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RealOmarNavarro Los Angeles, CA Mad Maxine Waters is leading the impeachment scam against @realdonaldtrump after spending decades of DOING NOTHING in DC. People are sick of her broken promises and division! Send me to DC and I’ll help our President #KAG. Please make sure you follow me @RealOmarNavarro Republican Running against Maxine Waters 2020. 🇺🇸 Founder of the United Latino Foundation. 🎓 Bachelors in Criminal Justice. 💼 Small Business.
rileyjsilverman Studio City, CA If you're mad that Clueless is being rebooted and saying "There's no original ideas anymore," I have some bad news for you about the movie Clueless. Comedian & Writer for @TroubledPod @SyFyFangrrls @Nerdist. Player on #RatQueensRPG, #TheBrokenPactRPG She/Her. Chaotic Femme
LTMusical North America good morning, demigods! let’s talk reviews. we know y’all are upset about them, and the instinct is to be mad at the critics, but here’s the thing: a critic’s job isn’t to tell you if art is “good” or “bad,” it’s to help you understand how *you* might experience that art. NOW ON BROADWAY. maybe you’ve heard of a movie with a similar title—we’re not that, we’re based on @camphalfblood’s book.
coozyxo PLUTO If you get mad at ur friends for being busy and too exhausted to hang out when u wanna you’re a weird chump im only here to joke & lie
Fungirlty2 Bitches weave be thin asf and wanna be mad ab a African-American girl b mad at whoever put that bs in yo head 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 getcha hair right ho RealFunGirl💋 ig:fungirlty Longliveettrick❤️
Pxp84 India @i_Sunny92 @HerdHUSH #AartiSingh did react and kept yelling lots of things but then no1 was supporting so she kept getting mad and mad. I think she expected every1 to support her. I felt awful that every1 was stopping & scolding her to deal with it later. Arey kyu?! #BB13 #BiggBuzz #BiggBoss Ce La Vie! 💕🧚🏾‍♀️💅🏽🍫
goawaymegs This man gave me his email today for his rewards and it was “mathnerdsrock” I bet he gets MAD pussy Save the bees
BrandynWaterman San Antonio, TX @houghton0 @null_convention @UserAM169 @PrettyBadLefty what about this discourse is xenophobic? y'all sound like clowns. Russia has one of the most active, and intentionally noisy, digital war campaigns in the world. You could spend your time researching instead of just slinging nonsense and getting mad at objective facts. Just bc Ted Cruz is a lizard doesn't mean he can't be tried for treason | Data rights are human rights | Capitalism is an addicting and lethal drug | he/him
_YoCliff Sixers Nation @rk20__ He pissed me off last season but after the Toronto series I said ima give him another chance and here we are im back mad again lmao |I tweet for Laughs & Retweets don’t type me a paragraph I don’t care| LU Alumni👨🏽‍🎓 | NUPE♦️| Host of CliffNotez Web Show🎙| #HereTheyCome #FlyEaglesFly
ABall42 South Central LA @DiorrMichelle I let the cursing slide cause he mad, but bringing up his work in the community as an excuse and then acting like what he did wasnt wrong is BEYOND ME Woman of God | UND Grad Student | UNLV Alum 👩🏾‍🎓 | Romans 1:16 | TMC 🏁 | IG: ABall_42
Dub9Chevelle Stockton - The Bay - San Diego @fos4izzle He was trying to have a discussion with me about Trump and you can tell he was getting mad. I ended up shutting up lol i can’t get kicked out 🥀My spirit is too strong to lose🔮#dubnation #49erfaithful #sfgiants #sjsharks #ninja #horror #anime #manga #bruja #RockNRolla #ganja #madrechingona
relatively_evil i’m so mad that my love and admiration for @terryhorstman means that i have to wake up early on a saturday to learn how to write about sports capitalism bad. she/her. i only cry during baseball & dnd
TubiyaSoRAW_ B3astsid3 And all the Mexicans was mad at Floyd for this 😂😂 Girl I got what everybody like.
VerbleGherulous anywhere the wind blows Even before the sun dips behind the hills, the #MadCarnival sparks eerie lights: a shock against the mad night, the shooting stars are here on the ground, this night, and lightning crawls through the underfoot current & the trees themselves are rattled into stochatic laughter. I'm that person who pretends to know more than he actually does
erostribe TRIBë You know... I live off people’s energy. If I make you feel some kinda way and you come for me just know I’m probably sipping on you like a popsicletail. Good art makes people MAD. It offends. It enrages. If you show me that...guess what, I’m probably going to just keep going. Dreamer of Epic Dreams. I tweet things I don’t believe//I believe in perspective
TipsyHussle_ When your anger outweighs your guilt, you’ll get mad and blame everybody else for your problems. You won’t get everything you pay for in this world, but you’ll pay for everything you get.♦️👌🏾
Cyber_Rose2014 @SherriRush Or you wake up mad because you missed the first 10 minutes and now you don't know what the show is about. 🤣🤣🤣 Who am I? I'm beautiful, educated, and concerned...striving daily to make the world a better place. St. Louis.
bulukchan Any pronouns. I'm so mad at my mom rn. I normally get over it in hours but rn... She really crossed the line and I can't help being mad around her. It's more disappointment I think. 🏳‍🌈 | 18 | Weeb | Honduran.
Nictarii 23, he/him, no under 17s pls ...yeah they're definitely remaking my whole s17 plush, ain't they. I just hope he'll be done and here by friggin black friday bc I do NOT need him getting lost in that mad postal tangle @ChurchOfSwine's dragonball/OC shack. ignores word of god often; if you don't like oc×canon you're gonna have a bad time. your fav is gay. icon @lancer_force
SlapUWitNoHandZ [H]ouse [o]f [BL]ue Leaves Ouch. That hurt. Still mad that I exposed you and @PersonOppressed are the same person? I’m on the cool ranch getting laid more than Fritos with 5 strippers, 4 wives, & 3 amigos. GSU ALUM 2k17
Qixede @C_Mushy There's one from Wales and one from Ontario. Both have said great things. And because it's 2019 and not 2002 it doesn't turn into an epic flame war. But I might start one I'm so mad and we have to close it out in style
straysparkles them Matsuoka tiddies You guys have those movies with soundtracks so good they make you shiver?? That's me with "Spirit" This movie was criminally underrated and I'll die mad about it 💜🏵✨ draws fanart ♡ I'll never be free from Free! ♡ screams over cartoons ♡ NSFWish ♡ multi-fandom & multi-ship ♡ she/her || art only: @StraySketches ✨🏵💜
theluhlife New York, NY he’s literally mad as crap at his game and like we do this thing where if i cough he says “bless you” and he deadass smiled at me and said it like awww 🥺 what it do baebyyyyy
jupiterblvd she/her, cis, bisexual, white Bro we were all okay until my mil comes in mad at the world and she asked a question and everyone went "it's no big deal" then she just goes off going "WELL KISS MY bottom I DESERVE TO KNOW BLAH BLAH BLAH" IT DOESNT forkING MATTER WHAT UR ASKING ANYWAYS IT IS REALLY THAT IMPORTANT! @biz_ow: Some of yall hate women but me and my 9 hour girl group playlist are not relating (18+ nsfw)
TRC_MKC Texas, USA @MlbSatan3 I’m not mad at all. I just dislike people who say anything and call it a joke. I appreciate comedy, not trolling. “There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.”
jiminsyonce OT7 + ARMYHIVE welcome This tweet makes me soooo mad and I don’t know why. I’m this close to deleting it #JIMIN: he popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse he Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown
TheMedievalNerd Canada @miguelobaptista Never played Mad TV. But I did play both Legends of Kyrandia 2 & Beneath a Steel Sky. And I still haven't finished BASS! So many games in the backlog! Safe haven for all things #DOSGAMING, #RETROGAMING and #C64! Ready to party like it's the #80s & #90s?🥳🤘(My feed is 99% free of anything else.)
FoldedPacier jim @mrmiguelart i’m mostly mad at encouraging tourism and further gentrification around just... the stupidest tourist destination bi // media studies something something // asu // he/him // He is odd, yet wonderful. // Burn. Burn. Keep. Burn.
Melanie21769989 @DanielleCohn555 She mad because mikey got a girl and keep runnin ur mouth and mikey gonna expose you Hi, I’m probably the weirdest person you’ll ever meet but if you’re not okay with it... BYEEE
ceosteve_ Bronx, NY It’s mad cold in my crib and I love it LC Records : LC Gear : 2020 : LOST Runner
satarmayid I constantly feign not being upset and I’m just so mad rn Marley’s Girl|Poet|Artist|Cat/Bun Mom|Bagel Enthusiast|Pudlorn Scientist|Ashkenazi Jewess/Rom Queen| venmo:
antmaann_ Y’all get them Gucci socks and don’t wanna take them off 😂 I ain’t mad get your money worth Rip Mom & Pops! Rip Fenk Al! Rip Asia Hooks! #Forever20!! #ALN #CubCity
pizzaa555 Greensburg, PA @osmaniofficial @Boxiethunder @diancholakov2 @KEEMSTAR Why would you get mad over a word. People like you are villainizing a word, increasing it's power and influence. It's funny, reminds me of Voldemort. i like to eat pizza
KingCassiusJr Locked up they won’t let me out @__queenofitall I’m fr mad and something told me this crap was gone happen Jesuit Dallas Alum | Austin College Basketball '19 | ΦΚΩ | #LiveLikePJ | insta: kingcassiusjr snap: cassiuschiles70
hoodiedlo philly “i’m fine” = she 100% lying and want u to do smt abt it “idc”= she mad “i forgot about it” she def still salty about it “jk” she backed out cuz she was finna get curved “she weird” she def didn’t expect to get friendzoned Trust the Process #FlyEaglesFly EAGLES SUPER BOWL 54 CHAMPS Carson Wentz is the goat
vjktone Hungary Don't get mad at me and don't even ask for my explanation if your final score beyond your expectation. 18+ | #정국: (뷔) hyung often kissed me on my cheeks and ears.
HorchataNCanela Pretty mad I missed @CoachMickEA engagement buttttt I was real life crying seeing all the videos and pics rn 🥺 *Mean mugging in Spanish*Single father with no kids*EA 19* Alumni AU 23*
bvittany_ Las Vegas, NV one of my kids juked me nasty today playing soccer lmao and i’m still mad
Eighty8Keyes Carter Lake, IA I am SPENT. I ran around like mad today getting things to have my car fixed. Only to have it break again on my drive home (1mi). He’s coming tomorrow to fix the errors. Hopefully. Still scared I got taken. It’s been a day of running and business and I’m just done. Catholic mama to 5. TLM fan. I rock #mohawksandmantillas. Frequent head shavee w/St. Baldricks. Dymphna is my homegirl. Fan of the 3 w’s; whiskey, wine @ WiFi.
420Cyber Las Vegas San Francisco London "The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world." -- Carl Sagan Badass Budtender™ Kiosk🌿#1 Cannabis Cybersecurity Provider🌿Dispensary🌿Delivery🌿Cultivation🌿Manufactuer🌿HIPAA & PCI🌿24/7/365🌿Woman Owned🌿@badassbudtende1
Gyllenhaalic15 In bed with Joe and Sophie 😜 @stinaknits Not mad....slightly puzzled til I saw Tim and Woody were on their own little island and rated each other first . I think Georgina and James might have both known they were voting for him to win which is nice Feminista, unapologetically black but I'm a basic bish too, Jonas Brothers stan 4lyfe
Universalsldr Earth 616 When she’s mad at her dude so she invites you out to buy her drinks and give her words of affirmation. I.T. blerd / Army Vet / 1914 / Gymrat - Greeks that lift ambassador | World of Warcraft #HORDE
CarlosG49625144 @barstooltweetss You’re mad because you got approved for a loan and now had to pay interest?... sigh c'est la vie
msdexparios toronto ontario she/her infj I saw someone get mad at mcu Wanda getting paired with live action Dick Grayson and it's like... are they not both whitewashed? Why're you only mad about the woman and fine with Dick's whitewashing lmao. the girls in riverdale are cute you guys are just boring
The_Mad_Maragan @PirateKingTv @MixerRetweet @WatchMixer @RetweetMixer @MixerShares @MixerUnified @UniteMixer @Watch_Mixer @MixerStreams Come visit for average gameplay, elite level $#!t talking with innovative effects and viewer interaction. The Mad Maragan uses the Mixer account "The_Mad_Maragan" for streaming and "The Mad Maragan" on Xbox Live. Come join in the fun. Also checkout @MaraganBot.
TheMexicanFonzi Angry at a company for suppressing free speech? You're not mad at the company. You're mad at neo-liberals and the free market. And now, my unwitting comrade, you're talking my language. 😎 University of Memphis - Officially Ordained - He/Him - #StillBernie
DonaldGee Georgia, USA @Opinion8dKellie Exactly lets get all of those women's addresses and block their driveway for whatever we're mad about. "Be cool if you can" - CDS
molinuhhh California @jessicafides I find it funny that someone was so mad they had to go online and make a complaint because of the song 💀 If you see me angry tweeting, mind ya business
Matthew60549024 A corrupt mad man and autocrat thug is sitting in the White House. We must act now & impeach!! Working Families Advocate. Center Left/Socially Moderate. Pragmatic Liberal With Sanity. Proud Union Member. Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner & Investor.
Agmcneil Talking Rock, GA @MSNBC Looks like you learned from your Daddy. Don’t know when to shut up! You tried your best to be a badass. Trying so hard to make him proud. You screwed up and you got Daddy mad!

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