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KyivIndependent Kyiv “The realities on the battlefield in Ukraine have demonstrated to the entire world the technological backwardness of the Russian army,” write @PetroBurkovskyi and @TarasZhovtenko. Independent English-language journalism in Ukraine. Become our patron: Donate:
ggreenwald Liberals, for years: you only defend Tucker because he puts you on. Now: Tucker has no show and I'm defending him. Liberals: You're mad you lost the only show that puts you on. Me: I appear on many Fox shows and the biggest independent shows. Don't try reasoning with them. Journalist; Author; Host, @SystemUpdate_; Columnist, @Folha; Co-Founder: The Intercept, @TheInterceptBr; @abrigo_hope, @FreedomofPress, @ongcriadefavela. Vegan.
KiDCuDi some place higher I think I wanna give one song to a random fan and let them leak it. In a few months. What yall think of that? The fan has to send out the song to mad people and let it build. I think thats a really dope idea. Gives power back to the fans and let u guys be apart of the ride "ENTERGALACTIC" ALBUM AND SHOW OUT NOW ONLY ON NETFLIX ⚠️ Designer of the brand Members of the RAGE/musical anarchist/the originator Account run by team
austinchick99 Austin Texas @Michele24729158 @BentizK @krassenstein Othankgod. The world’s gone mad and it’s throwing off the calibration on my jokemeter. Just couldn’t read the RFK comment. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m tired, man.
DennisW49055000 Owdum @claramps @JamesBChamonix @JamesGhani @ChrisAndrew1399 @SimonCalder @FenCoul Course it was😂😂😂 i travel extensively through EUtopia and have never experienced these queues that the mad remainiacs endure same with the tomato shortages,they dont exist on planet normal,just where the euroloons shop🤦‍♂️ Just here to ridicule euroloons and other bedwetters Hope I’ll survive the imaginary tomato shortage as I did the imaginary egg shortage
davewall01 Dublin, Ireland @EimearMcCormack @Chill_Insurance @LeoVaradkar Thats mad, I had the same experience with my Insurance Company, Increase after Increase until this year and I just said no more, shopped around and got almost 200 euro off the premium. Loves football,gaa, golf and rugby,partial to a pint or two, Irish through and through
YukiGoomba @PMGPSW Let’s see, you own an actual purple suit (and were mad enough to wear it in Georgia heat), you won a tournament while at Momocon last year, has a custom poker deck I made as a gift a while back, extensive love for murder mysteries, clue, and is one of the nicest friends I have. Artist • Wolf Goomba •♀️• #Vtuber • Founder/Admin @GaijinCommunity • The Fluff to @Soko_Teki's Buff💕 • 🍡🍣🍙 • Commissions : Closed •
Ivy_Lavacci Washington, DC @FightMate He was swift and didn’t hit her I ain’t mad him. 🤣🤣 ♏️😈♏️𝒫𝑔𝒽✈️𝒟𝓂𝓋 ♏️😈♏️ IG:Ivy.Lavacci2
avbhinaya @realsteelmuslim The hate is real. It's so frightening. The world will suffer terribly because of these people's mad hate, anger and jealousy of other races and cultures rise and prosperity.
SandezRama @nikupipo @CruzLake5 Don't be a crypto newbie - level up your trading skills with this web3 dev's MEV strategy and start making mad profits. deportista y quien sábe que más
MajoraYT Nebraska This whole Wheeliack situation is incredibly funny to me cuz what if people got mad that Tom Cruise, Tom Arnold, and Tom Holland didn’t look exactly the same. 29 // Non-Binary // He/They // Young, dumb and full of... water ;) Stay hydrated!
W_of_Uncertain Abeokuta, Nigeria @SpokespersonCHN Come and see the madness in its full form. He supplied weapons to Russia to kill Ukrainians, the same person is now speaking to the Ukrainian which he's killing indirectly. What is going on with us? Are we all mad altogether? I don't understand. The dude even picked his call 1. Computer Hardware and software maintenance Technician. 2. Data scientist on @datacamp 3. Web developer on @youtube
PPGoPooPoo @GrewalJovi @AlexSilasPSAC You're jealous and mad.
phoenix_prose @Melissa_Kimble I get mad ones in the morning- if I wake for a bit and then go back to sleep. Chaos. Supercalifragelisticxpalidocious
GamersStreamers Mage/Minions - Early Access - Mad World MMO - Open World ARPG - First look / Exploration / Leveling and additional activities #MadWorldAgeofDarkness - Around 59 viewers - Click the play button to start watching now from inside this tweet! Gamers + Streamers, I like Twitch TV, Facebook gaming, Youtube gaming and other streaming platforms.
AlsoCursed i have to be a day 2 player for honkai star rail because i cannot play today and i’m mad😡 she/her | they/them |OT7 or leave ami 🧡| 21🎂
follwasfound_ @notfoundream I WANNA JOIN THE FEM!DNF TREND JUST TO UPSET THEM Like fork it's lesbian visibility week and they are still mad at it What is wrong with some people I hope this made sense ! they/them 18
deweywitt73 Cincinnati, Ohio @Cobratate Not even mad. He was probably a democrats and was trying to cop a feel or sniff her hair. Not Woke but Awake. Former Administrator of the Stop The Steal Facebook Group. Op-Ed Writer. CEO/CFO/EIC of The Patriot's Lemonade Stand
D415Y_CU773R The trees @RealMTrombley @vega_holdings @chrisdmowrey Lmao his mom, she's mad he took the car without her permission and didn't fill it with gas A Republic, if you can keep it. Men who lust for blood and war often lose both.
LlNizar @whoizshy Tbh if u look at it from a creators pov and taken some of gods intentions of why he mad all of this isma makes a lot of sens humans change but for a reason
heythisisleon Montreal, Canada A massive void, was created with DeGods leaving Sol. Mad Lads was the perfect project to come in and fill that void. Master move. Marketing consultant for 30+ NFT projects • Sharing daily Web3 marketing insights • My full doxx:
_JenniCee LAX was a mad house Monday @Delta I’m not sure why the agents we communicate with through text, and the agents at the airport can’t do the same thing But There was one agent who was so pleasant. How do I get something to her? wanderlust.
echidoodiche @atere_olufemi @Sean_bdx @DavidHundeyin Mad fellow association of Nigerians with extremely short memory. Never tiring from their chains and ever making excuses for why it should be tightened some more or relaxed a bit. easy and a calm soul with curious heart that is always searching....
LovelyKayxx Ohio :) Y'all 🥷🏾's won't do anything for a woman, damn near make her beg for your time, play mind games and get mad cause the show goes on without you?? Please go to hell lmao. Because in what world do you think a woman of substance is going to sit and deal with that? Absolutely not. 🥴 25. ♋️ I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. Josiah 👶🏽. Free spirit. 🍃🌻🌸Cancer sun 🌞, Virgo rising ⬆️, Pisces moon 🌙🌈
AFC_ND85 City of London, London @StacyMLiddell @tomcc1101 @ArsenalBuzzCom I agree it will be a missed opportunity but I don’t see how the owners can be criticised. They stuck with a vision, even when Arteta took like 1 point from 39 or something mad, and have invested heavily since. We can’t act like Chelsea, City, Utd taking chances on £100m players @Arsenal
Bertie_AG @ManUnitedZone_ @WhoScored It’s mad because United fans have been slagging him all season and then after a couple decent games, back up his arse. Strange bunch
pontdugardnimes East, England @XRFamilies Lets let the umwise, the inexperienced, and members of mad cults rule the world. What could go wrong? No intention to gain followers whatsoever.
ketuksi first floor me to my mom mom you’re mad at me for what you’re assuming my intentions were wasabi is i love you in our language (me and mom meow at each other) idk what the last sentence implies but i guess it’s for harry to connect the dots not me indigenous creature
synthwavcryptid Austin, TX Three of the universes we’re rotating like a rotisserie chicken in the gc are focused on Young + Dumb + In Love (mad about it) And this is almost entirely bc the way Samm draws young Din and Paz makes me feel like a 25 cent bouncy ball let loose in a small room 30, unhinged queer she/they | 80s aesthetic enthusiast | Studying forensic pathology💀 | DinCobb brainrot era | 18+ only, minors DNI 🔞 BLM, fork TERFs
GabrieldeMaga15 A Back to the Future remake and Mad Max falls somewhere between 10 to 15. No, I don't know where Han So Low and Indiana Jones falls under. Likewise, with me as Blade Runner's Rick Deckhard. @Twitch Sleepovers are funnerer with video games.
umh_ok London, England me when my best fren declined my drunk FaceTime call bc she’s still mad at me and it’s starting to get weird 🇵🇪 when Beyoncé said: “to the left” I really felt that, in a political sense even 🦋22🦋 aspiring milf
wahalaoooo She shouldn’t have followed back😭😭 So you and your fave will run mad completely
xoldanic Athens, TN my brother came and stayed with me for two days cause him and his wife were arguing. why did he ask me if it’s okay if he went back home ? and if I was going to be mad at him ????? 🤣 like you’re 40 years old bro get your bottom back to your ole lady 🤣 u with me or what?
fishIoI @Boltszera @NotDariennn stroud and young should be the top2 qbs selected anything after that i ain’t mad at it but if he’s the second qb off the board it’s gonna feel like a repeat with zack wilson and fields fr TE/DL for @lolcIub | Bears | Bulls | White Sox | #lolUp
newjivace newjitan streets yes, JIMIN AND HAERIN GLOBAL AMBASSADOR. jobless blonks and stiffsoo stans camping on popbase, stay mad 🫶🏻 rarely here | og newji defender ; dnf ü inactive
Heatherc0205 @dailybravomail Love Hubb House. Everyone is pissed she is happy, made changes, still her just learned and D girl you and your BF broke up, and y’all mad you have to entertain yourself. Gtfo. Keep with the facts Linds you owe no one anything.
gossjam London, Glasgow, Taunton, Cave Listening to The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes on audible. Someone's taken the MAD decision to include Inspector Lestrade in all of them. Like Zelig. He starts off at the Rue Morgue and it just gets madder from there. Hickson in the streets, Rutherford in the sheets. Currently living in a cave in Turkey.
ericafayeallen Baltimore City I went a little MAD on the inspiration from Alice's Name and Traits... #TheSims4 #Showusyourbuilds #Showusyoursims Peep Cheshire Made twitter just to look at other creaters! #SecretSimmer #ccaddict #maxismatch
RuwaidaAbass Wear the jasmine petals flaking in the direction of our achievement matters. OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_Modanisa_and_Body_H&M YOU_H_AND_M_OUNAS_COUPON_SIVVI_NAMSHI_CODE_ONAS_DISCOUNT_ONASS_ From me means life. Dying inside.The Devil was evil, mad, but I
Ajastrologia er/ihn/il/lui @DISCO_FR3AK If she was white they would 100% be mad at the cop and like some are celebrating a child literally being dragged on the floor by a grown man that's so weird ashkenazi ✡️drag Superstar from Strasbourg/free🇵🇸/trans rights are human rights🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈/ 🇨🇵🇬🇧🇩🇪/19 #teamkandy #teamheidi
izzybeerain @MirandaDawn38 @CadensMomma85 @ARISE_Daily_Pay Shoot they got mad at me when I was seeking help and I told them their website was a joke. They refunded me and blocked me when I said something. They absolutely SUCK Live on in my heart
Tha_YQ Down To Mars Being upset that you assumed every woman wants the same crap is a YOU problem. Maybe try to get to know women instead of thinking we are a monolith. Yall date women yall penis and eyes say to date. Then treat them like crap and be mad when you realize it takes more than looks. Floor Manager for Artist/Song Writer: @rome860 🎤🥁🗒✒🎶 A.K.A. The Artist's Artist 👑 DM for bookings, musical arrangements, and features. 💪🏾
Tafkang Gateshead, England @RamsesDecrees @MinionFromHelI @Mad_Ice_King The two scenarios in my head are it either makes a better competitive environment and stays banned or it doesn't and the ban goes away, hypothesising on right or wrong won't do anything without gathering evidence through testing Tafkang | He / Him | NE commentator sometimes
DanganYankee Blankey Jet City I’m still mad about the end of his story. Dude fork off for a couple of episodes and suddenly goes all “I’m good now” ❌ENFANT ★ TERRIBLE❌
Paternalised @stephenbatesmp And from Logan of all places. Hope your Rankin member will set up a mobile unit in Logan Central Shopping Centre. There'll be plenty of Labor backlash there. Get whilst they're mad as hell. Pls don't discount Logan for the taking, AND STOP preferencing Labor. Labor solidified my decision in December of 2022. Voting GREEN'S #1 next federal election. No other preferences. Better my voice cancelled rather than stolen.
6m7iF4Y75Olfb0f @RpsAgainstTrump @Nusaybah2012 Don't be a crypto newbie - level up your trading skills with this web3 dev's MEV strategy and start making mad profits.
milkbreadtoast 🇰🇷🇺🇸(한국어 개못하는 재미교포🥲) @colormecryo wait but impersonation wouldnt even be an option bc my icon isnt even an idol or person??? it's always been that rainbow bread... and ur right why did they perma ban me when its a mistake... "carefully reviewed" my 4ss... now im mad lol they better read my appeal this is ridic hey! i draw~ ✨cookie run(🥛🍠,🐺🌱, 🦊, 🏛, + ...), yyh(🌹🐉), other✨ || DO NOT REPOST/USE MY ART!!! (they/them) 24 (art: @milkbreadart)
michaelkach Holyoke, Massachusetts @theprincejay_ @MyNameIsNotTomy From a nobody with zero $ in the bank making themselves feel better they’ve accomplished nothing of value in life by making fun of a 65 yo woman who has had more cultural influence than any other woman and a billion $ in the bank. You just mad M didn’t die of coc OD in a tub? 🏳️‍🌈
hartineh Lagos, Nigeria On today’s episode of my job interview shenanigans Is wearing a pant trouser and a corporate shirt with a sandal heel not dressing corporate enough?? Emphasis on the sandal heel cos these panelist want to to turn me to a mad woman here sanguine ••Taurus..sarcasm
RobertCHoffman2 @HagensHagens @MetalCatViking1 @t3rxhunter288 Again. forking prove it. You guys started it because you were mad about a failed boycott and can't handle the backlash after you escalated it. Want to play some games and have fun.

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