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IntelehealthOrg Baltimore, MD If you didn't take my advice last time when I told you to check out @raveena_aurora, make sure to check out this @timesofindia article by @aashnaag . Raveena discusses her Indian identity and how she navigates it living in America and through her music. We are a non-profit developing low bandwidth telemedicine technology and in-app digital assistants to improve access to healthcare for underserved populations.
dickequalsbrain Los Angeles, CA capricorns and virgoes take my advice very very seriously and i wonder if it’s because i have a taurus moon. for most monumental and big decisions they always seek out my perspective. i am humbled, bros. original creator of the persona of "Natasha Shields" currently she is on hiatus because of her crazyyyyyyy impeding mental illness but she's working on it
tee_katy England, United Kingdom @chriskonrath @HuntEamonn @TasteLincsMag @OurLincoln @MarcRhodesLK2 I can be a fussy old bag when it comes to food, and this place just can’t be faulted! Take my advice, get yourself a table booked before everyone else discovers this hidden gem. 👌🏻 Music|Discophile|Art|Subculture|Cats|Film|Guilty Feminist|Mod|Soulie|TEDx coach|Member of @LincolnSoulClub @lincolnfilm and accidental vinyl DJ.
idgafwabgtsam_ Chocolate Factory, CA I really overcame severe depression and I promise you nobody tries to take my advice on how to get through it which is why I believe y’all like being sad. Spoiled brat of Compton. ♍️
JWhittlesElbow Hull, England @BentosTheEnigma You won’t want or take my advice, because I’m the enemy. But it is absolutely the case that the Corbynistas reserving their vitriol for Swinson and not Johnson is a piece of luck the Tories can barely believe. So...carry on! Father. Husband to @SewAglow. Quarrelsome advocate of #hcafc, #YCCC and #AllamOut. Leaver, libertarian, vegetarian. Co-editor of @AmberNectarHull 1998-2019.
DammitErin Applebee’s @hunkybloodydory Full disclosure: my life is a mess, so take my advice sparingly, but pizza and a day off does sound good🤷🏻‍♀️ dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what
Amalia89391991 @don_ibro Don’t take my advice I don’t avoid anything and I provoke debates. I don’t support any form of “Moderate” Islam So I think those combined just didn’t sit well & I got reported. Allahu Aalam but this is normal on social media. Expect to get shut down. We’re constantly regulated “Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds.” [6:162] ☝🏻🖤
To_M2toes Fredericton, New Brunswick @LouieFilletUSA @michaelmalice INDEED!u should take my advice to go back to british primary school and learn so more ENGLISH!(cuz they invent english)and then come back talk to me. Retard Joe~ Bingo~
zachbussey I love how often people end up coming around and having to admit 'you were right'. But I HATE IT because it means they didn't take my advice seriously in the first place. I suppose that's life! You learn best from your own mistakes. Live Twitch News Show at 5PM Weekdays: | Freelance Content Creator | Influencer Marketing Advisor | Founder: @CreatorHype
iconiccantwell_ England 🇬🇧 Take my advice and don't go on social media when there is drama (which is always) coz it's way better x •Insta: iconiccantwell_ •Stan way too many talented people •Post too much for my own good
michael89897359 @realDonaldTrump -Michael Gates- Mr. President please abandon the tariff war with China until after the next 2020 Election. It's a loser & if you take my advice you win the Presidency and take back the house. I am sure you get the same suggestion from Kellyanne.
RichIoneIyJuan DMV/LA as my female friend if you don’t take my advice once about a African-American and you keep going out sad, don’t talk to me about it no more mgmt for: @liljay1k CEO of LonelyRecords division of: interscope click link in bio for more.
sixcalderone at [redacted] Told my friend who is keen on developing his own Habbo retro that it's not worth it anymore. He didn't take my advice that well. Well, my lad, Adobe will no longer support Flash by 2020 and A dentist-to-be 😬 | rebellious 20 y/o #Undi18
jpaigenoelle 6.1.4 Dear incoming college students: You’re gonna wanna look cute on move in day. Don’t. It’s a set up. You’ll be sweating and miserable from moving in and unpacking. Take my advice and wear some cotton shorts, a t-shirt and no makeup. Future Lawyer ☝🏽Kent State ‘20 ♏️ SC:butifl18 insta: paigexjackson FBWA Member
EqualOpGamer California, USA @imrobjefferson I'm sure you already know all this too lol as talking about it sometimes helps - other times not so much. Just take my advice and create a mantra that works for you. Use it everyday to build up the force you need to keep those daemons dispelled. You are appreciated, my friend ✊ Leader of @justicecoldcg 🏔 Made #MeteorsPerSecond 📱 🌮 #tacobellforlife 🌯 No/Nope #humankindness I M UR = 💯 [🛠🎮🔜] - GET UR TICKETS!!!⤵
nodea10 Michigan, USA When you're heading down the personal care isle at the grocery store and your hubby says "Oh the paraben isle?" 😂😂😂😂 The men in my house might not take my advice or care about any healthy thing I say....but they are listening! Lol #holisticliving #2dropit #hormones Nutrition obssesed, business coach
liviecampbell Philadelphia, PA Take my advice and don't read CRISPR studies right before bed. You will have *extremely* weird dreams. Author WOMEN IN WHITE COATS nonfic 2020 @HarperCollins Park Row Books | Rep @zosandler | Words @TheCut @LitHub @guardian @washingtonpost @CatapultStory @aeonmag
mankaa23 This is how I wind up with always losing the first book in a series. Take my advice and DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU REALLY TRUST THEY WILL GIVE IT BACK. My shelf is full of books 2 and 3, and missing book 1 because I NEVER GET IT BACK. I also lost my beloved copy of SoC this way. Book review blogger- accepting ARC requests- dog lover- adventurer - Football fan #gopackgo
klipdic Charlotte, NC Time to take my advice and not get into relationships until you’re 26 :) my tweets suck, I only post about animals k bye 👋🏼
andreaapostol18 Dont't take my advice, or anyone's advice. Trust urself. For good or bad, happy or unhappy, it's ur life, and what u do with it has always been entirely up to u. Never say die. Rest if you must, but don't you quit. 💪💕
GlobalBitcoiner New Delhi, India @jimmysong I think making live coding videos will help more people understand the concepts and help develop Bitcoin.... Books reach only few with money... Hope you take my advice and start making those videos... @jimmysong Bitcoiner Investor, Entrepreneur, Researcher of DLT, Open source protocols, Wealth management.
Nekoime86711 #vrchat "No use wasting your energy on stupid things and people. Even if you want to. You have one life. Don't waste it on problems that'll never come to a conclusion. Take my advice because I'm a toxic bitch." Hello everyone! My name is Neko, I play VRChat. I mostly play solo. Username is: Nekoime8671. I'm a cancer survivor (Leukemia) I'm a novice music producer. Nya.
Irenegi06544342 @tobystyke74 You are disgusting , you need sacking. You dare not say you are sick and tired of all this religion because you want votes. And your cushy number being a councillor. Take my advice and visit Poland and visit the Jewish quarter, then the concentration camps. I love all animals hate cruelty in any shape or form. Have no time for bullies . Can speak up for myself will not be spoken down to.
mujunaeem Live from Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Now keep in mind, none of this will be possible, with your imaginary God and religion and useless time waste of a prayer. Science has solutions and answers for you. Now you can choose to take my advice and follow a scientifically proven method into good health. Professional agitator on #Maldives issues. Orchestrating #SecularMaldives🇲🇻 #refugee #exmuslim #atheist #normalizingdissent #science #nofilter #meta
softenedbrock 𝐭𝐚51𝐚 | 𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐚 take my advice and stop hating on someone behind an anonymous site and go get a hobby, thanks! ‘𝚠𝚘𝚘𝚑𝚘𝚘’ - @tarayummy | @tarasgolbach
kaijupower Zephyrhills, FL @SkysorrowRonin You deserve to bask in the glory that is your hard work and take my advice, life is too short to be unhappy with your body. It’s the only one you got. If you have an opportunity and the ability to shift your happiness, seek and apply all options! 🔫#OG 🔫 💸 #AMERICANKAIJU 💸 🖤#PROWRESTLER 🖤#CATCHASCATCHCAN🔮#TATTOOER 🔮 🐊#FLORIDA 🐊 ⚡️#VISUAL & #MARTIAL #ARTIST ⚡️
CumGiveDaddiSum Bald•A•More, MD Discharging is perfectly fine ladies .. some women discharge everyday some don’t ! Check my bio and take my advice Your favorite #HoodSexTherapist ! The #BaldGawdess! #GYN Baltimore’s favorite #NeoSoulHoe ! Radio Host with the biggest personality and ass
mystiquecolourz India India cannot grow an inch without Hindu-Muslim unity and infusion of Gandhian values. For this BJP/RSS should be banned and stripped of all powers. If you don't do this then whole country goes to hell. And leaders will never return to consciousness again. Take my advice 😊 Existentialism. Spirituality. Science. Culture. Love. Poetry. Politicians and other authorities NOT ALLOWED.
reinaksanchez If your man has a girl best friend, leave him sis. I know from experience. Take my advice and leave. Go ahead and blossom. Don’t be forking stupid. 22🌻 mommy🌻 married
JPPolnareffBot //guys, take my advice here and do this. You don't want to go through this pain sounds dumb, yes, but please, stay safe Bravo! ⚔️ ENG bot account ⚔️ Replies and follows are manual ⚔️ Contain Spoilers ⚔️ NSFW ⚔️ Tweets every 30 minutes ⚔️ (Formerly @Polnareff_Bot)
spaceman_lego Bigg City Port @OfRailz Lucas you don't want me talking to you again you do not have to talk to me you don't even have to respond I'm telling you what I think is best for you and what I think you should do you don't have to take my advice but this is brotherly love I'm give it to you man to man I make Lego moc's usually work very hard on them as well. I also collect TUGS and a little bit of Thomas but mostly Tugs because they are my boys *no homo*
JonDuf Here Anybody thinking about ordering a scuf prestige take my advice and dont...terrible quality and the support is the worst ive ever dealt with. Mine has about 3 hours of game play total and been in for repairs twice already. @ScufGaming Hit em with the force like Obi
ardi_girlz16 jamaica SHUT DON'T GO UP PRICES DO, SO TAKE MY ADVICE AND SHUT UP TOO! Honesty is important but we may not want to face the truth
JustinDjean Jamaica When you taking her on date just tell her you want to go her and what time she you’ll be ready take my advice guy 🇯🇲 Just a regular African-American passing through | Graphic Designer | Photographer | VFX Artist
DARRENONEIL7 @KamalaHarris I'm hoping one day you will take my advice......SHUT THE HE🏒🏒 UP AND GO AWAY PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ I know it will never happen ... but a conservative gotta have a dream.....👊👊👊👊 Registered Republican and second amendment and conservative.
gurl_bbs Somewhere I like :3 @MinecraftMoon_ @SlimeFrom_MC Lol good luck and take my advice too I love to write! I also know that people can change over time! Life gets harder but smiles get easier|Female| 13 soon to be 14|Loves @Brown_Villager 💚|
alyssalucio2 Sex makes babies. Take my advice and don’t. Licensed To Create ✂️
TheCanon1234 Florida, USA @RockstarLegacy Hey, I know it's weeks since you wrote it, but take my advice: Redo the entire game and save before each mission. Also, sell anything health related because most missions require not to use any and get as many dead eye tonics as well stims for both your horse and character.
privilegelog Texas, USA Anyone considering working at Jones Day did not take my advice and ask a practicing lawyer for help on OCI prefs. biglaw litigator
Taylor_Gang097 Plz take my advice and don’t blow all the money on a big bottom wedding to impress people. Use the money to have a bomb bottom time with your lover 🤪 •a happy family is but an earlier heaven• 😇💘
OGKam Virginia, USA I usually dont entertain drama but i find it funny that someone made a server to try and clown me and start bs drama. A friend brought it to my attention and i managed to find 2 separate communities trying to ruin me. Take my advice stop trying to act tough and start drama 19 | photography and drawing | love life to the Fullest | Pina Colada | Lost my other account at 1.5k
JoplinTwilight @Negro_stiglitz I’m only telling you things you need to hear. Now keep talking to me like this in front of company and ima block ya bottom too lol i knew you weren’t going to take my advice. God don’t like basic. 💫
orpheusalter h by @ebifuria i by @jivke @squeakadeeks Take my advice with a grain of salt but I'd say wait until we have a new va for qrow? That way everyone can start to associate him with a better person, and then you're less likely to worry about posting the good content Miles|INTP|They/He|NB|22|Bi|Ride or Die P3 fan|Occasional writer/cosplayer|obsessed with protags| RP HIATUS| RT Heavy!
mospresso 🌺 waiting for ACNH 🌸 @frijoletoast take my advice and DO NOT spend it all!! ppl will always advise that, but i’m serious. it’s very tempting and easy to rely on it, especially if you’ve got low or delayed interest, but it will be unbearable to get back up from that. she / her | 24 | eng / 日本語 | chronic illness cutie | very loud nerd & gamer
owen_phillipy33 Terre Haute, IN And please, if you agree with anything I’ve said, take my advice and put it to work. The world sucks right now, and I truly want things to get better. IndState | ΠΚΦ | AΦ Sweetheart 🐻
Maybach_Mousey Southeast Washington, DC @B_Humble_azz Shut don’t go up prices do u can take my advice and u shut up too lol Real African-American
B_Humble_azz DC Or Shut don’t go up, cars go fast, take my advice and kiss my bottom 😂 When You Pray For Rain You Have to deal with The Mud To #LongLiveStucci #StucciGang
SmashAlley59 @DefenseBaron @jaketapper @CNN From the idiot that gave #BernieMadoff damn near all his and his wife's money, no thanks I'll take my advice from sidewalk crap (yeah you got most back, after #LawAndOrder saved your dumb ass, so what did you learn, your quoting #FakeNews #Racist #HateMongering 4th Reich #CNN 👏 A young girl a🕊️ in her hand... A young boy a warrior in armor.....One day they will both walk a land full of dreams & opportunity....thanks to @realDonaldTrump
sparklebbygirI she/her when ruby recommends a playlist pls take my advice and don’t listen "I walked in on David Bowie and Mick Jagger naked in bed together."
PaulHindley2210 Blackpool, Lancashire, UK If Labour is serious about taking power after a Vote of No Confidence and want Lib Dem support then please take my advice: 1. Stop insulting the Lib Dems. 2. Don't demand things. 3. Open formal negotiations. 4. Organise a face to face meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson. Politics PhD Student. Social Liberal. Liberal Democrat. Sci-Fi Geek. Disabled Person. Gay. Lancastrian. European.

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