 ☆ 中/eng
kuroi_ririn KNR・CR・ZETA・🇯🇵VALO・i7・2434 t: seoldam, he's the kind of player that can do stuff like that. r: [i think i understand suggest and how insane his aim is, now that we play on the same team] t: to me, his aim is second only to NiKo (CSGO)... i honestly, really respect him 🐏🏳️‍🌈🎨・do not repost・ご仕事依頼はDMまで | DM for commission inquiries ・they/them. ENG/日本語勉強中. 🇵🇭 @kuro_korokoro
SandduneStacker @stevenjeap I don't shun anyone. But seeing what's happening in the schools firsthand, it's comparable to mass psychosis being pushed by adults, I feel the need to be honest. This same teacher says there are 0 biological differences between men and women outside of private parts. Insane.
Green_Fig_Tree_ Ireland @TopCat7155 @BligheDerek @JenMill00717517 They’ve not fallen for it; they orchestrated it. They are wilfully under the control of #WEF and #EU agendas to destroy our sovereignty & our culture with essentially #communism We NEED to leave the EU to escape their insane, damaging policies #IrelandIsFull #Ireland #LeaveEU ‘A country without borders, isn’t a country.’ Anti-WEF agenda. Save Ireland from corruption & communism by leaving the EU.
wolfsbane_siren california @lestat_baby I watched this series 5x in a row, I’m so serious, it was so much fun, and also really moving, and everyone’s acting was insane. I was a sobbing mess by the end. Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream? my tumblr is @dark-immortal-kiss
COLIESPARANOIA 100 @jxdnsangel this. it feels so insane to have been here from the start and now we’re here i’ll see you in hell || she/her
altleftutopian earth its insane. 7 YEARS Democrats haven't gone a day without pumping Trump fear at Americans. meanwhile they are destroying America's economy and creating war everywhere. #freepalestine
supagalflyy The signs are crazy and iM STARTING TO REALIZE SM THINGS HOLY crap THIS IS MAKING ME INSANE 🎱
etasarang @playboisugoi and the dialogue out of control 😂😂😂 the jokes is insane kiri kanan kulihat saja
liadayha she/her • 19 / 03 • 🏳️‍🌈 I'm going insane bc i don't remember how I woke up I just remember suddenly being with my phone and that's all like...damn PONDPHUWIN ROMCOM FOR 2024 🤩
AngieUn27401972 Maryland, USA @awesome_father @Lynneth1000000 @MLJ_GoI @EduMinOfIndia @MoHFW_INDIA @MinistryWCD The Indian MRAs are insane, If they had they’re way, they’d have a Taliban like government where women had no rights. And no, I’m not clicking your sketchy link. Survivor mom standing up against both an abusive ex and the family court racket #JusticeforBritney #IStandwithAmberHeard
Andrew98862303 Victoria Biden and his handlers are insane.. WWIII incoming … yes.. thats Means Nuclear… The heat from Nuclear bombs will FRY the world.. then put us into a Nuclear Winter/Iceage … only those hiding in Nuclear Energy Bunkers will survive.. oh.. i wonder who that will be 🤔 At this Point in Time, Its every man for themselves - you do what’s best for YOU and your FAMILY to keep you going and to survive - Good Luck
stlkngyou Feeling insane and delusional ★ twenty - two | extreme kinks | MDNI
OroJans @2oureternity That guy is absolutely insane. Now he blames artist for having pronounce in her Twitter bio. I dunno why he considers shorts under skirt a crime and how is artist pronounce choice is evidence for anything to begin with. 🤣 But he thinks he proved something. ♈️ | 💖💜💙 | she/her | ненавижу тёрфов | Говорят, все проходит, кроме одиночества (с)
agyasika Here, There and All over Paying $727000 in child support and legal fees is insane. This is daylight robbery. Stay strong Tyrese. Damn!! Adjust Adapt Overcome ⚽@HeartsOfOakGh @ManUtd ⚽
bleuo0 damn i want piccolo but my jp account is 4 months old and i have nothing to run him with if the banners aren’t insane i mighttttt skipp which is crazy cause these units look so cool i like dragon ball and i play dokkan
weaboob69 Los Angeles, CA @soft_wanning Tbh I found a new thing to be absolutely insane and horni about—it was like a swift kick in the bottom and I really wanted to start making content again and started writing again 28 🔞 🏳️‍🌈 she/her I’m just here to retweet art & fic, occasionally post stuff
catchingthegos Wales, United Kingdom @mazst @grhughes89 @WelshConserv @AndrewRTDavies I'm not saying - "don't give them help"! However, not guiding them into employment and giving them more than working people is madness. By all means help them to a start ie first month or two but to give it to them for 2yrs for doing nothing is insane. I don't have an opinion - I just think differently to others 😁. Any childish name calling or direct bad language and you are out.
___enlov it's insane to me how enhypen is so booked and busy, i mean those are my talented boys. but damn, there's really no stopping them. from concerts to festivals shows, variety shows, comeback, and music shows 🥹 the demand is overwhelming your decelis normie saw enhypen! (02/04/23)
sunoogleam 9teen; s!her heeseung’s side profile, jawline, adams apple, him wearing specs and his accessories. his visual is insane 😭 230203 • 🦊🦌🐧
d10gen3s Freudian slip cutus twt gc revival ho gaya and everyone has evolved so much in 2 years were different people now its insane Jumped up grammar school nobody. 20. he/him
Weens22 @mmpadellan Prosecute him for wanting an assessment of serious claims made? You losers are insane and live like a goldfish with no memory Just on a hunt to expose the Lizard People. Often need to tell people to calm down, life is pretty funny-even when it’s not
1800_nthati Johannesburg, South Africa @lovejoyn_mlaba R1500 for breakfast for two is insane I don’t even think that breakfast for two( considering how long breakfast is and meals averaging between R120 and literally R250) would even amount to anything over R550 an artist. creative and creator. a beautiful mind
virtuosamujer31 California -Abortion central @Romaq @ExoticRubies @cannoli1000 @Cynthia04784679 @bettyboop7499 @Andrew381978 @randolf828 @SpudEternal @ohginger_snaps @DevilishxDancer @RebelRae13 @ManEatsBible @Huddy_Falken @AtlanticCanuck @Epsilone23 @prolife_2023 @harriechristus @SkeptikH2O @vozdecuervos @J19855167Ryan @BionicDance @Reallifeaware @CubeSteve @CarsomyrPlusSix @SkeptikH @EmmaJClemmons @MarchandSurgery @Jen730852541 @keetonrock1995 @maxwell_sin @Thisisa74798027 @C76Gillian @AshGreninja2023 @docobgynmom @forkstration_ @GShadworth @LiberTeaBelle @LissaJStrange @Rochell90077327 @Prolife_Sam @CalvinKlein The baby is the one being punished by abortion. Killing babies by abortion is beyond stupid, actually. For anyone to believe that they have the right to dictate the life of another human and then sentence them to death is insane & inhumane. Babies want to live. Harm no one! Redeemed by the blood (life) of the Lamb, a sacrifice by my Lord Jesus Christ✝️On a beautiful mission #praying near an abortion mill w/my beloved @maneatsbible
CrumBerto_Jr @Zantw8 I still find it funny I was more excited for Gotham finale over endgame. Endgame was insane at the time just to go home and watch the most disappointing finale ever😭😭😭 Not good at Twitter/Dc/Marvel/Star wars
elsashowergel cw:47kg ugw:36kg 164cm bmi17.5 @yunokcals HOLY crap IM GOING INSANE OTS LITERALLY US BUT REVERSE 😭😭😭 he is so joe and im so cherry like fr 🧷TW sh & ed | 18 | any prns | eng/pl | nr1 kinder chocolate fan | block dont report!🧷(old accs got sused-joined aug2020) @elsatoothpaste -backup 🪽
axelsyrios Today’s stream will be super chaos I can tell you that already, yall know bout the business with Rpr, but someone else gave me an insane offer and this one is ACTUALLY insane🫠🫠🫠 HOLOSTARS English「TEMPUS」| Axel Syrios⛓ | Gladiator of guild TEMPUS! 最強闘士のアクセルっす!よろしく!| Live #Whysosyrios | Art #ArtXel | Mama:@hagure_ginsu | Papa:@keffiy
zendopain @ProjectLincoln Fox is a threat? Oligarchs own it and use the other MSM to produce folks like the lincoln project nuts and give these insane folks a platform you can't handle the truth..facts and data control what I post. don't like it maybe your a good NWO sheep?
Oluwalonismart Nigeria @ReporteraNews It's true, you cannot be sane& plain and be supporting Tinubu, you must be insane& very corrupt to support him, this explain it well, Keyamo @fkeyamo is a fraud, that's why he didn't won any case for EFCC before they sacked him, he always connive with the criminal against EFCC CEO Smart Integrated Global Services | IT consultant | CCTV Cameras Expert | Teacher | Chelsea Fan | Son Of The Most High God |

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