How not to live your life
Are you Mad?


The things some people say about Mad.

OriginalFunko Everett, WA Which exclusive are you trying for this week? Here's a closer look at the Funko Wondrous Con Exclusive Disney Emperor's New Groove - Scientist Kronk and Mad Scientist Yzma Pops! #FunkoVirtualCon #FunkoVirtualWondrousCon Funko is a pop culture collectibles company. Everyone is a fan of something!
MattForte22 What’s Your Forté Since we’re talking about justice and accountability. Athletes, community leaders, church leaders and anybody who cares we have to come together and put a stop to this. We can’t be mad when a cop kills a black person when we out here killing each other and our children. In you, Lord I put my trust. Psalms 25:1 Contact = Alexis Knapp Instagram= mforte22 YouTube=
StevePtweets Truthfully the fact that we HAVE to be so on edge about the verdict, the very real possibility killing an unarmed Black man in plain view of the world might go unpunished, is what makes me mad. And sad Host of Podcast "@democracycolor w/Steve Phillips"; Author #BrownistheNewWhite, Contributing op-ed writer @nytopinion Columnist @thenation; Sr Fellow @amprog
cia_bandicoot Fremantle, Western Australia @ebruenig @FrenchQuaker some babies love to make up a guy and then get mad about it leftist - construction carpenter - trade unionist - eastern catholic - old acc got banned :
chumxbucket @CATEARSXIAO FR THO- then i get mad at myself bc i had 140000 and spent it all😭😭 He/Them | 17 | Dms are open! | looking for mutuals
LindseyLambert1 Knoxville, TN Sitting on the toilet mad contemplating all the ways I wanted to destroy myself and my cat just hops up onto my lap and just starts purring This man really said skin on skin contact is going to heal you And I love him for that I am once again asking you to step the fork back.
ForillyAprilly Do we even exist And Haley is mad someone is finally putting her in her place 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I got 5 college degrees but still laugh at twitter memes |David❣️| ♈︎ ☼ |♌︎ ☾| ♎︎ ↥| IG: aprilluhh (she/her)
JustDanielle83 Somewhere Out There @MTorganizer I understand a genuine fear in the beginning. What I don’t understand is his attitude after the ride was over and he was safe. Like why are you STILL mad?
Bugisacuck he/him(cis) • 14 • uwu poopies I don't like it when people show interest in something I like. Every week or so I get some random thing I become obsessed with and if anyone else likes that thing in that same week I will get so mad for no reason. It's so weird and annoying. :(((((((((((( main is 😵 currently trying to stop cutting, it's going pretty good 🤤
Jennifer_deG East Bay The latest thing I’m fake old person mad about is laser eye profile pics. “Laser eyes! come get your laser eyes! They’re the signifiers that unite the fascist right and dirtbag left! Get ‘em while they’re hot —“ oh wait they’re already wearisome I read. I write. I drink tea. Sinister. MFA. she/her 🇵🇭 🇵🇷 🇪🇨 🇺🇸 Rep'd by @VeroniKaboom of @FuseLiterary
kimyalyrics and i'm sorry and i'm scared and sad and mad and unprepared tweets every 30 mins / run by @pendragonly
jupitermoonxo @smvibexo Lord. Did they change the notifications algorithm or something cuz Im getting doubles and its making me so mad!!!!!! Psychology • Animal Rescue • Astrology • Tarot • Vibe ツ The dandelions had changed from suns into moons.❉ Born in the Sun, but Raised by the Moon. ☽︎ ~Married~
MoaKgs 17 yrs . 153 cm . wasian . aries ☉ leo ☽ capricorn ↑ my sisters relationship is so toxic and it makes me so mad she’s my best friend and i’m so annoyed at her manchild bf tw ed
dkginn7 @KingJames A black girl attempts to murder another black girl in front of a cop and you’re mad he shot her lmaoo wild. You don’t care about black lives. You’re a fronter. Stop playing. Thoughts.
JZStudios12 @iChanticleer Ya can be mad about your country and be angry about it, but the true test is taking care of it or reacting to an outsider insulting it. That's when you know it's home. God, Patriarchal Duties, Work, then the rest is done.
RaemenNoodles South Boston Leroy's journey is the most amazing one to date. I am so happy to have watched him grow up, and I too have grown up with him. forking aye dude, I'm mad emotional. There's never a wish better than this when you only got 100 years to live.
lforn1 "and u were never comfortable with less and a woman gave u more space until u were mad.. "how do da day..
satanicfox any pronouns @barkymoo You're just mad that I can just wreq you and you'll disappear existential crisis | satan | bi + asexual | milf enjoyer | Icon made by @BladesButler
fvckbootlickers @AnarchoLiberty @SusieusMaximus @eminently_me5 They don't care. A black teen died and they're mad about it and justifying her attacking someone with a knife on video. Somehow they think that makes us racist and pro police lmao anti cop, anti state, 11B. Freedom for all. BLM. Both Reps and Dems are tyrants. anarchism = freedom.
AssistantPimp Norf Norf #Dodgers will work 13 straight days and i still get mad the one day they don’t play. can't have a concious in the assistantpimp game...
nee_dles Sometimes when you talk & tweet it’s just onions that’s blocking your thinking, if you can’t view the picture that Pantami does not qualify the seat of a minister or any position , to have showed support for terrorist groups and also this damaging info then you are mad. |Igbo man-|Chelsea⚽️.KING KONG TO THESE SNOWHITES
TheJBarbie They be trying to beat you mad and say you trippin whole time you right . 👱🏾‍♀️.
Cherrytchess MAMMONSINGINGMAMMONSINGINGMAMM Just saw someone mad at Kaito because he didn't reach out to Kokichi, and compared that to Maki being an assassin. Which sure, but Kokichi's attitude as a whole is uncooperative, chaotic, he's always lying, always causing trouble amongst the group- ☆She/her★ NOT SPOILER FREE⚠️ I liek cat, drawing, yttd, Witch's heart,DR, Fnf, MysMe, Omori, etc! I worship one too many fictional characters. I may be stupid~★
DewMeNoFavors In My Zone where Disrespect warrants Disrespect. You've been warned! #ADOBO That was the first episode of SnowFall in mad long that was just suspenseful and nothing too crazy happened lol. But I was on the edge of my seat I rather die enormous than live dormant..
Chris37253831 @RealtorStarShar @stocksalerter11 You sound extremely bitter. You don't even know him. He was the first to break down what LTNC was about way before there was hydrogen water. You mad because he gets so much love. Everyone besides you and Stan knows who built LTNC when nobody wanted it. You're now even more hated.
40ozHorchata Let me get off Twitter befire i see a spoiler and get mad Multifaceted | Poetess | 1 of 1 | ♉️
teratheqween she/her @jojoTHATone And she’s $400,000 richer? 😂 Stay mad
BioroidAmouri Unknown Speaking of Gate, X6 just loves to remind me of how special Mega Man X6 is. It may be unfinished, unbalanced, and just plain uninterested in functioning at times, but as mad as I get at it, I can't help but still love it. A re-purposed (companion) bioroid VTuber! pls forgib slow reply. YT: pfp by: @NE0_Trinity
lovemegolbach Winnipeg, Manitoba @xplrwebber_ Well 1 I miss sully aka brother. And 2 my uncle is mad and is taking it out on me😢😢😢 like I'm about to have a panic attack I’m Kevin’s headass her/she
sk8teryoon he/they (🏳️‍⚧️) one of these days my parents are gonna catch me listening to bad bunny and get mad at me #SEOKJIN: wait.... y’all bitches really ugly? i thought we was just playin... (no fem terms)
ZoSoChill_ Planet Vegeta Mad props to the New York Knicks. 8 game winning streak and they're 4th in the East as of rn. Chillin #HEATTwitter #BroncosCountry #WarEagle Vanessa ❤️
InternetCommas Jurassic Park. 17 this whole new soundcloud rap era so corny and makes me wanna blow my brains out but i cant be mad cause the crap i was playing 4 years ago was abysmal so ultimately get it Lol Save Me Pretty Girl🥺
Iycheejelly Copenhagen They played this at my promotion and I was mad as fork There are no thoughts that flow through my head — only images of light
JoshFreeman_504 ⚜️Terrytown, LA⚜️ @ChrisLee1515 Are people mad at his lineup decisions, handling of the staff, or just the fact he isn’t gonna tear the umpire a new one like Martin or Giradi? I mean these are pro baseball players, they don’t need their coach holding their hands anymore. Go out there and take care of business! Christian. Salesian. Idealist. Baseball Enthusiast. Future husband, father & MLB GM #PinstripePride ASHS ‘19🦅 SELU ‘23🦁 @SU2C
jmquitano Guam I eat with these Chamorro people during lunch and this old lady just said that “FSM people” don’t hold good jobs in Guam and Hawaii and now I’m mad lol #FreeWestPapua // Micronesian 🌺
HAL0ZIAM13 17BLACK @zainberryfalls PLS MY BROTHERS FIANCÉ IS AN ANTI BECAUSE SHES OLD AS crap AND ISNT UP TO DATE ON THE PROOF SO ITS SO FUNNY WHEN SHE GETS MAD —she%they%he(no gendered terms/pronouns unless we’re moots)⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ —#LOUIS:silly little forking rat
gabbyislonely your dreams my parents argument rn: *my mom stands and stares at my dad* "WHY ARE YA LOOKING AT ME" "I CAN LOOK AT YA" "BUT WHY TF" "YOUR SO ANNOYING" "gimme a smooch" "why tf do you always want kisses when I'm mad at you" "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" "fork off AND STOP CHEWING YOUR FOOD SO LOUDLY" UUGUGHGHNNDG HII BLEH • she / her • minor • #blm • #stopasianhate • do t be I intimadated by me ISTG • if you neeeda talk dms open • dni alm, homophobic, or 18+
lovelyrealities sunshine state @makingbabyvav I get irrationally angry when people hold my baby lmfao. I went through a really bad delivery so I’m super glued to him. I get mad when my husband holds him sometimes. And when we’re at my in laws I follow them around the whole time they hold him & they def think I’m crazy 🤷🏼‍♀️😅 boy mama // ♐️🔆 ~ ♍️💫~ ♑️🌙 // she/her
Cordelia_K_ Lkwungen/W̱SÁNEĆ Territory BC @jimnicholasm This is the most tempting! But its the juiciness of the pickle matched with the flavour and texture 😍 But mad respect on the effort LOL She/Her. A very political twitter. I also talk about trans stuff. Gatekeeping bad. Alberta born, Ontario raised.
jjcscanlon @JimGaffigan But reminds me when we went to Target to get a new phone. My 17 year old son was wearing khakis and a red shirt. No less than 7 people went up to him asking if he worked there - even an employee did. I was crying; he was dying. He was so mad at me.
BokuNoBeard Lavender Town @RIPinpeace666 Is he like subconsciously jealous that someone else mad you happy? Or is it just thoughtlessness? I assume he's not just a prick or anything like that but that's still unfortunate he wouldn't just be happy for you and be cool about it. I work a lot. I play games a little.
NickSpacely Opa-Locka, FL - Los Angeles,CA Mad Dort ain’t play tonight I would of cashed and Bazley some burnt me should of ran with em RIP All my Angels 🙏🏿 Sports & Music All inquires
ross4197 Key West Florida What Ted is saying is I’m mad they found out that I slipped off to Mexico for a margarita and blamed it on my daughters. Let’s be honest here Just a guy in Key West
tahiyahpapaya Somewhere getting money @huncho450 @DOUGH1_ I’m really just mad bc someone else actually ruined it for me and the tweet triggered me 😭 I won’t do that to y’all shop @immunesystemboost on ig
pepetoyonde I was getting mad at lyz for the past week without a reason and now I love him again 😩😩 this one sided relationship is emotionally draining Vote Duan XingXing / LYZ / Kingston / JJZ - Will Pan Center Agenda
teleyoon she/her | muslim why are solos mad about the hanbok being removed from the auction do they not understand how gross and weird it was for putting an unwashed hanbok up for auction because it "has the odor and sweat of jm"???? first love enthusiast • @jinscardigan's twin
NikLaura_ New Hampshire, USA IM SO MAD ITS SENDING MY SETS TO THE WRONG ADDRESS 😭😭😭 AND IT WONT LET ME CHANGE (26 // 95 line) OT7 ❤️LY Tour 📍 9|28-29|18 • 10|6|18 •📍SY Tour | Soldier Field • MetLife 05|18|19 • ❤️05|19|19 Blessed by Hobi ☀️ ❤️ ✈️ Seoul • Final 10/27-29
pag__ United States @jamesmoorhead12 @AllanPablico @daffy5dugs @GeorgeRussell63 He can be mad but going over to the person that could have died and hit them in the head is much. follow my twitch at I killed nickeh30 with clingers. owner of a cash cup call disc
damareizuki katsuki's birthday party 🎂🎉 I AM SO MAD AND HURT!! NO OME TOUCH ME!! (also i started labelling them katsuki, izuku, and shouto in my mind cause i am bad with chinese names OTL sorry) ANYWAY KATSUKI HAD THE NERVE TO GET MAD AT IZUKU WHEN HE'S CHEATING!?? fork HIM! twenty six • rating: 18+, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT 💥 • ktdk • sometimes writer, sometimes artist • author chose not to use any warnings
eattmeout Bitches won’t post that whole video Bc they dead know but I say less. Kaseema when you get beat up don’t be mad Bc I been waiting to slide down ya block and finally see you ! You never outside bitch take a seat ! You need ppl to feel tough I DONT ! 🗣 • very picky & selective who I allow in my world🌝.