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BrandonStraka New York, USA I just lost over THREE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. Twitter often drops a hundred or so at a time- but this is insane!! If Twitter dropped you, please re-follow. And please retweet this so that anyone else who has dropped might see it, too! Ridiculous!!! #WalkAway Campaign Founder BOOKING/MEDIA: Former Liberal. Gay. On a mission to #RedPill humanity
MichaelCoudrey WOW: Twitter has just locked the account of physician and lawyer @drsimonegold for “sharing misleading information related to COVID-19.” Twitter employees with no medical degree should not be silencing the perspectives of trained physicians. This is insane. Entrepreneur. Activist. Investor. CEO: - Social Media For Politicians & Organizations. Media Requests:
AndrewMCrespo Cambridge, MA This seems...insane. A masked on-duty officer covered his badge while acting chummy with anti-BLM protesters. Someone posted his picture on twitter to find out who he is. Prosecutors are now charging the tweeter, and 5 RTers, with an 18 month felony.🧵 Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure @Harvard_Law
hyunabit verrerdise ive been thinking about jungkook for literally 3 days@straight idk why and i just remembered i SAW HIM IN PERSon like i have a video on my phone of HIM that i took myself i feel like i’m going insane i love him so much oh my@godSTCUVKS u pickpocket dongheon and all u get is kangmin
Jeffsgirl112512 Michigan, USA I’m in a Tourette’s Syndrome support group on Facebook and it’s 99% moms of children with Tourette’s instead of people who actually have it and the way these Karen’s come for me when I give input on anything is insane. It’s not like I’ve spent 23 years dealing with it or anything I’m happy.
guerilladiner Who framed Roger rabbit had a 50 million dollar budget in the 80s and is an insane idea. Whatever you think of it, a movie like that couldn’t get made today, and I like giving a crazy idea money forklift enthusiast
SamFitz4490 It's honestly INSANE how expensive Save the Date cards and Wedding Invitations are. These are the things people do not tell you in advance. I'm a superhero Mondays through Fridays. ✌️❤️⚾️ #RedSox
nicolaaxerri Melbourne, Victoria if you serious think this is nice your mentally insane, and you should go and get your eyeballs checked 777 🦋
theresatruth @IngrahamAngle That is insane! I guess next she will say Free Groceries, Free Restaurant Food, and Free Clothing in Dept stores! No businesses need to make any money! Then all the towns in the U.S. will be Ghost Towns! 🤮😳😲😡
Swami_EA Orlando, FL This is absolutely insane. One has elite nfl speed and the other all-world speed. Acta non verba | @EAMaddenNFL Associate Franchise Designer | #RatingsAdjustor NFL & College Player Scouting, Research and Analytics | #FranchiseNation
Franzftw Something about a double blind taste test (individually packed and numbered), anonymous feedback cards, a guide sheet with how to score- it was kind of insane And E had NEVER made (or even eaten) drunken noodles at this point 🙃 because reasons
Tasnyx they/them @justacoverband absolutely, the only reason it isnt new york levels of death in california is in my experience state health care here is better than most but its still forking awful cases wise and the consolidation is crazy. hard to not go insane about it. i've made many mistakes in my life using the computer Im The Air Fryer Dude Cool Dude Alt: @Sunriseking_ Kai/22/idiot
mivulgar @CoreyJ87_ @richarddeitsch @washingtonpost Richard also posted multiple times about Dame blowing up and the Leafs insane comeback last night. You're the one fixated on "narrative", which is usually the case when somebody tries to change the topic. Try reading the article. Then I challenge you to dispute the facts. Got a Vonnegut Punch for your Atlas Shrugs
_bazziinga @insane_birdie I know but he put bebo and Anu above her They tried to bury us they didn’t know we were seeds
FrostedSuccess @frostedtool, can I plzzz have a login key? This is insane. Someone is making 19.92 and let me tell you, it isn't me. @frostedtool 📦 Drop Shipping Is Supposed To Be Easy. 📧 Stay tuned for updates
BLISSHOP115 Savannah, TN @etherealhowler When I was that age I was starting my insane clown Posse phase and I don't think I held onto any of that... My sister still bashes me over that saying she's gonna show pics of that phase at my wedding ;_; single./osu!/loves working out/19 if you wanna talk dm me! Don't care what you believe in as long as you're calm I'll talk! :) Banner by @furryspart
SteveRosenberg @Loopy718 Just finished re-watching Cobra Kai recently. You guys did a phenomenal job. The action scenes in that last episode were insane and I definitely wasn't expecting that Miguel/Robby confrontation to end the way that it did. Can't wait for Netflix to announce the S3 premiere date. PreWGA Writer/Filmmaker...voted for Kodos
linguiniapasta @Riddlesmk you got the reset, and got the most hype true grand finals i've ever seen. that was all insane, keep up the work hey :)
wamylove Atlanta, Georgia Stuff of nightmares.😱☠️ The Danger of War with China is Real and Insane I work with the disabled and see lots of live music. Love business, recipes, health, technology and medical news, also. 🌊🌊
Disposessed2 @mbokelman @MattRKay Look they (teachers) are all insane. 😂😂 Best to tell your kids to daydream and ignore them or read a great book. European American Daughter of Rome
milkycharrm Commissions Open! i don’t discuss p5 as much as i would like but god the moment someone even mentions goro it’s like a little alarm goes off in my brain and makes me go insane Hi. I'm Val! Level 18 Visual Artist | she/her | ENG/ESP | 🇦🇷🇨🇦 | Interests include: anything idol! MikaP and ArashiP! I also like Yohane and Nozomi
saskiademer she/her crier’s war is gonna make me go insane and you’re telling i still have a month left before iron heart is released? i absolutely hate it here "what were you thinking?" "olivia" ll "she has no shame" katie mcgrath about me, 2018 (fan account)
dandaelions 'ㅅ' ♥ •́w•̀ | she/her and yixing...... they're insane 0421
itzYouBeforeShe @friday25idha These are fake theories that L & H met in battle of band and Z & Li met in Mc Donald's..but still see the likes and retweets on these tweets..directioners have gone insane... Z & H
ironyisntpain blm | young thug city im so fu king useless its insane and wveryone knows its true infacy so why bother at this point whos going to find me tonight
BenRodriguez413 Suffield, Connecticut @CurryHicksSage Richie Neal brings $ to W.Mass, schools, etc. In the middle of a pandemic even. He also is respected across the aisle. It's nearly insane to replace him (and lose that benefit) for a candidate for Congress that's on Tinder chasing college students. CT family man from Western, MA. Love my country and sticking up for what’s right. Puerto Rican (viva Humacao), politics, news, sports. Opinions are mine alone.
pixeIbug czech republic throwback to when I made my sister watch mob psycho, ohshc and avatar and she finished them all in like 2 weeks HER SLAY IS INSANE I threw away your favorite painting
_Grimsley FL god damn, its after midnight and 83 degrees outside. this heat is insane Battlenet-Xombie #11521 | Steam-Rayx0r | Origin - Omega-Hex | UPLAY-rayx0r
nymph4siren they/them i really just drink lemonade, dissociate while talking about how reality has been collectively warped, and sound entirely insane. that’s all I do ☉♌︎ ☾♈︎ 𐍊 ♏︎ they/them
PRODJIMlN the grounders performance of i&credible was so good and their synchronization was insane !! #ILAND #Together_GEONU_ILAND @mnetiland 18 | #지민 #건우 🐣
BadAoifeBad “Please don’t tell me that your leaving now. Stay and bury yourself in me. He said please just don’t stop. Please don’t stop until I’m screaming your name. It’s a head spin until were both insane again..” PARODY/RP. 29. MS//MV//OC Writer is EST #DivineKindred #GlitterTrash #HisGingerWhore
MZRasheed Great Falls, VA @omarsvryown Can’t argue with you for rn/this season considering his career high in assists and Lebron has been able to pull off similar stuff like this before but in terms of just individual insane level difficulty passes Luka has had almost as much as Lebron has throughout his career Politics, Pop Culture & Self Deprecation | Currently: @CAPAction | Prev: @TimKaine ‘18 VA CC ‘17 | All opinions (clearly) my own |GMU MPP ‘21 | DM(V)
RocketScalping $BTC Weekly is another dalailama.. this pattern fractals itself down to the tick charts. It’s pretty insane how often it repeats at random points when in a BULL MARKET. Occurred in 2017 and 2019 too Attorney turned daytrader - crypto/commodities/equities. nothing here is financial advice.
trashdick3 @HappyFunNorm @mustachetoilet @ItsmeMario42069 @AidanSmith2020 @AsInMarx genuinely insane thinking. obama and the democrats used their sweeping electoral mandate to spend 8 years crapting on working people, were arrogant enough to think they could pretend everything was fine in 2016, and got upended by a grifter who was aware of how angry people were. come and see
EstrogenWars AB Are there any other refugees from BravoRealHousewives subreddit out there? Havent been since they got Stassi fired. I don't care abt her but its 90% insane people now who are constantly mad bc Reality. TV. Stars. . Aren't. Woke. Enough. And try to get them fired. Batcrap not woke. free speech absolutist. XX.
MiLo_575 東京 holy crap... thank you everyone for the insane stream! went from grey to purple parse on e6 this week at ilvl 491 in PF WITH A CAMEO AND HUGE RAID FROM THE LEGEND @thatgirlbeyaca sent everyone over to watch @eskie_eskay do some uwu prog on dragoon! love y'all 💗 生命は 自分自身だけでは完結できないように つくられているらしい。
bbomchxcolat he/him no you don't UNDERSTAND changbin is a genius especially in side effects, only he can rap in 4/4 to a track in 6/8 that's genuinely INSANE and extremely hard to pull off and have it sound as good as it does here when i say soty you say dumhdurum // fan account // apink + skz + like 30 other groups
ReesPaz @caffeinePOQID I’ve talked to her in the dms discussing our political beliefs and she seems extremely moderate when you get a one on one discussion with her. And then I just see this conspiracy theorist, super anti-democrat side of her which is absolutely insane. a center left modern social dem. independent. unbiased actual patriot. warning: my humor is... provocative. just a few warnings is all. follows =/ endorsement
JTMagic1989 Orlando, FL @Jeff_Sharon @JamieLK85 @EricLopezELO I think that’s what drives me the most nuts, like he’ll drill these insane bombs now in the NFL like nothing and it’s like “come on man, you couldn’t hit a chip shot in college to win that game!!??” Magic Fan since day 1. STH. Orlando Magic Daily Volunteer Contributer. UCF. Lightning Fan. Orlando Realtor. #10hana for KZ
DemonIzanagii just hit an insane snipe, 3 dudes in a heli,sniped both of them out and killed the pilot trying to escape, can’t wait to post the clip😸 @Buzro_ @makz #SoaRWithUs #warzone #warzoneclip twitch @demonizanagi #mwclips #mw #mwclip #mwclips #twitchclips #twitchtv #TwitchAffilate #faze Content Creator And Gamer🎥🎮
Killa__ace The bond me and my niece have is crazy like such a pure love I get from her it’s insane I love her so so so much 💚🤞🏻
annaliseph skeppys van @PANP4S hey george!! congrats on two mil, thats insane!! you deserve all the love in the world, and we all love you infinitely. you have helped me get through the toughest of times and saved my life a lot :’) , i love you so much, keep being you, because youre amazing!! <333 anna | chaostwt | she/her | minor | 🌙 | pisscult | simp for block men 😼| banner- @stargazinghana
TheMagicalTimes Twiceland 🍭 OMGGG THIS IS INSANE!!! COME AND RUIN ME SANA, RUIN MEEEEEE 😭🤧😩 Your heart is too special to not be carried kindly, to not be held like it's magic. 💕🌹✨ #Twice | #Blackpink | #SaiDa 🥂
Shorttempered30 GCU 19' I cannot believe I just beat kingdom hearts 2 in 12 and a half hours! That was insane! Thank you all so much for joining me! I seriously had so much fun playing through that game as fast as I could! I may have gotten frustrated at times but it was still so fun! Love y’all so much Hey my name is Tobin AKA Short Tempered on Youtube! | Content Creator for @FrontGG | Buisness Email:
AmazinSuperHick Bristol, TN The difference in my old monitor snd the new one is insane. Same resolution but that 1ms response time and 144+hz is forking mad. No wonder i was crap at games as of late. First round on HLL with 144hz was crazy good. Insensitive prick. Whiskey. Tattoos. Video Games. Milsim Airsoft. Firearms Enthusiast. Foodie.
beautyTTV North Carolina I want to give so much love and thanks to @JaimePRamirez29 for being the first person EVER to hit 100 gifted subs in my stream in a month. You are so insane & amazing in every way possible. I am so absolutely grateful 😢💘 Twitch Streamer & Emote Artist ♡ Use code “beauty” in the Fortnite item shop #ad
rowansberrie loving rika | they | 16 now that d20 twt is going insane over acoc aus i would like to bring up what eren and i call the capitalism au- [i am shot by eren] whenever i have a thought i take 1d4 psychic damage | NOT spoiler free
mrkgloss 18 | she/her @haecliptic same, I’m just trying to read it since it genuinely seems interesting and I thought I was going insane or somthin #𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊: 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 𝐈𝐍 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄
samnotfox she/her HE'S SO forkING DRAMATIC LIKE HE DIDN'T JUST DRIVE WILL INSANE AND GIVE HIM A DEATH SENTENCE FOR THE CRIMES HE FRAMED HIM FOR,,,,,, i can't stand his gay bottom be gay, punch a nazi, eat the rich
thefl0ss Санкт Петербург @revoltandestroy I've been arguing with an insane capitalist for the last hour and I could use some positive reinforcement from socialists 😩 #1312 #ancom 🏴