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KurtSchlichter Manhattan Beach CA You can take my advice and buy guns and ammunition. Or you can obey the liberals, disarm, and rely on them for your safety and liberty... LOLOLOLOLOL! #21Lies drops 7/7 | I speak for the Pangolin & the Quokka | Sr Columnist @Townhallcom | Lawyer | Army COL(R) | COLLAPSE | Desert Storm 30
_hk129 Toronto @MarocafellaX @bullyb170 I was 17 in that photo u clown, Im now 23, and as you can see in my pic a hell of a lot bigger than you even though i’m younger than you. So take my advice and spend less time looking like a clown on twitter and more time eating and lifting, so one day you can look respectable ✌🏽 I know imma get got..but imma get mine more than I get got doe. 💵💷💵💷
billhowes747 THE WORLD-MUST LEARN! No more "Pull Starts". Like circular saws carpenters use. You pull the on-off switch and it cuts. Take my advice and see how much more wood you can cut in the same amount of time. -Bill Howes, making The World a better place by offering more sound advice. WORLD AT PEACE INC. Will work To KEEP CHILDREN INNOCENT longer by way of TEACHING Parents NOT to use NEGATIVE PARADIGMS!Negative statements,PREJUGES,Confining s
R005T3 below the gnat line 🍑 Take my advice with a grain of salt. I am not advocating weapons. I'm advocating personal safety. For some that's not owning weapons and for others it's about firepower. You do you. I own guns. I don't want to ever use them in defense but I want the option to protect myself. Rebel, renegade and rogue. Love 🇺🇲 At the end of the road. GBCI Mayhaw region.
ImaginaryDrinks Everywhere and anytime @akkcrystal36 If you are going to a protest cover up, shield yourself, and even if you know that your police department is known for his brutality, take something for self defense, just hit and run, take my advice, in Mexico we understand you, because we have lived that too! All i want is A free drink for everyone who needs it I make tarot lectures because i need to pay my college room ($1-$5) DM if interested
yonglebonglee Auckland, New Zealand @Jinshoulders_ @bubbleteajimiin @etherealjoonie_ @godjinnie how old are you, 9?? As expected from her cringe "fanbase", you're literally proving my point. And you do realise she's a FANPAGE right? She REposts content not makes them?? you look pathetic sis , take my advice and MOVE and I can't make you stay, in this broken place, and I hope you find peace, close your eyes as I put us to sleep 💫 @theweeknd
credenzofabio Scotland, United Kingdom @suzanne_moore Shielding myself. I’m in Scotland and happy to take my advice from the government and scientists Rebel bitch with a cause #Indy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Micheaal__ @RHGNTX Take my advice for the next torny and if it don’t get more teams I won’t comment again.Rob most people wanna use the ak74u and m16 Cos there the only good guns.ban carbine Cos it’s for nerds and there u go add ur little changes but the ak74u is needed. And if you don’t know,now you know niggguh.
SouthernTroubIe 🍑 One of these days im going to end up on a podcast talkin nonsense and someone will take my advice and ruin their life and I can die a happy man This is a memes and trap queens stan account
jamie240604 Edinburgh @redwine_only @EmmaKennedy I agree 100% but we have to trust them (scientists). Similarly to yourself i take my advice from my own government and various experts that are on twitter.I think the UK government are in a lose-lose situation, nothing they do will be right, the media are driving the agenda here. "I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do" #alwayshearts
planetBWG Around @AlbertaGal1 Says the believer in that Q BS. 😂😂😂. Got it. I will take my advice from people who know something about science, reason, and what it means to live in a society. But you nutbars keep doing you. Hubby, Dad, Reader, Civil War/History Geek - Love Metal, Outlaw Country & Jazz. Gnostic. Views are my own. RTs, follows & likes aren't necessarily endorsements.
GogoTari Port Harcourt @GovWike @GovKaduna @NyesomWlKE @GovLagos @NCDCgov should Adminster Aspirin 100MG and Apronax or Paracetamol to all COVID19 patients. That's what I used and it cleared up in less than a week. Take my advice now and disregard WHO.
euniceeshiet Heaven @lightkomedy @naomiblinks0 There is time for everything, unless you want to live a joke of a life. Also take my advice there is time for joke and time to be serious it will help you maintain a balance if you want to go far. God bless 🙏 I can do all things with God who strengthens me
GogoTari Port Harcourt @NigeriaGov @NCDCgov should Adminster Aspirin 100MG and Apronax or Paracetamol to all COVID19 patients. That's what I used and it cleared up in less than a week. Take my advice now and disregard WHO.
VelvetRasputin Rice, MN @jendrawscomics The difference between then and now, is that now we film the hurricanes, the police brutality, the gangbangers looting and the jackasses breaking stuff. This is why you are feeling so overwhelmed, this is all new and scary to you. It's not to me. So take my advice: Get empowered! I'm Vas the art director. I'm fighting for our creative birthright. This account is only checked on Wednesdays. vasATvelvetrasputDOTinfo
GogoTari Port Harcourt @NCDCgov Adminster Aspirin 100MG and Apronax or Paracetamol to all COVID19 patients. That's what I used and it cleared up in less than a week. Take my advice now and disregard WHO.
ckaa @9mm exactly.. you people need to just take my advice and recruit THE smoke monster. it would be revolutionary @sabbathstratum @amiss95k
thatguidofawker it's a buck dancer's choice my friend better take my advice you know all the rules by now and the fire from the ice will you come with me won't you come with me woah-oh, what i want to know, will you come with me? v ir us for vendetta
RetrosNiggga Somewhere smokn purple crap @Im_dat_dude_cj So that mean you gone take my advice and........... well you know Show me ya boobs
SSorates @DefNotAnIncel @max_dfl @KobeTyme @Eagles @JalenHurts And regarding the sb ring just please take my advice get a grip because no matter how many empty stats you want to throw out at me regarding your overhyped big stage injury-prone qb wentz, JUST TAKE MY ADVICE and simply do this and it might make you feel better😂🤣😂 Love to discuss & debate Reasonably & Sensibly ALL Sports. Rude & Vulgar tweets will get you blocked. Keep it Respectful.
_ChiaCat @blondjewels @Charlie_2u @weronlyhumn @Ana_Ssassin19 @SupremeSlaya @SaintLarrySins @Jucy_4_20_ @slumington @ChrisAdams66 @athynz1 @SaintLarrySin @Santago_ @laylow88861429 @RickySi16087724 @Jay_see_see @Aug_1405 @ChemtrailDenier Take my advice and block people you don't want to fight with. #KAG #AmericaFirst #AllowPac #Caring I firmly believe, what goes around comes around.”
BoudaCarrie United States @Alyssa_Milano @GOP Please take my advice and stop talking. Statistician. MS (yes, the other kind). Wondering why roses don’t smell like they used to.
_mojo_pin_ @TrolleyofTruth @parkerpants96 @melbonk @ArchAmroo @ElijahSchaffer Take my advice and fork off, k?
bottazzi_davide @Saibot0408 @NASAMARIE @itspixiebuns @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump K, so a party full with corruption who literally stole money from the people. Last message by me, just take my advice: focus on different perspectives, study dehumanization and ethnocentrism. And with "study" i mean the history FROM THE BOOKS, not just the meaning of the terms. Coccodile Dundee 🥥 🇮🇹. On twitter looking at moonboys getting destroyed by reality 👀.
seesarjames Get rich or die trying. Do you're own research or just take my advice and buy XRP uncoachable and unsociable
The_Spade_Card "Take my advice, Half the men you date will treat you like crap, and Half the woman you date will act like they dont care. Its normal, Its not your fault." Shes sad. WIP, Please be patient!
Nicola_Hoe87 Big booty town I've been reading nearly everything about the riots ans protests and I have an idea on how to help protesters to stay safe, maybe all protesters could wear light blue to represent #goergefloyd !! I hope people will take my advice #riots2020 #BlackLivesMatter #protests2020 #george 💦🔥Bazigga🔥💦 🐄Legit would to Tokyo drift a cow🐄 💥Yes, I am a certified Hoe💥
xoxoMiimii_ 334 205 312 Like I can take this crap personal or take my advice *STFU PUSSY, I ain’t talking to you, or I can just @ yo bottom and let Twitter know you a pussy!!! Don’t start 💩 you gone be scared to finish because whatever you got to say about me, trust I got more 💩 that’s wayyyy hurtful‼️😇 RIP MOM&DAD|| Miles College~Miles19|Miles16-17~Y.B.Y.S.A.I.A. 🐢Leo Baby|Add me on Snapchat! Username: bittt_itsmimi
belladelucci Nobody’s Goddamn Business @its_olutee @NCDCgov You have brain damage. Idiot. Either you take my advice or ignore. Why insult me? Stupid fool. Coronavirus inflict you and your people. Suegbe. Pisces ♓️ ||Introvert🚶🏽‍♀️||Music Lover🎧 ||Ariana Grande🎼 || Rihanna🎼 || The Boondocks 😎|| Proud 90s Babe ✌🏽|| IG:__@iamzara || I Follow Back💯
Mabuyemendweni On it Let me take my advice and scroll past that tweet She/her. Natal Venus conjunct asc.
JustRican_ CT @_StealingBeauty I haven’t at all but maybe they’ll do some research and take my advice. They all think we’re anti cop but we’re not we’re just pro blm Call me loser and say we won’t fall in love.
stvmash Kenya @FredMatiangi najua you always take my advice seriously. 'sometimes' this is a million$ advice, usikubali shule zifunguliwe.. the 2nd and the most important, balance the the economy. Advice @StateHouseKenya curfew ianze 9pm without opening bars.. atleast biashara ndogo zifaidike. Trader | Writer | Marketing | Soccer | Director | | God Above All |
MzRitaonthetwit Chicago One thing I cant stand to do is place my opinions and beliefs upon others. Mainly, due to the fact, that if they take my advice and things dont work out for them, I would feel totally responsible for the outcome. Here for pop culture and comedy♏️ Love is my game, watching tv is my thang💖💖💖
Brumby_slayer Dude @brumbyoz, I’m getting a feeling that you are not in your best mental health. Please take my advice and consult a psychiatrist. Come back to Twitter when you’re totally fit. My best wishes to you. जय श्री राम | सनातनी होने पर बहुत अभिमान है 🚩| Anti-doxxing crusader | The guy who brought down @brumbyoz | RTs ❌endorsements
theseunpeter Nigeria @KabiyesiiStainz @femmefatalebih @Oli_Ekun Lol. It's actually a "men versus women" narrative being promoted by people who seize an unfortunate opportunity to promote divisive narratives. Take my advice, ignore those tweets & understand that it's "men and women versus criminals" in our quest for #JusticeForUwa Do better.
ALIHAIDERFCMA Lahore, Pakistan My colleague to whom I advised to not delay her wedding scheduled on 1st April and marriage with simplicity Now nikahfied on 3rd day of eid with simple nikah and rukhsati Idk y people don't take my advice serious 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ ‏‏‏‏‎‎‎‎#Auditor ‎‎‎‎#Accountant ‎‎‎‎#entrepreneur ‎‎‎‎#Foodies ‎‎‎‎#Nfak ‎‎‎‎#Shia ab aye ho toh follow bhi kro #ACCA #CMA
wasifk77 London, England @BakhtawarBZ Leave politics for the expert. You concentrate on catching the killer of your mother. That’s more important. How do you people sleep at night. None of you have any shame. Take my advice. Go jump in a hole and never come out. Sorry excuse for human beings, that’s what you all are. Trying to abide by rules
Whatyourbbmpin Southampton, England @venatusratio @ClaireAllan @giorgiorique353 @MarvelAlycia24 Aww, see he doesn't understand the workings of twitter still. Go and educate YOURSELF. Because you clearly won't take my advice. I pride myself on my woahs My ass, the thickiest. My toks, the tickiest.
yoogiboogi Magic Shop @janasbp @byaaaang_lyv @lobelyjimchim @highjan4 @enettha @Maya947bts @queenseohee @OH_mes2 I never said you weren't i said we need to be focused on that more. And i think we both know that replying to a tweet will not stop fanwars it will make it worse. I hope you take my advice and i will stop replying since that actually stops interactions or as you say fanwars yes i actually made eye contact with seokjin
MadiTheDream OH @ArasTheKing @BaileyBreM1 @ElliotHackney @KSIOlajidebt Hm, well you can take my advice and go under the Jake Paul tab on trending. She kinda bad doe. EEZYGANG EVERYDAY. #EEZYGANG
GogoTari Port Harcourt @NCDCgov should Adminster Aspirin 100MG and Apronax or Paracetamol to all COVID19 patients. That's what I used and it cleared up in less than a week. Take my advice now and disregard WHO.
IOWRam @theAliceRoberts So am I. I'll take my advice from countries who actually know what they are doing and have got control of the situation
taescrime jungkook @JINNIESMANGO leave them alone for a couple of minutes and then ask again (pls don’t take my advice i have no idea what i’m saying) “for as long as i live and as long as i love i will never not think about you” jeon jungkook 2 may 2020
Raghadalkhalaf2 حُمْص Don’t take my advice. Or anyone’s advice. Trust yourself. For good or for bad, happy or unhappy, it’s your life, and what you do with it has always been entirely up to you. بين حقوق الوطن المسلوب نُسيت سوريا...
badgerbadbadger A racist banana monarchy @booksvcigs @helenmallam @HerseyJane Thanks, mate, but I'll take my advice from the experts I know and trust rather than someone on Twitter. Homeless Charity Manager, School Counsellor, Analog Boy In A Digital World. Rugby Fan. Horror Film Buff.
ScottWa11316757 British Columbia, Canada @HillaryClinton Trump has never called for violence. Did you get that from CNN or twitter inciting violence? I dont take my advice from someone that bleach bit their harddrive and broke their phones with hammers violating federal law. Sounds like a bunch of lies for you Clinton. Love crypto
gill_othen @melindahaunton I know. Much the same here. Some days I struggle a lot, yet I'm in a very privileged position and things are objectively fine for me and mine. I hope you can take my advice. I know at such times I might not be able to. Escaped English/Drama teacher, perpetual student, ardently pro-Europe. There may be random outbreaks of Early Modern theatre.
reel_villan What a load of absolute bollocks! He's basically trying to kill us off. I'll keep shielding until at least 30th June and will be ignoring this idiot. I'll take my advice from my transplant clinic and less idiotic people. This is a shambles... #shielding #COVID__19 I'm all about Aston Villa, films, music, Pittsburgh Steelers, SDCC, comics and random rants. Block L1, Row RR, Holte End Lower.
SusanBurntToast Bournemouth, England @WestminsterWAG Take my advice. Stop popping up here for quite a while - just in yours and definitely our interests. Tough old London bird washed up on the Dorset shore. #PhD Very booky 📚 Founder Burnt Toast Editorial, the #nobullcrap publishing consultancy.