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_tonyjefferson United States Remember coach was getting mad he was cooking us in camp and we was like coach this mf nice 😂 @marlon_humphrey
MissGinaDarling From the Bay to LA Women who wear tight clothes to the gym are disgusting and just the worst. You’re right. They don’t even look good in yoga pants and sports bras. No hot chicks better reply to my tweet with pix of em in cute gym outfits to prove me wrong. I’ll be so mad 👀 TV host, streamer, and geek. Formerly G4TV and WWE. Business
dwannb Los Angeles, Ca China Mac and Asian Twitter seems to be mad at Charleston white over this statement. Is he telling the truth or nah? Advocate, Music Historian, Political Satirist
LyfeOfRyley OC⛱️LA LMAO 🤣 It's hilarious to me how ppl who don't follow me & know nothing about me, throw out "no wonder you're single af" (bio) whenever they don't like something I say or it's supposed to be an insult, and hurt my feelings. Honey, I'm single af by choice. Stay mad. Hi! I'm Ryley..this is where I say whatever I want. No filter. True Taurus. SINGLE AF My bestie is @rndmlysinning PLEASE follow me @ThatGirlRyley
_8sfate_ ot8 biased stay @hyunchanstar i'm mad bc i'm afraid of his and his members' safety more now... like i'm sure he would be able to celebrate with us one way or another day before or after the flight but yeah #lovestraykids || 22, she/her, not labeled, white, slavic || fan acc || sees skz soon♡
400_tseuqer pichu's pond forever mad and angry at people who skip jojo parts erika! mauve! 21, bi, she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ cuddly egirl. magic baby. imp. clown. level 1. princess. bowser supporter. pichu. 🔞 dm for cum
mcsnickbrick London england @MuhammadG07 @MOST_Biased @TopGirlKeiko @Cobratate Your clearly mad that Andrew Tate is in jail correct why he does nothing for you, his courses he begged kids to sign up for wasn’t to help them was to keep cash flow into his bank all this is just a money scheme and all his fans are falling for it I got a lot of subscribers on YouTube
cliffcleans Queens, NY @BHun2020 Yea he’s the better back pound for pound. I’m not sure how much Jamaal is asking for—but he def needs to get paid. He was a major part of the turnaround and a leader in the locker room. But I agree that it looks like an upgrade on paper so I can’t be mad. ‘Simple, Strong, and Satiatied’ - Kettlebell and Nutrition Coach providing straight forward solutions for busy professionals | DM ‘Simple’ for setup 📞
laligaisbroke they/them | read pinned!! @hxhaaland Pls don't be mad at me my qrt was just for fun and nothing serious😭 joão. gavi. pedri. agüero. julian pr manager 💭💤 (@lfc - @fcbarcelona - @psg_inside - @mancity)
HARRYHOUDlNl Providence, RI Junes morning routine goes something like this: 7:05am: eat plant that makes her throw up every time but still do it anyway 7:15am: throw up (loudly) 7:18am: go make a nest out of moms hair while she sleeps and be audibly mad every time she moves
florets_zaynab Somewhere Saw some mad bottom shoes at that mall yesterday and I just wanted to drop everything and buy them… but. 😂😂😂 I don learn the hard way.
Indravi47517181 @AamAadmiParty You leader has gone mad and needs doctors help ASAP. Congress Mukt Bharat.
DeccaHannibal @ramblinralphmc @BoxingVMovement @PlayUndisputed @EASPORTS @StlCtyInteractv Assuming that because it's not done it's going to be some new groundbreaking thing when it's done is how @SteelCityInt keeps buzz. Works on some, I guess. A lot of @PlayUndisputed fans will tolerate whatever they give you because they're so mad at @EASPORTS and it's hilarious Explorer, Fighter. Liberator.
ogochukwueze20 @From_the_god @PaulOnwubiko U sanity is dead, for u to be supporting dos the criminals, chinnasa uwasatan has been BUSTED by Ejima, dos are all bunch of nuisance and criminals, chinnasa the faceless freedom fighter, always ranting on radio biafran like a mad bull dog HOLY HOLY MAZI SIMON is another saviour
David28259105 @jdrutledge73 @admiralchichi @mrddmia Prosecutors gave them the tapes. Don’t get mad because you’re to stupid to understand court proceedings and nothing happens. You’re stupidity is what you should be mad at
kiiiieeerrraaaa Y’all this man is so mad and idk what I did 😂😂😂 ✨Never eat with someone you aint starve with point blank period&Never ride with someone you aint walk with period point blank✨
Whinge_Bot Yorkshire You can't put rubber gloves with stepladders? It's health and safety gone mad! Even Twitter robots agree that everything was better in the old days. In Yorkshire. [Created at by @DanRB1004]
nedryun Virginia "Instead of being taught to overcome traumatic experiences. . . and emotional instability, students are encouraged to dwell on them and even to base their identities on them. When victimhood is a source of prestige, there’s no incentive to get better." Conservative Christian. Love @BeccaRyun. Dad of 4. Jayhawk. CEO @AM_National, @VoterGravity. @theamgreatness Senior Fellow.
Elvygma Lagos,Nigeria @LamarDesire @PIDOMNIGERIA Baba you support it, don't twist your mouth, so are you saying the Ibos have no right to vote in Lagos? You and mc oluomo be moving mad. I'm a higher primate, with a distinct form of existence!!! a @rhymeasylum fanatic. ⚙️ Cilistia - P2P in Dex
michaelaedson Sesame Street this is how I know not everyone is meant to be a teacher because how do you tell him the same thing but expect different results and get mad “dinosaurs eat man.... woman inherits the earth”
SmOoChEs_Mwah Florida, USA @DonHasenbank @CFBKnights @Killa_Kanseco Ignorant? Sure dude….still, NOBODY CARES 🤣🤣🤣 and that’s why you’re mad I got a lot of living to do before I die and I ain’t got time to waste 👑 Florida Made ☀️ FSU 🍢 Forever 👰🏾‍♀️ Future Mrs Render 💍
thejtallon1 @Darth_Fahyder @SlumpKommish So this is how I end my day. 0716 and I’m mad as hell. Bigfoot enthusiast, amateur paranormal investigator, conspiracy theorist, crap gamer.
RaidersRay313 @gddub @Martyupnorth_2 @FPVaughanIII Marty blocks everyone who challenges him on the cpc and Frank continuously talks crap from his basement because he’s mad Max booted him. F#cking weirdo “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson
IdaLynd4 2023/03/15 08:16:23 46、Kings go mad, and the people suffer for it。 19 全球,港澳台,北美,新加坡,日本,迪拜,欧洲,顶级稀缺外围模特资源,一直被模仿,从未被超越。 电报Telegram: 资料在电报。请下载电报Telegram交流 招:兼职海外留学笙,只要海外的,国内勿扰
viedeplage @muffinsplanned @CNNPolitics Sybil Sybil Sybil Now you’re mad because I’m right about you and your voice 🤣 Good Words Good Thoughts Good Deeds
DetroitOnLion Michigan, USA A bunch of thoughts on Montgomery/Williams. Obviously, I'm pretty conflicted here. Not overly happy or mad, but I'm sure people will rush to the grade part and yell at me. Detroit Lions beat writer and Producer @PrideOfDetroit. It’s chaos. Be kind.
wzdom_speaketh Surulere. Lagos I don't know this Peter Mbah of a guy. You lots clamouring for him accused Tinubu of drug crimes. This one evidently was charged for money laundering, jailed for almost a year, released on "plea". Seriously, una dey mad? And from what I hear, it's turn of Enugu east to produce poetically struck | Exposed introvert | Resume / CV / Cover letter | I love Jesus Christ😍 | Arsenal🔴
SenAounomee World Why are people mad about his tweet, this is the reason a lot of bad is happening in this country. Someone says his daddy is not fit to be a pastor and you people are wailing. I Believe In God. #DELSU #ManchesterUnited #Olamide #Ybnlmafia #CRonaldo
denisehall671 @LOCthedreamer1 That's mad now init....I read yesterday a woman with 2 special needs children has to be out of her home and has applied for 80 rented properties in the last year and couldn't get 1... shes now considering living in her van with her kids 🙊😡😡so very wrong 😰😰
PsyPrimate @FINALLEVEL T we live in a society that we literally can't afford health. Instead of getting upset with the people who are telling you we can't afford this, get mad at the forking system and help us change it so we can afford it.
jnkfragiIe she/her @14_FATAL_BLUE @Iovesickruby4_ a slutshamer's opinion doesn't matter. Go argue with SK president and Bang PD since you're so mad that they spilled 𔘓̸₊˚ꜝ misandry girl 💭
Abk_4real Earth @Jack_ng01 You mean Yorubas shouldn't miss the opportunity of an igbo man to govern them?. Una don mad finish aswear. Sanwoolu is doing the job better and he will finish it! PROGRESSIVE!
nikolacopy @anthonysramblin Hahahahha on point 👌 And they be mad too for not seeing progress in 2 weeks 😂 Helping Fitness Businesses with weight loss programs increase their revenue with email copywriting - or working with you until satisfied.
Xclusivechey_ @PFJN04 @Lisaham7Lisa @juldropemoff @bluefacebleedem Get your facts straight nobody followed him to hate I love blue when he not acting up she didn’t do nothing wrong this time he just was acting up bc he was mad so stfu and mind your business I'm H.E.R😩💯
itsccmchagmng Mississippi, United States A lot of y’all are very codependent and push that codependency onto others when y’all are “mad” when couples don’t sleep in the same bed, room, or house. graphic designer that plays video games • collabs/business: 💖
ShiMcfc Stockport, England Nah This Is Mad! And To Think He's Not Even Been At His Best This Season! 😲😲💙🇧🇪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇯🇲🇮🇪 |18| @ManCity 💙🇧🇼 @CelticFC 💚🤍🇮🇪 @MercedesAMGF1 🖤🤍 Biomedical Scientist 🧪🥼🔬🧫 Amateur Boxer🥊💥 #MCFC 💙 #CITD 💙 #F1🏁🏎
Mad_Anne_Flint @MarshaBlackburn and your party wastes time oppressing women, gays and blacks. you could be solving any other actual problem, but no drag queen reading hour and gender affirming care are your biggest concerns... you got one state literally trying to make a whites only government. sit this out. #unionizeTesla here until Elon's fragile ego can't take it anymore. or until he makes NFTs of him as a superhero lol.
DanyChristophe3 @fd_tunde Explain how i am dicridin? 🤨 I’m just spittin facts and u are mad about it 🤣🤣🤣 King of Boxing Twitter 😤🥊 #WARPLANT
MarkOldacres Birmingham, England Scouting report number 3️⃣ of this year: Bijan Robinson. It’d be a major shock if the Packers took a running back in the 1st round, especially with Jones and Dillon already on the roster, but man, it’d be impossible to be mad about this guy being on your team. Sports. “May or may not be notable” - Elon Musk
stromdans Maryland, USA @girldrawsghosts His is the kind of reply of people who have embraced the petrifying stagnancy of age and get mad any time they're expected to learn something new or adapt to a change in their comfortable rut of ignorance. Neo-pagan; Veteran, US Army Signal Corps; storyteller; RPG gamer; Interests - folklore, mythology, ancient history, archaic weaponry and martial arts.
tamaiobot read carrd for emoji guide!! 🍀: After I hummed a song, Iorin said to stop and got mad 🐰: I said to think about your choice in song and the situation. 🌸: What were you singing? 🍀: Miss you. 'Cause the sun was setting. An hourly automated quote bot for the pairing Tamaki Yotsuba x Iori Izumi ( Tamaio / たまいお / 🍀🐰 / 41 ) from IDOLiSH7! Translation credits are in carrd.
milnerton_k @MarinusMarkus @nexta_tv Russia out populates them and still has enough stocks for another 2 years and has partners in Iran who are manufacturing like mad. U know very well Ukr won't make it no matter how long it takes. Us either steps in or walks away. pragmatist, strategist, I stand with Russia. African for Africans. No to Xenophobia.
BenniDeJagere Antwerp @PASSDataSummit In short. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. I can't get my stuff sorted in this time, and I don't feel comfortable cutting corners in the process. I feel for the MVPs that are dealing with MVP renewals (due March 20th), SQLBits, and their usual busy life. /end Senior Program Manager Power BI CAT, Microsoft Employee - Volunteer of things @dataMindsBe - Data Enthusiast - Consumer of Coffee - Karateka - Fulltime weirdo
SxLongshadow California, USA @ComradeKimDawn I've written about it some here: and here Militant vet Marxist-Leninist, video game enthusiast, disabled streamer:
heeheehee_en @Beomgyu_130301 @apotato04 We should definitely start like a love triangle.. but WE (hannah and I) won’t get mad/fight cause we’re in cahoots with eachother (idk how to spell cahoots but I just mean we know what we’re doing) 🤎my life without you is a misery🤎(she/her)🤎INFP🤎ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MOOTS🤎
DJCrackerJack1 Mad Cobra - FIND AND FILL
qvuackitty Deez nuts @Alexbuggzz i actually told my mom today that ill never have kids and if i will they would be adopted. she was so mad, told me that ill change my mind and that she thinks ill have like 3 children 💀 Dsmp ඞා
canhasbucket Hamilton, Ontario @TheGameFreek @PezRadar 70ccv or 4000k avg views per vid rly isnt that bad and is an amazing offer for any committed content creator. Be mad at woovit or blizz marketing team in general but insinuating pez is gaslighting you is..a little off the mark to say the least. YT partner // Twitch Affil.
ItsMrBenToYou @saracen1971 Mad isn't it. He was "poor" against Scotland yet had the second highest tackle count and hit 100%. Fulham | Bodø/Glimt | Saracens
mirindacosgroev @JeffYoungerTX People have places to be and blocking the atreets is gonna make ppl mad, actions have consequences and you have to deal with it bc you are clearly provoking it she/her - just a broke university student getting some frustration and anger out

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