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Annakhait United States If you have a small business, take my advice: DO NOT use Square. They have stolen my client’s money twice, and they have terrible customer service. Beware! I found a smaller POS system called Merchant Leaders. (Not an ad!) I found them doing research and they’re great as of now.… JESUS! Ex-Pro Poker • SURVIVOR S32 Contestant 🌴Worked as Undercover Journalist at Project Veritas • IG: realAnnaKhait • Ministry: @gatheringbride
EduardoJimenoR 🇨🇴 “So, king, take my advice: Make a clean break with your sins and start living for others. Quit your wicked life and look after the needs of the down-and-out. Then you will continue to have a good life.” Daniel 4:27 MSG Pastor, vlogger, streamer y comediante. Compartiendo mi fe y alegría en línea y en el escenario. Todos los miércoles 🔴 En vivo por Twitch 8pm 🇨🇴
JCRyle A small leak will sink a great ship, and a small spark will kindle a great fire, and a little allowed sin in like manner will ruin an immortal soul. Take my advice, and never spare a little sin. -@JCRyle Dedicated to keeping alive the legacy of J.C. Ryle. Ryle was a prolific writer, vigorous preacher, tract evangelist, and a faithful pastor. ACTIVE POSTS 2023
Z0VRIS Massachusetts, USA Tried the new @drinkctrl protein cookies! Check it out and maybe they should take my advice and make some peanut butter ones 👀 I sometimes say funny things | FPS/Variety content creator | Personal business inquiries: | My thoughts are my own
MsShaynaT AL-DC-GA-LA-NV-NY-CT-FL-CA @congoxjamaican @fotosbyfidel If this is you awake, you definitely need to take my advice and hit the snooze. TV & stuff / @TheEmmys Winner/ @PeabodyAwards Winner / Habitual line stepper
SP1D3RZ0 He/They @gerards__coffee WHY DONT YOU TAKE MY ADVICE AND EAT UR DAD Or Oli for IRL’s or close friends || Autistic || occasional art || 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈|| Minor || SEA SLUGS #4LIFE || M/W: @starweavur
al1naaaaaaa @AzarLan1 REAL! Also it's really gross that they're "bragging" about their record of attacking companies as if they aren't literally destroying the livelihood of several groups. Congrats, you saw something you didn't, take my advice and just click off? idk who said it but whoever said "I will be gentle in spite of what made me stronger" is a genius
nineth_enby Québec, Canada @NeuroRebel jokes on them, people take my advice all the time and I am exactly that :P 1994. 🔞 No kids passed this point. they. @NinjaDudette's 2nd account. Opinions are my own. Linguistics and Languages enthusiast. Sexy monster appreciator.
NascarNick2 @ClassicMASH Mash line of the day Ladies and Gentleman take my advice pull down your pants and slide on the ice.-Sydney Freedman Extreme Nascar, MASH and The Sopranos fan. I am an Italian-American who loves music from Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin 🇮🇹🇮🇹 Ferrari and Coffee obsessed.☕️🏁
isabellesos 17 | bi | irish @mistabulletz the way i do it prolly wont work for most people so dont take my advice lol, but tbh i kinda just dont organise it. doing whatever i want whenever i feel like it seems to work best for me atm i use the kanji study app for kanji + vocab and also just general immersion like manga hi friends! | mma and animanga ! | Learning 日本語 | CR: Goodnight Punpun | CW: Dororo | mal - | priv - @izzysos
putey_pute Aberdeen, Scotland, UK @ParallelMe6 @STURGEONRESIGN @BrowneyedBluen1 @Historic_Ally Take my advice, go back to school and better yourself. Teuchter nonesuch.
RichardHilsley @renlikhs @iD_Mobile_UK Return and pay extra on another network take my advice
theDirtyVegan mystery science theater 3000 Men would be fighting in wars and writing love letters at the same time. Take my advice, don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t chase you or fight for you, especially now with all the technology. Raise your standards. It don’t hurt having an angel in your corner.
ejersda95 Lagos, Nigeria Only if u will take my advice, just three days and you will forget all your sorrows🙏🙏 “…NATIONS ROB THE POOR UNDER THE COVER OF LAW”~Jean Lafitte🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ Seyi Makinde follower, fanatic and die hard fan
David66619748 @Dr_Braein @RE_baq @Smokin0nReefer Ohhh it's focus my only village now? I thought we were having an intellectual discussion. Well just take my advice, stop pretending to be yoruba and claim your Fulani heritage, pretending to me is cowardice. I am a Yoruba man and I will never pretend to be Fulani. It's easy.
The_SogaJoshua Heaven @gaustinto1 @Wizarab10 For your own good, take my advice and rest Multifaceted: 'Billionaire' 'Musician', 'Physiologist', 'Writer', 'Animator'. Christian. listen to my song⬇️
bbceastenders Elstree, UK “Take my advice, keep Peggy close.” EastEnders, tonight at 7.30pm on @BBCOne and on @BBCiPlayer. Official BBC EastEnders with the latest news and gossip from Albert Square.
BoooW0o @AmericaShaman @ChiefTrumpster You should delete all those tweets and console with @schmaullman before you do anything else. Please take my advice. America First
DonaldRank99544 @joebump529 @YouTube Hey Joe did you take my advice the guy that threw you in the Trevor you should do a prank on him without him even knowing putting some hot sauce in his beer or something it’s hotter than one uncle Larry has keep it real dude like I said it was better when it was just you and lary
Nila_eka_putri e, "take my advice, and voices for a few minutes, then they slowly grew loud again. Everyone always . اول توصيل طلب مره مجاني couldn't figure out whether it was because he was so handsome or because he called people. 🌿ك̾و̾د̾_خ̾ص̾م̾_م̾س̾ت̾ر̾_م̾ن̾د̾و̾ب_جاهز_شقردي. nt.""T
GhoulPinks stan real talent, stan blackpink. » How You Like That « 0:32 ─〇───── 3:02 ⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻ he/him • EDITOR est 2018 • LISA bias • #ot4 @hoefor0327 @itsjustttD_ why u acting like we’re supposed to see every tweet antis put out against blackpink. we have lives outside of twitter aswell, take my advice and go get a job! blackpink biggest girl group — best forking group. stream: SOLO to 1B on YT and MONEY to 1B on spotify!
LeriVerdzadze Georgia I refer you to my friends, don't have high hopes of winning, I'm sure you all lost at least 100-120 gmt in the first round. I got 6x profit ratio and won loss about 1500 gmt 😂😂😂😂😂 Take my advice, you know better Good luck❤
TubbingsW @DexterVro Please please PLEASE take my advice and pray tahujjud and I promise you chances you pass go parabolic. Idc if ur exam is early in the AMs tahujjud is worth it. Never prayed tahujjud before? Look up how to do so (very very simple). Make dua for me to repay me for this advice 🤝 Professional Gambler jpueg deg3neret
cannoli1000 ATC @NunyaBizzalot @SoundsOfNyx @ShaneAnffyddiwr @AdamPage85 Embarrassing yourself once again, I see. Did you take my advice and seek the help of a mental health professional? Religion is Poison! Realist! Reader of banned books!Woke! I like pina coladas & getting caught in the 🌧️ No jeezus freaks! No Antisemites-Bigots- Racists!
GhostyGooGengle ohio gonna take my advice and delete twitter off my phone. see ya later “professional" "artist” - COMMISSIONS CLOSED - don't repost my stuff without credit
TracyReneeJones Brooklyn & Newark USA I’ve been hostile all my life. And I like the opportunity to become violent. I would bark so hard at these types of men they would tuck their clit in and scurry away. Dangerous yeah, but very satisfying. Don’t take my advice though. I’m crazy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Writer. Artist. Sexuality. Gender. Relationships. Dating. Culture. Co-owner of the adult parties and ent. IG: tracyreneeallday
kim_un45656 @JohnEDeaton1 John... Stop predicting things. It seems you have an inability to feel embarrassment. But take my advice pleeese. Put away your forkin phone and go for a walk or something idk Former Developer at Ripple but was fired for minor theft. Now a big avocate of the SEC.
TimeFoolery42 Shadilay, Crackistan Tardesa, you are a CERTIFIED IDIOT. You aren’t in contact with him at all or you’d have the answer. You don’t, so you’re having a Meth-laden meltdown because you’re a lying POS and we nailed you on it. Take my advice - stop asking Twatwaffle for ideas. He is a grifter from… Reigning Monarch of Snark and CEO of Kicking Troll Ass. MAGA Memesmith, Voice Over Artist, Writer, Former Journalist, Teacher. Like Xena, I have many skills. 😏
wyethwire Really disappointed that they didn't take my advice, and instead came up with a Reverse Straw Donor scheme. Media trainer and public affairs communications professional. Opinions are mine alone.
katakurienergy @osowxvyy Pure hype pls take my advice and watch YouTube vids on the power system u will enjoy it ten times more Keep getting packed up lmao. I’m in a different level of unconsciousness
PamelaBee73 New York, NY @michaelgwaltz You should take my advice. Listen to NPR Listen to public Radio and get an education. You don’t know what you don’t know. Learn Progressive, feminist, activist, “think global, act local” New Yorker, dog lover, animal lover, women rule, and more power to us.#bluecrew No DM’s please
thotzekage Baltimore, MD @casteeezy Do you want me to fight you? Take my advice and ignore these people. You need HOME MADE baked mac and cheese. 🦋My name is Blue ♒️🦋 #GyalchesterUnited. Im just trynna push the horny football agenda (⚽️) let me rock or I’m calling ya mama!
irving1966 Bolton 49 weavers green farnw If you take my advice and stop cutting all the trees down wot we gonna wipe are arses on need a scientist to whos oayed millions in wages to come up with new big roll im at forty nine weavers green farnworth bolton greater manchester lancs help 07507367533 my new phone number also known as the secret squirrel lady
lilkrza @Barbiegoat100 @WriteARapSis @m_A_liv Body shaming? Because you’re a whole set up account? Yea you should take my advice and go OUTSIDE and touch some grass weirdo, being being obsessive is damaging to the mental health. You’re no barb h^e. 🎈
CLLcllcll5 @joshtpm I doubt she’ll take my advice and resign but it’s worth a shot Just joined the Twitter. RIP my productivity. Retweets do not mean endorsement (LOL of course they do).
Filthy_Degnrate @twomad You acted cringe on main but African-Americans want to act like you raped someone. craps wild and this is a non-story. Honestly if you just ignore and keep schizo posting nobody will give a crap by next week. All you gotta do is block that girl and move on from this bro. Take my advice Yohohohohoho
benedicta_e Lagos, Nigeria Gave someone some advice this evening and it just dawned on me that I should also take my advice. Wild stuff !
MiddletonAlison 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @Rell___1984 @TastyTomatoGal @donna_woman1 @marisafromearth @krassenstein Are you a child? I fully admit I was dunking on you. But are you going to take my advice and learn the meaning of words you use? Are you going to learn to use words appropriately? I say that your head hurts too much today with all the larnin. Learn paedophile next. Please don't put me on your twitter FB lists. Now on the whale. Please find me there!
pleorexic bitchville Dude my friend got asked to send by an adult and she thinks it's normal to be in a relationship with him... she won't take my advice ⟢ UGSC ➜ Ednos ﹒⬦﹕ᶻz﹒ ❀ Not New! «⎙» ʬʬ.com
Sayanta35724800 @daval3d Proper build up and sex . I hope that you take my advice into consideration. Thank you for your hard work
thisoneguystake Heliopolis @realitybytez @BrianDavisTax @TKopelman And I’m sorry to break it to you. Armed tax collectors is not normal and don’t exist in the civilised world. If that’s the case where you live I suggest you take my advice and escape the tyranny whilst you can afford the carbon credits. I got troubles, of more than one kind, but I never sleep, they'll have to bury me six feet deep where the sun don't shine.
edwardelricsleg 19 | They/them | black Take my advice and watch zom 100 I make banger tweets sometimes • CEO of Minomizu • RCBYF• pfp @_hagaren10_3 • matching with @AmethystR0se17
YeboyK @sadmetsfan217 @buzztonbruins Please message me again when this happens. In the meantime I guess I’m the meantime, I hope you take my advice and talk to some people out in the real world. The internet is not the place to construct a strong opinion. He/Him. MTG (EDH)/FaB/Board-game fanatic. Confirmed crapposter. I won one game at FABTCG worlds, so I’m basically a world champ👍 Centurion on Discord
batkins67 @real_davew Hey Dave, take my advice and watch the movie The Crying Game before that second date. Love my family, sports, music and cars.
GiftsMagi It reminds me of the time I was laughed out of a job interview at @SandiaLabs for being too fat. It was a marketing position and as a single mother I was so excited! I was so ready to bring a great health initiative! Then I was told who would take my advice? You are REALLY big. Not a Democrat. Not a “resister.” No time for Dems who do not fight for EVERYONE. Okay with my housing insecurity for the debt ceiling? I’m not ok with you.
coachprietto Santa Ana, CA I want some people who are terrified of jail to take my advice and shave their heads. 19 is a good number.
BosLeonRivera Boston, MA @Henry_Santana3 Sir, I would highly recommend you stick to community endorsements, and stay away from any elected officials. Boston residents are looking for fresh new leadership. If this is you, take my advice . BPS Parent - Recovery Advocate - Roxbury Kid! Local Politics Matter 🇩🇴 🇵🇷 #Dominicano #Boriqua #Migente
BrownTanker @KaizerChiefs You see Mr Khama if you decide to go because of a contractual dispute then all the best. Take my advice and return to the Retirement Village where you earn for doing nothing. Here ✌️you earn as you play. Interest in Security Environment/////////// KaizerChiefs| Man City FC| Barcelona FC.
true0ptimist @profmullah @IsraelPolicy4m @IsraelWarRoom @IDF @AJCongress the Republic of Somaliland? Imagine if we fall to them. They will work with every rogue state to destabilize Israel. Think of Iran, the houthi rebels and the Bab-Al Mandeb strait. Israel take my advice seriously. Please help the Republic of Somaliland protevt itself against The basic human rights of the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland must be restored. They thrived prior to the illegal Somali Republic. They must thrive NOW!
_HoneyDAME The REAL sunshine state ☀️ When you have your own bag it’s truly about the experience more so than the price tag crap could be free but if the vibes A1 ima wanna run it back and price tag might just be on me next round but that’s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t take my advice though y’all I been single almost 2years 🥴 ✨👽God 🖤 Mom 💕 Nurse 👩🏽‍⚕️🩺 JillOfAllTrades 🪴🖤 Foodie 😋🤤