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Take my advice.

The things some people say about Take my advice.

MDanyalSaleem Pakistan @bardofstreets Hahaha take my advice seriously and don't take this offer, wait for the right job it will take time but totally worth it i see you.
PSi_YT @ProfessorOctop2 If you don't want to take my advice, that's fine but until you do nothing will change. All I can do is send my regards and hope for the best, gl Jrpgs,Rpg, Strategy games, Fighting games, and luck based games are things I love. Yes I'm 14 but I have taste(Tae Takemi best girl)I have yt but don't post yet
lucid_theory Maryland, USA @KevinGad5 With that said tho, I’m pretty new at self promoting and am fairly bad at it so maybe don’t take my advice 😂 I make music in my house...mainly at night. 🌃 🌌 IG - @lucid_theory
dizzidi67 Delicate flower aren't you? Take my advice and be careful. You have all to lose, not me.
bet_thee_fish_5 Northern Ireland England beating Bulgaria six nil! Take my advice they are definitely going to win the 2020 World Cup. Put the house, the wife and the wee ans on it Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
thegadblast4me Venus Your enemy won’t do you no harm cuz you’ll know where he’s coming from don’t let the handshake and the smile fool ya take my advice I’m only tryna school ya my tweets arent bipolar, I’m just drunk
kimalexapr New York, NY Ladies take my advice- he has to work in finance, if he owns his own business make sure its legal and he wakes up at 5am like a real entrepreneur. No man w little kids. We not playing mommy- skirrrrrrrrttttt Organic People PR | Writer | Marketing
R_M_Huffman “Yes, I have a condition That makes me turn hairy But you’ve been the monster It’s you who’s been scary “So take my advice, kid Don’t bully! Be kind! Don’t run up to a werewolf And flash your behind! Pronouns: Blowin’ my dough/Goin’ deluxe.
NeilDT7 @DazHarmer @TheJohnWiz @KneesMa @MariaBartiromo @realDonaldTrump @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Take my advice and go seek some help, there might be hope for you
BiancaCvozC1 Pelt Belgium Stupid people who not would listen there is a court above @RaadvanState this called @EUCourtPress in Luxemburg go there to instead of so to do in Netherlands take my advice on and go to Luxemburg 🙏🏻 Princes Bianca Kinsky Wchinitz zum Tettau von Rietberg Countessa Czernin von und zu Chudenitz Vroomen President Blindconseil Worldwide Canada
0neLuckyMera TAMERETHA💜🌎 Take my advice and live a better life! 21 | H 🌬| I’m a fairy, I walk with a wand 🧚‍♀️| ♋️
CesarSuarezRod Bolivia @Hidori_Rose I m a publicist , comunnity manager and graphic designer, and I got to deal with lots of negativity daily. Take my advice, eat some of you favorite snack before answering posts on internet, it makes it more palatable (I use chocolate) Everyday a little more broken
bigDenergy4L nassau 242 You gone take my advice when you realize you 40 and still have acne a wolf 🐺 Aries ♈️ btw 😉 I ride unicorns in my spear time 😏
KwameYandah @Bridget_Otoo I follow you, obviously means I'm a "fan", I don't have a blue tick like you, but if you'll take my advice fine. Just stop what you're doing, insulting people in their DMs and blocking them afterwards is really very low of you. You're better than that Filmmaker, Artist, Cool dude
sarahcgunter SNU 2020 I tweeted about getting a good nights sleep before midterms and apparently I wanted to take my advice so I slept till 9:56!!! Love my life ask me what I’m doing on September 29th
VanillaFuryShow The Next Level @MadMorpheusVG Take my advice, 3 is about as far as anyone should go lol. I'd take Origins over 4, instead of boring escort missions you can beat monsters with filing cabinets, TVs, and IV drip stands. Cozy, sweary Sega & PlayStation Let's Plays
savannah_roars Hey Twitter fam! Take my advice and follow @chrismeroff! You won't want to miss out on the leadership development tips and constructive discussion on personal and professional fulfillment coming your way! my life is largely composed of puppies, typography, tacos, and college football.
CarolLyle4 Ijsselstein, NL @RemainingKind @philt5116 'Licence'.....get it right......'s' for verb...'c' for noun.....can't you understand that simple grammatical rule? I advise... you take my advice I license your have a licence..... Don't get me onto 'lead' and 'led'..........pffffttttt Citizen of nowhere | retd.educator; mariner; pilot | weaving dreams into print | I suffer fools gladly 🤪 but block rudeness and mindless provocation
felipedamazzio If you are thinking of starting to blog, take my advice and just go for it! The experience is completely amazing, believe me!
CrystalHayes917 Planet Earth (mostly) "It's a buck dancer's choice, my friend; better take my advice.... you know all the rules by now, and the fire from the ice ..." A New Englander. Existential pearl-diver Professional high-five'r Studied journalism at UHart. Was a DJ, now I'm just a Nobody Girl. I do still dig radio.
spookylilj san diego yo take my advice and never put ur s/o on any bill with you. getting my ex off my phone bill has proven to be the most aggravating thing i’ve ever had to deal with. 𖤐 ur fav witch bitch • a model, sometimes • 22 •⚤ bi lil bitch ⚤• dinosaur n bass enthusiast • rest easy macaroni • 🔜 Escape 🎪🎃 🔜 Svdden Death 🖤 𖤐
PankajS44040242 They haven't even begun the process. Take my advice, do not buy high value products from Flipkart. They don't know how to respect customers and the fact that is someone's hard earned money. They don't know how to do their job
simonislive London, England Update: felt super weird and heavy footed for about an hour. But mostly it was in my head. I’m totally okay. 😂 take my advice though, don’t mix medlemon with day and night. Radio Broadcaster | Family | Michelle |
carolinetpatti Capital City, CA @mattw59 There’s a weird line because she’s an adult, but she’s also dependent on us financially. And while I can “parent” all I want, she doesn’t have to take my advice anymore. Most hot takes are hot garbage, including this one. She/her. I write books.
koliver87 PHX My guy @fduffy3 called it in his week long analysis of the matchup with the Vikings. They continually took advantage of our aggressiveness and beat us all day with play action and missdirection. Any birds fans not following @fduffy3 take my advice and do so now.
geraldiineee_ Lancaster, CA I’m so done telling people how to do their job here, they don’t take my advice and keep doing what they want anyways. So im just going to let them get fired .... I’ve saved way too many from getting fired. sweet like strawberry wine...
BombsBratty Derry, ME @ChrisupastarLFC Take my advice, just say no to marriage and America. They both will fork you, but not in a good way. Adventurous, sarcastic, naughty, and bratty. No forking politics. Books, movies, and music keep me alive. DMs open - enter at your own risk. 21+ only 😈🖤
dan__opoku Toronto, Ontario @mzzCATh I've always been a doctor and I'm not lying. Take my advice and see 😊 God, soccer, and sometimes love.
hkergrrl @cwbarr It was great when I was seasonal, but I honestly would rather stay home today. Still not feeling 100%, frustrated with a seasonal who won't take my advice (which is right), and tired of hearing how the rest of them are falling apart. It will be so quiet in Nov. Librarian, Archivist, Historian, Traveler, Letterboxer, History Geek, Genealogist. Tweets are my own.
delicatemila ellie ily this many x100 just take my advice and if you won't then have a good life. much love. goodnight 🖤 excuse me um..@gwschaelisa|5 shots deep
RebelOfCharming < take my advice and have a little party for yourself. You look young but you feel older than my grandfather. That’s not healthy.”, August commented before putting the bag on top of the weed. Then he patted Abel’s shoulder. “My offer still stands. You need > Words are just air. Love, honour, just a bunch of lies. Actions told me all I needed to know about my legacy: it sucks. So why giving a damn about it?
NotMyraMorgan Gainesville, Florida (mostly) Happy birthday @BeckyBurleigh. You are a great coach and I’m proud you take my advice. Parody (with love) account. retired Student affairs at UF, past ACPA prez, remembers all birthdays/kids/spouses, knows what she is talking about. Proud Irish.
TIP_on_TOP Somewhere Watchin Duck Dynasty I used to get so mad when folks didn’t take my advice and came back upset after doing the direct opposite but now I understand why and I don’t get mad anymore. I really feel sorry for most hetero women but I’ll stop there Honest‼️ Sensative🤗 Royalty.👑
glitterdeaky rebekah. they/them. 20. @ViolentB_Nature i mean, you don't have to take my advice. it's up to you. if you can't admit your mental illness might have an affect on your behavior, the there's nothing i or anyone can do. and again maybe you're just like this mental illness or not. the boredom is the reason i started swimming. it's also the reason i started sinking.
yosoymichael 6980 Mulholland Drive @MarcSebastianF Okay, but you still won’t take my advice and start SUCCESSION! Editor at Large for @them. Freelance writer everywhere else. Make a pillow out of my tweets so you can sleep on them better.
Raymond_McNeil Ohio, USA @BlightedH @fatmanfalling @UnicornOfWar @Calxiyn It's a rabbit hole in a ball of yarn. You pull a thread and end up plummeting without control. Take my advice friend, I don't think this is a hill you need to die on. Level 2 Bard using Charisma in place of Intelligence in just about everything. Writer for BLACK BOOK and author of Forged Within Flames
christianaaa12 Take my advice and don’t go to college Naz OT '21
samptson New York, NY @ccrackbadger take my advice and MAYBE it'll get better
HiddenBerserker 𝖀𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊 6 𝖔𝖗 7 @SenjoDiva //BOI FACE THE FACTS YOU HAVE OVER 20 PHONES. You should take my advice and sell some. Get some money. 𝒮𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓇 𝐸𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎𝒹𝒶𝓎!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀#𝑅𝒟𝒮𝑅𝒫 #𖠨ʟɛɢɨօռ𖠨⠀⠀⠀⠀"We've got each other's back. Right? @OfSuperSaiyan"
LaurenPMusic Kansas, USA Same girl who is one of those “vaccinations are evil😱” moms, also is a known thief. Yet she claims she knows everything and is all holier than thou. Where was that energy when she was stealing people’s rent money? 😂😂😂 Sorry, I don’t take my advice from criminals🤷🏻‍♀️
Momramblings3 Take my advice ladies if you are going through a divorce GO FOR IT ALL MAKE HIM PAY AND SUFFER being the nice guy gets you nothing but taken advantage of! momma of 3 ~ coffee and ramblings ~ I think I’m funnier than I actually am ~ Florida living 🌤 🐊
Thelovely_Vonn Look a here handsome second contractor, take my advice and run. You're a potential love interest and contractor... this will not end well for you #KillerContractor
KyrieEleison191 Brown Deer, WI excuse me? i’ve read the bible time and time again throughout my life. take my advice or leave me alone please. latina. mestiza. parte afro latina. nerd. music enthusiast. lover of classical art and music. no political affiliation. ن 🇻🇦🇵🇷🌹
Tae_Kookie03 16 y/o @raplinetae TAKE MY ADVICE AND TELL HIM YOUR A LESBIAN @raplinetae is my soulmate🥺
112Packerbabe Fl. @WalkrStalkrCon Take my advice: Don't buy your lanyards early. You get charged full price, and a lie they will ship them to you. They won't. They did it to us for Atlanta. We paid them $14.93 for shipping. They stole from everyone! Giving out cards for the inconvenience. 👀 Walking Dead Fan, Love Walker Stalker, Rescue Saving Animals, Dental Assistant, Singer, Love Life!
rajaqht1 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Take my advice and run while you still >>CAN<< لا تحاول اكتشافي، قد اكون اسوء من توقعاتك!
foblyricbot death valley Brothers and sisters put this record down Take my advice ‘cause we are bad news tweeting fall out boy lyrics 24/7 at 60 minute intervals
ifvckyourtweets I try so hard to look out for my brother .... but I can't keep doing so if he doesn't want to take my advice and do for him & his son. 😞
That80sKid Nebraska @ManipulateThis I am not good with relationships. So take my advice with a grain of salt, I would have asked for her number and then, regardless of the outcome, reward myself with Midsommar on Blu-Ray. I'm still here.
melooodieee steel city @JuankaFlocka_ dont take my advice though but if you looked good to me and at the right place and time said blow me i would. from eternity to here

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