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KimMangone CA-23 Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse. Retweet this far and wide if you think she is utterly insane. Single Mom, USAF Vet 🇺🇸, Engineer. Former Democratic Nominee for Congress in CA23 against Kevin McCarthy.
MZHemingway My latest book: "Rigged" Tonight’s amazing Thanksgiving sermon was about the relationship between gratitude, repentance, how we are forgiven, and how we forgive others. Insane and shameful how difficult it is to forgive others, even after God forgives us all our sin! Senior Editor, @FDRLST. Senior Journalism Fellow, @Hillsdale. Fox News Contributor. Lots of Babylon Bee retweets.
shahh This project is insane @BabyDinos_NFT Gained 4k Discord members in just 2 days! A lot of #SOL and NFT airdrops for the hodlers. Minting on today at 4PM est First 33 wallets to mint get FREE #NFT You don´t want to miss out. #NFTs #NFTdrop Own @FRChronic • @builtbygamers • 890K amazing subscribers @Youtube| Making content on Crypto, NFTs & Gaming | @metalegendsNFT | no financial advice
Jabo4223 United States @Dougee_Fresh02 @Strawhatsamura Oda is literally peerless when it comes to combining insane planning and improvised story telling RIP Kento Miura 🙏🏾
cmc_r3vilo Singapore Oh my... I just realized between the top 2 teams that won the most monthly finals in their own region this year (NA and EU), 1 of them are going home with only $10k. Losing out on a potential $390k (first place) That's lowkey so rough and insane! Co-Founder and Gaming Lead @ByroEnergy Oliver Caster for Friyay Night Gaming, CMChampionship Community Leader for CMC
amrhowell Imperial College @gordonwgfrench This is insane! And needs fixing! Colorectal registrar/ST8 in North West London, PhD,FRCS
HoshiSetsuna ‼️Comms are closed‼️ Oh no please don't I really REALLY want him and that's exactly why if he gets a rerun in the same patch as Xiao my F2P brain would go insane ✧Artist✧|🇮🇩| °She/Her° |50% art 50% crappost| 🚫Pls don't repost🚫 | Art mostly on Instagram » Credited non-commercial use of FANART for icons & such ok!
Simson809 Heavy bag $DATX. Currently accumulating and fundementals are insane.✈️🚀 $CIFI $REV $AXS $ETH $PNT $UBT $MANA $VTHO $GTC #HODL $OXT $HBAR $CRYPTO $DOGE $SNX $BAL $TLM $ADA #CRYPTO #CRYPTOCURRENCIES #ALTCOIN MMA CRYPTO
Junooooop . Just minted a @AnybodiesNFT art is insane, devs are cool and vibes are great in the discord. Always Learning / Solana NFTs / Discord @Junop#0001
Royalacresrod Oklahoma, USA @adegraat @Paul204731131 @harm_reitsma @ianbrow97534170 @KeillerDon @omnisophos @DawnTJ90 @Barbarajdurkin @pukeuprainbows @Brereton_N @MartinBrampton @sueytonius @johnson_wrjohn1 @PaulAtBillabong @Zane1968 @robhon_ @Nullius_ @DrDMurray1 @deirdreritchi10 @Anna98831 @markp1950 @Barrtecforever @JimTheSSR @JsharkJill @cieloyla @swcrisis @RHMcK1 @mike_maric @lawyer4laws @OyVeyIzhMir @insane_voice @Akito__Tenkawa @182_DuncH @GeraldKutney @DarkroomOnline @Bentzion939 @Mike__Oliver @ChartsClimate @flatheadcoupe1 @HL10PM @deedeesmiles4u @cjtjgeol @WebKarls @Roark_Architect @CelovskyDanny @newglobesun1 @Nickpeterliz @Robert76907841 @ScienceJustWins @WesternFreedom Oh, and nuclear is cheaper than RE and the necessary storage to run grid 24/7/365. So pick a country and tell me the plan. 42-year law enforcement veteran | Anti AGW | Anti Solar & wind power | Pro nuclear power | CPP | CDC & PROP are lying about pain meds | #SavingUsToDeath
btcrightnowpls Bordeaux, France @KITTYINU2 I voted no but tbh I just hope it doesnt happen, I don’t want to miss that one and fees are insane atm $kitty
ademola_tola My house It is actually insane and ridiculous Environmentalist, Humanitarian and Lover of books and sports
Trxy_Hxndrix Spearfish, SD @E24K_Lawson @RidgeRacerTunes @ookubon It needs a remaster, either on XBOX series X or PS5, cause if you ask me, THIS GAME WAS WAAAAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME AND STILL HAS INSANE POTENTIAL “Who dares wins” - Sir David Stirling | Graphic Designer | Photographer | Artist | Instagram: Trxy_Hendrix | 🇧🇼 x 🇱🇸 x 🇬🇧
HelzerLethias @KylerKenobi @worldnewstweet_ “I have already said religious groups that don't want to work to adopt children to SS families shouldn't be forced to since it goes against their religion.” This is insane and leads to the suffering of innocent kids in the system. It’s also unAmerican, protected classes are good
TrafficConeGuy @MavrickZoo That's... Actually insane. Dogs have the mental capacity of todlers. That doesn't make them incapable of feeling or anything but that sure as hell make them incapable of consent. And no, dogs can't have these kind of complexe thoughts. You just want to sexually abuse your pet. I'm a centipede (a 20 y/o french he/him ace centipede, CEO of Tatsuchoro) acab, blm, gilet jaune
TrestleThe Portsmouth, England @__stillPoint I think it was a one off. All underground bands , small studio. Just one of those great ideas and recordings. I really hope I can track it down - I’m going forking INsane! Music, video and VJing services to the stars and home to It’s Not What It Seems compilation.
YaBoyYeesh Indiana, USA And just like that in a matter of a couple hours ETH went from 4,400-4,500 to a low of 3,994 maybe lower. Volatility is insane the momentum wants to pick up but someone is shorting this mf like crazy. Writer✏️Artist🖌Investor of worthless digital "ponzi" coins - 🅰️tlanta Raised - Humble father of 3 badass lil kids.
9597jaeyong "Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane 'Cause you know I love the players And you love the game" basically blank space au. jeong taeyong and jaehyun lee enthusiast; jaehyun and taeyong please go solo;
turnztilez @WindReign Hahhahaha why would the wife be charged, are you insane? The dude picked a fight with an armed man, tried to grab the gun. forked around and found out. The boyfriend is totally going to jail for this because he had many opportunities to retreat, but the ex-husband was an idiot.
Toluwani08 Sick and insane, reasonable and respectful questions please not trolling ffs FT. Everything Is Relative. Arsenal. Balance Is Key. Context Matters.
vioectrolysis turq sorry for being insane over mhyk and honkai at the same time i'm bisexual 25↑ hag/she/bi/🇫🇮 ⭐️ ffxiv/gbf/fate/hypmic/mhyk/etc ⭐️ ffxiv: rhae'li joestar @ odin ⭐️ 🔞/ENG+FIN/rt heavy ⭐️ private @MNKLB3 ⭐️ pfp+header @khemorrhoids
UpTheRA03982085 East Coast @KrondstadtBaker @PaulEmbery Isn’t this just your internal sense of white privilege talking? Be woke to it. Yes, in other words, there is such a thing as “wokeism.” It is moronic, demeaning, and frankly insane. Regular, normal people mock it relentlessly. Attorney, and writer who believes in personal freedom, and despises hypocrisy. Equality does not amount to Equity, learn the difference. 🎣 ⛵️🥍🦮
stellervoid she/they | lgbtq | minor current reading 3 books and switching between them how am i not going insane yet multi fandom book twt
BasilioCC @slmiheso @dan_nyagah Indeed!! In a normal country, owing to this individual's questionable character and history, one would be considered insane to offer him support....ballot box has never converted anyone from thuggery to sainthood!.. Egalitarian. TRIBE KENYA ❤ Independent minded. I retweet sense. Vaccinated against "Mtu Wetu"..
WarpowersLatent Universal reeling Link URL @TheOneBlueMoon I would like to have it myself. I’m too poor and my desires are insane to try to get something and I knew that’s something is up. Forgive me on this, if it be there I would like to get it for both of us. Maybe pray about it. The presentation is not enough to constitute who I am. The world guardian stands today! #IchigoKurosaki #NARUTO #LegendofZelda #BLEACH #Independent #Runescape
TritoneTheGame England, United Kingdom @AIREntmt Favourite indie game hmmm, its hard to choose just one! Lately ive been keeping a close eye on @Liam_99Game @aaronmac64 and @TempleDoorGames The level of effort these people are putting in is insane :) creating #tritonethegame a Zelda inspired action adventure game with a focus on colour, mysterious technology and puzzles
myospills LA @goblin_chode angelo is cool though.. and actually insane @ the game @stanmyo | straw hat guy
Sin2700_ Still thinking about jinx and how her being batcrap insane is so hot #LateNightThoughts Pokémon :3
Winchyhands MANE Net Wild what a difference a couple of days makes, #LoadedLions are becoming an insane asset now, and all before access to the Mane Net! @cryptocomnft #CryptoTips #CRO #invest #NFTCommunity #lionsfollowlions #FFTB Use referral link to sign up for and receive $25😌 #CRO #cryptocom #LoadedLions #CROfam💥 Owner of CROfam.x
Hugh6303 Scotland @talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 Because most of Africa have ignored this Pandemic the big Pharmas and their friends have to dream up an African Specific one and their very own Vaccine. The corruption is absolutely insane. We still haven't had a live TV debate with Pharma CEOs and Academics Proud Scot, travelled a lot, catered to the Rich, The Famous and various Royal Families.
Clonc6 From today onwards I'm gonna be playing an hour or more of fall guys a day. Wish me luck and hope I don't go insane
BullRunnner77 Miami @cryptosigmax Doge is the king of meme coins will always be. Compatible to Bitcoin in that aspect. The market cap is insane and will only get bigger. The wallets will allow to make day to day transactions. Doges purpose is to transact like the dollar. It will be a top 3 coin in 5-6 years ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒ ᵂⁱᶻᵃʳᵈ/ᵂʰᵃˡᵉ𒆜🅻🅾🆆 🅲🅰🅿 🅱🆄🅻🅻𒆜 #Bitcoin #Ethereum💎#Loopring💲
lunanuovarossa @ChicagoKennedy In Italy we have a day of mourning for the fascists killed by the communists in our eastern front. We do this at the anniversary of the peace treaty where we lost previously colonised land in Slovenia and Croatia. The entire West is insane. Non-binary leftist. She/them.
Lewis_Young07 This has blown my mind. German managerial talent the last 10 years has been insane. They think about the game differently and to a finite degree. Still don’t get the 6 month contract, though. #MUFC planning at @mccann_mw
janechaey no one's beating sm vocals ur insane 😭 and that group hasn't even debuted yet but they're better than aespa make that make sense yu jimin's wife
jahjingjing I @STELLmyuniverse @litratoroid @SB19Official Your musicality is insane. You've covered all music genres from ballad, pop, and edm. We salute you and can't wait to hear more from you @SB19Official #SB19 #StanWorldallcount #Bazinga_SB19 #SB19BillboardHTSTop1 Fan Account for @SB19Official PADAYON! ✊🏼💙
imminarizaki She's doing the bare minimum and she's driven half the population insane 😳 OT9 | 22 she | 🏳️‍🌈 | ART BLOCK :)
erinbrown__ coventry Omg @LittleSimz last night in Bham was INSANE. Probably the best person I’ve seen live ever! And I go to like 3 gigs a week mate. Most talented person in music right now 😭 Druken, big titted, ginger midget who works in music. Follow my professional mOOoosic account here @erinbrown____
AStoryAnHour1 You are someone who is slowly going insane at a corn maze and your goal is to hold out long enough for help to arrive. A twitter bot for writing prompts, a story an hour that is ready to be explored!
LJSmyboo His character development is just insane! 🐥 —> 🥵 His eyes and that stare melts me🥺 #LeeJongSuk ♡ The moon is very beautiful ♡ 🌙 #Witch2, #Decibel, #BigMouth @Jongsuk0206 Official Instagram account: 🔗
Bit2Agarwal Easy access to means of crimes, causes crimes and chaos. Either ban all weapons or tolerate living in such a high risk insane society. Interests: Business, finance, economics, and ofcourse humour and fun! I tweet my thoughts sometimes.
TomLloy70878895 Carlow, Ireland The black Friday deals on ETH and BTC are insane! Graduate of IT Carlow studying Computer Games Development. Blockchain, Solidity, Ethereum, Bitcoin.
positionsaturn she/her no bc u don't understand if omar wins and goes to eurovision im gonna go insane it's been a tradition to watch it with amandine and???? him participating would make it so mf special #SIMON : okay. don't i get any breakfast?
CreedGamerShow3 @Albertadoctors @AHS_media These comments are insane. You people actually think these vaccines stop you from getting and spreading Covid? Time to take the red pill or continue to live in your false reality.
JubbaOnJeans Bengaluru, India The amount of confusion created due to terminology and lack of clarity is kinda insane. All this can be easily solved with a little transparency from the government Idly-Dose fan. Writing InfoSec Journalism Tech Cricket Bangalore Birding Security @razorpay . Formerly @sw_integrity. Tweets my own
adegraat @Royalacresrod @Paul204731131 @harm_reitsma @ianbrow97534170 @KeillerDon @omnisophos @DawnTJ90 @Barbarajdurkin @pukeuprainbows @Brereton_N @MartinBrampton @sueytonius @johnson_wrjohn1 @PaulAtBillabong @Zane1968 @robhon_ @Nullius_ @DrDMurray1 @deirdreritchi10 @Anna98831 @markp1950 @Barrtecforever @JimTheSSR @JsharkJill @cieloyla @swcrisis @RHMcK1 @mike_maric @lawyer4laws @OyVeyIzhMir @insane_voice @Akito__Tenkawa @182_DuncH @GeraldKutney @DarkroomOnline @Bentzion939 @Mike__Oliver @ChartsClimate @flatheadcoupe1 @HL10PM @deedeesmiles4u @cjtjgeol @WebKarls @Roark_Architect @CelovskyDanny @newglobesun1 @Nickpeterliz @Robert76907841 @ScienceJustWins @WesternFreedom We have nuclear energy as part of a smart energy-mix. More nucleair is very expensive, not long lasting and will stop inventions of smarter solutions behoorlijk rechts en steeds weer verbaasd als je door sommigen voor links wordt uitgemaakt als je verwijst naar originele documenten waar discussie over gaat.
HighTideFloods @BobbieChristxne @TolarianCollege My favorite part was when they talked about how it's ok to do something insane and broken. As long as it isn't happening every game of course. The best pods are ones where we all get to do our bonkers stuff every once in a while •he/him. I play card games and I stream on Twitch at . Enjoyer of Fungi, Advisors, and Oozes. Aspiring artist.
SzriaaD Chicago, IL Idk if I wanna be alone or what or if I simply just do not wanna get to know somebody else.. I’m tired of being let down lmao… and I can’t handle another heartbreak nor losing anybody else. I’m going insane. I don’t even knowww why you girls bother atp likeeee 🤣🥰 #trendsetter
Kalyx_triaD Miami, Fla. Amazon Music won't let me download song I purchased with my money unless I subscribe to their service? Are they insane? No. And also never again. Writer, creator of future things. Ultimately concerned with the functional application of ideas. I like pizza.
RuggeD___ none of ur mawfuggin business @NerosCinema The MP40 and STG44 are really in a class of their it own, they're insane

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