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glennkirschner2 Washington, DC Naming Richard Grenell to head up all US Intelligence agencies is like naming Captain Kangaroo, Colonel Sanders and General Mills as our country’s military leaders. Do ANY Republicans care about our nation’s security? @NBCNews @MSNBC Legal Analyst; Fmr 30-yr fed prosecutor w/ @USAO_DC, DC Chief of Homicide & @USArmy JAG. President of @HomFamAdvocates
CharlieDaniels Mt. Juliet, TN It is absolutely insane for America to be dependent on China for the drugs we need. What if they taint them or cut them off China has proven to be untrustworthy and this sitiation should be corrected immediately America should not depend on anybody but God for anything. NEW MUSIC! ➡️ Order Charlie's books, Let’s All Make The Day Count & his memoir at
NFL Then: A kid from Texas with insane arm talent. Now: A league and Super Bowl MVP. 🏆 @PatrickMahomes 📺: 2020 #NFLCombine starts February 27 on @nflnetwork Official Twitter account of the National Football League.
NaushadAzhar1 @DeepalTrevedie @LangaMahesh @vijaita @nistula @BDUTT @bainjal @rohinisghET @maryashakil @khanumarfa @meetujain @bachikarkaria Dear Deepali, u don't need to say "I'm Kutri '. You should have to say that I don't care about rebirth as Kutri, you just care about this birth of woman with great pride and honour. And, who are saying like that about woman, they are completely psycho and insane. Nothing else. Teacher, Networker, Social Activist
happytrumpster I can’t believe anyone can look at the insane amount of people at Trump rallies and blame Russia for influencing our elections. MAGA, KAG
PiNk_WhoRe Strawberry fields Me and chanel have gotten so close its insane Trap money brenny👑 Try to keep up; #spoiledBrat. International ✨ pretty in pink♐
IdahoKangaroo Brainland @histmatt The fearmongering about Sanders is insane considering how milquetoast he really is. Most people would hardly be able to tell the difference between a Sanders and a Trump administration Toward a Soviet America
adamnewyork New York, NY @jammatardif @Gailrgordon @davincidiva Expect these numbers to become more insane. Uhaul prices, LA to Houston, and the reverse. NYC. Formerly VT/NH/Los Angeles. No matter how bad the situation, it can always get worse. Always seek the silver lining. #RepealAB5
ninemyhappiness Republic of the Philippines @larasjeann Hahahaha... We all are insane.. And we just freaking love itt.. Kornchid. Kornchid. Kornchid. Archen. Archen. Archen.
CSojourner FL Cong Dist 8 @thepennyhoarder It's the most insane advice! Banks are bilking Americans, deliberately misleading consumers, again! Ppl won't be able to pay back this debt and the banks will cry for a bailout, which, if they get, they will award to themselves as bonuses. Oh Kale No! Let those banks crash! Retired RN #GoLeftAmerica! #GoAllTheWayLeft! #Resistance #NowItsAWitchHunt #MagicResistance #MagickResistance #ImpeachTrump #Typos are #MyBad #FBR DM=Unfollow
WSlitzzz Life is like a game that Makes u mentally, physically, soulfully, and critically insane 𝗜𝗺 𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗶𝗻 𝗺𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘂 𝗰𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗲. 𝗜𝗺 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗻🥰🥰
AndyDiGenova I wish I was famous enough to have an insane, public, over the top meltdown. Instead, I have to just keep on barely holding it together and going to work every damn day. Themed Entertainment Professional. Theme Park Enthusiast. Batman Superfan. Podcast Host. All Around Geek. (Opinions are my own, yadda yadda)
sparkytor Toronto, South of 7 He’s f**king insane. How did people vote for that??? And how will they do it again??? Mom to @titlemantalks. Married to @shnorbrother62. Spends 9-5 at Toronto General doing vascular things. Queen of re-tweets and exclamation points!
pmandra77 Portland, OR Whenever fools bring up diss tracks we forget how Sen Dog went in on Kid Frost on Insane in the Brain and anytime Frost goes to a football game or some crap now he has to hear it. #CypressHill #Frost #ChicanoRap i breathe oxygen
ItsKey_70sbaby Where I want it to be! @1509lucky @OurRevolution To infinity and beyond - 😒ppl thinking this fossil pardon person will lead a meaningful revolution 😳Perez needs to go - this is insane! There will NEVER be an appropriate time to demand a seat at the table! RT NOT endorsements!!
MaryEllenDesM West Springfield, MA @Electrical_Star @JessieTeaSippin No question! Her dancing was insane truly. I loved her. And I remember that time too. I also especially feel a connection to her because she had the same condition I do- CRPS. And to dance with it makes it even more impressive. Mom of 2 w/ Autism, CRPS Warrior, little obsessed with SPN/ Destiel lol
PHILSCULT she/her bc i be doing that sometimes... like one time i looked at a gas station and wrote a scene just out of that and i find that insane like how are we able to create like that #PHIL: oscars invitation said to bring a plus one, so i brought a clone of myself
agustdvee @bts_bighit I CANT BELIEVE THE ALBUM IS ALMOST HERE!!! IN 4 HOURS THIS IS INSANE IM SO SO HAPPY! I LOVE YOU GUYS INFINITELY AND CANT WAIT FOR THE RECORDS YOU WILL BREAK @BTS_twt anime & film / Min Yoongi is my religion / @BTS_twt IS THE REASON I BREATHE / HYYH / yoonkook / OT7 STAN / cinephile / fan account /
Purrrf3ction permabanned🏴‍☠️ I didn't have kids for this reason so yeah I'm not gonna do you like that Plus your kids are insane and they're too forking smart lol profile pic by @rosuuri
drugsbalIads laura royce ATE and did he really produce this whole thing cause this base is insane please dont take me too seriously....anyways, rap stan & animation film studentⓋ
RobGivenchy_ Avatar(2009) I watched it like like 5/6 times in theatre, bought the special edition dvd, and watched it like 15 times in a row. I LOVE that movie but ive seen like 1 time since that insane binge Remember kids: Always be the absolute best cash money you can be; not a drop less. #Cockstar #Scank #TheCircle
deanergal USA @zoinksyow6 @MsGwench And apparently they are insane! James Dean fan. Bigtime advocate for Democracy and putting Humanity first. Retweets are not an endorsement for any candidate. Main goal is to #DumpTrump
Rudeclaw @4o4esports and @CarddSD really running 85-100 man brackets in 4 hours... insane stuff. We are so lucky to have such dedicated people in ATL smash scene. Georgia State Esports Student Director.
jewy17 Woodland hills, ca @mattmaison @footyisfree @molly_knight Canceling the debt resets the system. Take away the incentive for schools to charge insane tuition and then tuition will magically fall. So then you can offer free state colleges and grants for private universities instead of backing student loans....
4your_own__good SCORPIO - The problem is complicated by the fact that, while most children are capable of great decency , a few are born insane and today, some are even born as drug addicts: but such cases are an unusual few a common sense guide to better living
Vivian_TranN ?? Just saw a video of Wallows performing and I’m so excited to see them it’s insane 🥺 hello??
JulilynnOz @shannonkatt @bernie_woman @ProudResister Nope, did you understand this post 👆🏼 I’m a nurse and im sick of watching people die due to no healthcare, im sick of watching the planet be destroyed. Insane that you would even contemplate voting for this racist billionaire asshole 👇🏻 He isn’t better than trump, maybe worse. Mum, Union Nurse, Army Wife, she/her #GreenNewDeal #M4A ❤️💛🖤 #BLM #MniWiconi #RefugeesWelcome #SFPublicBank
KallochMiyoko Insane bbw crackhead talking crazy and showing tits
jackiekarger Boston, MA On god the old videos of 5sos in the lyric video are insane they've grown so damn much and I am beyond proud at everything they've accomplished White claw is the true homie
Xofficial47 Miami, FL @andreaacaroo_ The rest of the weekend is going to be too insane and I’ve been working like an animal your boy is tiedddd ig: xofficial47
savamanders Texas, USA I overshared too much recently and now everyone probably thinks I'm insane and dwelling about certain family members is making me want to no-contact everyone. Ah god I don't feel good at all Sav • He/They • 22 • INTJ 🌾 Art • Writing • Cosplay 🌾 Really into history, food, music, exploring abandoned spaces, and overanalyzing Golden Kamuy 🌾
EPFD915 @EA_KRAELO You need to tell whoever is in charge to change the sets for the 97s. To expect people to put in those cards and not get any back is insane. Do better. #915
Snippy_bot Wasteland This must be how it happens... I've finally succumbed to radiation poisoning and gone insane, just like the rest of them. Mr.Snippy from Webcomic 'Romantically Apocalyptic' by Alexiuss. Tweets official lines and few quotes from 'Ask Mr.Snippy'. 1 tweet per 3 hrs. ★SPOILER ALART★
HedgerHodges United States @TheRochaSays I love you man, big fan. But the idea that you think homeless people should be “out of their misery” is just insane. They don’t WANT to die like kevorkian’s patient did. If we taxes corporations and the wealthy we could easily pay to house all of them ¯\__(ツ)__/¯ zetus lapetus ✌️💖⚡️
masifasad Lahore, Pakistan @TimesNow it is insane and cruelty to book her in sedition case.. it is her basic right to raise the voice against the terrorism carried out by the indian govt. All praise to Allah Almighty...
cakefacetaty Indio, CA y’all i’ve spent 2 hours making these damn ombré glitter lashes so if you see my post tomorrow/saturday pls give it a little love because i’m still going and i’m about to go INsane soft glam kween / boy mom / insta - cakefacetaty
RussDoogin Georgia @dandrews61 @Wes_nship No doubt man. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to enjoy NASCAR. The technical skill, concentration, gut reaction and overall talent these drivers have at those speeds is insane. Not to mention endurance either! Live well. Love much. Laugh often. Work hard. Play hard. PC = Tyranny with politeness. #JYD ~ Audentes fortuna iuvat ~ Be excellent to each other!
ZeroSolidus @BlizzardCS i have been waiting all day for a response and nothing... i remember when iwas actually able to contact @BlizzardCS instead of having the most insane phone number tree of all call centers and not actually having anyone to talk to. infact to the point where they gave me your
OkamiWolven Ren and I have been winning so hard this month it’s insane i am 19 // they/them // 2D animation student/ / i love monsters / header by @sagutoyas art account @okamiwolvenart icon by @cozygoblin
ElizabethLeary6 Colorado Springs, CO The insane-ness of my day today! A lot of fun and sooooooo many people! Living life to its fullest in Colorful @Colorado - #Rockies & #goAvsgo fan! I ❤️ Fall, Winter, @Starbucks, and my dog :) I’m a road warrior for @BWWings! 👍
SureReno Sacramento, CA @IsThisThingOn31 @rubycramer It's sad that the article isn't factual. It's misleading the public. PACs aren't SuperPACs, yet it's making many innuendos. Plenty of Jon Stewart pieces could educate and give you a laugh at how insane the system is. At the end of the day, working people first. That's the goal. Human Maximalist | Energy innovator, EIT (pending). Bernie or Bust because your bosses dgaf about you and Bernie's got integrity. Cash/Handcash: $surereno
NormanQ Los Angeles, CA @ryansatin Rob McElhenney is a genius and it’s insane that he hasn’t been given carte blanche to make whatever movie he wants Expatriate - @CPFC Supporter - Wrestling Fan - Slacktivist Extraordinaire - Bylines: @WrestlingSheet @Rare @BYT @Statesman
punmasterflash Central Texas @resp4wn @JdubAndrew @EyeofSeeing That's insane. Even I have a fireplace, and I'm in Texas Follower of Christ. Prolife Deplorable Rowdy Nation, NASCAR,hunter,fisher,Harley rider,car nut,reader,truckstop philosopher,bacon lover. Followed by mom. Aarrrr
SteamboatUSA Summit County, Colorado It drives me insane watching people craft threads in real time just write them and then use the tweet all PLEASE I am not a patient man Ending marriages and keeping bad drivers on the road professionally. #Warren2020 He/Him/Lawyer
kal_em1 @greg06897 i dont really know what to think of her insane fundraising numbers though? like will she has temporary momentum that will be shot when she gets rekt in nevada and then OBLITERATED in south carolina? probably.. Lefty
debdropit There is something on the coast that’s affected the population. Air, water,’s poisoned the coast and driving them insane.
RajaArrowhit @snapnchat Bullcrap. Never thought that some people can be so insane. And Modi is building wall in same state. What's happening? Former Scientist, business man, NRI & now a common person (farmer) in India. Serving Farmer's and deprived people. Hate BJP & Sanghi's. Indian
asm0371 Pune @RahulGandhi is the state government so insane and insensitive that it needs advice and directions from party leader to act proactively. traveling exploring food n friends
bloybloom Los Angeles, CA older white men are so entitled its insane!!! a man just walked into this Panda Express to pick up his online order and walked BEHIND THE COUNTER, grabbed a cup and got a drink while he waited i moonlight as boy bloom
windprincebwi ©@hotVlue @jenoGOs the fact that you didn't even start the price at $100 when you could have + that's actually what its worth too and people still complain..they're insane Nothing shines brighter than you | I love you more than yesterday | ♡Taehyung and Yeontan ฅ^•̀ﻌ•́^ฅ♡ | ☆Lee Jeno, Jisungie and Jaemin☆Dreamies☆