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ZaidZamanHamid Pakistan @SHABAZGIL Problem with you youngsters is that you have no security sense at all... But the PAF take my advice seriously... PAF went on red alert. There was already a terror threat in the country and taking precaution was only natural. Never speak again in matters of national security.. 🤫 A veteran of Soviet-Afghan war, presently National Security Analyst & founding Consultant BrassTacks - The Advanced Threat Analysis Think Tank.
GKZR3434 the pool @91SOURLINE hes scary and ndbdndnd idfk i think i just don't like het relationships don't take my advice she/they • :) • tired • 14 • ot4.5
mikeymifsud Erick’s Compound This could all be avoided if the APL would take my advice and simply destroy the Melbourne Victory admin @TheRealALM writer @Game0fTwoHalves fan at @melbournecity @bentleighgreens @rangersfc
AndrewBrunatti Today on #Translating19thCPublicServant: “With these observations, I am contented to leave the matter in your hands.” (“You don’t have to take my advice, but if you don’t and this goes sideways you’re on your own.”) By day: policy wonk. By night: history and art nerd. PhD in Politics & History. Views are my own.
VentiSpore NOWHERE @jennicacahead @Lagyzz You dont have to take my advice but here it is anyway: never judge anyone based on their race/gender be open minded and you might just learn something, its good to be open minded, and remember that not everyone will have the same opinion as you, im saying that in a respectul way Im just me 🏳️‍🌈 anime for life 🤘15 and i like tamales theyre good, hows your day
devon_183 he/him I started FF14 just trying my fastest to get to the cool stuff, and while I did skip my fair share of cutscenes, I started paying full attention to the story in Heavensward, and god is that story so good... (also take my advice, the whole game is the cool stuff don’t skip things) | Sup | 21 | Keep Moving Forward | Hella | 🦋 |
ZaneWalker__ Alone by myself About done giving life advice at this point , just gonna take my advice for myself and do better! Hawaiian Punch enthusiast | 20 | kinda lost with life
tsvmedia @Ameetdmello Bro, maybe Bhakts. But we are quite well learned. Unlike you people who don't even understand the basic difference between 'Absolute' and 'Relative'. Take my advice, leave all this and please learn a few basic things. Otherwise 'bhakts' will keep exposing the 'Madarsa' in you. The different shades of Life. 🌸
nekrodev @mx_darko lol i muted them before, so i didn't pay attention to his handle this time, but lol he changed it. it was "CEO of Antifa". sadly, he didn't take my advice and change his @ to "CentristScumbag", too. just wanna die. fork this crap.
lbaris1 @jlythcotthaims I share bits and pieces of this “must read” and recommend it to my students’ parents every year. Some actually take my advice!
mondunnn @MagneLord No, with ‘peak’ you should try communicating and s’peak’ properly.. Just delete your account if you won’t even take my advice, I’ll have you blocked and reported. mon is mon/multifandom/ ⚠️ please do not use/repost any of my art without permission ⚠️/ pfp: @_potato_g
MikeFra45438120 @JasonMillerinDC @TimMurtaugh What's next for you Tim? Flippin "burgers" at McDonald's or fryin chicken at KFC? Take my advice and don't list your last job on the application, a lot of companies are pissed at your present "boss" Carpenter, Cat Man, Caller Outer, 🇨🇦
insatiate0 @caloriesaway @dreamywl You’re scaring me lol I ain’t reading all that. Please calm down and seriously take my advice on reading a book, you need it tw ed
howyoudykethat alaska with jas brothers and sisters put this record down, take my advice. cause we! are! bad! news! @taylorisspellin you’re the one i want in paper rings... | they/them (he/they if close)
valkyraetwt 16↑ • J10, H12, BFF4Ls @L0LZC0RPSE everyone has their own opinions and that’s okay. i try to follow people that are respectful and understanding for the most part. positivity onlyyyyyy. it really does help a lot, and it improved my experience tenfold. good luck 🤍 and obviously no one has to take my advice either i don't think i could be mad at you. | 24, she/her.
0FBUTT0NEYES — 𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚋𝚢 𝚖𝚎 !! He better take my advice and be a good boy! -ˏˋ 🧵 ˎˊ- ┊❛ Tʜᴇʏ sᴀʏ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴜᴅᴇsᴛ sᴘɪʀɪᴛs ­ᴄᴀɴ ʙᴇ ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ, ᴡɪᴛʜ 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚.. ❜ ┊ *­­˖⋆࿐໋₊ * ೃ ⋆。˚
BTSArmyAFBF613 Bangtanland @jen_ilovely Yes!!!! And now im abt 17,000 in! Take my advice and organize as you go!!! I have too many to scroll through and I can never find what I want! But I love every single one! Even the duplicates and triplicates! @BTS_twt BTS Army. Only here for Bangtan. Over 21. OT7. Jimin bias. Six bias wreckers! AFBF! Love one another. 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜
SY800000 @OmarSnsd Take my advice rent a villa in Turks and Caicos you won’t regret it. Was one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken as a family we had our own pool right on the beach and we had a chef come over made us breakfast and dinner It was very safe call me if you want more info SVP Primerica Financial Services Oxford Mass. Blessed to lead the greatest team and proud Papu of Max Spiro & Theo Ken Yanka future studs! Go USF&NE sports fan
CrisC__Burner Y'all take my advice and put money on green bay -6.5??? Burner account of the 🐐 WR, now the actual Cris Collinsworth, now here’s a guy, #GoPackGo follow my backup @NFL__Legacy
Heckthewakeful @RyanTZeppo I like to have a podcast that’s about teaching people to be better writers and sly advertising it by saying all amateur authors are dog crap bc they do this thing I hate! People will TOTALLY take my advice now instead of HATE my forking guts! Not a bot, unfortunately. The name's Heck. Big lesbian. She/Her. Black. I used to draw and write once upon a time. I am the cowboy, Mistki took her cue from ME.
YANTH3SIMP Welp I tried I’ll comfort you. I’ll try and help. You won’t take my advice and that’s okay. But always in the end you come back for my advice💀 AAAAAAAAAAA THIS IS @221bBR3AD MAIN ACCOUNT|| matching pfps with @JACKTH3SIMP
melrod72 @PhilosMillenius @hey_bella_09 @ashtinmcfadden Cool, let’s agree to disagree. I take my advice from actual scientists and professionals whose job it is to make those kind of recommendations. But by all means, you do you boo. Wish you the best, Good luck!
baileylough1 Mamma Mia is on repeat..take my advice and go listen to it. ❤️ you are beautiful🌹
fairycloth 20 | she | 🇵🇷 | mestize Sooo since wizard101’s company got bought for 126 million will they finally take my advice and make an animated series or make new tv advertisements? Hi, my name is Jolece! I’m a Freelance Illustrator & I am studying Storyboarding 🌿🌾🧚‍♂️🍃🌙🪴DM for commission info
JamesSabata Phoenix AZ Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice. Award winning #screenwriter, #horror #writer, and #podcaster ( #IMDB: FAT CAMP:
McnaughtStella @RobertGreenawa5 @CarlaSpade Exactly but you said and I quote "take my advice".As a "teacher" you should have realised I would pick up on that because I am educated in more ways than one😉
Prfect_Symmetry London, England @CryptoSuzyMarie I don't think it's going to ATH very soon. Would convert into $ADA personally for more gains, or maybe $LINK, since it just broke ATH and looks like it might be going up further. Obviously, DYOR and don't take my advice for good, since I know nothing about price charts. Digital Assets & Blockchain Enthusiast - Anti Vax Hashtags: #xrp #ripple #vechain #ewt #hbar #ada #lcx #btc #eth #xlm #link #xtz #vet #icx #npxs #dmg #csc #rsr
Leonard_Allpha La La Land @LethokuhleNgwe Take my advice and risk the eyes The Wholesome Ubermensch Prize
BlueTxBlue @tedcruz Take my advice and never tweet again. Never. 🇺🇸BIDEN 46🇺🇸 *Resist* *BLM* *Beto* ***Most Texans are good & decent but some were bamboozled by CorruptGOP. Blocked by @robertjeffress🚫trolls🚫lists🚫DM
cervantes_dann Reynosa La Maldoza//Houstoneee Y’all go off of looks when instead y’all needa be into someone based on their personality and how they treat you.....not me tho I’m staying with the bad bitches even if the give a hard time, y’all take my advice tho be easy on yallselves perro fiel | 19 | #rockets
daanyaalh_786 England @zoexfr If you see someone sinning in public, in Islam you are therefore expected to advise them in public. And exposing your sins to everyone is a sin. So I am condemning you in public. You should take my advice rather than getting so defensive (which points to a guilty conscience).
mikehawktm @EatcrapMAGAcult @JackPosobiec Is what a yes? Are you asking a question or telling me trump will be president Wednesday night? What are you thinking I am dodging? Did you take my advice? Why does your profile pic look angry? You are very pretty. Smile and melt the people around you. I am in the mood to learn lots of stuff. Don’t ban me I am willing to conform to ccp.
LardBoy3 an Englishman abroad @ratemyplatenow Take my advice and try that on a pizza....seriously do it. Used to be a pizza shop near me that sold them, bloody lovely. in a League of my own
BronzeBendy New Jersey, USA @Vertera25975469 Someone who is as joyful and sweet as you doesn't deserve to be treated horribly or to feel sad. Take it from me. From when I was 6 to 8 years later, life has attacked me and I have not let it destroy me. If I can do it. So can you. I believe in you. Please. Just take my advice. I'm just a friendly 5'5ft male devil who will answer your questions.
sym4dvl 2,000 Light Years From Home It's a buck dancer's choice my friend; better take my advice. You know all the rules by now and the fire from the ice. Will you come with me? Won't you come with me? Wo, oh, what I want to know, will you come with me? Rolling Stones Forever
tedkrever New York, NY @StevenACohen2 @SNYtv It means his agent's hoping for a bidding war between us, the Yankees and Boston(?). My advice is: Bullpen first. Take care of Conforto next. Then outfield. Then again, as Neil Young once said, take my advice, don't listen to me. Author of 'Swindler & Son', other novels, about finding decency during America's breakdown. Indie publisher, fan of Mets and Western democracy, such as it is.
jjaeblossom he/they/it i swear a lot lol how to refrain from hitting ur head on the wall: stay in bed and indure the headache i guess idk dont take my advice i have adhd pls bare with me | i love interacting with rp accs and am very VERY active | i draw lol | tw !!!
gergstock $36.99 loss in $BIOL Another of those hold and hope deals, take my advice, they suck! Dad, hubby, and whatever else is needed! Lol
Walter_Knowes North of Ireland @aggressie @DonWils32638377 @richardtgarland You need to get on the boat while the going is good gasúr. You and the rest of your ilk will be swimming if this amnesty is not grabbed with both hands. Take my advice, go home. Cardinal at The Church of the Holy Mackerel🔸 Master manipulator of the Magic Marble of Pardubice 🔸 🔸Offensive to at least 4 of the senses🔸 ☘ Éireannach ☘
uwukeijii 19 | she/her him for a while but those rumors have been stopping you. Get your crap together, he's human, he's got emotions. He's probably gonna cry when you ask him out, too." Konoha jokes and Bokuto pokes his side so he'd back off. "Take my advice, Bo. Here's your shot." Konoha nudges writerist • mainly bokuaka • krkn, skts & iwaoi • occasional nsfw • threads & works in moments •
TheTrendTrunk @TamiRoman “Havana South” in Buford (about 30mins north of dwntn ATL). Order the oxtails, plantains, black beans and rice w/extra rice. This will be the best you’ve had so take my advice and order extra “togo” The gaunabana w/ juice of half a lime shaken well over ice. Trust Me & Enjoy
izdreaming she cloud they @maidboysapnap goodnight olliee hope u dont get too cold and never take my advice ❤️
AngryRising @davidsirota I'll take take my advice from people like Joseph Stiglitz and Stephanie Kelton. Thanks Calling out the Robber Barrons and their bought and paid for puppets in government and media. Pitchfork Ready!
kuromantic they/she also I have huge anxiety about Schrodinger's Exams don't take my advice which would be Have ADHD and A Looming Burden I am but a triangular tire and a finals student. I write fics on ao3 and translate on tumblr. English/Japanese OK. more active on @rainbokuto.
muhdzofmadness ㅤㅤㅤ @_honoo_hime_ this is why you must remain pure and f2p take my advice as a gacha game veteran ㅤㅤㅤ
DankestZielony @FrankLampaerd Frank mate take my advice and put 2 up top Timo and giroud Timo had the pace and giroud can hold up play brilliantly aswell as then quick one touch passes could set Werner off with a partercrap up front and giroud knackered bring on Tammy #DankestClan💚 #ApexLegendsOnly🔥 🚨🎮🚨CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW! 🚨🎮🚨
laicrahmpaul PHL man if u try to pretend that u listen to me and take my advice seriously then at least try to make it convincing 🙄 capricorn szn stay away from the chaos | awts gege ingat lods energy | MD-MBA 2022 ★
Georgem64184944 Scotland, United Kingdom @kohima44terry That'll never happen : take my advice and leave the red Tories to rot . member of Scottish socialist party Would like to see a truly equal UK.
lou_thebrave she/her @OnlytheGaysHL i have a genuine advice. you bgs believe that you you talk about it because you care about louis and his life. then focus on just that no? don't make it into a war or a fun game against antis. they will say whatever they want to anyway. take my advice or not your choice. #Louis: you mean everything to someone, so don't give up. || Ceo of ✨Golden✨ || 19