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davidaxelrod Here’s the problem: These are not briefings. These are sales pitches from @POTUS on his own behalf-laced w/shots at whoever he’s mad at that day and weird side trips to push untested drugs. What people need is useful 411 about what we need to do and should expect. Director, @UChiPolitics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Host of The Axe Files podcast.
RandyRainbow New York This was a private video message to my friend during which Streisand invaded my spirit and started singing an impromptu ballad about how long my hair is getting. I’m going mad very slowly. 😬#QuarantineLife Emmy Nominated Comedian, Actor, Singer, Satirist, Internet Sensation & TV Personality. TICKETS FOR RANDY RAINBOW LIVE 2020 TOUR @
TiffanyDCross Washington, DC So...just so I understand...we’re MAD that Trump won’t wear a mask?? Ummm. Not me. As you were sir. Everyone else around him (and everywhere else in the globe) please wear your masks. 🙏🏽 Say It Louder! Black Voters, White Narratives & Saving Our Democracy Pre-order your copy today! Resident Fellow/Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics
theerealjasmine Louisiana ➡ Houston TX I’m currently talking to someone who fell on hard times and lives with their parents but that’s just temporary. Plus they got a good job so they will move out soon. I can’t be mad at that. It’s not just about where you’re at. It’s about where you’re striving to go. No striving?
tedbenspeaks WorldWide @NinaMeelah @ogbelejechikej1 @realFFK @elonmusk @MBuhari They 3500 ventilators with a population of 37 million. We have 200 million and I am not sure Nigeria can boast of 100 Ventilators nationwide. Aunty please don't even start shaking this table. We dey mad for this country walahi! ENGINEER | SPEAKER | MAVERICK
choerrywine she/her • ggs + mdzs mum just found out that our towns beach is gonna be one of the only beaches on the gold coast to be completely closed so she's currently very mad and like lmao mood #蓝忘机: come back to gusu with me
Tha_Real_Miki @Mikedavid1818 @bieleve1232 @doyin_eve @popaoap I don’t know what u are talking about. First of all, none of the statements you made are true. Blk men don’t get mad and secondly white guys aren’t fetishizing Black Women.
Mad_In_SA The ring around Uranus Euthanaise them then, its the kind thing to do if they suffering... Pointless wasting money on outdated and defunct remnants of history that nobody actually wants, needs or requires.. Anarchist, Atheist, Psychonaut, UnOfficial Ego slayer , Pet rock walker, part time cunning linguist & general All round crap stirrer. ☎080KISSMYASS.
imhllywood Haynes Manor, Nashville @boujiieniaa @leshaaea the fact that you think I’m over here mad is FUNNY 😂😂😂.. you posting yourself naked for free sis at least make an only fans .. a lil sc premium or sum . you can’t call me a thot sis u want EVERYBODY African-American AND IT SHOWS im grown , so mind your business ☺️
LocalDeerCop Deer Purgatory @ManePhantom I've cut myself before, so I'm well aware not to joke about cutting. This person cut herself because she defended a pedophile and people are mad about it. Just flaunting it. Even changed her name to like "Look what you made me do, uwu" Uploaded photos here. That sickens me. 🌲Local deer cop, hunting for zoos and child predators.🌲 Worst admin (🦌) 🌲
nickisforever @hannahhargitay @koomquats Do y’all see the unfairness here or no? Y’all get to pick and hate on a house you won’t ever even be able to even breath on yet y’all mad cause I responded to, not even to you, but to the one with no room to talk about a 50 million dollar house. You see that right? Because I love Nicki Minaj, that makes me a gay male? Because I love Justin Bieber, that makes me a white girl? Never judge a 📚.... #Changesoutnow #Yikesoutnow
Aracknissphobia " And anota' time, Angel got mad I wouldn't share my cannoli so he punched me and flipped ta couch." ❝ ɪᴄᴀʀᴜs ɪs ғʟʏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏᴏ ᴄʟᴏsᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴜɴ, ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴄᴀʀᴜs's ʟɪғᴇ, ɪᴛ ʜᴀs ᴏɴʟʏ ᴊᴜsᴛ ʙᴇɢᴜɴ.❞
lcgrierson Mississippi, USA This didn’t age well considering it’s on Buzzfeed now and he’s mad bc those newbies trampled his flowers 🥺 comparison is the thief of joy
percdamonejr Philadelphia, PA U make a philly bitch mad and they’ll fork a old friend 😂😂😂 Philly bitches trash lol #AbortionSurvivor #ExHoe #Philanthropist #ChildSupportSurvivor #FounderOfAfrican-AmericanzNeed40Too #RetiredPornStar #Gynecologist #IttTechDropout #RunningForPresident2020
OmgNotSupaShad Akatsuki Hideout Girls FaceTime me and get mad at how I sexy am naturally in comparison to how I pose for pics 😂 🌈🌞 President of Supa SquaFC: SW-5859-4985-9076
kaIeldoscope kentucky + to what is being done instead of not clearing the air up and leaving fans confused and frustrated. we are all frustrated and mad here, and we need a reasonable explanation. ! ALL THE INFO I SAID IS NOT 100% TRUE !#billboardcountthe10k #billboardincludethe10k @Michael5SOS i don’t exchange puppy pics for free
DevcamV3 Oh my GOD now craps always gonna be in the back of my mind and I can't stop thinking about crap ima go mad CEO of inconsistency
SiRFrost3 Oakdirge hotel funny stuff though in warframe over a year ago when mesa prime came out you know they wanted to make her a little T H I C C and after a routine hotfix for bugs her butt got a little flatter (lol) it was intentional and people got sooooo mad that the devs reverted the change hey i take screenshots :) im not that good though / you just might be ghost boss material yourself / stw player / did you feel a chill?... pfp @nox_vixen
haris_parc Houston, TX don’t take this the wrong way i’m not mad at you at all i never was i just don’t love you like that anymore and i wanna spend my time thinking about other things houston's runner up "TUNE YOU OUT" OUT 4/10 😴💭🎭
m78miller @Grantson17 @Pattihatestrump It will be a "Mad Max" world. "Planned distribution" sounds great, but I think the philosopher Mike Tyson said it best when he said, "Everybody's got a plan, until they get hit in the mouth". That hit is here. And going to get much worse.
Jiyeee_Bhutto kyun btau shohki pagal mad chawal bongi 🤣🤣 noicee tweeper and my best frnd ki frnd 😅😑 ( ab me thank uh bolu ki gaali du) =^_^= || Hyderabadi ❤️ || =^_^= || #GayHind || #PakistanZindabad ||
0li0s sheltering in vain @Slim_DaddE the more you try to give him advice or tell him "please don't do that, it bothers me", the more he does the exact opposite just to bother you. And then he gets mad that everyone hates him. I don't understand what the hell goes on in his head. It's like he's insane. Night owl artist/aspiring arachnologist. Creator of Aikagi, a series of OC concepts. Likes bugs, Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing. ⚠️Here there be spiders⚠️
ariyanah69 durk and India 🥺 they relationship mad cute 🥺
tzuseul @inhibitionomw Tell all of your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath Then tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs So, why do you call me and tell me you want me back? You maniac You maniac (Maniac, some may say that I'm a) You man @ygent_official You're nothing.
tamiaa_b yes but i dont react on it i just sit there and be mad until i convince myself not to care anymore 💀 SU 💙💛
PedroThEgg Eggopolis @NaoTheInktoling -Pedro was mad because of what Jess did- -Jessica was calmed and was trying to overcome the thoughts- 18-🇦🇷-SFM artist-Art trades: 👍-Big sis: @Void_Burn-banner: @Void_Burn-🧡@NaoTheInktoling💜
LizzyAMurray chicago im drunk and MAD actress. singer. coffee enthusiast. gryffindor. probably sleeping. lover of bread. she/her/hers
realgeminicrap i just finished mad men which i've been watching since last fall and now i feel so empty she’s just like candy, she’s so sweet 🍭
Mad_Dog_Matzke Tigard, OR What is it called when you physically can’t spend more than a couple weeks entertained by a hobby or game before it gets boring and you have to try to find something new that might last you anywhere between 3 days and 15 days before you get bored again? He/Him - I’m prettymuch a normie, which is the new hipster yeah?🙄
_luvskz she/her | 20 | 🇦🇺 @yeosgn I APPROVE THEIR CANCELLATION stupid bitch and then she walked off with her crap without paying for it and she told me i shouldve talked to her and did the talk had motion i was so mad oh look at me im bang chan... i have soft eyes and deep dimples and a smile that makes you feel at home. go fork yourself bang chan
lovehoneykisses Ring the alarm Beyoncé was just mad. Don’t hurt yourself Beyoncé meant every word and was willing to fight about it too. Just look at how they dressed she went from a full face sleek ponytail and hoops to cornrows, studs, biker shorts and sports bra. She came to FIGHT DM(V) all the way to htown 🤘🏾 ig: brownsugar_honey94
GoldenJay21 😂 they mad I have the Apple TV 🤷🏾‍♀️it’s mine! They have a PS4 and a switch plus two laptops 🙃watching tv was a privilege when I was a kid. |♋️|27|
VampiricWalker @HeroicMansuha - actions." "My Lady overthrew her father after he had become mad and nearly brought the kingdom to ruin. After ascending to the throne she did not falter while reforming policies from how humans under her rule were treated to the authority nobles held. She made the kingdom- A living vampire serving as emissary to a powerful god. (multiverse-fantasy) Profile art done by: @ketsycola
Rod_Warbucks The United States @yoyo91484441 @ghastly67lg @FamedChris @Taymastar There was the military and jewel store thing in the past that they did ,but otherwise I'd say mad city has been clean ,but heavily inspired by jailbreak. Also to be fair both of these game's are knockoff's of the gta series. 16 Year Old Roblox Player ,Musical Critic and Bloxburg aficionado.
babyitslou new jersey, lets f*cking dance sammie turning me into a driver era stan and i’m not mad i’m crying like a fool — she |-/ her — fan acc
allyoftheearth ladies who end up mad at this expose themselves by showing that they've never been in serious SERIOUS relationships and clearly don't know what it's like to live with someone. you are not entitled to other people's leisure time I make a lot of typoa
LordEnochPowell England, United Kingdom @BritishArmy I've been out a while. I have indeed considered going back in. But I've heard the stories. PC nonsense gone mad and no backbone. Gone are the days of getting a slap by your CSM for fkin up but having a beer with him in the unit bar after...gone are regimental baths for dirtbags.. Enoch Powell MBE. British politician, classical scholar, author, linguist, soldier, philologist. @EnglishDemocrat
hot3linebling Yogyakarta, Indonesia Ditching uni stuffs for a week because im tired n stressed out, stay mad, keep telling me i shouldn't do that bc that's s0 imMature and iRresp0ndsiBLe
STROSFANuknow @DieselDugong I googled and now I’m mad at you The Brandon Backe of Astros Twitter. King of the Czechs. Defender of the kolach. The Astros will not be on this year
eyeempath2222 Like imagine doing something for someone that you were uncomfortable doing in the first place, but just tried it for their sake, and then the person basically tells you you’re crap and then GETS MAD when you’re hurt over it mad max 🅱️itch
XaneViciousGOAT 12818 Forever Lane, HollaWood If Otis is so mad at Dolph and is supposed to be a dumbass, he should've just whooped his bottom ahead of the match... #RonaMania #WrestleMania ALL Truth. NOT For The Sensitive. The Greatest Story Forever Told. IG: XaneViciousIG FB: THEXaneVicious/Xane Vic 👻: XaneVicious #ExpectBigThings.
EDWJ___ Detroit, MI I take her to the vet cause she a Bad bitch can’t be broke and happy so me I’m mad rich . ☺️ insta : @d.ymin_
Khalid_1805 United Kingdom i mean the caption is very very very mad and I don’t condone that but..... OMDS THESE WERE/ARE THE BANE OF MY LIFE fork OFF Chelsea💙
JohnnyBetPicks Emfermou5 added a bet 'MAD Lions - For The Win Esports' with odds and prediction 8.30 for For The Win Esports, stake - 1/10 JohnnyBet Betting Tips
sxrinacx Pico Rivera, CA earlier I sprayed a spider with axe (in self defense) but it just made it mad, and now I’m scared the spiders are gonna attack me when I least expect it ERHS
Keenaa__ @mad_mek No tf we wasn’t cause I was sweet and a crybaby yeen near fight me 🥀... and there was ME 💕
wendyyfuentes Kerman, CA important than whatever it is you are mad about. Learn to remove yourself from the situation and maybe even make it a teaching moment.
lloyddabbler United States @SarahKSilverman Stop. Or don’t stop and tell your dog. You can be mad and not wanna do it. Do it anyway to save even 1% commonality in ideals over full out apocalypse. Saying he can’t win, while creating ‘he can’t win’ with all your might is not smart. Sayer and doer of things and stuff. Engagement does not imply endorsement.
shxnkai IM NOT EVEN MAD I DIDNT GET THE FIVE STAR MIKA OR FOUR STAR KANATA.. I GOT FOUR STAR SORA AND HIYORI AND IM CONTENT WITH THAT if youre not leo or aira or sora or kanata or shinobu or niki or kohaku im not interested
GeoReligiao Brasil Rosalía Just Cut Her Own Bangs at Home, and We're Not Mad About It - POPSUGAR Geografia da Religião / Geography of Religion

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