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amyklobuchar There’s so much on the ballot this year: voting rights, a woman’s fundamental right to make her own health care decisions and much more. So in five months on November 8, we’ve got to get mad and get to the polls. U.S. Senator from Minnesota.
AyoCaesar London Tube workers have some of the best pay and conditions in the public sector because they’re unionised, and go on strike. Don’t get mad, take notes! Contributing Editor @novaramedia. Literature bore. Anarcho-fabulous. Muslim. THFC. Kebab aficionado. Luxury communism now!
MZHemingway My latest book: "Rigged" Jeff Bezos' paper hot mad that real journalists exposed a radical Democrat disinformation agent (who Biden picked to run a completely dystopic "disinformation" board against the American people and our culture of free speech out of DHS) Editor-in-chief, @FDRLST. Senior Journalism Fellow, @Hillsdale. Fox News Contributor. "Be lovers of freedom, and anxious for the fray!"
KingsleySly1 @mrfunny____ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mad o. You deserve the award and more abeg. With God all things are possible. #TrustGOD
TheTitanBaddie Beyonce has the most memorable choreography of our generation and I'm not debating you losers about it. Single ladies, The bootyhop, Everybody Mad, Run The World, Deja Vu etc Music and entertainment commentator, writer and influencer. #Thobelathursday writer and curator. (He/They) Mpumi 💗
snoopybf she/they yall are seriously mad over this person keeping men they dont want making unwanted advances at bay?! maybe not everyone is having the same experiences as me but i dont see the issue. i do this too and it works. ig if ur not constantly getting hit on u wouldnt get it 🤷‍♀️ SHINee world’s Number One Stoner Gandalf & Elf Enthusiast | art account @T1NUVIEL
Nayras13 Fic where Cangse Sanren and Wei Changze came back or met Jfm, Yzy, and Lqr and felt angry, mad, and disappointed at them <3 She/her. To the Stray Dogs 🥂. Mostly Mdzs and Obey Me: Shall we date?, sometimes 2D
_harko_ i get that sometimes theyre just shoehorned in but who cares?! like...why are we mad at hot actors and actresses forking. this is like men complaining about "titty streamers", WE SHOULD BE THANKING THEM NOT COMPLAINING sad and bad gamer
YFbarber @DayankBK2UK @callmenicky2 The best advice I can give is like what you said, GAAD DANGG. Do what makes you happy! fork what errbody say, it’s how you gonn feel about yourself! Then 9 outta 10 they just go fork it I’m ma try a new hairstyle, they come back and tells me a mad story about their trim 😂😂 @P4SDJanitor asked for a haircut and now I’m stuck in the @ThepossessedNFT lab!I cant find the fire exit.I guess I’ll be reviewing everyones trim in the lab🧪💈
xxxchoibeom magic island @simply_bliss___ @dapaorb imagine being under hybe, mnet, cjent, with the bts, zico, rain, and iu priveledge but still can't win that grandslam yeah I'd be mad too #Thursdays_Child is still and forever will be stuck in magic island 💭 she/her ✘
sticks34tb LOS ANGELES, CA Dodgers could literally trade gavin lux and some prospects for juan soto and move ct3 to second base... i wouldnt be mad at that at all Gold Producer. Credits: 6ix9ine/Lil Pump/Smokepurpp/Xavier Wulf/RjMrLA/Reem Riches... IG:@Sticks34tb
Tmptd2T0uch Brooklyn, NY Cashapp is mad raggedy for not saying exactly why they're restricting accounts and linking it to social security numbers. That's mad scammy! Where is the customer service??? @cashapp #cashapp #cashappfraud #bankfraud #injustice #socialsecurity @SocialSecurity
soobyxs 🍜 Edward is going to get marry to Bella and bella is asking jacob tu kiss her so he won’t go mad BUT LIKE THATS SO FCKED UP POOR EDWARD 읏읏읏읏읏읏읏읏읏읏
nuonuo1196 Auckland, New Zealand @rosequartz91 Someone in the qrt is mad at me just bcoz i said it will be normal to kun when ppl joking abt his weight or sth and it will become offended whe it happened to their fave reminder: this is my account so this is also my opinion, if you don't like it just mute or block me
DrAbubakarTilde NIGERIA @goal He's a Muslim, respect his religion and his choices, must everyone agree with you. This is blackmailing and highest level of religious intolerance by those who bent on forcing LGBTQI on people. Mad people Chairman NVMA, Bauchi State Chapter,DG Dan Amarya Model farm, husband, and peace lover
ssamyeowu Honestly I don’t want to pick a side to stand on this Garam case but I really am forking mad at how HYBE and SOURCE MUSIC is dealing with it right now.. crapdump account | kcw x kmj
xtedtalks UK 'people never reach out to me' babe you've never once reached out to me. why you waiting on people to come to you, and then getting mad when they get sick of doing that? 🦎 hi it’s teddy / personal of @wormwxxd / agender, ace, neurod / (they/them)
NRWE23 and what i mean by this is that amber was so mad that her sister was worried she would kill jd by pushing him down the stairs #DeppvHeard #IStandWithJohnyDepp
FluffiCake Your oven @ItsMeApolloUwU I'm sick rn and if I'm not healthy by Saturday imma be hella mad Call me Alex~ | The sweetest cake around :3, I lurk here and there | Might be in love with cake 🍰. I am always happy to talk with everyone on Telegram
Nacho87329549 Cowumbeeya, Souf Carowlyna @CorneliaMller5 @tiggy_catt247 @AlanSla90124663 @starbuckssue @Sg3912 @Dr_eVal @denvor18 @Freeds @Azra_Pathan @parsleysmum @GeorgeandMildr4 @Alfie77617391 @georgiarealist @GreenEtty @AngusMcPussPuss @HibiscusLynn @MariaPulk @WilliamTheGinge @NeddlePeddle @Luciferpanfurr @linda_austin1 @44NatNat @The_Bollies @GodsJoyCat @PazzNiko_ZSHQ @MurphyTCat @BuddyakaBuddyB1 @kenobe_wan @ridley_aka @PurdieTweets @Eliot01375004 @azzurro_azzurro @yamam_alyoussef @twitchytail1 @LittleTess3 @TheVicarageCat @SpookyTheMagni1 @frisky9 @EdibleCatsClub @StocksGoldie @DylantheCaptai1 @VitCza @Helensthoughts1 @XenaBonina @SquidInkyJinxy @Cosmo_the_one @AmbassacatBXL @KittyTweets @Jet_Honey_2022 @wf_ollie Jezuz iz okay. Him wuzz nut mad at da Nacho!!! My mama shood learn frum Jezuz and be nicer to me!!! I iz pwiddy shur dat Love Yur Cat iz one of da 10 Commandments!!! I iz an orinj BOY cat! My bestist fwendz R Buddy Boo, Minnie Moo🌈 and Olly. I will wuff U furrevur, my booTfull floofy Minnie Moo 🧡🧡🧡😿😿😿
HolyCannoli09 This was MAD and Schue was their teacher forkVBFBFBFBDB 🇲🇾| 𝕊𝕒𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝔸𝕦𝕕𝕖 | #KerajaanGagal #MigranJugaManusia #Lawan
ItsJodyToYou Tennessee, USA How mad Thea had to be, she didn't say anything about Simone and Jordan. #AllAmericanHomecoming
dardiinho tetovo @edoffking don't care + didn't ask + cry about it + stay mad + ratio + get real + L + mald + seethe + cope harder + hoes mad + basic + skill issue + you fell off + the audacity + triggered + get a life + ok and? + cringe + touch grass + not based + not funny didn't laugh + grammar issue lets get phonky
B67963404 Canada @nationalpost "Wrote ONE Twitter user: “I cannot believe people are mad that it acknowledges that gay Muslims exist." Yes, and all three of them can hold a parade. Why Muslims vote for that homosexual, racist, sexist, over-spending clown Trudeau, when they believe none of it, boggles the mind.
AlSHUWAIHl I expect people to have common sense and i get mad when they don’t Exulansis - Autophile
beozip fifteen ♡ magic island and if garam isnt out of the group soon then hybe has officially gone mad
LisakhanyaBooy3 @MohlalaRakgadi @stainedglasstv_ Yes. They reduced Zandile's story to sex. Mandisa committing suicide played a huge part in Zandile and Naledi's story. What they did makes me so mad.
comfcomfor she/her I'm so mad I really liked my project but I had to change some things and now I don't like it at all 💙💚🧡
pzaneeja @SydDivineTarot Nah them first 24 hours are HELL if you really liked them, then you gotta pick yourself and get mad at the fact that they have the audacity to ghost (Libra sun, moon, Venus and Aqua rising) (ง'̀-'́)ง ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ ɢᴏ ʙʀᴏ?
PanaPana28 @_Blackbuoy you are mad. I dont want your love. Go and love your wife. 117
VAMPPUPPIIBOII ☆His fav streamer☆ Ppl are sooo mad that this is true… ok we get it! Sex needs to be in everything! fork ppl who wanna watch a show and then get it shoved in their face without proper warning if. And don’t u dare bring up warnings, those can be vague and u know it. Pick another straw man… EGIRL PUPPYBOY F♡CKED BY GAMER DOM WHILE PLAYING COD (LIVE!) (2 HOUR STREAM W/AFTERCARE)
omo_igboo Lagos, Nigeria Oh my God if I give birth and my baby dies . I will run mad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I’m so sorry for any mom or dad going through this Amarachi Samuel👩🏽‍💻 Lawyer Entrepreneur ,Passionate about women and minority vbank 1002407887
neighbor_heart 🍆 @arinas_art @PotatoKingQueen honestly if someone just picked me up and threw me to use me as a weapon I wouldn't even be mad that's just being resourceful 🔞 NSFW 🔞 21. Just a cryptid writing with my lil hands lmao. He/They
Rye_McBread Space @Variety To the people arguing in the comments. It's not worth the time or energy. It's an edgy remake of a franchise that's been beating a dead horse for years with a racebent main character. Everyone will be mad for a week and forget it exists after it fails to make it past season one.
TheReaperG1738 @GamerSupps Imma keep it a buck, anime is like something that you never had and ya learn to appreciate, for me I have mad respect for the artists, because the amount of time and details that they put on to each frame is amazing, even though I can't draw, anime is dope... Also imma degenerate
NRWE23 staircase incident stemmed from amber finding out that jd allegedly had sex with another woman so SHE was MAD at HIM how on earth did it turn to him abusing her and her sister?? i think this confirms jennifer's story of what WH told her about the incident #DeppvHeard
LifeOfMacca @HiImTrashlife @AFCL27 @now_arsenaI Hahahahaha how triggered are you? It's not hard to search something and then change the search parameters for a screenshot... If you actually go on the website, the courses you claim to have passed don't exist. 😂😂😂 Mad coz you got exposed multiple times. 😂🤣 Don't take life too seriously, you might not get out alive. Nerd. Weird. Abuse = Blocked. #AFC | #Canucks
WannaBLikeJLo Prague, Czech Republic Some of the Mariah Carey fans on this app are probably saddest people ever. Imagine sitting online for days and nights just to hate on a woman whose legacy is unmatched. They are so frustrated that they go and even trash talking her family. They are MAD MAD MAD 😂😂😂 PhD candidate in immunology | LOTRO gamer ✨
CaiphJr Michigan Blantyre, Mdubs Arsenal defeating Manchester United and Chelsea only to lose to Newcastle and miss out on top 4 is just like the story of a lady, keeping her virginity from able bodied men, only to be raped by a mad man 🤣 ||Chartered_Marketer ||Graphic_Designer ||ChelseaFC ||Fashion_Model #TMRRWFRVR
Travool_HQ Get it here👉🏿👉🏿 myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger. ― Simone de Beauvoir #travel #trip #traveling #summer #traveltips Frequent Traveller🛫|Foodie🍔|Jet Setter🚀 This travel manual shows you how to knck $100 OFF your next ticket among so many hidden airline secrets!
theashrb London, England It’s mad cos my brother has had chickenpox and my parents… and I was very much in the house in all those instances, yet I’ve never had it loool I write sometimes ✍🏾️ • tweets in: 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇫🇷
superpawger Alex @IKatManI @SynthPotato @Itsjstdubz @itsjustdubz he's too busy trying to ratio people and flexxing about his follower number. i hope he gets banned again, he's mad weird owo welcome to my profile | isaac | bi furry 🦊 | @FurryPanAlex my little pogchamp 💕 | MCU nerd | mlm account, talks about gay 🌈 | ga(y)mer | you are pog 💚
stargirlvibes San Jose, CA 125 days later and I’m still mad that they killed off Liv McKenzie in Scream 5 😭 ♡ PUT ME IN A MOVIE ♡
RXqueen19 UK It never fails to amaze me how weird guys on Reddit are. They over share with such mad stories about interacting with women and they always sound super made up 😂😂 Emo for Passion not Fashun 🥀
Deadly_Aoife Mad how Arsenal can put out one good video and I completely forget about Monday night 😂 Lover of wrestling. Becky lynch stan in particular. Irish 🇮🇪
DolphinSuperior @ada_blezy I'll be mad at her for doing it without talking to me about it and then forgive her,cause she did it for a good reason and for the benefit of the family. And warn her not to try it again 🙂 DJ Dolphin 🐬 aka DJ Jam Jam 🐼
4LYAK4MAL she/her || 17 im still mad at how they ruined khuzairi’s character and made it completely obvious this time professional hater
bangpinkhome inn 🤍 @lDLEPlNK EXACTLY WTFF?!! it makes me so mad seeing her “live life” normally while the people she bullied are living in pain seeing her all happy and stuff she/her
HKmatias London, England @thatscraaazyyy i thought that was mad and i was going to fumble it
jxckieetaylor LA I was abt to text my sister. But im hella mad at her and thx to twitter Im not going to😂 4. just like magic 🖤

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