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robrousseau montreal there were like almost 10 straight days where no one was really mad at the democrats and they were like "we need to do something about this" flamboyant writer. host/producer @49thParahell @insurgentspod. comms @harbingertweets. twitch affiliate
TheDemCoalition Washington, DC Stay strong, @Twitter. You are doing the right thing and protecting the public from a mad man. Everyone else - tell the Senate to vote to #ConvictTrump here: We help run #TheResistance and established the #ImpeachmentTaskForce. We campaign for Dems, fight foreign influence & have unrivaled online organizing program.
JordanUhl Washington, D.C. the guy who tried to sue twitch last year because egirls made him too horny and his dick broke is now suing twitter, aoc & ilhan because trump getting banned caused him emotional distress and he's also very mad about @hasanthehun no
TheFineLad He/him @Azureistaken @TannerCanMan IM LITERALLY TRYING TOO OKAY, SHES A GREAT FRIEND AND PERSON AND I DONT HER TO GET MAD OR SAD OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT I like history and politics|Libertarian Socialist|🇩🇪🇨🇱🇫🇷🇧🇴🇮🇪|Antj MAP/Zoo/Necro|Priv:@Acebutcooler|Prince-President of @RDomingsburg
SassenachGray Curitiba And there's nothing like a mad woma Essa conta é um amontado de surtos e delírios, ou seja, uma bagunça (Ela/Dela)
urzapolariz Albuquerque, NM, USA Guys, I'm really worried about the next 3 days in America. Intelligence reports are that tomorrow is going to be bad. And these loonies are mad as Hell that their people are being rounded up and imprisoned. And they have a LOT of guns and bombs. Please be careful/safe. Redefining Myself: Athiest, Humanist, Educator, Maker, Gamer, Pan, Furry, Geek, Engineer, Philanthropist, Mentor, Thinker, Adventurer, Sex-Positive, Bear.
xespera I'm so mad at so many people going that "These people are worth less" route. PEOPLE DESERVE A LIVING WAGE! It's possible to Take more from the RICH and to help equalize society a little. Those profiting the most aren't doing MORE work, they're just Exploiting more people She/Her - I rant about queer crap, get punched in the face, and occasionally go viral as a head on a plate Cute Animal Photography account: @rhammondphotos
Unsilversurfer Wherever I May Roam... Fish are 'better and happier' after Brexit because they're 'British', Rees-Mogg claims. Rees-Mogg, the nazi-tory, is mad as a forking fish! Online Rock Radio DJ. Rock Musician. Writer. Very anti-Tory; hateful, silver spoon-fed liars! #NeverTrustATory #ToriesOut #SaveOurNHS #KeepTheBan #StopTheCull
NymeriaSong Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Deyros Day is finally here! Inspired by the @Hyper_RPG series The Gauntlet led by @Amontiock Adventures in Deyros will follow a rag tag group of adventurers on their quest to defeat Mad King Kankuk. It's been a year in the making, and I couldn't be more excited to finally start! She/They Polyamorous, Hufflepuff, Pagan. Unapologetic geek. I love music, and I love to sing.
Sunghoonicepri1 Exactly if they keep lying about armys helping engenes some armys maight star doing it just to make them mad and retaliate if I were a teume I Wouldn't be that dumb to challenging army twitter because I know teumes will ended up crying if ever armys decide to do that ENHYPEN 💙 ENGENE⚡🧬 camminare sulla linea
vest_dnc Joseph Oregon @socialiststeve6 @BernieSanders @PeoplesParty_US It makes me sick to my soul I fell for the con. He's an actor for the power elites and anyone who doesn't understand that by now. Needs to educate themselves about plutocracy and so much more honestly. I went down that road twice, phone banking etc like thousands more, mad at me. 🇪🇸Tired now 🇸🇨Retired Musician 🇪🇸Dementia Sufferer 🇸🇨Seychelles Fan 🕛Fibromyalgia Sucks 🇸🇨Gastroparesis Sucks 🇪🇸Retired Ironworker 377🇸🇨
0_DALTON_0 A lot of my instagram consists of just Miatas, and I’m not mad at all 🍄🪐🌯🚗🏂🚀🥀🦑
rawrrawrtae she/her getting mad over something thts not related to you... like stfu and mind your business. #V : please love all seven of us 🥺 #LISA: blackpink and blink cannot be separated we belong together
DakaTheWanderer Queensland, Australia @medic_wasteland And Twitter Meds... I'm so so mad.... 💜: @BLOODFARTaus Twitch/YT: Daka The Wanderer Xbox: DakaWanderer IG: daka_the_wanderer FB: DakaTheWanderer TikTok: dakathewanderer Links below!
BiracialWh0re she/her bi weirdos spreading around that vid of skai jackson are the same ones mad abt pornhub for deleting vids cus of child pornography and sex trafficking victims 😳👖🤌
GoatCopper Antarctica @SupplyDrop121 Yeah only to you and twizzlrs friends cause y’all get mad easy as fork | 16 | Furry | Uplay: CoppyWoppy | @sormanss is dumb asf 5x 💎 Literally awful at the game
milze677 United Kingdom Mad that my aunties just managed to teach me like 2 years of GCSE maths these past few weeks and I’ve got it better than I did the entire time in year 10 & 11 snap - milze677
YegTomBraid Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @KikkiPlanet Funny thing is this is how the world sees a Canadian really mad!! They cut it off before he said sorry for raising his voice! That is the thing many voters want to see him grow a backbone and stand up more...... #justsaying Die-hard Edmontonian Community guy, #PayItForward folks. #SupportLocal. Veteran Photojournalist, Journalist, Editor. POSTS ARE MINE! #YEG
laaaaancesnts and i don't want to go to bed mad at you, and i don't want you to go to bed mad at me. -help me-
gabigabba HardDance My home girl was mad she’s not on my close friends story and I don’t have one lmaoooo I post it with my chest and delete it when I’m sober in the morning 😂 ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ɪs ʟɪғᴇ.
LeilaMcCoy17 Hey Aztecs ...5 minutes to go.. baskets by us,fouls on their big, Lamont and bench are on fire. Ok Aztec..we are going to have to REALLY Shout Out Loud Now. 🥶🤭It won’t hurt this Team to lose a game. SO Glad our Coaches don’t get so mad!! Keep up the good work! On Fire! 👏🏽👏🏽🍀
Martinm64012687 Illawarra @OccupyMyGov Four Karens and a Funeral Karen Impossible Gone With the Karens Octokaren or Karenpussy Die Karen It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Karen. North Sydney Bears supporter, the Casual Philosopher & finalist in the Annoying Parent of the Year contest.
NOT_ARTEMIS 6 🙏🏾 @datdude_deeno I’m talking about ppl I don’t really fork w that try to fork w me but fork up by just pissing me tf off lol. And when I call them out on it get mad and use excuses cause they forked up and then block me. They can just tell me the truth instead of saying “u don’t even need it” Who do I have? heaven or hell my friend🖤 / 24 / 🎮 business: SHE/HER
MadPaddle Madison, IN Come out today to Mad Paddle for great beer, pizza, music and our new "MOONRITA popsicletail" and Carry Out Moonshine! We’re honoring our city’s rich brewing history and bringing microbrewing back to Madison. Visit our taproom for fresh brews, guest taps, & good times.
Saschiimiii California, USA I was trying to out big on Mario Bro All stars on Ebay and just got so mad that someone out bid me. fork YOUUUU lolol binch Living life on Gemini's ♊ 23 •She/Her •Dab Enthusiast/420 friendly 💨 Looking for new glass? Goto the link below! DM for promo code💗
skiesthelimit_ Greensboro, NC @WXBelk It was an L but you can’t be mad at that game. Lot of missed calls at pivotal moments and even with an L overall the best game we’ve played this season in my opinion (Guard wise) Anthony Harris will make a HUGE difference!
rocketIuv @CHlSMOSA My ex said that I shouldn’t love my friends the way I love him and got mad when I posted my guy best friend and said I love him on my snapchat story 🤭 must get rid of toxic in community
PeppersAndAHint Ready for DMC 6 @CHERRHlBOMB this has so many likes wtf yall are mad at the poor and not the people paying you Vanille/Howleen | 18 | Any Pronouns/It | 💖💕 @SoraTheOne 💕 💖 | BLM | Beginner Artist | Play Hades
mattljames11 @NicoleJordan @AlKapDC It's crazy. They think all the military is proof something is going down .... Um yes! You stormed the capitol a week ago and are threatening to do it again with automatic weapons to kill congresspeople ... obviously there's mad military Full Stack Developer - Good at figuring out where you've seen that person before
_CoreyRosado Providence, RI y’all think klay is smoking mad weed since technically he’s able to and also he’s done it before lmfaooo #HEATCulture🔥 #TogetherBlue #NYYforNY #DukeNation😈
mgpolo92 @michelleisperf Dallas is *chefs kiss*. I’d move there in a heart beat. Mad money out there to make and real estate dumb cheap. Orlampa
hellcatzoe ' 407 📌. @ruben_dance @solidgxld @KweenDaee @badgallzl First of all she's under 18 which means she's never been to any med school or program, which also means she's doesn't know what she's doing. Second you can permanently fork up your teeth and jaw like that, third she's been scamming ppl out they money. You sound mad dumb rn.
babyklit my business. I don’t like arguing cus if I get too mad ima leave my body.. and idk what that’s gon lead to. So I became really good at making ppl feel stupid in arguments and they end up on hush mode. turning pain to power to purpose to profit. 💰
buck_driggers Texas @MarkDice Are you crazy? He can’t do that - bc if he does, then the Democrats, RINOs and the MSM will be really mad at him. Note: I can’t be any more sarcastic than this! Big fan of UT Longhorns, POTUS, Cops, Military & Vets, and everyone who respects our country, our flag & our laws.
Deena_McKay Where I want to be My grandma can go get the vaccine now and are says “if you don’t get away from me”. I’m mad, but I can’t really be mad can I? Host of @blktechunplged 🎙 Techie 👩🏾‍💻 Foodie 🍽 Lover of life 🥂🐞
stormsroses @storm_crack yes i fully agree, it’s stressful. like there’s been nights where i’ve almost had breakdowns there but i had to keep going and running around bc i didn’t have time, and when customers are yelling and getting mad it’s even more frustrating #RYAN: i love u always // #KAT: i love u so much • 16 • she/her • 33x🥺
merrymanly Port Chester, NY I will say... the hate for yang over a bodega is hilarious cause deblasio got your vote last time and is a Red Sox fan. Some of those same people get mad at republicans for voting exclusively on their abortion views lol 🌾
GoCJYT6 The Mad City garbige room. @FamedChris @Xisorr @MadCityLeaks I understand. I make mad city vids and I gotta say it’s a great game and I turkey believe it will be number 1 again on ROBLOX! Hi! I’m CJ! I have a small ROBLOX YouTube Channel! I have 600+ subs! pfp by @FlintRamen and banner by @LameBoww|New Builder for @BaldisBStudios
Bryanx54 Running down the wing @conorcfc_ @RyanJoh41086976 @OnkaIsRed @markgoldbridge Goals a goal and a wins a win. What do you expect them to do not celebrate. United fans already have an open top bus parade ready for being top with only 17 games played and needed a penalty after the final whistle to beat Brighton and celebrated like mad then. MO SALAH, MO SALAH🇪🇬🔥 Don't do DMs unless you're a: - Close friend or family - Person who needs help - Appreciative online stranger that's non malicious.
blondewithab00k she/her/ella @alexisc_art omg I LOVE that spelling!!! And now I'm mad I didn't use Ophie as Ophelia's nickname lol 22 • OPHELIA AFTER ALL (Feiwel & Friends, winter 2022) • represented by @AgentThao • 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇴🇨🇺🇮🇪
_Dark_Aries_ Iowa YES! It makes me so mad how so many people don’t realize that fast food is WORK and it’s HARD WORK. Most people couldn’t handle 40 hours at a fast food place but some of y’all aren’t ready for that discussion. Stop being mad at fast food workers for wanting a LIVABLE WAGE!!! (she/her) Ella‼️ • 18 • Cashapp: $AriesElla
ImMariaSuzon Tacloban City, Eastern Visayas I want my man to go with his friends or other people like his relatives have a bondig with them without thinking that ill be mad or what. I trust him and thats enough ♥️ RMT MD transit 👩🏻‍⚕️🩺💉
flusgod @lindaikeji The two of them are mad 😂Bob and James. Which kind wahala be this one 😭😁 Software Developer (M. E. R. N)
lolaluverr Far away So apparently I have shin splints from sprinting too much and I’m mad asf old account got deleted
SP_funkadelic @mkerobert @Mad_Max235 But there are young healthy people getting adverse effects or dying too and nobody knows what it will do to people later on do wn the road is my point. It's NOT a normal vaccine like the flu's brand new tech that has never been tested on humans before Love to party with friends ,sports fan bucks,brewers,packers,android fan,music is life
Dan_Kelly3 @MattStein98 @IGN @Dan__Morton @Moley_A @BigJoeMorton @TheMurderTank @ZombieXXKiller Imma be mad when godzilla loses and they end up teaming up
JLuis_Joni Oporto, Portugal @tomooning It's plausible for someone to be mad at themselves because of their feelings and that causing them to be hostile towards everyone or a certain person. He/Him, 22. It's pronounced like "Johnny". I'm a duck who draws & likes speedy hedgehogs and screaming transforming aliens. I also do YouTube. Sometimes.
Angel_559_ Fresno, CA @EdwinDPBz74 Strength pops and we missing a guy like that big time so I wouldn't be mad but again. Lol 17 a bad spot trading back and getting 2 would be my favorite move Football-Boxing-MMA in that order. I like violent sports
_gringo_loco_ Seattle, WA @UNC_TarHeelFan Not mad at this loss honestly. This team is starting to get better and they will continue to.
Mimilinsky Co. Tyrone just stunned at the audacity of the hustle from whoever decided to upload "Dortmund v Mainz 2021 Highlights" to youtube and its just them playing FIFA I ain't even mad, I'm impressed. fox-tailed yuki-onna