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Nouriel New York The demonstrations and even the violence are not just about George Floyd's murder and BLM. There are now 40 million unemployed people in the US who are righly furious mad as hell. As I predicted months ago this crisis will lead to protests, riots & violence. USA is now burning! Stern School NYU Prof; Roubini Macro Associates CEO; @RosaRoubini CoFounder; Crisis Economics author; Time100, FT, FP, Forbes, Coindesk Most Influential Awards
PamelaGeller Rodeo Drive is trending because streams of tweets are inciting to riot and loot Rodeo Drive. But @Jack and @Twitter are mad busy blocking @realDonaldTrump's tweets in accordance with their 'community standards.' This will not end well. Editor-in-chief, Geller Report, bestselling author, slayer of dragons, Facebook follow:
hasanthehun Istanbul, LA, NYC maga boomers stormed govt building with kevlar vests and ar15s last week because their jetski dealership was closed for a week, but they can't comprehend why people are mad that black people are 20% of the minneapolis population but make up 60% of the victims in police shootings i stream everyday on - for thirst traps and anarchy my ig is hasandpiker
mad_moggyuk @cooltoribro666 Stay safe hun and big hugs, I’m taking a week off too, just stopped in to thank anyone who tagged me in FFs over the weekend. Happy Wife & Obsessive WoW Gamer Battle net is Thecrazyone#2985 #ForTheAlliance
_jmedellin I remember seeing this years ago... YEARS AGO. This crap has been going on for too damn long and y’all wonder why tf we’re mad??? This video is so saddening; this little girl didn’t want her mom to be the next one shot 💔 🇲🇽
Andrew52436031 It's crazy how people make no sence anymore they argue about the stupidest things and rip someone off then get mad when it's done to them but yet keep doing it to others and can't understand why it's happening to them it's the cycle of life Living life just trying to find myself and my purpose in life.
TyBVelour Bahamas I be pushing out mad good content on Instagram and Facebook and people just by pass my crap because I'm not one of the popular ones. I was trying to rebrand my Content but idk. People support who they want. Especially if they like how you look. M E L P O M E N E. Just Me And My Thoughts 🌴🇧🇸🧘‍♀️ Est.98
natashajad3 Kent, UK Don't tell me I shouldn't be mad or upset by it because it's not something I/we here can directly change/fix. What the fork is that mentality? I will never not care deeply about wrong doings no matter where they're happening and it doesn't matter where I am in the world either. 26 | UK 🌙⭐♋
MykeWayne Cali Can't blame them They either pander or they're *cancelled" And it's all subjective as you can see, most just want to be mad and sarcastic at anything so I wouldn't. I wouldn't sacrifice crap for these fickle forks I'm a hologram I only know of myself, from my eyes ASP / Ghetto Sci Fi / Humble & Arrogant/ Humble but Arrogant
jadadelbae Florida. these celebs need to focus on using their wealth and influence towards helping instead of getting mad about people calling them out. if you’re helping, great! just focus that energy on the injustice that’s happening in the world. 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓼. Artist, Painter ✧
nickel_smalls You moms crib @mirandaac15 Lmao she mad everyone outting her, I can’t wait for her to try and claim crap, I can’t cause defamation to public postings and information and messages baby
chucktownregs Charleston, SC @KardiBri08 @nicholaiku @x__RiNutzzz I have one. Do you want things to change? Don’t celebrate lawlessness and then get mad that the rest of the country says “wow... we need cops empowered to keep us safe more than ever!” GET IT? A fan of God, good scotch, fine cigars, great friends, and good times. Sarcastic Optimist. Exchange Labor for Revenue for a living.
carter_thedon Wayne's World I see lots of good intentions, but I also a lot of ignorance. Then when you all get corrected about how to appropriately act, you just get mad and continue to do the same thing ... Trigger warning: if you are a bigot, fascist, racist, or sexist this account will offend you 🤪
kendranichelle2 Indiana, USA And now I’m forking mad pimpn ain’t easy
PexTechArt @Dodgeviperfreak Ohhhh! No no I was just telling you not to reply to them because they have and still are spammed my twitter and I just didn't want the issue to escalate. I wasn't mad at you or anything the gif was funny 😊💕💖 EnVtuber: Pexcell Channell || Gatling Gun enthusiast || Neighbourhood Alien loop head 👽✨|| Give cookies please Thank you 🌸🍪|| Plushie addict💙 💜
JerikoRns United States LOL a bunch of non protestors really mad rn I'm tweeting facts sorry it's not ur bottom on the line so you think it's so "cool" and "trendy" to literally be outside with a highly contangeous disease and a national gaurd who wants to shoot u and go home just chill homie🌦
paaolaa6_ napping with javi @nathan_angelp @briannayuli the reason for protesting is because people aren’t treating our black brothers and sisters equally and innocent lives are being taken, that is why I am mad. If you don’t get that there is clearly something wrong with you. 𝚝𝚙𝚠𝚔 ♋︎
jesbecause__ T E X A S These LAPD videos mad triggering my summer’s as a lil girl. I used to wonder why my mother left LA county (I just was in love with easy access to ocean, palm trees and mountains) but chile.....she’s grieved through a lot. They the gang frfr. 1 Tim 1:15, Micah 6:8 | 🇳🇬🍁| Soon to be therapist bae 👩🏾‍🎓| Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all my dues.
trewheyy South Carolina, USA @AyrenThomas i skipped work 2 days in a row. one bc i was mad and today i was protestin but idc (b)usc | gville | retired soundcloud artist
warobusiness I know that that is probably anti-constitutional but damn im mad. If my girlfriend’s brain damaged brother can’t be rushed to the hospital and dies, I know to thank the rioters. fork you UI Designer - Frontend developer - Beginning Crypto Futures trader. Not a financial advisor
AMB_Jay93 Chicago, IL These mfers stole us, and y’all mad we stealing 😂 Gone Be One Of TheGreatest 💯 Mark My Words 🙌🏽🏆‼️🤷🏽‍♂️ INSTAGRAM: Amb_Jay93
Krisha_Jay6 @trask_lauren @Mrs_McPeak1007 @chrissyteigen There’s no excuse for killing unarmed Black men and that shouldn’t be condoned. Be mad at the root issue. Not the response. Registered nurse-- Choir director-- Nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor-- 1908-- follow me on IG: kjallfit
Mad_hu25 Samne wali khidki Each women who loves and cares for you is always with you. Half of person's beauty comes from tounge.
cierraidc thinking about this tweet hard rn and how mad people clowned her but she been right since 20 | ri
sellyayye I would’ve hopped in her vehicle and forking snapped her neck right then and there. omfgggg this just made me so mad. 🇲🇦
RestHyper Minecraft house @PraxxR6 So they can stop this mad ness you don’t get it people are coming from out of state black and white people to forkin loot the don’t care bout what happen that just wanna steal crap and go wild but why ??? duo @MaFia_1nF
jkjkjulia @TdTommyktd So I’m off work cause I’m typing but you responded to me so are you off work now? Lmao... My face is mad cute don’t even cap you omg hag. AND A WIG? baby it’s allllll natural🥰 go rot tho i don’t like u
Avidozz Public Figure I just lost to actual bots and I’m a little mad
masked_and_mad Ferngully @HerdFan123 @oSnap_ItsHannah @CoachLarryStump @ShelbyWolfe @haiinelss Clearly HAVE been around law enforcement. I've seen it applied much differently to affluent brats than to poor kids, to men than women, people of color than white. I hear what sheriff's deputies expect to get away with (and have gotten away with) from drunk people. You're naive. Furious wife (she/her) of #disabled #veteran Aunt & mom of awesome atheist kids Concussed, not stupid Retired, never finished #familiesbelongtogether 🏵️🌊
d0nt_ask_m311 inyourwildestdreams redlining and gerrymandering have sought to ruin the financial stability blacks and immigrants could hav obtained for themselves and their families. this is why we are mad as hell #RacistInChief #BlackInAmerica #NoJusticeNoPeace #protest2020 #teampisces♓ #DSGG 🍑 #JesuslovesMe✝#FalconsRiseUp🔴⬛#UWGAlumni Daughter of 2, sister of 8, and mother to 0 Political junkee, Science believer, Justice seeker
jonjace24 Motherforkers want to argue about what Kanye thinks and do during this time while we have ppl dying in the streets by ppl sworn to protect us. I have friends out protesting getting injured. I'm so mad I'm not out there my wife worried about my safety SMFH get your priorities We all just want to feel the way we felt then, when we caught a glimpse of something that hinted at a little bit of romance.
sauceventura earth @BryceKrspyTreat @Genius @KidCudi I see what you’re saying and I’m not mad at you. I love that album . SB2H is a masterpiece to me. But that’s me. I appreciate that way cause I know what influenced that album, I know how he made it and the exact instruments. It’s pure art... bruh trippin if you think ye better Spreading truth & love all over the universe
noelle_crespin Pisces😍 Everyone has a right to be mad and to feel the way they do.....But no one has a right to destroy anything or act out how ever they want to. ‘someone go tell Noëlle to get the backwoods’.🍃 #EasyBreezyBeautifulNëëzy🌸 mommy2be💗
Danny36940056 Palam, New Delhi Harleen Kaur has gone mad, stupid woman.Hinduism never says anything to anyone and anyone who arises with a bastard of owls will speak anything for Hinduism. my family my life
justme01632417 I’m so forking mad that people of colour are getting killed for existing and white people can protest for A HAIR CUT with forkING GUNS and they still call the good people.
tctanner81 @kenziedanille @kyntanner We love opinions. Even yours. We just don’t get mad, or put words in to a persons mouth to try and label them because we don’t share the same opinion. We don’t manipulate a persons intentions and speak to them like our assumptions are facts. Beautiful Disaster.
briankostick @birdlawyeresq @chrissyteigen Don’t see her saying maga rules lol she’s mad about it so how is that supporting white supremacy when she doesn’t support trump? It’s like you have no education on the topic and are just talking! She’s supported blm since this happened lol get a forkinng clue crap starter
MelW__ Chicago, IL @__leph Yes he ok and home and mad at me .. I don’t give a fork tho , he mad and saying I’m not loyal idc bro his life is more important to me. TSU ALUMNUS | POET. CHICAGO | ARIES | CARDI
JasmineJRR Corvallis, OR How are you mad about riots and protests but not mad about murder and injustice? OSU, Mom. Not to be confused for OSU mom.
ABitOfKwansLife Servin side-eyes to the masses @ScottieBeam I'm mad at them not covering it. It's gonna be covered in Rona and who knows what else by the time they get home. 😫 Serving side eyes to the masses. Artistically gifted, #NOLENATION educated.
Shilqh @RONIIDOITCH sounds like someones mad i got airpods and a new tv smh 1 1 1
2RealRell Dallas, TX I do but they always waiting there too long and disappear lol then i get mad Father. southern and country. thinker.
tyleernicole Los Scandalous @LilDrew4pf he’s not winning lmao white ppl was mad asf about the lockdown & do u see how many yts protesting w us ? and the fact trump STILL hasn’t done a thing for the country and this pandemic . they feel like they rights is gone too insta : tyleernicolee
chanelxbts @potent_bp @VivianN86187396 @buterapurplesu @ThePopHob Oh that’s different but also cause of ignorance. They’re mad at him using a sample of an anti Korean man in one of his mixtape diss track. But it’s not to glorify the man or for aesthetic it’s to criticize him and what he believed. It’s done a lot in rap and music. #VMIN: You're single 💜 | Bias: Tae / Bias Wrecker: OT6 | BABII 💚
SavvyStardust ♥Canada / USA♥ @chitowndave88 I never said it was peaceful. I'm not a moron, i've been watching minneapolis burn for nights in a row. People are mad, people are fed up and they are pushing back. Theres a lot of forked up cops who get away with murdering innocent COMPLIANT POC. Boo hoo a store go broke. You're my, my, my, my.... LOVER 💕 // Swiftie since 2007♥ (fan account)
sydneymichael__ 🇯🇲🇺🇸 people can be multiple things simultaneously. to put someone on a pedestal then get mad when they disappoint us is silly. like yes, they can break barriers and be an asshole in real life. they're human. fsu zoom ‘20 | sweet like Julie 🥭
kylavann_ 🇰🇭 @QuinoQuenga I like how he came up in YOUR dms trying to argue about something and got mad when you said something back lmao?? his privilege showed when he really said “all lives matter means everyone” 🥱 also funny how he ignored your response about the looting bc he knows ur right!😐 i hate it here!!!!
sedavies98 Toronto @rollwthepunches given the fact a bunch of states reopened way too early and white ppl were gathering in large groups just to party or go to the beach the cases were going to spike anyways get mad at the people who went out when it wasn’t necessary not ppl fighting 4 their right 2 not be murdered just a leftist sports fan that tweets too much, stro liked my pinned #JDF16 #blacklivesmatter
domii1030 @_EnvyT LMAOOOO bye that was childish. you mad cuz you’re wrong. take the L and go to sleep. nsu
bubblybelen FaeGarden off topic but im mad whenever i see a cute girl on twt i click on her profile and shes STRAIGHT with a BOYFRIEND how is that FAIR me? busy? dont worry about it! i got a whole hour of sleep last night, so im raring to go!

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