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SeanTrende This is insane. The population of North Dakota is 762k, and it has had 70,016 total *diagnoses* (infections are likely much higher). That's nearly 10% of the population diagnosed with COVID. 10 days ago that # was 56k, 20 days ago was 43k, 30 days was 34k. It's getting worse. Sr. Elections Analyst at RCP. Co-Author, Almanac Am. Pols. 2014. Recovering Attorney. If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
drdavidsamadi Manhattan, New York Lockdown for everyone is insane. Keep older people at home and let the working people make a living and prevent the economic collapse! Let’s be smart about this, America. Tweets represent my own views. Follow my Instagram @DrDavidSamadi. #RoboticSurgery. Expert in @newsmax contributor🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
VMZ0NE ‘05 - carrd byf Oh oh 핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래 (꺼줄래) 모두가 스마트하다지만 우린 점점 멍청해지잖아 (멍청해지잖아) Woo woo 핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래 얼굴 보고 멘션 날려 좋아요는 난 필요 없어 oh oh oh @MOTS127 the amount of theories and possibilities this comeback has is insane i’m actually so excited #JUNGKOOK’s best friend ★ HE ! THEY ! XE
Myhealthyescape United States @AnthonySabatini In the America I grew up in, you don't get to illegally carry an assault weapon and kill people who throw a skateboard. This America is insane. Your rhetoric is disgusting & encourages this hatred & violence. You (and #Trump and silent @GOP) are culpable Love storytelling in all forms. Photographer, reader, coffee lover, environmentalist, daughter of an Air Force veteran, victim of gun violence, Independent
Aviyahu_ San Diego, CA @SonofYacob Insane! People here in Cali still do line up for lunch and dinner everyday! Of course not 14 hours. But I’ve seen 1-2 hour depending on where you are in Cali! Crazy! A set apart woman devoted to YAH and YAHUSHA. Witnessing Truth & the Word to the true Hebrew Israelite (Ibri)
DanMiddo stoke-on-Trent @RussellDutton @MacMenUnite @stokieadam @robin1302 @stokecity_SH Its all well and good inside the stadium. But outside the stadium you won't be able to. Also the amount of stewards needed for that would be insane. Which is why the government aren't doing it I want them to for the sake of my MH. But they won't because it'll be too hard police Mental health & suicide first aider. Stoke fan, ground hopper, opinionated, gig goer who has 'Top class commitment to banter' (The ladbible, 10/4/16 )
velvettehwang im questioning im so confysed about myself right now. about the gender i like.. im going forking insane bc ive been thinking about this since last week and IM SCARED idk why btch is delusional | she/her
onebigorangecom Texarkana, TX It's insane to think with the current Covid-19 daily death rate that over 40,000 parents and grandparents will die between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's a whole year of flu deaths or car accident deaths in a month. It'll probably be much worse because of Thanksgiving. Amateur Astronomer 🔭, strongman competitor🏋️, actor 🎬 I do stuff for fun and sometimes profit.
cathyday63 @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews YOUR INSANE MAN!!!! What goes around comes around!!! And your time has come around! 👀🧛🏻‍♀️!!!
vmkdesi South Africa vocal line is so insane wtf???? seokjin, jimin, taehyung and jungkook made each song on BE unique, special and addictive.... their vocals are so beautiful i could cry #BTS: no debut #1 on hot 100, no opinion💜 she/her🌈 || desi || 19 || fan account
jmiahvjera tj hakdog changes they might drive u half insane but it's killin u to stay the same and it's all gonna work out, it's all gonna work out someday 🕊️ | have faith, have me. you are tougher than your demons, you are greater than the pain.
fyodorluvr she/her. 15. 🇹🇩 im so obsessed w personality tests and astrology its so insane i spent 2 hours analizing someoens birth chart enneagram mbti and tritype ask to follow if you're het! i'm not heterophobic because i like het ships but if it's irl i get a little uncomfy eeek!
aneskimokiss Turin, Italy @Dessytothemax @Stray_Kids and Chan said in his live today that they barely rehearsed with the props, insane😳 피어나 주기를 (I hope you bloom) 🌺 she/her '93 liner / INFJ-T / ravenclaw / enneagram type 5
ExportedFromMI Lone Tree, CO It’s crazy to think that the president and many in his inner circle are certifiably insane. If their families cared about them they could legitimately have them committed against their will in many states. Cannot wait for #BidenCalm to replace this. Documentary Filmmaker ★ A Journey From Madness to Forgiveness
foreveraintae she/her | 20 | blm u can literally say that ab any verse and any album they’re insane
gamerwill_ Wisconsin, USA @freyfps @furia we don’t know. report came out that they were replacing hen1 and my quote tweet says it was something internal and not related to performance. which is obvs because he’s been insane this year. will, was known as zolvy. csgo enthusiast/former cod nerd. serious tweet composer. $zolvy #skol @vikings
SHESTIREDDD London, England Tried to experiment making salted caramel and now have an insane amount of it just chilling
spidercycle icon by i keep thinking “i want to make a s*fikura mix” but i’ve already done that. But i want to make a more forked up and insane one parker | 23 | any pronouns | 18+ | oya manda! | curmudgeon and suspicious bastard | ❤️@SEEKERVORE🔸@riftbound ❤️
bakkzijl @realDonaldTrump That's right Donald Trump. The world is watching how mad you are. Insane. And how dangerous it is when a mad man like you is in power. To tell the Republicans that they should want a dictatorial republic instead of a democracy.
svnfl0wervol6 Austin, TX @Weldegebriel Psychological warfare and arbitrary abuse in exchange for a piece of paper that tells people I know stuff?? INSANE listening to edm ✨
Sucio_McFly Bethlehem, PA The Cersei chapters in A Feast For Crows are a work of art. She’s clearly going insane and as the reader it’s very hilarious. The North Remembers
wang9824126 London, England @SanaeDekomori55 I don’t know how the ranking system works in that game, but C is never a satisfying result in most games. You should get an A and head for an S. I will crap myself if I get a result of C, unless it’s an insane level😉. Graduate Engineering Consultant/Shadowverse/Pokémon/Monster Hunter(3G,4G,X,World)
andykhouri Hollywood, CA It’s not insane. It’s a forking lie. There’s a difference. They’re coming up with complete bullcrap that none of them believe to try and fork everything up. The media is still playing the GOP’s game by pretending this is anything but a forking lie. Former DC editor: Far Sector. Harleen. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. Amethyst. Batman Black & White. Omega Men. Green Arrow Rebirth. Suicide Squad. Doom Patrol.
metaphetamines Lrt I love kuroko basketball and how over the top it is. Insane fun Musician | Kengo's Dad | 25 | He/They
nerdypatty Houston, TX @brandonorselli The next tweet after "not including POC obviously" no not obviously you chump Im american and black fork off thank you very much. These kinds of people my goodness insane and annoying. 🇺🇸Patrice AKA Patty | 25 | Role Player | Gamer | Otaku | Filmmaker | frohawk | Twitch Affiliate | (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Business Inquiries:
MariahLKrueger Vancouver, WA Y’all ever wake up but gotta pretend you’re still asleep bc your dog is onto you and he’ll go insane if you get up 😭🤣 PDX Model & MUA | Signed & Multi-Published 📸✨ || Taken @symply || 🌲🌻🍁
a_realart Luxury Go ahead and drive me insane.. yh just like this 😍 🦄 don't miss your chance. spend on me fast!!
Grid_Glxy Wano Kuni This foreshadowing for Sukuna and Gojo is insane One Piece | Naruto | Bleach | Yu Yu Hakusho | Jujutsu Kaisen | MHA | Black Clover | Sanji Fanboy | 🏴‍☠️
RachelDearest Austin, TX @DamonLinker @CathyYoung63 If you find the escape route back to the surely-not-this-insane real world, please do let me know. I’ll be in the corner rocking and mumbling to myself about objective truth and a shared national ethos. Likes: History, grit, false eyelashes, afternoon tea, fountain pens, silken tofu. Dislikes: Oversimplification, athleisure, moral certainty.
TBN98441266 @TheRealFKQ Agreed, and... Put people back to work!!! Stop this insane BS.... Disabled veteran, patriot, conservative. Enjoy freedom!!! Cancer survivor! Follow at you own risk!!! Love America and Americans... @tucsonventures on Parler
star_burrito Alberta, Canada Had insane luck with the 1 UP houses in NSMBU Deluxe and went from 17 to 55 lives in 7 houses ||19, he/him|| miniTWOWer, uni culinary student, obsessed with Wolf Alice, Ratatat and tons of other music, Crosser of Animals, #LetsGoOilers, Aspie
SFanon2 @cdub70308806 @SFCPA @RafaelMandelman @RescueSf @sfchronicle He needs to grow a pair and call this bs out for what it is - a scam. He keeps notes on and cries about the homeless in his district; he knew about the insane vagrant living in glen park who killed an elderly man-constituents asked for help. He did nothing. This is a money grab.
brittme90 Utah, USA @sportsiren @slcairport My boyfriend and I just moved to the SLC area and it took an hour from when the plane landed til my boyfriend made it outside. It was insane. Oregonian in Utah. Madly in love with an Airman 🇺🇸 📷insta: blightensup
JUNJIYAKE @nayimathuns bro ikr its insane and its not only bp fanbases nct too. this has to stop eventually
y0ucouldstay Italy, All Too Well #1 Stan This is insane. She is INSANE. AND SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY GOING ON AT THE MOMENT. 😳 Currently on that tightrope, trying everything to get Taylor Swift laughing at me 🥺 I might be new on Twitter... but I STAN Taylor since 2014.😼 Never met T💔
bag_the_sniper P Sound @summit1g Please give Valhalla a TRY! Such a massive game with some much to do the graphics are INSANE! And you really do not have to play it as a stealth game. You do raids on villages with you clan! Get good with block/counters/dodges and you can take most crap head on!! come join me. And watch the Fortnite massacre. 22/Fortnite/Streamer/Bodybuilder/contractor.
carabreac Canada @CheriDiNovo @fordnation I went to Fairview Mall near the beginning of November and left when I realized no one was following pathway directions, social distancing, wearing masks properly... Insane! There is no way I would go this weekend! Go fish!
Shamrock_61 Atlanta, GA @meenaharris Donald DumbAss is criminally insane! He is mean and nasty as a snake. His enablers and collaborators are just as mean and nasty! Husband. Pops. Poppy. Army Combat Helicopter Pilot-Vietnam. Sentinel-Civil Rights. “Seek Justice, love Mercy, walk Humbly with my God!!!”
wlcharlis YES U DID IT!! 100m ppl that follow you!!!!! thats insane, im so proud of evertyng you've benn archiving. yes you are so talented, loved and the kindest, you deserve it SOOOO much, im so happy for you, you have no idea, ily forever @charlidamelio charli damelio is art. ؛✰ — s/her
Prattman13 @Laceybug321 Can relate. I work at the village baker and we are making 80 dozen mf rolls on Wednesday. We have been getting preorders for all sorts of crap since last weekend. The lines are already insane and the phone never stops ringing 🙃 long arms, ugly knees
IngersolRobert Chicago, IL @OscarsWild1 @NikolovScience @Vieux_Rhone @RuleByLogic @Kenneth72712993 @ancistroneura @LochChesney @JsharkJill @ncdave4life @SimonMaxfield8 @PolAnimalAus @Ceist8 @eloarefab @Barbarajdurkin @Gladfly1 @JoeTheAtheist @KCTaz @swcrisis @ClimatePoet @ClimateScience2 @WadeKendall4 @Tangomitteckel @DisorderDipolar @EthonRaptor @ClimateSkeptic4 @SmithRobertson8 @DawnTJ90 @MATTP1949 @DonWils13730132 @AtomsksSanakan @ianrowley677 @BadgersNo @ZombiePiano @Jamz129 @CymaticWave @CrangusShish @insane_voice @TheDisproof @maya_phd @leonardjcohen @FrankWi74044551 @fknsavages27 @GillesnFio @HVACPerformance @heisenburgal2o3 @Achilles_1985 @Tokyo_Tom @stevethib Where does this come from? Can you post/reference the original? Data appears to stop in 2018. What are blue and red lines? What does your red marker mean? Is it covering data? Another wave height chart? Retired Chemist and Patent Agent. I race go-karts and fly rockets. "The climate is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks." - W. Broecker #ClimateBrawl
_JMacTucker Houston, TX This was one of the sickest LANs I got to watch. This is still in my Top 5 favorite games of Smite I've ever watched. The amount of energy in that room with Soar lost the phoenix/titan fight 5v4 for CAZ to then run it up mid and win. Absolutely insane! Smite Caster and Analyst | @SmitePro Core Stream Team | SCC Amateur Casting Team Lead | Host/Casting Inquiries:
charlesbenfx Texas, USA If #bitcoin  didn’t exist I think I might have legitimately gone insane at this point. The ability to simply take the other side of the Keynesian/MMT/Communist ‘economics’ bet, and then just lean back and watch is divinely therapeutic. #SysAdmin, #HealthCareTech, Problem Solver, Married, Father, investor, NOT Financial Advice Giver, FA, Foodie, very sane & stable genius
simmnfierzig Germany @lukamvp77 @townbrad @johnhollinger We have 15/15 players on roster and made moves to really balance that roster out. I'm really happy with that even if they dont do anything more. But we will do something if it makes sense. We have insane flexibility and a lot of good contracts
doom_hag herding goatse @barnacleboytoy it’s INSANE and I love it “real corny for a female” • record store puta • lovable pervert • weird al‘s whore • music/humor/art/food/horror • 🇲🇽🇬🇹 • feed me bread & let me sleep
KateDavisRocks California @SOrt6184 @NWO_Watcher @Mcknife1952 Donny Dufus tried the same insane tactic in the US as fossil fuel gas destroys Earth's atmosphere! He's so damn dumb (and corrupt) he proclaims the virtues of burning coal... COAL... dirty, highly-polluting fuel is hischoice. A complete idiot! Take those ill-gotten golf courses! Please DM requests for me to listen to music. (Tweets get lost in news posts.) I don't click links! Amazon, Spotify, YouTube OK 😽. Scammers Blocked! Stay Away!
andyshell69 my head hurts so forking bad im sick and tired of my body hurting and my head hurting nothing stops it all forking hurts i cant take this crap anymore im.actually going insane forking fork andy/carmine - it/its - hell, usa
sonofdestinyxrp Warren, MI @XRP_intel Oh yeah, it's coming in slowly, but we haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until the institutional investors and the masses start pouring their money into the market! It's going to be insane!! Autonomous Engineer, Road Warrior, Full-Time Investor with Stocks & Crypto (Bitcoin Is The Guide & XRP Is The Standard), Future Physical Therapist
Tillian1243 Moscow @Ollym98 Woowwwwwwwwww. I'm so impressed. But yeah, he was at Swansea and he was next big thing back then, his Silver IF was worth insane money. Sinclair at LM, Dier at RM, both from Swansea Russian, who tweets a lot about Football and FIFA in English.
Itlogpogipd Cape Breton Highlands @ThePubliusUSA Yes we do have some of the stupidest people in the world ready to follow morons who know better. I mean look at the Q movement I mean if you read their information they are insane yet they have lots of people flocking to their stupidity and insane conspiracies theories. USA Army and Law enforcement Retired duel citizen of 🇺🇸 🇨🇦