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tribelaw HEY, LISTEN: SCOTUS hears args today from 10-12 & tomorrow from 10-11. After that, they aren’t scheduled to take the bench again till Feb 24, when the next sitting starts. SO BLAME #MidnightMitch, NOT CJ Roberts, for the insane schedule that starts at 1 PM and goes to 2 or 3 AM! "This is America . . . Here, right matters." -- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
SethAbramson All views mine. If you want to know how full-on INSANE these 53-47 votes opposing amendments are, imagine a prosecutor at a trial saying, "Your Honor, we move for the admission of {checks notes} EVIDENCE..." and then losing that motion, then asking again, losing again, asking again, losing again Attorney. @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of a book on Trump's Iran policy, Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor.
JillWineBanks Chicago, IL Hold McConnell accountable along w all who vote for this insane and unnecessary schedule. @MSNBC Contributor. Author, The Watergate Girl, 2.25.20. Pre-order now. Watergate prosecutor. GC Army. COO ABA. Business exec. Chief, career & tech ed Chicago.
USAVeteran5 @adriandt31 @darhar981 @realDonaldTrump The Dems are delusional and insane! Believe in God Family Country US Army Veteran🇺🇸Conservative Patriot #1A #2A #MAGA #KAG #IFB Code of Vets Trump 2020!🇺🇸
babixzhabit Boku no pico is trash bro, y’all be on here gassin it smh.. That crap gets carried by a 10/10 plot, amazing character development, insane consistency, god tier protagonist/antagonist, the best art in manga, and the best mc ever.. Other than that it’s got nothing! We shouldn't worry about being able to achieve our dreams as long as we have the desire to do it!
bbqutie NYC @wolfatdawn Like idk I guess the guy is super obsessed w the gym so he wanted this to be a part of their wedding.... which is insane enough but to look around and notice they didn’t even clear out the place omg wassup welcome to my crib
LapsaH @biggabren @generation_lies @MmeScience @tribelaw The cultists in the trump church have one policy position, and that is 'owning' the people they don't like. They will defend the DPRK just to 'own the libs'. Its pretty insane. Anarchist/Libertarian Socialist | Furry | Erotic Story Writer | NSFW, obviously | Politics and history | English and Spanish - learning ᏣᎳᎩ
megrokosmos ireland | 23 | ot7 @joonscrowns It’s going to be insane like idk how they thought that many in Europe would suffice and the us has a good number like?? 『 𝚠𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚝𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚢𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎 』 𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐣𝐤 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐚𝐬𝐭 ~
_YourLipsOnMine D Streets. If a bitch wanna fork w/ me then her guts gone spill, fork up her day should’ve never came give her an ER bill. Maybe blow out her brain leave her remains and make that heart beat still. Might be insane idk what to say but for you I’d kill. add my snap and Instagram @ daysheonna ✨
MagnusRHellberg Los Angeles He is insane and deranged. What’s really scary is that idiots keep voting for him Real Estate, Tennis Player, Experience, caring and getting the job done.
lizzy728 New York, NY @Mari_Belle021 Insane way to register for presale. we had memberships which were closed out and now open. And people rushing to buy to get tickets. I am crying and am so stressed!! I want to get tickets for my daughter so bad. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Proud Army Mom💜OT7💜“You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself”💜 use this account for BTS only
NewFuryMedia St Pete, Florida Not even 13 years old and nailing @veilofmayaband and @PeripheryBand songs. insane. A new perspective on music, gaming, sports, and culture. but mainly music. Tweets by @bradleydillon12.
itsporterbella Dallas,TX she/they @FloridaManly Yeah I can imagine going viral the way you did the comments were probably insane😭 You are right though! This is mostly just “who hurt you” and “you look scary” comments on a stupid transformation video so it’s fine but not productive lol
weliketrump2020 ☀The Sunshine State ☀ @TerryVernonsmi3 He's serving his country now and is under constant attack from media and insane globalists. Who else could endure the pressure? We are so fortunate.
flowerinperil north korea @PHREEJASIAH you, nascar, suicide boys, and pouya, that crap would be insane your favorite soft dom:) dont worry, i will be ur valentine
robodragons considering dancing to show everyone how twisted and insane i am call me Cat | they/she | 21 | I have wayfinder-loving disease
ZachGelb @CBSSportsRadio Would love to see NYY and Astros in the ALCS with the Dodgers waiting for the winner in the World Series if my team can't be there. The buzz with all that happened would be insane. Host of The Zach Gelb Show on @cbssportsradio || M-F 6-10 PM Eastern/3-7 PM Pacific || I once rejected an offer to play OL for @CoachWiesehan || #TempleMade
aeongrey Dead Meat. @icetheoryrap @artilectmech More or less. There are insane flaws in universal healthcare and more challenges when trying to apply it to such a large populous. Nationalize hospitals in India are scary, for profit ones are dreams. artist, emcee, producer. Hack. #CSR #orangearmy #maxillablue #deadmeat #leadbreakfast
NishiV_ London / Starbucks @GeorginaGrogan_ @themoneyshed 42 is insane!! I still don’t know how to increase mine. I publish posts regularly (1/week), wrote some guest posts last year, did some link swaps and keep fixing/deleting my broken links but my DA has stayed the same for about a year now! What am I doing wrong!? 😩 Travel & Lifestyle Multi Award-Winning Blogger | Coffee Addict | Lipstick Lover | Serious Wanderlust • •
JordanSeaberry Providence, RI With everything insane going on, I'm really thankful that my fiance is a doula. Tonight, she's helping bring a client's baby into the world after 9 months of coaching and practice and loving support. I always hate going to sleep without her, but tonight I'm really proud to. Painter by night, Public Policy Director by day. Tweets are my own, nobody else would want them.
__taintedlove_ New Jersey I remember when mad cow disease was going around and I thought it meant if you are burger you'd go insane Muslim,mom Not your cup of tea 🌱
Scatterik @KokoBFat1 @DaveMuscarella @markpelzel @BernieSanders And those who haven't earned their wealth? It's not a coincidence childhood wealth correlates so heavily with financial success later in life. What do you think jealousy has to do with this? The insane wealth gap in the US is an inarguable fact.
_Jugging where your not Black Clover is trash bro, y’all be on here gassin it smh.. That crap gets carried by a 10/10 plot, amazing character development, insane consistency........I can’t do it Watch Black Clover Nowwwwww!!!!!!!!!and Stan Yami 🍀☘️🍀🍀🍀 I don’t own any content
Prototrash @ScottHech Also the gun laws in NY are insane and all races suffer from it. Criminals don't follow the laws.. Twitter expert, senior political analyst, activist, part-time life coach, financial advisor
hermanngottIieb clown town holy crap something outside my apartment keeps forking beeping and i'm going to go fully insane if it doesn't stop ✨✨captain clown✨✨ AJ, 25, they/them | zach_stone on ao3 | IT, pacific rim, video games | personal/fandom twitter
ejthies15 Chicago, IL @rfhyde1 @maddow @MSNBC @chrislhayes @CNN @Acosta @AngrierWHStaff Are you insane? Or drunk? You’re running for public office and conducting yourself on Twitter this way? I’m appalled! 🌊Liberal, Photographer, Photoshop master, music lover, Vegetarian, PGF Softball, HS Baseball, Jr. Golf League, mom of 3!🥎⚾️⛳️
peteredrichards @FBIBoston @FBIWFO ,,,^/v:...jacking of charmer criminal...because they all need crutches, crutches of illegal insane injuries happening to 'born losers' that 'criminals didn't rob and gjeywp and infuriate THUSLY'" Don't be a snake slithering around wearing a turtle's shell.
williamwoodsss Your career will be affected! Conservative, Air Force Veteran, Father and Grandfather. I love my wife, my country and God.
_pretty_ill 44.9606° N, 93.2617° W imagine being so racist that you literally fear the people you oppress and are literally going insane at the thought they're in your lineage imagine HP Lovecraft non-binary access channel 🦋
lyndss407 Michigan @kelseyrgeorge noooooo 💔 I cant. She’s too young to be all done up like that and way too sweet. I don’t wanna see her go insane in her younger years from all the fame. ♈️🖤🐧
Syqitten Fucj @ironfries People get batcrap insane about books and i do not understand it 28| 🔞 | I use blockchain| nonbinary| he/him/they/them| gay| artist| Taurus/Scorpio| Personal and art acct| bnha|promare|hanako kun|pokemon|ACPC|GK|
AtcArmando Gotham, Puerto Rico @KayfabeNews Let’s be honest, Cage and Vince are insane, so this is spot on casting. A Puerto Rican who loves wrestling, comic books, fedora's, potted plants (fedora's and potted plants?), etc.
CBQPattyBoom Monkeytown, USA Y'all, I'm hipster music gayvgarbage. But the one off-brand act I've always wanted to see is Celine Dion because I know that motherforker is insane and probably a great live show. My bf got tickets for Christmas. Don't @ me. Podcaster.
cereal_twit @KarenAttiah What’s forking insane is that you participated in a BJP literary festival in India with other Nazi speakers to give legitimacy to the Nazis as they start their ethnic cleansing and then virtue signal🤷🏻‍♀️ I block Sanghis, Nazis, and other genocide cheerleaders #FreeKashmir #FreePalestine #BDS #BLM #MeToo #IStandWithIlhan Follow me at
analheroin Pennsylvania, United States Shut up Nicholas Cage is forking insane and he would 100% do this yæs • 🇭🇰 • discord:• aged 15-20, guess how old • Tulsi and Tito stan • anti-communist • Oppai-chan III• BDSM fan • Virgo • fate fan
ChubyHasselhoff North Carolina @TheUltraLex I have pretty big hands and it feels really good, honestly the best mouse I have ever purchased. The battery life is also insane. Esports fan | Gamer | Sports junkie
rOyalHIGHnessz 🌎 i dont know how no one is watching and talking about Reprisal on Hulu. Your insane to miss out on that show. 👻: Adobo978 🔞 Lawrence made🔫 🌴Florida living🌴 1 0f 1... word is bond 💯 Hating on the next man will leave you broke forever-
SteelSuppsUSA Can you hear the 2020 gainz calling? Make your workouts absolutely insane with Charged-AF or Amped-AF!🔥💪 . Feel the benefits of explosive power, extreme energy, intense focus, and lasting endurance! 💥 . . Tag a friend who needs to try some rocket fuel? 🚀 Steel Supplements is a brand that takes pride in providing the highest quality products within the fitness industry.
PtimeXr Germany @ApollotheHills How is this a trail at all...if you can vote out documents and witnesses...that's what a trail lives from...insane...the democrats have good points and trump is guilty as fork in my eyes...but sad to see democracy and fair means nothing to the GOP...! Love Ripple and XRP ❤️ Planning already to hike the PCT in 2021 (maybe 2020 but i think time is crucial) from Mexico to Canada 🎉
floydian_slip1 Florida’s 18th District People are actually saying Chris Wallace is a mouthpiece for Schumer and Pelosi. These people are friggin insane. If you’re not in total lockstep with their delusion you must be sleeping with the enemy. History is unfolding all around us. Will you be a passive observer... or an active participant? #TheResistance #RESIST #RebelScum 🇺🇸🤝🇨🇦
SoftCustomer9 Hyrule FMAB is trash bro, y’all be on here gassin it smh.. That crap gets carried by a 10/10 plot, amazing character development, insane consistency, god tier protagonist/antagonist, the best art in manga, and the best mc ever.. Other than that it’s got nothing! gamer
my_good_karma Nationwide Maybe he meant “aloud” in the SCIF. Were they permitted to speak? Just kidding. This is all insane and we no longer have a functioning democracy. God help us. #Yankees fan, husband, father, in that order...chronologically, not by importance. ****I’ve never been photographed with Lev Parnas, as far as I know.
trs5551212 Pacific Northwest @SenatorCollins Voting against witnesses and documents is an insane move. Guess you don’t want to be a Senator any longer. VOTE Blue in 2020💙#Resister #DumpTrump, #MoscowMitch and #LenigradLindsey 🌈
IranNewsNow The judge just threw out the case because it was “moot” because the student had been already sent back by CBP despite the stay that was ordered. Moot? Where is the accountability? So CBP can just disobey an order from a judge and “oh well”? Insane. (see NYT piece in prev tweet) Iran News and Views, gathered from the Iran Wide Web.
MatthewJshow Philadelphia, PA Don't be fooled by the wall to wall coverage of this impeachment sham! We are in a completely different political environment in America at this point! Democrats want to destroy our great nation with their insane agenda! And a complicit media who cheers them on! Matthew J Conway is a proud supporter of the America First Agenda. Retweeted by President Trump. Host of the MatthewJshow. Available on
Jtwolff2 Chicago, IL Sorry y'all. I had to take a break. Watching this bullcrap "trial" from the republicult had me too enraged to be on twitter. I needed a mental break to clear my mind and smoke a bunch of weed. This is all INSANE that this is american gov't. Just a normal guy fighting for our future. I am human scum! I swear a lot and have typos. #Atheist❤ #RESIST Packer Fan! Go Blue! We Shall Overcome!
timlangendorf Porto Alegre, Brazil @Blue_Footy We have NO LB AT ALL! That’s insane! No creative midfielder, the 2 most talented players play the same position (jorginho and ngolo) and besides James none of the others ar actually really GOOD! Some are ok, some might become great, others are terrible! um deus, um louco, um feiticeiro.
ctcultureblog That is beyond insane and cruel The Intersection where understanding meets reality #ChangeTheCulture Finding a way forward on a multitude of subjects instead of adding to the echo chamber
newtmas4evah bts rv svt loona they/them i can't forking find this video of ewan mcgregor and it's driving me insane ryan ross always on my mind || i'm a commentary account, i mostly comment on gay things
GregCowboys Draft night would be simply insane if Burrow isn't the number one pick. Would #HTTR or #GiantsPride take the Cardinals route, and trade the first round QB from a year ago, to take Burrow etc... #USMC 84-99 MOS 0317 #Veteran No #DMs #OneVoice1 #CowboysNation #WeAreND CFB #TarHeelNation CBB #Z3 He/Him/His writing