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jeneps Biden on Trump call: "I understand if he doesn't want to take my advice, but it won't be 'I told you so, Mr. President.' It wouldn't be if he decided to do what I suggested that I go back and say, 'Well, I told the president to do that.' This is beyond politics right now." Political reporter at Bloomberg News. Used to follow Joe Biden around the country. Now watch him on livestreams.
tooshycourt track 16 @Truman_Black i jus think it’s rude how you: - posted on your story and didn’t reply😡💔 - didn’t take my advice😔💔 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶’𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘰𝘰 𝘴𝘩𝘺 𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 ♡
fijhindgal @JonathanTurley Take my advice Mr. Turley, either broaden your culinarily horizons or just don’t come to California. And, it’s CRAB Rangoon you ignorant arsehole.
J_Skykam Virginia, USA @AmicaAli I'm no doctor, no daredevil, no magician, and would not recommend anyone take my advice. But he should go for it. Tall, old
Wavymike16 @StupidSxyCorbin @Bhick_ @KimaniHenry11 @JonMichael127 @degaussergirl I take my advice I don’t do the back and forth and I think what’s really going on that’s affecting all of us right now in the world so yea we need to come together and get along cause god knows we don’t know how long we gonna be alive wrestling fan | wwe supercard player | AEW | NXT | me just being me | I’m back bitch| LEO ♌️| backup account @MIKEGLIZZY9
libbycwatson Washington, DC @realLandsEnd you should absolutely not take my advice because my starter sucks and I just made a completely failed loaf with it. the king arthur recipe seems good politics @newrepublic. im british mate.
special_k345 Cayman Islands🇰🇾 @RashadGR_ So therefore you need take my advice and watch this lol KCD👩‍👦❤️ IG: @special_k345
AzhtraI USA @GFlo_GG Haha I just think guys look better with short hair, like just a couple inches short, and long hair hides what could be really sexy jawlines. Plus, it's a pain to maintain. Granted, I'm 100% lesbian, so maybe don't take my advice 😅 Mixer Partner | Discord Partner: | Powered by @WeAreJuJu Code 'Azhtral' | USMC Veteran | CA: $Azhtral | 📧
lulletland @jiwonsus oomfies pls take my advice and never move in with someone you have a crush on shdjjdj #JIWON: bad bitches only
sixto05949551 Yo bitch house @DestenyLanda I’m just being real as fork. I’m blunt, you don’t needa take my advice but it’s good to hear other people’s opinions. Don’t get offended just listen and think, other ppl are ignorant, I’m not. Don’t take offense 💕🛸
lightsuphealy budapest take my advice and do not listen to she lays down after midnight 21 • harry styles & the 1975
OfficialLatua Kaduna, Nigeria Social media is just for entertainment and adverts, not to be taken seriously. Take my advice, private life are to be kept out of social media. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make. 23 April D day
sottours eroda @Reece_greene_ @miniminter maybe you wanna be a bit kinder if you’re gonna stick around? if not you’re clearly not wanted here so take my advice and leave oh honey.
FosterShoaf Joplin, MO I have PhD & the training to read statistical studies, too, but I'm going to suggest you to get your medical advice from MDs & DOs and your social distancing advice from epidemiologists. Or, take my advice & stay home. 🦁Assistant Professor of Political Science, Missouri Southern State University
donna_duggins @blakeshelton @ACMawards @gwenstefani Thank you both for cheering this house up🎉 Take my advice live your life of love and joy and don't think about anything other than our Father God directing your life ♥️ Southern momma with sass
formerhfpm Singapore @John_Hempton @SamSicilia So @SamSicilia has decided yo take my advice and potentially gate his fund. I think a little credit is due my way. #hostplus Long / short. If you’re not inside you’re outside .
streetbear57 USA @iamjumpingin “ I called the president and he said he’d take my advice “. Evangelist for the Lord Jesus Christ. Sinner saved by the Cross of Christ, God's grace. #MAGA. DM asking for money: instant block.
DeanJinero Your Moms House What was the point of calling? I hope get a good laugh but it won’t be “the last” as you put it because sadly you’re in competition with yourself. I hope you take my advice I really do. And don’t bite off more than you can chew. Stay safe. My Twin 🤞🏽🙏🏽🌎, Anime, Tech 💻, Music 🎶, Books 📚
Hunnyb83 In My Skin You don’t have to take my advice and I’m damn sure not going to waste time giving it ...good luck.🥂 Peace ✌️Love & All Things Girly!!! Lover of Reality Tv and Member of The Beyhive Church Choir...♊️
bone_girl91 @nurseiv4 You really shouldn't have lit this match, girl. Take my advice: just bow out now and quit digging... Proud Mom of 4 | #CancerSurvivor | Yeshua is my homeboy | Speaks fluent Snark | Fueled by #Ketones | #RedPilled | #AmWriting | #DogsRuleAll
mcpete Hertfordshire, UK @2020_Ruined_NFL @MaajidNawaz OK "bro" Since you're the one celebrating the serious illness of another human - I'll take my advice from people who don't already have their seats booked in hell. Hope you enjoy hot weather and the smell of burning flesh. Check your sources - if you hear something you don't like, double check it. If you hear something you do like, triple check it.
tenhunnxt Baltimore, MD I let a lot of crap go , & certain crap gt expiration dates . Don’t wanna meet yours , take my advice and let it go ig @iam.stack
PlainTruth20 @SkyNews @Keir_Starmer You really have to go slow on this one Keir take my advice and STOP playing politics with things as devastating to families as this virus. I'm very sure you don't want to go down the path Corbyn went so early and become worthless to the electorate. CAUTION!!!
PensKnittngLady @Quiara I'll take my advice from those that know me. (Polite) I'll take advice from friends, and you aren't one. (Not so polite) &
JsmithITGuy Washington, DC @AWorldOutOfMind Mr. Mashey makes a good point: this is just a ploy for trump to take credit later for a placebo effect. So, I am here to say (DO NOT take my advice), I eat M&M's everyday and have not caught COVID19. So there must be something to it, right? (there isn't) If you're explaining it, you already lost. Retweets mean you probably posted something I'm going to make fun of. Repubs? You should probably just block me now.
LalisaM23653648 a cave, planning yg's murder @Ionglivebts the most hilarious thing here is that you stan the biggest boy group in the world right now and are still insecure over blackpink's achievements like is it so hard to respect artists nowadays or are you just doing it for clout? take my advice and stream on instead of spewing crap Look up, and if you see stars; keep working.
CallMeZach1999 Texas Side Of Texas, Earth 616 @ikissallgirls @KylePlantEmoji @goobrieIa @68tilinfinity Oh cool, what’s not cool is when you’re arguing with people about stupid crap like tv shows is going after their personal crap, maybe don’t do that anymore, thanks for listening, and hopefully you take my advice MINOR, @jestinEccentric is my husband, hufflepuff, bored, probably tired, 🐥 Lee protection squad, pfp by @Spider_Knight2
GaryForPrez2020 Your Mom's House @RaymondCastane2 @ColleenBoykin1 @Gillyrocko @CalebJHull Both of these are things you lack; so I think I'll take my advice from somewhere else. The fact is that it's highly hypocritical for Dems to talk about how Trump is Hitler incarnate but somehow the Clintons and Obamas and Pelosi and Schumer and the gang get a pass? Twitter for Gary Grayson; professional wrestler; riding mower racing extraordinaire, porn star, elementary school teacher, and former Presidential Candidate.
originalhypa out and about @Max05083018 Blown my cover, like your wife blows my shaft? Oh wait, a cuck like you doesn't have a wife..... So take my advice, Maxyboy. Log off, and let the intelligent people talk. Spend enough time on Twitter, and you'll hate most people too.
nabutheraven Dreamland Take my advice, and do what you love I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die. My prefered pronoun is : Sean. #GunterPride 🌟 #Awetist
devine_ky ☁️99 now this is something i know nothing about because i have never been married soo now i’m rambling but i am very wise beyond my years and i know everything because I am simply that bitch soo i would still take my advice if i were you😊 🦋 fmoig: @ devine.kyra
jaeeyle ncity why are my het irls always getting their hearts broken by some random dudes .... and when i gove them advice THEY DON’T LISTEN TO ME like girl i could care less abt guys take my advice pls🥴 🇬🇪 #MARK: this is sWeEt #지민 #채영 #백현 #재현 #재민 #아샤 #로렌: the lomls
Shadowwarrior30 City of London, London I’m not listening to government advisors on what exactly covid-19 is and how to deal with it - I will take my advice from Scientists and accredited professors in this field of expertise London Town Hard Rock Hotel Regular #PowerTV fan nothing more arcane than the wonders of our universe condensed in a flurry of beauty and colours
OldTownCards Alexandria, VA @shady7475 Thanks man. You definitely take my advice regularly and I’m glad that I haven’t steered you wrong! DC sports till I die..or “🏆District of Champions🏆” to you. I only recommend products that I like. The hobby is what you make of it #ThinkFreely #BuySmart
OGeorgieb United States @RudyGiuliani My fellow Americans @realDonaldTrump listened to Rudy And got IMPEACHED! TAKE MY ADVICE DON'T LISTEN TO @RudyGiuliani HE'S BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY! just an average Black AMERICAN concerned about my kids future. ban assault weapons, DAYTON OHIO
badgaltelo Shah Alam/Kota Bharu Take my advice: live moderately, do things moderately. If you try too hard, it shows and its pathetic to see. 🤭 didn't they tell you that i was a savage?
Royal3So @Tiny_Koalas Just delete your acc and make a new one Start over again take my advice you’re gonna keep getting spammed you’re a scammer It’s not that hard you can be that attached to this account :/
gents_d Ldn/Notts Take my advice, dating rappers and footballers isn’t worth the stress 😖❗️ theoretical astrophysicist
CPWorld90 okay. a lot of y’all are talking about these tigers getting COVID and based on y’all responses, y’all didnt read the article. take my advice, read the article. I'm a preaching, twerking, bible reading, mother forker. German born, NYC raised, ATL chilling.
geniethequeenie @bikini_brat I already had my talks w her ab this crap. Sooo again, maybe take my advice and consider my opinion on the GC name. I didn’t even know I followed anyone in that GC lol ugh 🙄u all are missing my whole point LMAO verified ✨ tribute 💸 to be noticed💙cashapp// $geniekait 🏳️‍🌈 pan 🌟 tell me your fantasy 💖DONATING 50% OF ALL EARNINGS TO COVID 19 RELIEF
MsMisfit_TM Take my advice and don't wait on it. Look what happened to me Ms. Misfit™
that_chump_niki Washington, USA @AllieGreenhill You should take my advice 😅 I do take my own advice hence why I say how I feel and I show it too 🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm over here doubting myself while so many people are afraid of my potential
andygkeys Franklin, Indiana Here's the plan: i chastize everyone for wanting to be Tiger King for halloween. Not original, lame. Everyone will do it. My friends take my advice and then I show up to the party as, you guessed it, Tiger King. I am lauded for centuries to come. big pop guy • he/him • BEG 👇
DavidMcneary Los Angeles, CA Also - don’t take my advice, but please do something incredible for the frontline women and men saving our lives everyday. Loving husband, brother, friend, and while a camp counselor, a sister (don’t ask). Please tweet any and all moments, quotes, or thoughts of and on kindness.
pill_reggie New York, USA As expected, they didn't take my advice and instead decided to swarm my tweet, deflect, and make bizarre strawmen arguments. They're destroying any chance they would have of winning the election in 2020 and they don't even see it. I'm stating the truth that you may not want to hear. If you want citations, you can look yourself online. This is Twitter, not a term paper.
grealfina & I’d really sit on yo bottom & give you a real LA bottom whoopn, take my advice and humble yoself you gon end up like this & worst lil stupid bitch *FIÑA ❄️
DebMarshall_RN Winterville, NC @StormIsUponUs ...we should listen to you instead? Not a chance in hell! I’ll take my advice from people that actually care about me and my fellow Americans. Registered Nurse by trade, advocate and educator for patient and family health, safety, and well-being. “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle
heathert8484 As if I couldn’t love @johnkrasinski anymore, he makes my heart so happy yet again with @somegoodnews Episode 2... If you haven’t watched these please take my advice and do that!!! Best thing ever!!
alwayslalalisam 🇵🇭 @stardust_hoseok See? You don't even know anything and yet you're throwing hate on her just like that? Shading her job as a mentor and also her personality by just a single clip. How judgemental. Next time pls take my advice to think before you click. LISA ONLY || 4000:1 || 4.5m tweets and trending WORLDWIDE || Lilies