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aubreyhirsch Already mad that 5 weeks from now I’m going to have to read articles about 6 members of the same family dying from covid w tag lines like “They thought they were sharing a turkey dinner, but what they were really sharing was far worse” and dumb illustrations that look like this: Stories. Essays. Feminist comics. Author of WHY WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SUGAR. Work in NYT, Vox, Gay Magazine, The Nib, The Rumpus, etc. Very charming IRL. she/her
waltshaub That's what they did before 1964, when the Presidential Transition Act of (weirdly enough) 1963 was enacted. And that's what's going to happen now. So, we can all be mad at Emily Murphy. But it makes no sense to bash the people she's depriving of funding for finding a solution. former Director of @OfficeGovEthics personal account - views my own - wash your hands, wear a mask
officialnairam1 @TurkishAirlines all ur staffs are racists and I have video evidence and witnesses. I’m not mad anymore though. We gonna teach y’all how to love ❤️❤️ #Marlian #NoMannaz #NBG
everwalrus ♡ damien ♡ being a republican must be so easy you just make up some crap to get mad about and whenever democrats go against you, you can just say "trump bad" and they'll instantly forgive you and never criticize you again not that walrus guy, the other one (he/him, 21)
Flamingo69Donut Volcel Gamer Frathouse The concept of fast food makes me so mad. Literally the reason women are all fat and also can't cook Author of Doflamingo Adventures | 23 ♂️ | Fitness 💪 | Artist | Proud ☦ | NJF #1 SuperFan | CEO of Fatshaming 😳 | Proud 🇬🇧🇮🇪🇩🇪🇱🇧
DbossRules Beyond the stars! Your explanation is you thought it was funny.. how can you think that was even a little bit funny if not that you're a very mad and stupid person? Half Man... Half Amazing
saanyalovestay Mr James I’m mad at you , you never told us what happened between you and Betty? Did you apologise to her yet????👀 currently 15 years old , probably wasn’t born before that ... #blacklivesmatter
ohsodade San Francisco, CA @andy4l When Angel Down and Come to Mama are right there? Not quirky just WRONG. I’m mad 🌌 Born too soon and started too late 🌌
SwizzK19 New Orleans, LA you don’t have to wake up mad early, put on clothes you don’t like wearing, and go to A BUILDING to praise God. you can do that anywhere and in any form. DU23💙🖤psych major, NOLA📍VirgoValley♍️ ig📸: @kay.swizzl3 sc👻: k.kxlil16
svtanya 17, she/her Austin dick suckers using the fact that she got groomed against her and disguising it under “oh im mad that she’s racist” is so unfair... u can b mad at & drag that lil girl for being a racist dick without making her feel bad for being sexually assaulted lol... those r separate? IG: @t4nyasv
EvanTonrey United States Remember when everyone hated on DeMarco Murray bc he was horrible on the Eagles but the one play they used him right was a 60 yard TD? That’s this Eagles team. Misusing a bunch of players and getting mad at them instead of coaching. Wake up Temple University 22 Contributor for @FPCEagles
Brushsmoke WALES UK I wonder if 'Mad Gnome' Hodge could tick a quarter of the boxes on this list.... [and selling off Jewish cemeteries for development isn't one of them] Artist and thoughtcriminal
RowsRandom The 9th Circle of Hell @beetrainer21 @stardewleaf she call afro puffs space buns and big boy adults get mad and cry about it like baby Addison//She/Her//13//Beeg Comedy Certified and Proud Snowflake PFP created by @Spritesnsodas My only weakness is dying. nichijou obsessed loser
tzucals bun/buns @cybercals ok ar first this made me mad bx i use neopronouns and it’s annoying when ppl use them as a nickname BUT i thought about it and i get what u mean tw ed and occasional sh . irls PLEASE do not interact that would make me so forking uncomfortable
Din60947484 @NRSC @GOP @ossoff “We are watching ... the final days of the mad king, and what he is attempting to do to overturn constitutional rule in this country, our constitutional traditions, our democratic traditions of fair elections,” GOP does nothing. Afraid of losing your voters, you bow to a fascist
fullsundaes 22 ✿ she/her @lovepIuto there’s even bi people who read it and realize they don’t relate to comphet and it solidifies their attraction to multiple genders, especially men, so idk why they’re so mad #HAECHAN: i love elephant 🐘
puppysejun kageyama's bitch pssggggghhh i didnt cry at the end of the episode what????? im fr about to be so mad i hate timeskips in dramas like why tf do people always need to leave for 3 years and fork mr han. fork him sm for all the bs he caused in this show yakuza zero forker
SusanC916 @FatherOfZeusers @AfarKnowing Serious, serious doubts about Mitch’s & Lindsey’s elections. I think Trump is mad because he was supposed to win to with the tampering of the algorithms and he didn’t. Dems - Don’t get confused - the mission is to Dump Trump. #BidenHarris2020 #Resist OneVoice1 I don’t follow locked accounts & I can’t deal w/drama. No DMs.
yrkive 19 the la rouge concerts were a year ago and im still mad at the lack of yeri fancams and even just pictures of her from those shows no YOU live in a society i live in iz*land ꩜ SHE/HER
vnyah_ i live when my friends say weird cravings and i ask if they pregnant 😭😭😭 they be bout mad asf
StevenRyanZpp22 中国北京市朝阳区南太平庄北巷25号狗娘养的羊骚盯干涉我们夫妻 Whose dead chicken wants me? What do these dead chickens have to do with our couple Steven Ryan and Zhou pingping? Those who look like my father are liars,shameless,psychotic, mad dog,red eye,rabies patient. If you have a brain disease, you will help these people commit crimes. 谁不要脸呀?我周平萍不是处女,我丈夫Steven Ryan不是处男,我和我的旁系家族是仇敌,周平萍没朋友只有仇敌,我恨中国人,我不招惹中国人,动物狗娘养的跟我们夫妻逗斗,以上是我们夫妻Steven Ryan和周平萍的观点
michaeIuHHHHH rereading 'little women' and wow why am i only now seeing how selfish jo truly is, like ew why are u mad at meg for getting married just because u think it's beneath u + get mad at your other sister for going to europe when you did jack to earn that trip in the first place???? msjo/mso • something wicked this way comes
AlexDropp New York, NY @BeansLogic @TheWayWithAnoa He is an incel living in his mothers basement mad at the world because he thinks he deserves more but unwilling to work to get it. He is pathetic, sad and a loser. I hope he gets life without parole. His mother should get time for driving him. born into poverty, then over 25 years in finance, survived penny stocks, dot com, 2008 and here we are again. VP global markets. my views are my own.
SarahMoffatt_ Belfast It’s acc mad how emotionally attached I am to my monstera (and my other plants but especially her) I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me💅
johhamki •she/her• mbb elf nctz ic bbc+ bitches be mad just bc he don't have the same copy and paste flow and rythym everyone other kpop rapper has | 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘰𝘰𝘵𝘩 𝘪 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘰 𝙣𝙞𝙗𝙗𝙡𝙚 | | 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘤𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘬𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 |
Din60947484 @GOP @realDonaldTrump “We are watching ... the final days of the mad king, and what he is attempting to do to overturn constitutional rule in this country, our constitutional traditions, our democratic traditions of fair elections,” GOP does nothing. Afraid of losing your voters, you bow to a fascist
SimaYi96177522 @mldauber @Stanford But.. but D&I training sessions are still allowed lol you're just mad that you don't get to capitalize off of black pain, and push the white privilege narrative ⚡️🤣🤪
CozyBoySinny VA @baby_ayeeee I apologize I seen some bs and got mad😂 Black Women Stan Acct
_C0DY_1 @DarthCryptoTFC @CabsPuebla @texanconstitut1 @itsjuanlove I’ve never seen a Millennial demand to see a manager over an expired coupon. You’re just mad because your best years are behind you and the world won’t remember when you die.
futuremiIf she/her, bi, 18, wi, BLM i didn’t realize it literally wasn’t going to hurt at all and now i’m mad i didn’t get the three on the other side done >:( because in the end, chaos wins.
annelesemeyer Australia @bigsian_ @Zeighdegreatest stay mad baby girl 😹 i meant what i said and you very much can not do anything about it afrikaaner living in aussie 🇿🇦🇦🇺 #blacklivesmatter | you’ll see me on the cover of vogue soon 💋
Ant__Sanders Mi ✈️ Ohio, USA I can’t I get mad everytime she come on the radio. Let her mess around and be on both channels 🤬 🅱️ig 🅱️lood #BrownsFan
llaauurriita @gaby_garcia99 yes 💀 and wot in tar nation are you talking about ms. the whole bakery 👀🙈 i’m mad that i’m trying to hide my bottom and i can’t even find sweats that i like and the one time i find something cute i come out peach a blazing 😭 WAP stands for 🔱hy 🅰️m i so sad all the time like lord 🅿️lease just give me a break wtf
itsjustdaliyah only time i ever really get mad is when it comes to my time and my money loving life 💛
ambiverthijabi धरती what exactly is your problem, akash? are you just mad that you wake up every day and are not taehyung? speak into the mic. Business journalist at Entrepreneur ME✍ MBA graduate with a penchant for chai & cricket☕🏏Team Oxford Comma✊🏽 Fake polymath🤓 She/Her🌸 Word limit is a probl-
ZtrikFranco @hypercube2000 @kenyan_emperor @BBCWorld U sound like a crying little bitxh mad becuz im right about racists and you’re one of em scroll thru and tell me where is the lie?
legalizehockey 26 / she/her will delete like immediately feeling insane rn but imagine responding to your kid disclosing huge trauma to you and saying she doesn't really wanna discuss it and saying, essentially, i hate you, along with other things...spitting mad once more my therapist told me to behave in an unhinged fashion online.
__SheIsQueen 773 ✈️ 757 Kandi is such a miserable bitch like girl you couldn’t wait to link up and be mad at Porsha 🙄 yall bottom weird🥱 #RHOA The ORIGINAL She is Queen💁🏾‍♀️ (Twitter suspended my old account😒) Chicago made, West side raised😈 Child of a King so I could never fail🙏🏾
kadeemthedreem You ever hit somebody with facts and then they get mad and say “You just have to be right all the time huh?” That shows me people will rather look foolish than be actually knowledgeable. crap is crazy 😂 Welcome to my mind. 👁 Aspiring VO Artist 🎙 I’m a young Thespian tryna get it. Also I’m a Gamer 🤘🏾🕹 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ‼️
bogbodied the early 30s of my discontent @janedazey he was like??? MAD when she wore JEANS bc her butt looked TOO GOOD. buddy. you have a masters and a jd. connect them dots pls let me hyperfixate in peace 🔞🔞🔞 she/her
pupperbutt Maryland, USA @k3nnyisgood it's almost as if the only two hairstyles we -ever- get are poorly made cornrows and an afro (that is 100% of the time just a big orb on the head and not got any fluff or anything to it at all) and we have reason to be mad Teo ♦ 25 ♦ Black & Nonbinary (They/He) ♦ GayAro ♦ NSFW 18+ ♦ NO RP ♦ @puppersbutt @pupsnprestige ♦ Poly AF @thelazypierrot @cherrydadgreg @juliusursus ♦
Din60947484 @GOP “We are watching ... the final days of the mad king, and what he is attempting to do to overturn constitutional rule in this country, our constitutional traditions, our democratic traditions of fair elections,” GOP does nothing. Afraid of losing your voters, you bow to a fascist
vibhamasti I'm so mad at PES, they want us to come to college and don't take distancing or covid tests seriously, saying that the covid test is valid for one month, as if it's a gift card? and the test results haven't even come out? it's the middle of a pandemic have they forgotten that?! my soul is worth 200 avocados. she/her.
MPepall Cannaregio, Venice @mad__monk @Mikel_Jollett @tedcruz I put the number dead per million over a million and got .001 which is .1%. I should have added per million. I think... Mitzi (Hamilton) Pepall. Perfect Cabra childhood, Rootless Cosmopolitan. Design & photography, Bird-in-Hand Productions.
DookageGaming @Aximili_Isthill I feel ya man. I’ve been working on it in general. Church really hit me right today. A lot of my is anger and controlling how mad I get. But don’t ever feel bad bro. Be you. There’s no judgment in my streams. I Proud Father & Husband I Hoosier Gamer I Graphic Designer I Business Email:
PLAYGlRLTALIA #1 pov, & shut up stan @advmgray You’re mad weird for this. You know good and well that girl faced transphobia but wanna deny it because you dislike her. fan account.
hugmajesty Boston, MA It’s been over a year and I’m still mad about this 😂 haven’t been back since Content includes birds, #bospoli, animals, sadness, and public transit. Ghosted by Mayor Marty Walsh. Follow @turkeygangma if you want to enjoy my tweets
sarangyour13 United States I swear this who thing making people stupid. I was in line to check out and this ladt turn around to stay 6 feet from her mind you I was qnd she kept getting closer to me telling me to stay six feet from her I get so mad I just left dont want deal with stupid people Kpop stan 🔞 if your under 18 don't follow Will say whatever I want to say in my account don't like it block me then
louy_ou 316 📍 . “ and i seen it bitch now i’m mad “ 🤣🤣🤣😭 . CC~06162018 . • JR~08162020 . LLB 🕊 .
tankiiio Or are mad cuz I asked you to help clean up consistently and not when you feel like it or do ya daughter hair consistently not when you feel like it !! Ten toes down on my Savage crap BabyAlex & BabyK #longlivelildee #otf