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joejonas One last thing... Today the President of the United States held a press conference and didn’t mention anything!! This is absolutely insane! We all need to be a part of the change RIGHT NOW! New #CupOfJoe episode every weekday on Quibi ☕️ #HappinessContinues is available now Amazon Prime!
BrandonStraka New York, USA The mayor of Minneapolis blaming “white supremacists” and “foreign actors” for the rioting & destruction in Minneapolis. This is not about justice. It is political theater. This is an attempted coup happening in real time. The left is absolutely insane. #WalkAway Campaign Founder BOOKING/MEDIA: Former Liberal. Gay. On a mission to #RedPill humanity
mitchellvii Miami, FL These rioters surround and attack a motorist's car. In an attempt to escape being murdered by the mob, they floor it and some of the rioters get run over. Then the rioters wonder why the police didn't protect them from the motorist they were attacking. These people are INSANE. Host of YourVoice™ America at Mon-Fri 5pm ET on Periscope, 10pm on DISH, Ch. 219 & Pluto TV, Ch. 247 - #MAGA #TrustTrump #Trump2020
brittney___hill South Carolina, USA @masoogr @ahhhmaya1 @austinlg103 for the people who’s livelihood is gone. For the people who are out of jobs and can’t feed their children. That’s not evil or racist. Y’all are just insane. 🦋🌻
RonGavalik Pittsburgh, PA @buoyancyforce It's insane to prefer cable "news" to actual on the ground videos and live tweets from our brothers and sisters. Award-winning professional writer. Media Coordinator ▶︎ @AlleghenyGreens. Join Rust Belt Revolution ▶︎ Together, we fight for human survival!
KEVINHELGERSON WISCONSIN @thekatiewilson @justjamiemills @lookitsbenburch @sam_is_mog @abedzijess @Wes_IRL tonight Ben outdid himself with the descriptions of people falling off buildings and with the new fave character of #ThingsInSpace Mims! Leading me to believe Ben is truly.. #Insane 😂😂😂😜 Huge Nintendo fan, 3DS Nintendo Ambassador, Pokemon Master, lover of Minecraft, and loyal #littledragon and member of @thekatiewilson #DragonArmy!
kent_oakland @oliverdarcy Does your boss have a gun to your head and is making you say insane things like this? ANTIFA IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM
okpradagucci the hood people think fields like humanities and social sciences aren’t important but look what happens to societies where basic human decency is foreign to the majority. it’s insane to me that treating people with humanity is something that needs to be learned. on second thought, lemme think about it
thehauntedvcr New Hampshire, USA Need a distraction from this insane world tonight? Enjoy this clip of the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore- Oh Yeahhhhhhh!: 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, spooky things, classic video games, father, husband, idiot
Lainnneyyy New York City rewatching season 3 of #RHONY and I forgot how insane Kelly Bensimon is. A complete wacko. Woah. Queens...who knows
Kevo317 Chicago, IL Chicago just sent out an alert to all phones about the curfew, ppl are trapped in the Loop with all the bridges up and the CTA offline, and there’s still a pandemic going on. This is insane... #ChicagoProtests “Some succeed because they are destined to, most succeed because they are determined to”
frankjnovak Redmond, WA @brandondarby @benshapiro Would @cnn @msnbc @foxnews or any mainstream media cover this? Is there an update on the victim here. I agree with protesting peacefully but this is just insane and not the way to fix things. Sad past few days in America. From Danbury, CT currently residing in the Seattle area. Proud father of 6. Red Sox, Seahawks, and Seattle Sounders FC Supporter. Tweets/Opinions are my own.
karmesanchicken it’s insane especially in moval where the majority of us are poc and grew up with each other, and y’all still can’t fight for one another as a community? y’all still gunna sit back and let ur own friends be oppressed? the people who grew up with? really? let that marinate. pretty girls hate cops
wtfmig Dallas, TX I used to feel like humanity could use a major indiscriminate catastrophe to bring us all together and eliminate the insane and self-destructive need to act in bad faith... I was wrong. People are hurting right now. Help how you can, even if just by listening. Chaotic Evil Game Developer, C- Artist, Magpie
StephannieManc1 @davidchang Best person ever, pointing out the important. This is absolutely insane, we eant to fight for equality and all the mayor cares about is how it affects him not how we were affected or are being affected Culinary Student and Chef 🥖🥘 Happy New Year 🥳🥳🥳 o que não matar, engorda
PrincessZhayy @karrueche This is gut wrenching , all this broken glass and then tugging on him tasing them , they literally tortured them on live tv this is insane 😢 ig: imani.ayannna
boobie_styles stars hollow I love how @Jade_Hoye has like 17k followers from basketball twitter and he’s such an insane psycho that his tweets get like 1 like NatSec Advisor for @CouncilOfDads / father / Amateur Hematologist 🧛🏻‍♂️ / divorced
Tweedy_FGC I got Burns beating Usman tbh. I see a lot of people crediting that fight to Woodley being off but I think it was just Burns tbh. Man is insane on the ground and outstriking everyone with POWER. Competitive gamer mostly known for Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11. Sponsored by @ConsoleGamingLG. I stream @ DMs open
jorgel_ Morelia, Mexico. @dylankid826 @ColtonLHaynes People are just blood thirsty. This is insane. And that’s what they’re gonna get for sure, they don’t think wisely, they just anger like injured animals. Sensocentrism and gradualism 🌱 Languages. Pretty much a gamer. Tenor, Zen, cat person, I love tea & OSTs. #nagev 🏳️‍🌈 #汉语 🇺🇳 #TeamCap #DCComics 👊🏼
Official_keba I need a break from Dallas💫 I need the full story on this! This is forking insane! I’m with all the protesting and don’t even mind y’all looting target, but beating this man bottom for defending his business! Get back to doing this for Floyd not randomly beating business owners!! Praying for my city rn! 21 🥂youtuber 🎥 USAF✈️🇺🇸
haveuheardofjo1 Exposing all Grifter DEMs/GOPs @GenXer2007 one would think white people are not as broken and as lost as black people insane logic Busing 1970s Sacrificial lambs for virtue signalers extraordinaire Political correctness,identity politics,injustices,adhominems went unchecked-nothing new2day
FlairForFandoms NJ ツ “That could never happen to us, that’s insane, that’s fantasy” but it is happening and for a rightful reason. I fully plan to donate to at least a couple bail funds going around because they need the money more than I do. They have the drive to be out on the frontlines so- #BlackLivesMatter
deepeetree @menstralkrampus @LucasGreenwaldt I really really hope ur right, but the world is insane and I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of white men bought a bunch of weapons and called themselves an Anarchist Militia. They can kill a crap tonne of people :/
katyjohnson1 Los Angeles I’m sick to death of the sick behavior going on in our country!!! How anyone thinks all this is ok is insane! When does it stop?!!! Killing more people, stealing everything, and destroying small businesses?! fork off! You’re opportunists at this point! #DallasProtests Model, Advocate, Creator and Founder of the Non Profit #Onemodelmission, A mission around the world "to find beauty for a purpose".
nainakhan542480 Dallas, TX @hinaparvezbutt @twi_age But still every day you are getting lots of bad comments due to your affiliation with chor and corrupt peole but you are still same. So insane Economists
SBorealis01 house i just got in a plr_pipeline game and i saw 5 aimbots. this is insane. i recorded the entire thing and tbh dominating 3 aimbots and winning the game gives you an ego boost like none other. i might actually post a montage here cause this crap was hilarious LIKE WHAT IS THIS?!?!? i like wbawc
PD_Fresh Oregon again, formerly MN. @ScooterMagruder Agreed and will share but the destruction in Minneapolis from these riots is insane. Would respecting the 8pm curfew tonight have ruined the cause? It could have helped stop these rioters (most of whom likely aren't even involved with the protests) from burning even more. Myriad opinions but they're all my own.
Lord_Keynes2 If far right people were really responsible for these riots, there be instant martial law and shooting of rioters. The depraved, insane lies of Democrats and the media are 100% bullsh*t Realist Left socialist, blogger, Post Keynesian in economics, but against the regressive left, against Postmodernism, against Marxism
amurmuringheart the police WERE going anonymous and being involved and that i was right. but they werent angry. they were just explaining the situation to me, a teenager that is constantly on social media exposed to a lot more than they are. the amount of anger i felt towards them was insane. if i twt/rt anything ignorant and you can educate me on it, pls dm me.
SSSupervillain Most opinionated city in US @ArtyomTonoyan We have police helicopters flying over nonstop for the past five hours so yes, everything is insane and I’m afraid this is the beginning
BrenleaCarroll Missing Bangtan Hours I saw someone say that Yoongi and Jimin are both “insane and kinky” and that’s how they work together. That sure did explain why I ship yoonmin jihope biased? moonjin biased?
heyfootballhead I imagine there r going to be thinkpieces admonishing those of us watching & retweeting from relative safety. I'm electing to retweet because we're living in this insane tempest of primary sources and I would like to somehow record sthg about the perspective from here, I guess. - retweeting into the void since 2010 -
grangergoals she/her ~ philly ~ 20 do yall see how the police are acting! this crap is insane! and dont give me the mlk wouldnt like the riots bs cause this is how they acted towards him and his movement too. why are you worrying about you know who? you should be worrying about you no poo, the constipation sensation that’s gripping the nation
whatevrisfickle CO. @hollysingssongs THIS IS INSANE AND TERRIFYING 𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗏𝖾 𝗇𝗈 𝗂𝖽𝖾𝖺 𝗐𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝖨 𝖺𝗆 𝖽𝗈𝗂𝗇𝗀, 𝖻𝗎𝗍 𝖨 𝗄𝗇𝗈𝗐 𝖨 𝖺𝗆 𝖽𝗈𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗂𝗍 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗒 𝗐𝖾𝗅𝗅.
SeatacSoulMusic @mommamia1217 @4mmjf At home plotting on how to blame Democrats for this and praise trump for nothing but insane tweets I am husband,father,grandfather adviser,drummer,song writer, loving the movies,travel,sci fi,Obama's,Soul music,and being in sub Seattle
DingoBombay Gaithersburg, MD Nothing says police are here to protect and serve like running over protesters with your police vehicle!! This is forking insane!!!!!! Stand Up Comedian • Co-host of The Two Joke Minimum Podcast
DMReddington Glenview IL @Kevinliptakcnn Leader in crisis, CNN your insane. CNN you push division and hate. Own up to it.
_breakstill_ Photographer #georgesfloyd #GeorgeFloydProtests #GeorgeFloydMurder you can't call it a protest if there is violence. I MAY BE A WHITE MALE, however this is insane, ALL LIVES MATTER, and you are ruining the cities for everyone. Any gender any race, yall insane! Protest is peaceful, not this! People call me Shaggy
Flo10835429 Long Island, NY @Kiwiz yo, very cracked individual, I have 800 earnings from wagers, i have clips, very insane aim, decent game sense, and cracked clutch mamba mentality, I never had a good team, and I think joing ur trio could make me take off. Thanks if you read, and keep on grindin, ur vids are lit! Team Despair, 14, Comp
Enlighten__Up Earth via Periscope Watch @CalebJHull's LIVE on #Periscope : broadcast: I’m live outside the White House. Things are getting insane as flash bangs go off, fireworks, and tear gas. 🖐🏽”Let the Beauty we Love, Be What We Do.”🌹“Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way.”💙 #SparkyGals⚡️ #TheResistance RT/Likes≠Endorse
woojaekyuu between 1 & 0 IT'S INSANE HOW U CAN TELL BY HER EYES EVEN WHEN SHE SMILES AND TRIES TO ACT LIKE JTE kdrama addict & multifandom stan
SumSupreme_ISH 7⃣5⃣7⃣ then2⃣5⃣2⃣now3️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ I like that motto 😂😂😂, range on that jawn probably insane with that long bottom barrel , and with slugs , man you hitting easy at 100 yards with your eyes closed getting more money than alot of people expect #7100 #GainGreen
Streamheat Miami Lakes, FL @NFL It's insane of you to post this when you crushed peaceful and respectful protests against the extra-judicial killings of black people for the past several years. The hypocrisy is stunning, even from you. I block for logical fallacies.
thotfrustration we talked about how it’s insane that people our age are married and have crap figured out but we ultimately agreed that that just leaves so much possibility for regret later in life
letmegctme United States 2020 is insane and there’s no other words to describe it calling your name the only language I can speak
muich4ro america is literally insane rn history just repeating itself and my head is about to explode #WINWIN: fork capitalism 🖕
RocksteadyKS Mobile,AL @KATT_YUMMY A coincidence I ended up watch a lord of the Rings film I woke up and it was playing it played for bout 4hrs Insane i was like wth its still on 😳 Guitarist🎸♉ MOST SARCASTIC PERSON EVER RHCP🤘🏾 Classic Movies Fanatic 🎬 Gameboy(girl) 🎮🕹 PSN:Spigotblisterr Creator:theGreatBeverageReview Forex Trader📈
sight0fstars Chicago So many sirens and helicopters and fireworks exploding v loudly in garbage cans. This should be insane but is actually pretty normal in the grand scheme of things this year. I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -van Gogh
Irish__Lass SE Pennsylvania @marshinmxn Ah the insane rantings of the liberal mind. YOU contact me, and don't like it when I don't bow to your attempted hit and run - that's all you libs know No discussion, No conversation just blather US Armed Forces & Police Supporting Gun Owning Prolife Homeschooling Catholic Wife Mommy Daughter Sister Friend Facts Dont Care About Your Feelings #MAGA
TGrifters Look at this massively lie walking cuck Ryan said which was RTd by other pro-hate RWs to scare the RW voters. “The mobs are gonna take out the cops and come for you” is insane to say Calling out the RW grifters desperate to spread hate for cash

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