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karencheee Brooklyn, NY one of those “do u like me? mark [yes] [no]” slips from middle school but it asks “are u mad at me?” and I send it to everyone i’ve ever met comedian & writer at @LateNightSeth. also in @newyorker @nytimes etc. yay! hi!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ she/her
PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA So apparently Trump has called this emergency Bedminster press conference in a room full of drunk country club members so he could insult foreigners and pick a fight with the Tennessee Valley Authority. This is like a game of mad libs, and not the funny kind. Political analysis ahead of the curve.
ellie_babie6 I believe in pansexuality and the way it was in a forking lie THIS crap MAD FUNNY 16 | she/her | blm | battleaxe bisexual | quw'utsun territory | megurine luka enthusiast
GeekGurl2000 Antarctica @kristal100 @brinyfeminist No, and this is where the disagreement lies. Males are NOT women. Classifying me as cis, against my will, is a violation. I am not in your cult and will not repeat the mantra of TWAW. Woman is adult human female, and no one else qualifies. Die mad about it. gender critical, progressive. my meat suit is female.
denisee_sam why do people have to be so mad at forex traders😂😂😂 get ya money up not ya funny up. tap in to digital money made in bed and you’ll know how to come correct✨ •FOREX TRADER/ INVESTOR •Tradehouse Investment Group💰 •FAITH OVER FEAR💛
howell_greig @IbKonteh Are you a mad man son!!? Pear?!!!! Never let those words come out of ya mouth again. My word!!🤣🤣Jcan people will stone ya fa dem mango and pear. Anyway, apologize and I'll forgive ya 😱✌ Life is short,enjoy it
Ygdasha Baton Rouge, LA People really get mad at you and shame you for wanting better that’s so weird like wtf those traditional curses y’all be use to are wrong Subscribe to my Youtube 🎥❤️, Nails 💅🏽💗, got a passion for music 🎶💕!
93tokyos she/her this 11 year old got mad at me because i said i hated straight people i am bawling he followed me around and told me i suck I CANT jungkook reacted to hot milfs: 👍🏼🔥
jungwoonlyfans she/her ; read carrd byf hmmm my BIM teacher, she was a bitch and would be talking about herself and her kids for the whole class and then get mad that we didn’t finish our computer assignments 😹👍🏼 #MARKWOO: let’s go bisexuals !!
renamedSam Hopkins, MN And I’m challenging this ruling (it was for a previous adventure in the spirit realm). And so the Inevitable was like ok and booped us to a waiting room i guess in the plane of law. We went mad in there. Arguing, they asked for food orders and they meant literally.... becoming a better dad one denim jacket at a time. losing my mind one D&D character at a time. header by @miz0mei
ppurieni blonde kai enthusiast • s/h (will now be doing a thread akjdkd) 7(2nd time) - i think ur super duper ultra mad very berry extremely cool and im sad i dont see you in my mentions often :(( i miss you come back 😔😔 #HUENINGKAI: eni’s not a delulu ❤️ but she is a minor 😾
expiredgourd ur moms house i know im old because i prefer to sit in the shade and i hate the internet and if i snack too close to bedtime i get mad heartburn
KingxHotxHair Angelo State University @AsuraDom You attacked my sexuality, my identity You’re being homophobic and trying to change the topic back to me when I did nothing wrong. You said something homophobic, can’t be mad when I get personal when you did it first by bringing MY sexuality into the argument Girls! Girls! Girls!
K1ngOfTheDock @afroarabarbie And you having a issue with MY opinion is atrociously sensitive. Please you must have a pinched nerve for you to have such an issue with my opinion. Go cry mad about it I'm vibin my profile pic is of a capillar on a leaf
RichWisneski New York Every time Trump talks about the future, I’m more mad at @JoeBiden and @TheDemocrats for the fact that they’ll lose to him. We can not afford your bullcrap. Damn you, in the literal sense of the word, that you are doing this to us. Rich Wisneski Is an Actor, writer, and a comedian. He likes Wrestling and loves his wife @LauraMaeBker (Secret ANTIFA leader, shhh) Book @XavierRodney !
choerrkoo she/her 6teen @CHUUT0PIA ik but if i say no to not giving her any she gon get mad and i don’t feel like hearing that cuz ima cry 💀✋
asmallteapot SJC → YVR My retirement plan is basically Mad Max: Fury Road, but in Yukon and with a pirate navy. she/her | 418 i’m a teapot |  @AppStore | ♥︎ @lucaswazowski
RockySly9 Bellaire, TX He got mad at his biggest donor for not spending more and now he might not. @animal_lover365 “I don’t want your money” remember? Lol 🇺🇸🇮🇱.#2A #1A #10A. opinions my own. verified on Parler as @RockySly9. Mental Health Professional (M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CART, CHT); poll expert.
Milla72517609 @spillseshYT Man shouldn’t be with BOY IMPLYING THAT THEY DONT PROMOTE PEDOPHILES. Grow a brain please @cashbaker and I’m not even a Christian and I know that because I do my homework and I’m a decent human. (sorry for the grammar issues I’m mad) Haha
maosix_art He-Him-His/they-them-their @ExeTacosuke FKSKKFKS OKAY YOU SOUND SO MAD OVER HALF AND HALF narumitsu and kapollo brainrot//I'm a shrimp🦐//18//nsfw @MaoHorny// banner by @toothpasteries//don't repost my art!//icon by @hailhydrilla
2geekedup @iamcardib All you white folks obsessed with black culture is mad weird, and most of y’all like 12 years old ya mom is prolly forkin raicist fork All Da Opps 🤞
tenasiaaaa New Jersey, USA i’m seeing mad tweets about crocs and realized i’ve been neglecting my babies 🥺 🇧🇧🇰🇳
escoojulio Earth Yooo mars is mad visible by the moon right nowwww And yes I'm drunk . . . nature and life | life, death, rebirth . . . 🖤
azvliaa Canada i remember the week when my bf and i thought i was pregnant except he didn’t know but he kinda did at the same time. i never knew if i was or if i was just sick, ive always been mad at myself for taking the test the week after when i should’ve done it as soon as possible ): 🗑
linoamorcito Felix’s Kitchen 🍳 I remmeber this one time this white girl in 7th or 8th grade came into class r corn rows and nobody was mad but everybody kept making jokes to her 😭😭😭 saying “J* did u spend too much time in the hood?” HAHSHDHDHDHHD #JOHNNYSUH: 그래서 난 눈누난나!
CorsairUlciscoZ United Corona of Corona. @mustangsart Yeah I have a ton of this type of crap. Like complaining about my character being sexually harassed, and them responding with 'you said they were very attractive' or them threatening to take away control of my character if I keep inventing because I said they were a mad inventor. She/Her, Transgender, Greysexual, Lesbian, and full-on Anarcho-Communist. If you had an issue with any of those tags and want to fight about it, go elsewhere.
Morgan_Janelle Texas If I don’t like you like that then you messaging after 12 is mad annoying and my attitude will follow🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 #NurseLife
njsjygjhjmthjka she/her ✰ #JIMIN: you ask me what i’m thinking about. i’ll tell you that i’m thinking about #JUNGKOOK @koyation if you’re het and mad over these jokes than get tf off twitter. you obviously cannot be on here if you can’t take a joke. it makes me SO angry to see heterosexuals mad that the lgbtqia+ community is making jokes only to turn around and make gay jokes. stfu that’s not your place. HΛΛPY
sexhoteI just gonna tweet this cuz i didn’t really say it say it so my name is cher please refer to me as cher and my pronouns are they/she so please use they/them more than she/her but if u use she/her i won’t get mad and u can call all the same nicknames and emojis and stuff #𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐑𝐘: 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐈 𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐄𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘, @pumafiIter | they/she | 15 🧷
JustKatlee South Africa Pearls comment went made you guys mad because le rata go e tsenya le be invested, it actually went right over your heads. Imagine being mad at 2 friends and their communication style 🤣🤣 Wow!! Very opinionated former music PRisata and now passionate EVENTista in South Africa 🇿🇦
shaami90 اس گھڑی اے دلِ آوارہ کہاں جاؤ @faisalrafi Welcome to the wonderland where every one is lost and mad... To you...happy birthday Shaami's collection of nonsense.
devdard @Ariel_girl92 Omg I actually just googled this and that’s pretty cool?!!? Mad we didn’t learn about it in school but I love fun facts :) thank u for this 🦋😈👽⚡️🕸♓️👻 😻 ♡@evmstein♡ ~BLACK LIVES MATTER~
MariiaLui1 @BTSGlobalCharts @BTS_twt I wonder why e x0 stans are so mad and being so dirty about our boys Now I understand 💜 Fan account
julians_world Toronto, Ontario @Jaden_S_77 @Thiagonatorx1 @CSMU02 He’s mad soft. I don’t pay any attention to ppl who resort to name calling when they hide behind user names and NBA avatars. I’m just letting him know I’m going to expose him in about 3 weeks or so. Canadian 🇨🇦 | President of the Matt Ryan fan club 🏈 | Football guy’s guy | Broadcast Associate | CSM RU👨‍🎓 | #BlackLivesMatter
elle_isotherppl San Diego, CA Funny how someone in an SS white pride T-shirt would be so mad about being publicly called a Na*i. And huge thanks for the two gentleman who escorted me safely to my car after I said it. Writer whose work is "actually pretty good" (-my boss)
WithoutTheBike inside the walls @hobonkers im gonna feel mad weird if someone ever screenshots me following em and makes some meme about it self inflicted insanity
southerncynic Dathomir or bust I thought she was going to float to the ceiling. The way I’ve been cackling about this all night. I should be mad she didn’t share, but I was just amazed she somehow managed to traverse the backyard to come and lean on the doorbell “I had 2 bites. I had 4 brownies. Help!” just a southern fried nerd girl w/sith tendencies. Rae Sloane advocate. #crohnsdisease / Dathomirian Bae
jayquilinoo i’m such a kind, understanding, and genuine person don’t really get mad or anything but if you hurt me i become the most distant cold hearted person and i will make you feel that crap. in love
idoheartfailure chicago, IL And guess what she had the right to be mad. She wanted to do her shopping with the least amount of risk and it’s not her fault people are absolutely nuts and spread viral load everywhere. She wants to get her food and get out and if she can’t rely on Kroger to protect her where? president of the Sydney Grace Fan Club
198OSCARA black ! she/her emmie and i are getting mad aggressive to be a libra and a pisces #VOID : ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚• @soothingstyles • @hotpickles101 • @whysunflcwer • @subtlesukka • @stylestutton •˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
d3yeon bts + others || she/her || 18 @mellowerixi @SoLovelynAmazin @thegirlyella right like she grown as hell and this mad over a tweet 😭 #SANGWOO see you in hell ❤️
chloeisironman troy and abed in my bio :) I know so many of my friends that use it jokingly and I just get so fed up and mad bc they act like it is just such an unimportant mental illness that is fun to joke about 18 | BLM | she/her :^)
UNSXINTED My dumbass been mad as fork at my PS4 and TV for like 10 minutes cuz it wasn't coming up then I realized the HDMI wasn't plugged in 😐 a cry for help
brianjwicks Phoenix, AZ @AmazonFCCarol He fizzled. Wouldn’t open up on why he was mad. Or why he was terminated. They typically don’t. I’m very open to sharing where Amazon has opportunities and I’m very fierce when protecting its super powers!!!! Good night. Jersey Native, Navy Vet, FSU Alumni🍢, Proud husband of a Frontline Physician, I love my dog! 🐶#Resist #BLM #FBR 🌊 #WearADamnMask
slut_just @cashmoney_riley @Esteban20384727 Tell me if Esteban called another girl baby and he lied to you even tho you saw proof wouldn’t you be mad. If he called another girl his favorite wouldn’t you be mad.
RaetheAtiny Illinois, USA So freaking mad I didn’t know twice was doing a concert. Ugh I already know jihyo is about to slay and of course the other members #Atiny This will be my spam page but done in a tasteful manner
ZakKondratenko I always get mad when ppl post and then mock 2000s NBA draft suits. Context matters. I’m so forking old dude @Handsome_Jake_ @MatthewRhys @PaulWHauser @FBIAtlanta. I remember when the looser and baggier your clothes were, the cooler.
highlordsix9 @GentleOnJames @photoedfade @Addyboombatty @actionnbastard @13ntyn @wizard04261 @movieweb Well I mean if you have a hate for homosexuals then I get it, but if you don’t I want you to realize that you and me are not on the team of writers that made the movie so we will never know if they always intended it to have a trans theme. So there’s nothing to get mad about animal rights (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ f27 ptsd sucks
amethystisnotok @septicsunflower yea exactly!! just an example, but, i've seen ppl COME to celebs houses & when the celeb addresses it, ppl literally get mad and say that it's just "part of the job" like no it's forking not, no part of ANY job should ever have to result in someone being extremely uncomfortable+ — layout by @yxutuberlxyouts !! — she/her & they/them ✦ 14 ✦ ✾✮ ✦ bi & demi-girl 🌈 — check pinned before following/interacting !!