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jimmyfailla New York, NY You guys are being WAY too harsh on Biden. Aside from the tanking economy, the porous border, the insane cost of gas, the plunging stock market, the soaring crime rates, the endless race baiting, and the starving babies, the guy is actually doing a pretty good job. Host “Fox Across America” with Jimmy Failla - - - Fox News Radio / Fox Nation Weekdays 12-3 - - - Listen Live @
scrowder United States A Democrat witness for abortion rights testified before the House Judiciary Committee and said that men can get pregnant and have abortions. Democrats have become the party of the insane and are unhitched from reality. and Apple Podcast. Join #MugClub and follow on Instagram: @louderwithcrowder | Truth: @StevenCrowder | Snap: @LouderWCrowder
MarkDice MAGA Country Nina Jankowicz has resigned from the Ministry of Truth and its operations have been suspended and may be completely shut down due to the widespread mockery of her insane singing and being exposed as a disinformation agent herself! 😁🤣 Media Analyst. Bestselling author of "Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” Seen on Fox News, OAN, E!, History Channel & more.
orange_8361 台灣 Not every research ended with RCEs, but I can promise the bugs (especially the Auth-Bypass) in my #BHUSA talk must be fun and insane! @BlackHatEvents This is 🍊
Crypto_Ed_NL BITCOIN in 3 minutes. Price Update: still following the plan for $33,000 Shout Out to my friends at @WOOnetwork making possbile this beautiful content 😎 Use my ref link for referrals share (50/50) and insane profits 😀 via @YouTube Founder of training & trading group No hype, no BS. Learn from a trader instead of a marketer. Exclusive WOO Network YT Partner
52CHILDE he it fai star 16 ⚢ ic: hatoba_000 call me insane but hc that childe loves to play this piece because it describes his life so well and he always gets reminded of what he went through when he plays this but in a good way because he gets to express his anguish and trauma from his experiences 我最愛 了
taegyulatte she/they kmoas are insane that fanchants and screams i love it so much hot people listens to txt and stayc
sanjaysudeep123 India @insane_bully Ok try these two methods -Change to default and hide and check with both tbe options if it fixes with any -Hide gesture guide bar and check if that works Technically a TECH fan boy
YFMiller1 Germany @borisdayma You can use dalle-mini images to create body parts and you can combine them with ease to make bigger images. So cool! The potential for this is insane. Fascinated by AI and Technology. YT Channel:
SpringAyn @Earthjustice Insane. Fleets of unrecycleable vehicles and batteries would be polluting landfills every couple of years. Not to mention the environmental costs to create them. Charging an electric vehicle is done with gas. Keep our mail delivered with real fleets not disposable ones. Censorship is wrong.
ullahumair7 @Barbalow_M @animaechan yea man. it’s actually crazy how better luffy is than every other mc. and what’s even more insane is that there are some really good mcs like naruto, eren, light, lelouch,
codacious_p Illinois A literal king. And look at that amazing @teddyfresh drip!! @_Starkilla you were absolutely incredible at the creator clash. You never disappoint. Congrats on being an amazing part of H3 and also training your bottom off and putting on an insane fight last weekend 🙏 I could learn from you ♋️ he/him ⚡️🌲Dancing is the best revenge 🔥 It's only water~It's only fire~It's only love. #blacklivesmatter
themellowhost New Delhi, India @Jamil_Aboudaher @insane_bully I did it irl and just found MIUI to be plain smooth 15 • Published Author | Learning Web Dev | Photographer. Tweeting about #Tech and #Code! 🎙Host of @the_mellow_pod and F1 fan. Avid 📖 reader and #Karate Champ!
snsdtwinkle KWANGYA About to see?? We literally just saw it with the release of Bright... both sides of the fandom are insane. You'd think that with time passing it would make people mature but holy crap y'all did not grow up AT ALL and still have the same 13 year-old mentality from a decade ago she/her : 25 | multi gg stan (mains: loona • weeekly • red velvet • aespa) | writer for fun | I got a 🐶 for the 1st time | current hobby: 🛹
insane_bully 🇺🇦🇨🇿 @DonchoGunchev @kyanhoang @random_through Should we take into account how many people haven't seen the Tweet at all and thus couldn't react to it? Considering the number of my followers - it is a good result. Now getting back to the keyboard bug - two images were provided to show the regular look and the one with the bug Commentator • Photo & Tech enthusiast • OnePlus 9 Pro user • Tennis player • Gamer • Father & Husband • I am from Ukraine
laaurenm94 That is an absolutely insane stat! How is it even possible man! We legit didn’t win wu first 14 bastard games 😂😂if the takeover happened in summer and Eddie came in earlier we’d be atleast top 7 fighting for europe! And that’s not even a joke 😂😅😅mental #nufc have a love hate relationship with newcastle. currently it’s about 80% love 20% hate 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
ResBitchFace Springfield, Ohio @shillman1 I showed my doctor my hands. I have a very sudden onset of this insane eczema that is hundreds of little blisters. Ive been trying to tough it out. A steroid shot, a steroid pack, cream, and an emergency derm visit on Friday. Im wide awake at 4am because the steroid. Blue in Ohio. Full time smart ass. Resister through and through. No DMs.
ElectricRaph Belgique @airpringlefan65 @RandomKiwi_ @jenskristianson @forstall_ @marcodzo 2/2 because im fed up of all the misinformation circulating regarding@Tesla and people are claiming it’s dangerous without even trying, just because they saw it on social media or they heard it on the news…. You are so easily manipulated it’s insane …. ⚡️focus on sustainable energy and high techs helping humanity & the environment 🤖🦾
vicerabot @ezphelios | 30min Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipping.
SaaSAcademy It’ll Transform The Way You Show Up For Your Business. You will soon realize that you achieved that “insane” goal, and… …you’re actually ready to aim higher. Welcome to the World Of Winners! Learn how to scale, grow, and exit your SaaS business with @danmartell and some of the top SaaS coaches in the business.
eltonbot You're far out, you're fab and insane A woman of the world, it's quite plain lyric bot monitored by @hekabees . tweets once an hour .
Lady_Le_Fay @ShotgunRain5746 Just saw a video of a woman showing the trial to her kid and pushing him into calling heard a liar. It's insane. dc girl | she/her | #IStandWithRayFisher | Waiting for the Kenobi and Rebel Moon era to start |
Ryan_McLean___ @Julia_Morgan_1 What?!? This is one of the most insane statements ever made, and if true should make every American nervous. Twitter banned me and deleted my account. I'm back Former athlete living with #marfans and #afib. California Refugee now in Florida
nanat0ni Bali🌴 amber heard and her whole tribe is a broke bish and leeching off of JD yet still have the balls to abuse him physically, verbally, and mentally it's INSANE #JusticeForJohnnyDeep 👺👺👺 Blanche Mojave Ghost
communicipalist Mercia-Central England @thesiriusreport @vinceincible Washington is run by fascist morons and cowboy psychokillers - the biggest insane asylum in the world they call The Pentagon. Faceless Member of English Public-Afflicted Worldling-Propaganda Enthusiast-Ecosocialist-Discourse Analyst-History Reader-English Republican-NoWar-Regular Bloke
loudmuch Calgary Alberta @RawbertBeef When X-men(2000) kicked back up the super hero genre, for about the first 8 years we were getting 1 super hero film a summer at first, then maybe 3 at the absolutle most. Most summers it was 1 or 2 and the hype was mad insane, and so was the quality. The hype now feels empty. T500 Xbox Overwatch alumni. Die hard sports fan for life. Hockey, Baseball. @ironmxeden is my goddess
barnaby99 The Desert I'm currently arguing with a moron who says the crowd at 38th and Chicago was as culpable as Lane in the murder of George Floyd. Next to 'shouldn't have broken the law,' this is as insane an argument as it gets. Tell me a story I like for once. He/him
JasonMelchiore @jaydimes10 @MattBinder As someone who is probably less Left than most people in the group it is difficult to explain to people that not everything is a government psyop. That sometimes bad things happen and insane people do insane things. For example I never blamed BLM for the Waukesha massacre
youngrickfoxx @tallguyGreg @jhunt123176 @hoopsdontstop Westbrook is who he is because he plays at an insane pace leading to some mind-blowing assists & some mind-numbing TOs. If he never took risks and played as he does now he’d be Tyus Jones - a good passer but forgettable. The TOs are a side effect of who he is and that’s ok. psn/steam: youngrickfox
ysa8e11a As much as I am🦢🕯💝loveeee🎼🧚🏼‍♀️👩🏻‍🍳 I am also insane and thoroughly enjoy letting that side loose. She has a right to exist. ☕️🥖🦢💐🎼⚔️🧬📚👁 truth, love, and duality.
Insane_fangurL Port Mafia My friend group mental health based on their fav singers : C : Marina and Mitski L : Cavetown and Mitski L : Penelope Scott and Mitski R : Mitski and Mitski J : Dream SMP songs They/She/He {18} {Bi🏳️‍🌈} {Eng/Pt} {anime fanfic writer} {currently watching: Mob Psycho 100 } {NOT SPOILER FREE}
DonchoGunchev Bulgaria @insane_bully @kyanhoang @random_through Add the ones that don't ;-) Is it not funny how one can care about one kind of detail and another not at all. And vice versa. ❤️ Python & Tesla, both come with🔋included. SpaceX, NASA and ESA fanbot. Software developer/admin, 🐧. Hobby: From Arduino to RPi and beyond!
Crazypostalbob @dimmadome_of @Marco34182780 @lordaake @Timcast And evidently, the guy who was 23, was desperate as all hell. The whole scenario was insane. Yes, one of those gifs was me telling my wife I will see these other women if she dares cheat any longer, that can and will see women now, and that I'm only here for the kids now. Prefer the pronouns Zie/Zim(invader) and (G)Zir. Refer to me as the green alien robot hybrid non gendered / non person I am, or it will spell your
StaymetalPlz Visalia, California🤘🐺🤘 People are getting more and more idiotic and insane in my country! What the hell! I think I might just have to move to Baja and fish for survival. I got some ideas for a new Cabo like resort. But only certain individuals will be allowed to visit after background checks Professions: salesman and drumset player! MetalHead, Futurist, Raver, Soul-Resonator, Entrepreneur, Marketing Braniac Guy @
insane_bully 🇺🇦🇨🇿 @25__ArEm @HyperBogdan I have been using Beta for 3 years or so and it was always pretty decent, and stable for me. It is the first bug I encountered. It is related to adaptive theming. Commentator • Photo & Tech enthusiast • OnePlus 9 Pro user • Tennis player • Gamer • Father & Husband • I am from Ukraine
phonegame_boy Im sorry i'm insane and leaving I want to play those games📲💞✌️💥☎️😍💤😸☝️👁🛩☀️
Jeannette19888 Lynn, MA @elonmusk Yup, same here! Very well said. It's so funny to me because I am a classic Liberal to. This new liberal party is insane to. They preach tolerance to and yet have become the most intolerant of everyone. Im sick of it. This is not the party that I grew up with. Pagan recovering addict and craftmaker!
griffinp_10 🇺🇸 A one Punch Man spinoff without Saitama would be pretty insane because the stakes are already so high. Without him to bail them out it would be such a desperate and dark struggle AniManga |🏈🏀| Luka | Barcelona | Genshin | 20
SOscarboy2 Alaska, USA @marwilliamson Marianne, you & ur party’s insane policies will lose in a bloodbath to MAGA. We have the momentum & righteous outrage on our side. All You have are LIES, Woke BS, Full Term/Partial Abortion to run on. BLM is a fraud and so are you.
ogwal_yesse Kampala, Uganda @wtf1official Replace the Qatar World cup too. This is insane. Punishing others for what you also do. Which people support rebels in dafur, congo and Syria ?..who is the judge of morality here.. savers are loosers..
Fallout180180 @VivaLaMayoOG @Yourdemmizze22 @OpTic MW3 mp was infinitely more fun then MW2. It wasn't balanced though 😂 but that's what made it fun. The shotguns were OP as fork (USAS and Striker) and so were the smg's. PP90m1 and mp7. Man, they were insane.
BenStantonMN Minnesota, USA She's cute and sexy and allowed to be insane. driving my life away
friedavies @EngineMode11 No sidepods is one of the most insane innovations I’ve ever seen in my time watching F1. It is truly groundbreaking and aero benefits will be huge, don’t need a wind tunnel to see that. With development on PU limited it’ll be hard to replicate - advantage locked in for years? Fast 🏎️💨 and distortion
christheFER San Diego, CA And also, holy crap that last fight was insane. I probably accumulated more deaths there than I did the last 20 hours of playing lol. He/Himbo. Current: Sound Designer @PlayStation | Prev: @Roosterteeth. Champion of sound, cats & food. Fenix Nemean in RWBY:GC. | Opinions here are my own.
Shiustar2 kookminland @naega12you @BTS_twt Jimin is seriously IT boy and global sensation!! We don't have any doubt!! He deserves it !! I am wondering when he will start his solo career he will actually break multiple records 💙 🙌🏻 he is insane!! I love #WithYou by #JIMIN #BTSJIMIN of #BTS and Sungwoon. 🐰:ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ʲᵉᵃˡᵒᵘˢ ᵒᶠ ᵐᵉ? ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ᵇᵉⁱⁿᵍ ʲᵉᵃˡᵒᵘˢ, ⁱ'ˡˡ ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʰᵒˡᵈⁱⁿᵍ ʲⁱᵐⁱⁿⁱᵉ.ᵇˡᵘᵇˡᵘʰᵇˡᵘʰ. 🐥 :ʲᵘⁿᵍᵏᵒᵒᵏⁱᵉ ⁱˢ ᵐⁱⁿᵉ. ᵗʳᵘᵉ ᵒᵗ7 ᵃʳᵐʸ 💜 ᵇᵗˢ ᵐʸ ˡⁱᶠᵉ💜 🇰🇷
midlozi Cape Town, South Africa 20 million on a bloody damn flag on top of all the social and economic issues we are still suffering in this country. How insane is that! I shall not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind.
jasmineisaqt 22–they/them the clock on my phone tweaking and it freaked me tf out for a sec. I’m trying to screen record but it won’t let me!!!! my phone really trying to make me feel insane but it won’t !!!! Work !!!!!!!!! I’m sane!!!! And normal don’t worry bout it, sweetheart
zzLight_ Hardest: SWI/Tartarus @Fabricorn2 You don't need to believe me but when he is gonna finish sakupen circles he will truly show that he is absolutely insane and I don't think I will be able to get the same possibility as him because that requires a lot of skill Top 180 Geometry Dash Player // Priv: @light_priv Discord: Light#1693
coastal_nutmeg Northeast, USA @American3141592 @DrJillStein I don't disagree that Israel is a threat. I think it's insane that we continue to give them huge financial support while they undermine our interests and give us the middle finger. But again one doesn't cancel out the other. #whataboutism Independent in thought, deed, and politics. **Q-Anon is just trailer park Scientology. -Anonymous**. #BLM FIGHT FASCISM✊SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. (No DMs w/o Consent)
Camael46 @sahilkapur There is more awareness today. War on CNN was then a spectacle in front of consenting crowds. And he carries the guilt of those insane times, and, in a way, attempts a pathetic redemption with this sentence... meant for Ukraine. We should learn from lies of the past, We don't. Pas de ce monde...

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