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cemile_yeler Los Angeles, CA @EatWatchBet You can take my advice and just buy #JSHG stocks without any questions. It's a stock that i have been following for some time, and lately it has been indicating major breakthroughs. So it's better now to act and make big! Join for tweets, tips and secrets about day trading, penny stocks and achieving financial freedom.
mirojurcevic Sydney, Australia Hi @SenatorHume, I know you won’t take my advice but I am siding with Simon on this one. I heard the recording and I feel you went too far at his expense for your political interests. If you can’t win fair and square you don’t get a hall pass for being from a wealthy family. Studies @Sydney_Uni ... Cogitátio Scientiam, Researcher, Disability Advocate, Sustainable living, Patient safety, Open Source
KhobtPT @ula_music BRAVO! And I slide through your twitts, amazing. Take my advice, move to Japan after 🇯🇵 reopen border. You will be like a duck to water.
CarefreeMF @TheScore01 Take my advice, stop reading into all news articles. Their job is to get a reaction from people so they can get clicks. I’m extremely confident it’ll get done, and we should only get worried if it’s not done before May 31st. Until then, only read and believe what @ChelseaFC says.
SoLongRonBerry "Dai Sam, take my advice. Find yourself a lovely open-minded Welsh girl, and marry her. To be quite frank, boy, there's a strange kink in your mentality" - Before Forever After, 1976 Dedicated to the writings of Rhondda author Ron Berry (1920-97). The 'Tarzan of Treherbert', Robert Thomas
RedEmpyre @EloquentJay @bjpenndotcom Yeah and you should take my advice P.S. Adding little emoticons just verifies what we already know. That you have the mind of a child. Now fork off and let the adults chat in peace. Think before you Tweet.
minbin_07 he/they , 05, Ryan. @seksiIy In my opinion I think they are leading you on. A lot of people like the chase and do those things until the feeling is reciprocated and get bored and move on. I’m sorry for being so negative so don’t take my advice very seriously but I also do f want bad things to happen to you 吾輩は猫である。 @notryo_ @lessthan____3 “Just write side account”- Theo
UrgentNews911 Miami, FL @SystemicRaceim @LAPDCARRANZA @ChicagoPD19 @LAPoliceFdtn @Venice311 @damonheller @Urgent_News911 You have 0 followers bc of your ridiculous ways of thinking and tweeting. Take my advice... It's free I Tweet #BREAKING NEWS - I Also Tweet Some Of The Best Vids Twitter Has To Offer! - RTed By @realDonaldTrump
UrgentNews911 Miami, FL @SystemicRaceim @LAPDCARRANZA @ChicagoPD19 @LAPoliceFdtn @Venice311 @damonheller @Urgent_News911 WTF are you talking about @SystemicRaceim ? @LAPDCARRANZA is the commander of the Gang And Narcotics division... Wow.. I highly recommend the following.. Think before Tweeting... If you take my advice, you'll never look like a clown on any social media platform. I Tweet #BREAKING NEWS - I Also Tweet Some Of The Best Vids Twitter Has To Offer! - RTed By @realDonaldTrump
jaxfinnegan1 Dundee, Scotland Isnt it just amazing who reads your tweets but not the thread....truly a fragmented viewpoint..plz take my advice and educate yourselves #widerperspective #Thread District Nurse @RadioX listener. community health matters, closing the inequalities of health gap. @Scottishlabour candidate north east Dundee
HuquinV @BFryback for sure, take my advice and don't let professor and Portland make you dumb. SF (almost made me dumb). Maybe use GIS skill in field that creates things humans want like petro/mining/forestry. Activist riding coattails of GIS to have propaganda look like science. Two strings all you need. STEM dad. Band dad. Recently retired engineer, play huqin.
Oldboy_88 @cjryptko He rigged his last project. Take my advice and don’t buy anything this guy is involved with.
NickWohlleb Charles Booker isn’t afraid to cuss which means there is a non 0% percent chance that he will take my advice and tell Rand Paul to go fork himself during a debate. If he does he is guaranteed to win. White bread racist Kentucky rednecks will vote for him on that alone. Welcome aboard.
NickWohlleb @MurphyCartoons @RandPaul Charles Booker isn’t afraid to cuss which means there is a non 0% percent chance that he will take my advice and tell Rand Paul to go fork himself during a debate. If he does he is guaranteed to win. White bread racist Kentucky rednecks will vote for him on that alone. Welcome aboard.
becdoestweets Wherever he needs to be. @E2Kelvin Take my advice and just ignore him, leave him to his own vices and let him make a fool of himself on his own. 19 | Male/He/Him | Autistic | Sonic.EXE, Space Jam, TLH/TCG and PMATGA Apologist | Profile pic by @ferikkusutweets/@ferikkuhellarts, edited by me.
TaryntheR @An0n_Truth @OhSallyMcMillan @krishessey Yes, someone who sees riots as something peaceful would be defective enough to come to such a conclusion. 🤣 Seems like you need to take my advice and learn your place A native New Yorker using street smarts to find Floridians their gem of a #dreamhome. #RealEstateMaverick
schorlon @RiptideCapital @skrabkanamrkve @Itsjustaword69 @Wisecup0 @HOFNutCollector @ManMilk2 You come off as kind of an asshole, you're probably a fine guy and at the end of the day this doesn't really matter all too much, but things'll go over better for you if you take my advice. At least in my experience im me baby
itzxrryanx In your dreams @FairieNamedMars Take my advice, don’t live in the woods and I’ve read the necronomicon… the deadites won’t leave me alone 🔞 WARNING: NSFW just your local degenerate #nsfwtwt. 30 year old hot bisexual mess (JK Rowling’s forkboy 😉) Lord / Dragon #nofilter no minors (18+)
TimCunn67668864 Shepparton - Mooroopna, Victor @Maxzul6 @s_deery Whose "health advice"? Government elected bureaucrats? Ill take my advice from doctors that have been peer reviewed and are not on the payroll of the government. FYI they are not on MSM channels either👌👍 All that is needed for evil to rule is for good people to stay silent.
Bengisu37491504 Coming from someone who's made their fair shares of bad trades and blunders- take my advice and make sure to reflect on your mistakes, admit when you're wrong and learn from them.
priore_ashley Pittsburgh, PA All the campaigns who didn’t take my advice and expertise on the youth vote are losing 👀 OG Queens Gambit & Proud Progressive | Founder @queensgambitpgh & 5 national orgs | fighting for youth in @whitehouse | Host of #AshleyLive | Proud #Pitt alum
plato777 @CharlieCrist Charlie, take my advice and post what the majority of voters care about, because if you do not, you will lose.
dirtybird72 Baltimore @joyrosenberg Say what you want about Kyle. But she doesn't desrve that. She gave him beautiful children and was there when he had nothing. Take my advice. California is 50/50. If you want me You can find me Left of center Off of the strip In the outskirts In the fringes In the corner Out of the grip
blazerofhell Chico, CA SGA stock mid. Giddy stock VERY low. Dort also low. Take my advice and put your money down NBA obsessed. I collect OG Hellblazer // Swamp Thing comics. Compulsive data spewer. Poly/Gray. I'm from small town Louisiana my tweets will sometimes show it.
ScottTh66153768 @MrDOThompson @J2onyabike There's always Inflatibles 🤔😜😎. Take my advice - spend the extra for non - burn rubber and get the self -inflating model ..😮😮😮 Proud HABS fanatic !!!! Survivor and Advocate .
Coho29415979 Terra Firma, UK. @realHasdaiC @SmileyMom10 @P3ng1z @emmettimanu @whywouldyou_uk @IreneMinkema @ErezNeumark @wssstom @SariWester @TopRantKing @JohnWay06621698 @THEEQUA33646335 @DoctorW40827200 @Michael__Baskin @Iam_Still_Me @RandySutra @sheepofnarnia @reallhere @VArabboy @BobbyShiskaBob @AJewFromJudea @BJalus @LavBaalDevarim @robinsonmsr10 @SubmissDawah @IQ15991967 @RabbiJacobBerab @KahnZoga @AaIsrael2 @JohnnyYoussef7 @YR72390 @Ashraf711A @MayaMurful @retiredjudean @elonmuskinfuhku @sabra_the @DoggyFord @mabosisc @akodensybane @87yrs @TesseraDeka @KhizerK3 @FLastrade @MiriamL99472550 @kppotatoes @swepal2 @AviKerem1 @m4s1w7 @andsowewonder @FierceyJew You are an idiot who cannot tell a defect from a naturally occurring flaw. Jeez man, take my advice - it is good - I know what I am talking about - get out tomorrow morning and get a job, anything, washing dishes if that is all you can get,to LEARN ABOUT LIFE and respect others. "AsaJew" seeking truth. Conservative, pragmatic, craftsman, future oriented. Self aware, including of racism which is usually unconscious in most people.
koalaOW_ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @KGringo66 Where the fork are you going to go in Miami because I know that you can't walk from the airport to anywhere worth going to. Gonna Uber around the city for an hour before you need to turn around and go back to the airport? take my advice bro ik what im talking about trust the process ex overwatch GM off tank aspiring pianist he/him
flakpaket @kurotic_ First, take my advice on dev specific stuff with a grain of salt. I'm not a developer by any means. If I were to do that, I'd do 1 of 2 things in with common tools such as Metasploit, Nmap, and Burp Suite: 1. Squash bugs in the OSS stuff (MSF, Nmap, Burp Apps) 1/2 Consultant, Pen Tester, Geek, Security Fundamentalist, SANS Instructor. Expert ytpo maker. Find me elsewhere online:
CapDeeComing Dove Love 🎶If you got someone special take my advice and hold on tight🎶 “You don’t have to like what I say, but you better defend my right to say it!” Violence creates peace. 1-9-14 #COLAC #FAMU
PulOutNWalkAwaY I saw it cus I was curious and I had nightmares, so take my advice and spare yourself. it’s lonely isn’t it? being impartial. #VSUAlumnus #TYBN IG: puloutnwalkaway_ I regret many things. Smashing ain’t one of ‘em
tygames_ Take my advice, don’t go back and watch your old clips. One of mine popped up in my Facebook memories and god damn it’s so cringe 😂 Player 1. My beard has a mind of its own.
Top_Muppetries CONscience HQ @BeyondTheFacts3 @kath2cats @JoeCoyle101 @numbersdelight @mcfunny @ogilville1 @MatthewNewell67 @AndrewLazarus4 @_mamadeb @TonyBaduy @The_Seeadler @MsTrixter @SkepticalMutant @volpiranyas @raouldukeerik @andylumm @Monstercoyliar @sammy44231 @swedishchf @FIST1981USA @sammk1964 @janem1276 @zeetubes @IdunsDaughter @VENGYNCE @paco7320 @kanwee9 @tomsirolimus @JRJHealey @JimeeLiberty @_DrCJM_ @Awithonelison @richykirsh @skepticalprune @sailor_man_dan @AbsoluteGnosis @tenebra99 @doom37455413 @J_EmpyreanGoals @provaxtexan @immunotoxPhD @ktibus @LukeAnglindoor @handmadekathy @Piper_O_Brien @WendyOrent @bush_wendy @TakeThatEarth @alisonpalk And you are free to take my advice to kindly S_T_F_U. 🤡🤦 Set this up as a take the p!ss out of Ivor Cummins (Dietitian and Grifting Covid Muppet) account. I do take COVID-19 seriously though unlike my namesake...
VulpixLux I always find it werid when people come to me for relationship advice. Like I'm ridiculously alone and isolated, do not take my advice 😅🤣🤣🤣 Know that you are loved! 💙 Know your worth! 💛 Black Lives Matter
etherealesprits my delusions | he / they take my advice: never fall in love with ur straight guy friend. six years later and my heart aches more than ever. i’ve cried over a thousand tears for him, still cry for him; hoping and wishing… don’t do what i did because it will keep ur heart aching. Peace & Harmony are the keys to the metamorphosis of the mind & soul ☮️ God made & Jesus saved | Book enthusiast | Future author | Gamer | Be kind 🙏
justinpedro17 @theMadridZone @RMCsport 😂 😂 😂 this is why I never believe no sources until it official or Madrid and mbappe announce it people just don’t learn 🤦‍♂️ take my advice stop believing everything you read and wait
AytuYay Miami Coming from someone who's made their fair shares of bad trades and blunders- take my advice and make sure to reflect on your mistakes, admit when you're wrong and learn from them. Dog lover and expert on Financial markets and Day trade here! Shoot all your queries at me.
merlinsbane Selston, England @fatwhitebloke @NTClumberPark @PinesSherwood Take my advice and don’t go on the high wires @PinesSherwood …
FunkassfrankO Dublin City, Ireland @CaraLisette I’m 46 and just got a tattoo on my face so….prolly better not to take my advice 😅 Fat,tattooed,booze addled Bass player with a love of jazz n bluegrass,socialist,Everton,shamrock rovers member for my sins. Pure OCD survivor.
Nft_Police_Lady Metaverse Police Headquarters @NicoleBehnam You gon friendzone that guy quicker than lunas collapse. Guys: take my advice, never ever listen to a woman’s advice about what type of guy she wants, just take her our, have fun, kiss her and hook up even if you are none of the things above! reading peoples souls is my a.b.i.l.i.t.y.... i will destroy you with my n.f.t follow me at your own risk #nfts #bayc #azuki #doodles #mutants #cyberbroker
luckyresp Shoorima Trust one thing, take my advice If you linger close, it's a hefty price You and I are not the same You don't want the burden of my name 🏳️‍🌈 me and my inconsistent inside jokes 💁‍♀️ LoL, VALORANT, Dragon Age, whatever comes to mind | pfp artist: @champropagart 19 | INFP | whatever pronoun👁👁
willainous He/they @whirIwindz Cut in pieces and throw off bridge, i usually do that, take my advice /j i like minecraft, fnaf and Heartstopper…..that’s all
Jesse02445201 @chuizilaoda @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport I’m only here to help you sir I hope you take my advice and send a message to xynnpro on Instagram Got my eye on the game
FizzTk ⛰ Cape Town 🏖 @Ukhonaye_ Everyone likes BM broe, take my advice Audi anytime 😭 I own one and my next one is also gonna be Audi but please service your car otherwise it will end in tears very very soon 🥺 Chelsea 💙🖌|| Orlando Pirates ☠ || Mason Ke 🐐 || Father to Loe 🦁| Risk taker 🥩🐆if it doesn't scare you..don't do it|| missionary ke 1.10-1.50 odds daily🧶
ZayTiggaa Houston, TX What happened to the females that used to say "Shut don't go up, prices do, so take my advice and shut up too."😭🤧...tired of all this “Period Pooh” crap🙄🙃 #WSSUALUMNUS ~ CEO Of My Life ~👻👉🏽@masterzay ~ 📸 ~ @zaytiggaa #JasCityEnt💎 ~ #DukeNation ~ Isaiah 41:10✨
TihetrisW United States @bread1970 @Fightful Downplay? You think I need to downplay that the logo is basic? Take my advice and not be so serious. Gamer | Pro Wrestling, MMA & Combat Sports Enthusiast
d4nxart @TakakuraKen24 @haru_h0ee @obitoism I'm not mad so pipe down. I just said you're weird which u are but since u wanna be a chump about it how about u take my advice and go find another dick to ride😵 *gestures* I make drawing
Lale90468103 @Greencandleit Take my advice, Mate. Buy #JSHG stocks now without asking any questions. This is a new stock I've been following for some while and it recently indicated a major breakthrough. Seasoned Trader here! Learn from your mistakes and Choose your broker carefully and your trading career should go smoothly.
JamesPady @elonmusk Again, Elon, take my advice. Pull your offer to purchase Twitter and run like the wind and never look back. ANEWDAWN posts were shadowbanned, censored & Twitter removed all but 17 followers 2 years ago for exposing deadly lies from our massively criminal government.
roryscarffe @JohnLewisRetail probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered! Atrocious!!! Take my advice and steer clear of these clowns!
The_ManishSood Union of India @LambaAlka @NayakRagini Haha 🤣 but please take my advice and complain to Shri Ashok Gehlot .. this channel is known for fake propoganda and lies.. If you don't act then this increases the chances of them doing this again Indian National Congress social media volunteer. RT's ≠ Endorsement...