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maggieNYT Not a whole lot has been learned on this front since 2016. Potus has history of backtracking over massive controversy he creates, then sees coverage about retreating and gets mad and reinforces original controversy. White House correspondent for NYTimes, analyst for CNN. RTs don't imply agreement.
BillKristol There is a method to Trump’s madness (demagogues do know how to make demagoguery work, at least in the short term). But it is, after all, madness. The public repudiated it in 2018 and are likely to do so in 2020, if shown how mad it really is and offered a non-mad alternative. Director, Host,
XenophoraGaming Thank you all for hanging out with me today! We did some mad kid leveling and I had a wonderful time talking with everyone! Big shoutout to our friends who hosted & the biggest #EscargatoireFamily shoutout to our friend @texanredwolf for that sweet donation! Have a great weekend! Hi Friends! 3 day a week streamer bring a variety of games and limitless community support! Come join for stupid jokes and me floundering about!
larrys_devotion hell i haven’t really spoke to my best friends on here like genuinely like i used to. it’s only been like 3-4 days but hey if you’re not mad at me and wanna talk then let’s talk i’m sorry. i’ve been getting help & closure from someone really really special i’m sorry <3 𝙗𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙢𝙮 𝙩𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙪𝙚, 𝙗𝙞𝙙𝙚 𝙢𝙮 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚. ⚰️.
eric_mentzer Omaha, NE Remember: however mad you are about @dinahashem_ xxxtenacion jokes, in 100 years we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter. Beer makes me happy.
nseidenadaoxe just to let it clear i'm not mad with him posting drew house all the time (even tho it's kind annoying) the problem here is that he thinks that all his fans needs to support everything he does and love and if we don't "we don't love him" and this mentality is immature af and it's sei la
tonyperil Cedars, Dallas @SteveScalise @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump My thoughts. First I am looking forward to watching that. Secondly I agree the president works endlessly solving important problems like the border problem which brings illegal drugs,prostitution and illegal immigrants over at an alarming rate. Why are the Democrats so mad?
Baneza___ Texas, USA It’s not okay to treat people however you want and then turn around and get mad when they treats you the same way Sc// baneza.padilla 👻
CRomero3 Harlem, New York Yooooo everyone is mad litttttttt, including my “friends”and I’m here home como un mmguebaso.
meangene0 Cincinnati This makes me mad. Your damn rent is due and you wankers are out using it as props for you videos. Landlord. Love Jeep CJs and vintage cars. Kicked out of LaSalle w/ full ride scholarship to Colerain currently buying every house on the block
ddaengyukhei 🇰🇭🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈 crap is trending and i hope sm sees how mad we're actually about this. renjun and winwin deserve better period my favorite word is yeehaw what about it
scamberrose Brooklyn, NY I really thought this was it when I was 15 but looking back now she really is just mad evil for no reason. Her beef was with that man. Attacking Tiny was hella uncalled for and so nasty. “The bum bitches be hating, but it’s expected” - Maya Angelou
shanalikeanna Bloomington, IL @Nijuukoo @demyx_zine I love this and I'm also mad I didn't know there was a Demyx zine being made lol Hey! My name is Shana! Freelance Illustrator. I love Kingdom Hearts, Demyx, and birds.
PinkLaCouture somewhere running crap He legit sent me nudes of another chick that he claimed to be cheating on me with and basically said she was better than me. Then later said he didn’t cheat he was just mad and found those nudes off the internet. Still don’t know if he cheated or was just being mean 🥴 I luhhh big butts
brendatillerr Surround yourself with people who push you & want to see you win. People who support your success and motivate you to get to where you want to be. Stop being around half bottom people who get mad that they’re not above you. Rise & elevate together. IG: brendatiller✨|| 👻: kvng.brendaa
triplememmel Gymternet GAGE is taking over this PanAms team and I'm not mad about it 21 / coach & choreographer, former gymnast 🇳🇿🇺🇲
jameshickstwi London, England Go and visit my personal article on this mad campaign hint On a mission to teach people how to get paid to LIVE.. not live to work! Secret lazy income creation method available now at
eeeepMochi boop 💞 @itsjisungie1 huhu thanks 🥺 i was just so mad at the staff yesterday and i just went aknsna :< 🎀 Pink #JISUNG ➿I win in life ✨ || 📍지성 || can I please hug Jisung? 🥺🧸
_flyguyDREW BRLA @profashionalDRE 😂😂😂 bruh ppl mad and I’m real life laughing 24♍️ | flyhighAngela❤️ | sc: itssdrew
RUlNMAKEUP rochés | atl someone pls..... tell me to stop dming him and getting mad when he gives me half assed responses♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ǝnɓuoʇ ɹnoʎ uo pǝʞooɥ
Astrologic007 Washington, DC @colbertlateshow @DonnyDeutsch 2/? @StephenAtHome > th boss is rotten to th employee who goes home to scream at his wife who yells at th kids who kick th dog that chases th cat. lower wages, no real raises, increasG living costs (since Reagan) and more stress have made people mad/bullies to vulnerable people.
sam_eddins Birmingham, AL everyone says mad max fury road is one of the greatest action movies of all time but at no point does any character stop and say “we should synchronize our watches” soooooo no you hang up first
honeyythiccc Riverside, CA Homeboy said I look like a Twitter hoe and got mad when I said he’s built like a chode 🥴 𝒮𝒶𝑔𝒾𝓉𝓉𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓊𝓈 ♐︎
weirdsavant Trapped in England @does_magic @FlindersEmma Totally sounds like the Google text to speech said "I'm a mad 'un" and this is news how? Seriously though, I want to know what that is please. I'm too lazy for Google. I'm currently psychotic for real. Bare with me. Abnormal service will be resumed shortly.
itjustdoesntma2 Virginia, USA @B52Malmet I have a 3 year old kid. should they meet? I would never leave them alone... but should they meet?? its a 13 hour drive, and she has never come here... fork/// I am so mad at my mom. it doesnt seem to matter. no impeachment, BARR, emoluments, rape. nothing happens. new account as I couldnt speak my mind without being anonymous
be3dy_ i’ll be mad at my African-American and still text him at the end of the day to make sure he straight , y’all just block yours . we not the same . 😌
MattDeason Charlotte, NC I find it funny that @ClaireBLang asked @HBurtonRacing to show his mad race yesterday as a joke and today this happens. Crazy stuff 😂 Admissions at NASCAR Hall Of Fame | NASCAR Fan | WWE Fan | Panthers Fan | Philippians 4:13 😁🏁
kissustandinup ur local dog park i used to have the cutest mf pair of underwear and now i cant find them anywhere im so mad!!! иѕfω||15|| ѕυв
Bellahayes1020 NC Okay so you’re mad when they separate them and you’re mad when they don’t separate them..? 🚑🚒 | ✝️ | 🏈 #patriots
kyoujuros 샤이니 | BTS | 이 하이 I watch haikyuu when im sad, I watch haikyuu when im happy I watch haikyuu when im mad, it doesnt really matter. It has helped me with my depression and im so thankful for having my little fictional family. haikyuu ࿐♡ kny ࿐♡ bnha ࿐♡ one piece ࿐♡ orange ࿐♡ naruto ࿐♡ inuyasha ࿐♡ +
NavyLIslander Virginia @SHampton06 I know, I DVR them. That and bar rescue, mad money, the profit, and family guy. U.S. Navy weather forecaster. Die hard Yankees, Islanders, and Giants fan. Originally from Long Island, NY.
inasau0409 Auckland, New Zealand We always have mad love for our participants in our challenges 💯 Thank you to those for joining and making it all happen foreal! Loved being apart of everyones weight loss journey 👏🏾 #StrongAndUnited #NEVERFOLDINTHECOLD Blessing X Courage
Blairskab Mississippi, USA Weevil saved Veronica & Keith! 😭😭 You known V and Eli ❤️each other like family and that’s why they stay mad at each other. But he always has her back. #VeronicaMars @franciscapra @veronicamars Certified Research Administrator. Mom. Grad Student. My name’s Bennet and I ain’t in it. #hailstate
PaperCakes Charlottetown PEI Just tryna chill on my deck and these mosquitos be out for me like mad Mom, beauty industry and blogging veteran 15+ yrs. I 💖 contests, bad jokes. I’m clairvoyant, veggie,and probly annoying 🤷‍♀️😆 Aries sun cap moon/rise. INTJ.
LangurLover Washington, USA This time last week I was having a blast at @kelssburton and @rustyyy_92's wedding. Those two sure throw a good party! Missing everyone like mad. And STILL dreaming of this cake! Graduate Student @miamiuniversity #MiamiOH #ProjectDragonfly #AIP #WPZ 2019 cohort. #CWU alumni. Lover of animals. Especially cats. 🇨🇦 Views are my own. 🐯🦁🐱🦍🙊🐒
orlaggymkii whaling on azur lane I’m actually mad because how many times did I say on vcs, “guys be less lewd Bonnie doesn’t like it” I was the person who pushed for the enforcement of the rules about sexual stuff on Lilith’s server FOR BONNIE and she doesn’t even dm me about it? forking hell. alcohol, women & violence / personal acc is @orlaggymkiii
chambieko DEADASS | ib ethan and grayson liked deons post and ethan commented which was posted 37 minutes ago and emmas was posted 47 minutes ago. and if that mean they are intentionally not liking her posts because they’re mad about last night that makes them so immature oh my god
joecat6 @SharylAttkisson Nason Illinois and mad that they interrupted Heckle and Jekyll.
boredofoutrage I have mad respect for @DLoesch and @ChrisLoesch, but I'm a GOA member. RTs = paid shilling
enitS_ks Chicago, IL Hoes mad It’s me I’m hoes And I’m mad this train taking so long bc my phone dyin 😓 life’s wack, smoke crack
jjayy17 @X_malab @jjzalim So ppl from somalia dnt fight on here all the time too. They dnt drag like u said or insult somalilanders and make joke of the many the died in the past. Dnt act like we’re picking on u. We just arnt ganna be yes men and agree with everything u say. Is that why yall r so mad ?
qblesson My arm is pretty mad. Talk about an overworked employee. I have made it throw thousands of passes with no break. No ice. Literally just like. Arm. Look. Shut your god damn mouth. Your throwing every day. Your gonna be sore. Tired. Just shut the F up and do your job. It listened. The Internet’s First Ever Starting Quarterback. Follow me & I will lead you to a fourth quarter comeback. I throw live every Saturday at 10am.
snupe_123 Texas @CorinnaKopf i would but then i’ll be bored and mad 🖤.🦍.🃏
ItMeJawn Dallas, TX Tryna watch IndyCar on DVR and there's IMSA for me. Ain't mad follow me for basketball, racing, AFL footy, hockey, lefty politics and crapposting
hsjoint Fan acct You’re mad that a celeb who makes more money than you and doesn’t know you exist doesn’t have nail polish on......what? Navi/HS
theeniebeanie Blegh. I don't like having serious discussions on the internet, I always get mad. Gives me stomach pains. I'm going back to yelling about Doctor Who and Star Wars. She/her/they. INTJ. PCOS club member. I really, 100% love The Master. #PMA
bmichele133 I got super sunburnt today at the beach and I’m regretting every single decision I’ve ever mad 😅🥵 the highs are worth the lows 💖 Mama to a sweet baby boy coming November 2019 💙👶🏻
SinfuIFairy your heart♡ that guy that likes me is making a big fool of himself. constantly interrogating me about my location when i tell him where i’m going in advance. constantly getting mad at me for being around other people and assumes i’m dating everyone i post a photo with- getting up my bottom + avi is NOT me||18||she/her||sub||nsfw acc💝
ericabbernard Mississippi, USA i hate twitter lmao be scrolling minding my business oh, cute puppies, oh, cute babies, wow that food looks good, yes sister PREACH and then there goes somebody naked dick retweeted on my timeline and someone else mad bc a girl posted her titties and covered the nipples 🙄 ig: ericabbernard | 21 | natural 🌻

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