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joncoopertweets New York, Florida Shame on Republicans AND Democrats who say Trump's home shouldn't be raided because it would anger Trump supporters. We don't let crimes go because of fear of consequences. The law is the law. Whoever is mad be damned. Former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016, LI Campaign Chair for Barack Obama. 👊Hit "Super Follow" for DC insider info & tips for posting viral tweets.
LBC United Kingdom "A teacher literally decided 'we won't do that book, we'll do this one'. One of us is going mad here, and I don't think it's me.." James O'Brien can't work out why a book being replaced on a university course is worthy of front page news. @mrjamesob Leading Britain's Conversation. For breaking news alerts, follow @LBCNews. Listen live on @globalplayer
tariqnasheed Los Angeles A couple of tethers are claiming that FBAs are jealous and mad because THEY come to America and become so successful. And it’s because FBAs don’t “take advantage” of all the opportunities like they do 🤦🏿‍♂️ 🇺🇸 #FBA -
Eg7694Gonzales Fort Worth, TX @PaleHorseRAAM Exactly where I told her I kept telling her you’re getting mad at wrestlers for simply doing their job I told her it was like let’s say Goku beat up Vegeta in an episode of Dragon Ball and then I got mad and I went to go tell off Goku‘s voice Actor that stupid right I am a die-hard Cowboys fan a wrestling fan and I love anime
InsiderFCB @bogdan19_ @MotoGP @alexmarquez73 @lcr_team Marco was going slower and he was not doing a fast lap so he has to move to a side a let other riders pass. Thats why Alex was mad cause he was in the middle and ruined his fast lap, he had to overtaking due to that. So, its Maros fault. CLEARLY. Period. FCBarcelona | 1899
Foxy__Siren Unlooking Ville Yes ooo, my girl has started moving mad so my boy must have peace 😩😩. Because I seriously do not see what she and Doyin are seeing in dej. Grateful Heart.| CH @foxie_siren | IG @foxie.siren
InnocentZenith Lagos, Nigeria @rightactivist21 @simon_ekpa Come back to do what abeg go and sleep mad people everywhere Simple and smart
Rurikhan Portugal People claiming I don't like the update are beyond delusional. I think every new feature apart from Armor Augmentation is brilliant. And people claiming I'm advocating for cheating need to learn how to forking read. I'm going hunting, stay mad. (2/2) I'm a Content Creator / Streamer who focuses on video games. This is my personal Twitter, all comments and opinions are my own. Praise the Sun!
Rurikhan Portugal People are getting big mad over the fact I don't like 1 system in the free title update. I specifically mentioned multiple times, I love the update, I've been grinding investigations every chance I get, last night I made sneak attack set, and I'm streaming more of it today. (1/2) I'm a Content Creator / Streamer who focuses on video games. This is my personal Twitter, all comments and opinions are my own. Praise the Sun!
1fivefive Ireland It's kinda mad that gamergate (the ultra right puppy farm) was hidden behind a faux outrage of professional journalists being paid for positive coverage and now a few years later it's youtubers and there is not but a peep. quote tweet me I'll end your life. him. nothing matters.
iamelgibson 📸 “The Bounty” Photographed by Greg Gorman for Interview Magazine, 🇦🇺🇺🇸 I'm down to earth man and gentle with it, but Mad Max factor turned me into a Cinema Gaint........ Important DMS ONLY!
LINAB0T bunnyboy is a need, not a want // aot 134 spoilers armin gets whatever he forkin wants I mean he got the collosal titan, a girlfriend, and he might be helos. why does this man have mad bitches it’s not fair lina nation tweet every 10 minutes
sev_txt quote count: 208 Gamma and Omega would fabricate scenarios where he was designed to fail. And they made it seem like his failures were hurting all of the people he cared about. And there was nothing he could do about it. It drove him mad, broke him down even more. bot containing quotes that i personally like from around the internet. mama @nilsfrayer , pfp @gogopri
AAliments Erie, CO Thinking about how SFO got really mad over a trans character and then pre-empted the obvious negative response from trans people by calling them all fakes and people who just jump on a trend like an emo kid or hipster HoI mod: @DeusGeorgeus | Anthropology | Folklore | History | ENG | FRA | Endorsed by the leading authority on Potatoes 🇵🇱 Za Wolność Naszą I Waszą 🇺🇦
screwoffbroski dathomir @InfiniteThunde4 @jayjjalen screw /2 this is (3/?). the point that "why you mad making Obi wan bi didn't change/add anything to the character" is the point it's just mindless and lazy to change an existing character with 2 sentences rather than actually represent communities by making good LGBTQ+ characters tweets make no sense but sometimes I reply to people with some mild brain usage | i like star wars, marvel and @remicool4 | I retweet crap memes
TheEbayMichael Nigeria @darlington369 @I_am_SirDickson @ShinningLight15 @ChimarokeNamani The elders told us they were bringing change when they gave us Buhari. The same mad elders are bring aged thieves, drug lords and corrupt looters telling us they will give us change again and you say we should not flog them on their head? We're just getting started. Early Libra. Dog Lover.. God Over All!!! Peter Obi is the light. Embrace the light.
big_dobos @ChimarokeNamani Oga @ChimarokeNamani any father/mother that denied his child a better tomorrow should be dragged in the mud. Fathers and mothers that are evil, corrupt, killing their children and making life hard for everybody una dey mad. No respect for old fools😡
maddog_concepts USA Mad Dog Concept is the best option for you if you're seeking moisture-wicking socks. A brushed interior lining is included in our socks to keep your feet warm and cozy. #maddogconcept #socks #menssocks #hotfeet #thermalsocks #crewsocks #feetsocks Maddog Concepts offers you loungewear and socks that are affordable, comfortable, and of good quality.
besellers Land of Rocks & Cows, MInn. @Yolo304741 @pj_deplorable And they’re still mad as hell that an outsider showed up & beat the crap out of their polished, establishment candidate (“It was her turn!”), challenged the status quo, & exposed the seedy underbelly of the political elites. He didn’t play nice & take getting his teeth kicked in. My only vice in life is loving the Golden Gophers. I bet I say “WTF” 100 times a day.#FJB
MadCityRumors Mad City @MadCityHub To be fair, all games are losing players atm due to schools slowly starting up again. And also those numbers are not reflecting the truth since Mad City is getting most players from people out of the us after the noon. And its there eve-morning. The number🥇reliable sources for all your #MadCity related stuff. (not just rumors😉)
ichifumibot updated 5/19/21 I: Fumi gets super mad… Even though I just want to make her smile. I: She’s so pretty, and I think smiling more would really suit her. i made this for myself @anmizus updates every half hour, no replies, quotes taken from revue wiki (edited for brevity), 154 quotes in pool
randomsnkships admin goes by he/they don't ship Dina Yeager with anyone or i'll be mad and i'll expose you on Twitter ships generated automatically every 10 minutes. run by @mapachegordo381
phuongtroi2 I've just registered! Join the @MADmetaverse Premint and Giveaway now.... via @PREMINT_NFT
Kaywilliams998 @MarkPlane3 @saltymuch123 @bernardooooV3 You’re the Liverpool fan on city pages😂😂 nobody cares about Liverpool. I said that we’re not worried about Liverpool and take Tottenham more seriously and you getting mad😂😂 #Fedsdidasweep Man city, Patriots and KD the goat (even tho he’s a sensible bitch), OKC 4L(Clippers too), EDM and hip hop specialist
scarmarket she/her makes me sooo mad when people just think w is crazy and obsessed with murder GET A JOB STAY AWAY FROM HER sorry i put some landmines on my blog ^_^ *immediately forgets about the landmines* lemme get some cheezey snacks lalala ! lalala ! la-
Hvnj1svng @solikkvn Brownies , He's stealing brownies Hearts too, when he realizes they're 🌱brownies and starts doing weird but adorable sht. Fratlx just can't mad at the guy who stole his best soup spoon cuz he said he couldn't wait for someone to spoon him nsfw 🔞 | 31/'91 | any pronouns | -18 dni/dnf | baby stay, writer, shop:kayesdeco| officials blocked | please censor namez
lovessmallsong she/it calvin is bad for my sleep but i cant be mad at him bc he is so soft and cuddly the troon to whom the poets croon
oisinswraith blk they/them “you’ve been lying to me” hag you been lying to the police, your job and daughter about DRUGS and you mad Noa needed someone to vent to about it?? “Jules, who tastes like summer nights and thunderstorms.”
Master_FSB Accra, Ghana Lyrical Joe is not normal 🤯🔥🔥 He used Amerado's own album catalogue, reversed it on a beat and served him right. Wow 😳 Charley!!! Both rappers are good but Lyrical Joe in pen game be mad. @_Lyricaljoe you're not normal 🤯 || P.R.O FOR NASPA-KUMASI METRO||•FORMER EC 🗳 FOR COHSS (KNUST - KUMASI) 2020⏏21||#MadinaToTheUniverse ||•Sociologist💼||#YNWA⚽🏅||@M.anifan🎼||🎨Discoverer||
bloodborne420 Limerick, Ireland The Power of the Dog was a fine 3/5 movie and The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow is a fine 5/5 crime novel will never not be mad about it stealing it's title this is 2005 Crash all over again Drunk as Robert, bitter as Stannis, gay as Renly. he/him. Batman Returns.
SlimmNeek My man just left for work and I’m mad 😭 New Account 👻 : SlimmNeeek ❤️‍🔥
socialbuapp Sanchita shares the story of how Mad Marketing Media was founded. She talks about her journey as a Project Manager and how she overcame various challenges to build a successful podcasting business. Check out the full podcast: SocialBu helps you manage and automate your social media.
g0ldenskye Sorry luv but you can stay mad cuz I’m never gonna come up to you 🤍 you not even worth the time of the day 😂 and you a straight weirdo g o l d e n.♌️
fakekevinnguyen highschool -not the musical 🙁 im so mad bruh because my bus came like 20 minutes late yesterday so what if i show up at 7 🤔 and then what. i literally hate the bus this one girl st my stop is teally pretty i think shes a senior tho this isnt funny a ymore let me hate tweet in peace
bluenonu 17 she/her I THOUGHT I COULD TURN THE AC ON AND I BROKE THE TWISTY THINGY AND AND AND I CANT FIX IT AND DAD IS GOING TO GET MAD I forgot I was getting stronger seventeen’s whole vibe is ‘how to not be gay in the gayest way’
cindy_york98 🌎 @ethanstarot She sounds like my mom did when I was being an asshole kid. That’s it. That’s all. She just wanted to be listened to and she wasn’t. It’s a completely normal to be mad at your kids just because you want them to act better. 𝐀 𝐓𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐮𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐯𝐞. 🖤
lastiebonnie Nairobi, Kenya Lies can't withstand time aif rigging won't happen ,we will know the real bloggers .Alai anatafuta Ringtone Apolo mad Sifuna to punch them .Herman Manyora is waiting citizen to call him to go and drink tea. Activist .
mydodyyo took his picture when he’s asleep and he woke up mad 🥲 i’m sorry for disturbing your peaceful sleep, sir 🥲 SINGERSOO ENTHUSIAST (95% DKS + 5% PCY)
PLL_1118 @amourLAUREN yep. framing PK as the victim despite claiming shes mad at him for it. and he got a ride home from them! Be cool.
nmelzack Oxfordshire @BettyBlue168 I know you may see Mad as a slur but a lot of people with mental illness have reclaimed it. Mad pride is a big movement and I assume that's the use here Making batteries work better 🔋 PhD Candidate @unisouthampton 👩‍🔬 Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Chronic Migraines @DisInHigherEd ♿🏳️‍🌈
osca4go England, United Kingdom @ShehuSani Buhari's cabinets and APC in general needs serious medical examinations on mental health issues 😑 most of them reasons and talks like mad people 😑 Love conquer fear
jtg130 @thegigisup3 @SarahJo60647462 @briggs_ew @PhoenixPolice This is Briggs' M.O. He is a disgusting pervert who doxes ppl. He used be an Aaron fanboy starting arguments. He disappeared for a while and came back with a clean profile. He will get mad & send lewd messages & then try to dox u.
lozdeweyaudio U.K Another scorched Earth day, every time I open the front door it looks more and more like a Mad Max set Composer for media. Lacks sleep 99% of the time, full time #musician, part time gamer.
PenitentPosh @CumiskeyRyan @findtheothersUK @joanesquirt @m1serably_happy @rafaeljames78 @GaryMor86753184 @David_Buchanan @Nigel_Farage @GBNEWS As mad as it seems that’s what happened. And is what’s happening now 2 generations away from Nantwich Workhouse. Here for a good time, not a long time,Twitter will see to that. #COYS 🇬🇧MillionMetreClub…He/forkface
the_ehiane AND YALL SAY KANYE IS MAD ?!!!!! 🇳🇬
lyriczbot You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you've done ,It’s been a long night here, and a long night there
itslwclerc ⁰⁵ ¹⁶ ⁵⁵ and my words shoot to kill when I'm mad, I have a lot of regrets about that it will be a good race for the monegato
Diegos_left_peg @DPJHodges @Adrisolna Why would that be a bad thing? If they are unable to run the energy sector in crisis then why should they be allowed to run and profit gouge when times are good? I find it mad that Tories cannot see the absurdity of that position 🙄 I am the greatest footballer to ever kick a ball ⚽️
bettinaistan Lol LC would be so mad when Heidi would show up to an event. I would definitely be upset too if the producers set me up and forced me to be in the same room as someone I didn’t like. Friend betrayal is a different kind of pain 😢 I talk way too much
jblingtobad @Chuks_dfreshest @azeezha22221 @brownelvis10 @officialABAT Not Democracy. Its elections and also its not won on social media. Politics is neither about *Ego le container* nor seeking advice from mad men. Stop following loser se.

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