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robbystarbuck Nashville & Los Angeles Media and Democrats want us to be mad Ivanka got paid a legit fee for her time consulting as a business woman when her income was legally reported and she paid her taxes all while they ignore Hunter Bidens $3.5M from a Russian that was used to buy "time" with trafficked women? 🤔 Director and Producer • Free Thinker • Prod. Co. Owner • Married to @iMatriarch • Proud Dad • Cuban American🇺🇸 • Host @GrowUpLive
JennaEllisEsq Washington, DC I feel like the libs are just mad that Amy Coney Barrett is proof you don’t have to be a man-hating godless feminist to be successful—by THEIR measurement. Her clear love and respect for her husband, her family, & her faith is everything leftists falsely teach women to hate. Constitutional Law Attorney. Senior Legal Adviser @TeamTrump and Counsel to @realDonaldTrump. Senior Fellow @Falkirk_Center. Special Counsel @ThomasMoreSoc.
RaheemKassam The Bidens have taken millions upon millions from Chinese Commies and Russian sources but the NYT is still mad that Trump used measures even many SMEs use and employed thousands across America as a result 🤷🏻‍♂️ Editor-in-Chief @TheNatPulse, host of The National Pulse on @RealAVNews, Co-Host of @WarRoomPandemic podcast.
lovejkoo she/her, 20 they're so forking mad and it SHOWS this is so forking ridiculous
canyonmoonstars SHE/HER (16) i was so hyped for the 28th and now everyone is mad at each other bye😻😻😻 could we ever be enough? baby we could be enough
mean_and_menace Санкт-Петербург, Россия I am not mad at all tho ахаха нет
JOtotheDON @SE_PA_Bob @drmiller166 @wintersowl1 @wilfredchan Just saying don’t be mad that you don’t have 400+ acres of land (which is the best investment you can buy) to donate. Your tax write off is for highest and best use. Sorry if your monthly donation to goodwill don’t add up 🤷‍♂️ someone told me this is where to find the secret of the pros since there was a no show on the 9th green at 9 o’clock
mauisportsgirl Maui @ballsworth_B @Victor27679894 @westfalljames19 @HogsHaven You mad? 😂 the part about his teammates hating him May be a stretch.... but if you can’t admit Wentz is hot and COLD, you’re tripping! You can take the girl out of Boston but you can’t take Boston out of the girl. A tiny island in the pacific has stolen my heart, but my roots remain. No Ka Oi
DRay__10 HTX - San Mo @SCOOPYEWEST The steal? If so go back and look when Jimmy was in Chicago wit D rose, it was clutch time and bron drove jimmy and got peeled on the gather. I remember cause I was mad that he let him do that #TXST | Proverbs 3:5 | Accounting Major | FMofTXST | GlobalBoyz ™ | FTL Ambassador
CrooklynMMA From NY now in San Antonio TX @funkmacker Don't be mad, Scouser. I still find you to be the bees knees. Highly entertaining and a benefit to my timeline. Opinions mine. Work: / They call me butter cause I'm on a roll! Follow @Ninjaneer1 #BLM #YANKEES #F1
ChrisEves4 @RealFantasyHQ I pulled the trigger and I am not mad about it lol Sports and My kids!
czenenjoy The way armys can chart all versions and BTS did that without using bundles got them mad in my darkest days, i found you @BTS_twt 💜
WetWaterSplash G$, Cali Rappers gotta stop bitching and getting mad when people not forkin w them use that energy in the studio and let the work speak stop complaining and feeling entitled maybe people will start forkin w you Real Life GAWD $HIT #G$ ᑕᕼᗩOᔕ ᗰᗩᒍIᑕK OUT EVERYWHERE
nester81879080 USA @MarkRonchettiNM @benraylujan Let’s talk about WinRed and all of your contributors from oil and gas. C’mon, Mark. You take money without really knowing what kind of rightwing crackpots are contributing. You’re just mad because Ben Ray has way more money coming in than you. Well, OF COURSE HE DOES. He’s proven Retired. Dog Mom. Married. Ankle Replacement Gimp. 👊🏻Resist! 🖕🏻trump 🖕🏻Vote Blue!! 🌊🌊🌊🌈💜🏳️‍🌈
jupiterpjms sheher i’m so happy rn they got a number one and the tannies r gonna post a cute lil video of them being all excited and all the girlies are MAD i love it GOOOOOD MOOORNNNIINNGGG to jimin.... to the rest of yall..... gm i guess 🙄
sugar_morena I like when ppl go to my work and yell at me and all I do is 😐😶 go blank n be calm.... gets them EXTRA mad lol
vxrgxnxa_knxght Seattle, WA Have you ever tried to sweep as much cat litter from your carpet as you could because you spilled some of it early in the morning before you had to leave your house and you didn’t wanna wake your roommates up? Well I have and I’m mad she/her
jchnIocke lost (2004). 23. i’ll never get over the fact that kate told sun to ask juliet about the pregnant woman and then got mad at juliet for telling sun about the pregnant women #NIKKI: razzle dazzle! (READ CARRD BEFORE YOU FOLLOW ME)
xingxjay Just told my mom I didnt want her in my apartment and now shes mad. We love setting boundaries. But also she might pop up after work 😭 23, black, multi, messy, and indecisive af (she/her)
taecappu Perú @billboardcharts @BTS_twt and u mad? hopefully we don’t have to see your explaination about their perfect all kill in the US 200505♡ “ʟɪꜰᴇ ɢᴏᴇꜱ ᴏɴ. ʟᴇᴛ’ꜱ ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴏɴ” —ʙᴛꜱ, 2020.
BasedSenpai #sadboyz this first goh season was rough for me but it seems as though a lot of people loved it and hey I ain’t mad I love the webtoon one of my favs but I don’t think the anime did it justice that being said... ★ chris - host of the WeebCast podcast! listen below! insta: weebcasttv | tweeting anime hot takes & a manga head ☆ backup for: @jxnmori
Supyro @maeves_rey She saw you looking away and got mad. This is what you get. He/Him Sense8,BSG, Killjoys, Zoey's, Locke & Key,The Expanse,The OA, THoHH, The Leftovers, Runaways, #CriticalRole, KH, FF, Marvel/DC Fan
TombstoneRamone New York Writings bad, the visuals are iight but the characters are so bland. The black ones at least. Just mad boring and wholesome. You lost . (they//them)
mauisportsgirl Maui @ballsworth_B @Victor27679894 @westfalljames19 @HogsHaven You mad? 😂 the part about his teammates hating him@May be a stretch.... but if you can’t admit Wentz is hot and COLD, you’re tripping! You can take the girl out of Boston but you can’t take Boston out of the girl. A tiny island in the pacific has stolen my heart, but my roots remain. No Ka Oi
cveal_10 Imagine your sister gets shot, and you see African-Americans on twitter calling her a liar and streaming his mixtape. You’d be mad right?? professional point prover. stop killing black people.
cartoons_mad Los Angeles @sacredsophia I mean, I asked if it was him. I said I was happy he stopped drinking. And it turned into him... Nm. He was messing with me and his wife was messing with me on the phone:) Marketing.Comics.Animator.Ecards. Websites.E-books.Stories.Videos. Ecards: web:achievements: blk by Rudy Giuliani
adrian_buddha Unfortunately Orlando Y’all looking at a restaurant bill from a famous chef at the four seasons in Dubai n u mad it’s a stack and a half ? fr ? ~under construction~
Avin_97 Manhattan, NY @UnicornsOfLove You've already done damn well. Now kick MAD/SUP's bottom on Wednesday and prove me right about just how damn good you can be! Analyst/Coach for @InFinitye_sport | Former Head Analyst/Assistant Coach for @Rogue @ROCCAT and @BKNesports | @Tuataria admin and Nerdfighter
GottaLoveDeem @backend_french @Been_blessed_ Lmfao you sayin it like bron won a chip in mad long bro like yea we said that and he been losing for years now but yea it’s on sum crap like if the heat come to play then can win You’re not the prize..*
matured_gang Namibia,Ondangwa #Promote yourself until it #pays off They’ll get mad and delet you, or get inspired and #support you |🅨🅔🅐🅡 🅧🅧🅜🅜|🔰 |🄵🄴🄱 16 🄰🅀🅄🄰🅁🄸🅄🅂♒️| |🅷🄸🅿 🄷🅾🄿 🅵🄰🅽 ▷◉──♡| |🅂/🄾 🆃🅾🔆🅻🅾🄼🄻💚🄿🅂| |🅶🄷🄴🅃🅃🄾 🅺🄴🄴🄿🆂 🅲🄰🄻🄻🄸🄽🅶|
Kaycee_Trekker Azeroth WOW players big mad about LGBTQ+ and dark skin tones: 🤬🤬🤬 Me v happy with the progression my favorite game is making and v amused by all the haters:😄😄😄😄 *Author/Photographer/Cosplayer/Artist* (They/Them-Kaycee) 🎧Level: 20/Gay/Ace ¿Probably crying over Warcraft? *Pfp- Picrew
hlaveas California, USA When I was a barista at yalls nearest Starbucks.... I USED TO HATE when customers would get mad bc I couldn’t take they dusty bottom trash. Get out and walk to the nearest trash can sir. I should start a thread of my experience working for Buxx for 5 years 😂😂🥰🥰 truth will set you free #SATO
Chanel_EstCoast Brooklyn raised ↔️Philly made @SugaHuniKC_ Okay so I agree cuz I def let a lot of stuff slide, and the shot out the titties woulda made me feel like sis was trying me but I prolly wouldn’t have been mad...I rewatched the vid and he did odee like he was gonna hit her but that prolly was his in the moment reaction like wth? ♑️ ☥ ॐ Unfriendly Black Hottie 😘
miliddaeng @child_filter95 @billboardcharts @BTS_twt yeah, and the new global thing is a joke too lol the other comment, Lauren, explained they don't tag the #1 artist cuz they get a separate tweet for them. so, I'm a little less mad now nature 🌿 and bangtan (before u follow, I kinda have beef w solos, mantis, hard shippers and also, tired of cancel culture over human mistakes)
josaeriver I may be 23 but 5th graders still treat me like usual. Today, my internet was a bit laggy in my class and at the end, they left and said “bye laggy!” And I can’t even be mad. They were right! he/they.
WayneJa73138818 I’m MAD I’m mentally retarded and have sorry Medicaid. I am Son of the King✝️I’m also a #Patriot. Ph4:13. Romans 5:8. #Blessed 😇😍🤪🐸👽🎃 Christian ✝️
bstnamkook Wings Tour We get mad at others, we give a piece of crap to them, but we're able to multitask between streaming, buying, and replying to anti tweets that these mere haters cannot even respond to. Period. rapmon hyung : Jeon Jungkook | ARMY since '16 | OT7 | some kdrama | Wings Tour MNL 050717
IStanBangtan013 India My favs sell music.. You may be pressed about the remixes.. But at the end of the day.. They're still music.. And the sales are organic.. Your favs use bundles.. Sell merch and add the song for free.. And then y'all get mad when we still succeed.. No.. We are not the same 💅 You nice, keep going.. 😎 💜 OT7 💜 BTS Fan Account.. Here for BTS.. ❤ Pronouns: She/Her
Aline25221190 @mmoises1213 @chartdata @BTS_twt I love seeing people mad about dynamite's remixes, it fills me with so much joy, it‘s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Them being mad is the only reason I‘m still alive,I was born to laugh at their stupidity
gcfsjn she/they ⋆ 描く story 叶うように wishing on a star 思い続けよう 星をなぞるように 何度も願うよ i can't wait 掴みたいから wishing on a star | fan acc why are they doing a breakdown “explaining” why dynamite is back at #1??? and also tagging them??? the way they’re bitter lmfao the “due” just show how mad and xenophobic they are. anyways bts is No. 1 again, king’s behavior
thecolddaga puppet university @JasonScort @ariesastar @bfupicklepie @SUNSHlNEMERRICK @typotrappedgc you’re asking if i’m mad that you stalked my friends pages and was unnecessarily rude to them? thought that was a no brainer but ok #ZACH moisturize me❤️// she her // all 5’7 of me is full of love for the watcher boys // @typotrappedgc
JockCeiling You can't like dick and not be into males. You can't like vagina and not be into females. Your explanation is not how sexuality works, you tragic woke moron. Also, "trans lesbians" are not valid, they are autogynephilic heterosexual males, stay mad about it. The Jockstrap Ceiling is a phenomenon where trans men try to sexually coerce their way into gay men's pants using progressive/woke language. I'm a gay man.
Muhammad_Ummar_ Old Barzulla ,Srinagar , J&K I am short of words, these guys are making us mad. Yesterday, #KXIPvsRR i thought something rare happened and it can't be repeated maybe after some 100 years. Today #RCBvMI, in a matter of 24 hours, the heroics have been repeated. @IPL @mipaltan @RCBTweets #IPL2020 Live for the person who can die for U , Smile for the person who cries for U N Love the person whO Loves U more than U dO ..
denillerene_ Jamaica Jamaica! I just got outta babysitting .. and I must say it was a close call. Shoutout to the person who didn’t get away.. baba 😂😂😂 he must be so mad This is the story of a champion 🏅 traveller. writer . lover of living without limits ✨@dametraveler & @travelnoire featured! Superstar YouTuber! 🎥
Assassin4than @ZurielisSoslol It's all fun and games when everyone is having fun yes that's how that works. If you want to push your own agenda that the mean old lady "has a high possibility" of cheating (with no evidence). Feel free. But also cry about it because you're mad at something that isn't true. I am mediocre at fighting games and bad at everything else.
TexieWoods He stay in Tyra crap mad and I ain't ever had to seem to wit him in no forkin way Hello Twarlings 💋 Texie Woods
leoflames505 New Mexico, USA @DebnamCarey I am so mad at the state of our nation right now. The Republicans are such a$$wipes and McConnell and his mule piss WTH. He should drink that $#!&. He is disgusting.
jikookology Billboard is so mad we found a way to work around their ridiculous system and I love it. I just love seeing everyone breaking down bc how hard we ride for bts and the lengths we’re willing to go to put them at the top of everything #BTS: i heard these labels tryna make another me | fan account • she/her
jastybg Atlanta, GA I remember one time during my apprenticeship I was so mad and in the midst of being mad I was breaking down paper towels I ended up doing so many every station was jus over flowing with piles of broken down paper towels the reactions were mad funny when the artists walked in 😭
Chicago_Gourmet Chicago, IL For the movie buff: Check out this framed "Mad Dog and Glory" poster signed by Bill Murray! Up for bidding now in our online charitable auction benefiting @IlliniRestAssoc Ed. Foundation! Serving updates on the epicurean culinary event, Chicago Gourmet. September 25-27, 2020.

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