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ckkaufmannsvcs Chicago, IL As you know, I put a premium on best in class service. Recently I ordered carryout pizza from a large chain. When I arrived, my order was late, nobody answered the phone and employees argued in front of customers. Please take my advice. Respect your customers or you'll lose them. Entrepreneur, Executive and Investor
Jessikas411 (Mendoza) Some people..... take my advice think.. think.. and then think before you speak or act... this is my ted talk YL, lover of people, revolutionary, learner, and in the latter years of my life I will choose to be WOKE....
Rockstarrspudd 610 PA Yesterday was a full moon today is Friday the 13th .. Take my advice and wrap up tonight fellas 😅 93Hopes&Dreams ; On A Mission Tryna Shift The Culture IG:Rockstarrspudd Contact -
Mike504Saints Earth @Sparks3rdCoast Very childish on their part. I hope people take my advice and avoid them. Ridiculous Die Hard #Saints fan. Old School Wrestling. Living The Dream Brother. #BeBlessedAndBeABlessing! #ItsAllAWork #BTTArmy #GeauxTigers @BTT_Podcast
rhapsodyblueva Minnesota, USA The Republicans have become the party of corruption and anti-American ideologies. The "Do Nothing” Democrats are trying their damnedest to pick up YOUR slack and keep this country stable until next November. Take my advice, boy: Voice actor, writer, singer, artist, part-time film critic • Railway/Film Enthusiast • Christian Agnostic • LGBT+ Pride Supporter • Icon by @EddieisTired
BastardProphet Boston, MA @LackingStock @ADDiane Because if he wasn't smart enough to google the proper uniform and wasn't smart enough to avoid talking to a guy named Sarge, he's not smart enough to take my advice. Bigger than Jesus... in centimeters. College Student/Army Veteran
ashlianda Champaign, IL @MichaelCholbi @PhilosoKiki Reminds me of when I was 15 and my mom asked, “Why can’t you just take my advice and learn from my mistakes?!” Me: I don’t learn that way. I need to make the mistakes. 😂😂😂 Studying punishment. Always finding my way back to Hegel. Grad student in philosophy @Illinois_Alma She/Her
adryx_viryis She's somethin' mystical in colored lights So far from typical, but take my advice Before you play with fire, do think twice And if you get burned, don't be surprised Robo emociones y sentimientos. Soy agua y luz, y salgo cara.
markedurgent I'll take my advice on who is and isn't a life long anti racist from someone who doesn't think that whether the holocaust did or didn't happen should be up for discussion...Thanks.
lesbiansharp ♒︎☼ / ♌︎☽ / ♏︎ꜛ/ ♑︎♀ @themakeda capricorn venus and people who complain but don’t try to improve their situation & don’t take my advice and then continue to complain i can call you ‘ma’am’ NOW if you like @rebasheart | 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚓-𝚝 | she/they 🌊
_preciousgreen_ Lakeland, FL I'm the overachiever who constantly burns herself out. Take my advice. It is okay to take some time off to relax, collect, and even reinvent yourself. Without a more to rest, doing what you love becomes doing what you hate. #rest #relaxation #FridayThoughts Artist
sidshishoo Bangalore @pbhushan1 What is the national flower ? Take my advice - surrender your passport and go to your friends across the border ? #cpg #analytics. Father. Husband. Learner. Exiled KP. Tweets are mine !
ToryNation1 @joswinson how quick did you get back to London? Couldn't get out of Scotland quick enough and you wonder why they rejected you. Your inability to understand democracy has ruined the Liberal "Democrats" Take my advice, retire from politics. #GeneralElection #UKelection2019 One Nation Conservatism. Without the political spin.
Ayodafe Ososo You're a girl👩👩, very single like me 🤝🤝 and desperately searching😟😟 yet you decide to scroll pass just like that🤪🤪🤪 Aunty, kindly take my advice and just comment. That comment could be the start of a very good HAPPILY EVER AFTER❤️❤️❤️ Christian(Proud Anglican), Searching 4 love, ICT & Elect Engr, love music(Gospel), fan of Buhari's Administration, Arsenal FC, Only role model: Jesus
forevermxnlight Gabi Follows Anyone who said they wanted to come and live in the U.K. take my advice and don’t 👏🏻 ☁️We’re way too fly to partake in all this hate we out here vibin’☁️
_genesis_xoxo_ Cebu City, Philippines How do u forget your first? I did it by getting hurt by the next guy and so on and so forth and it just forking adds up the pain I'm feeling so it is not forking effective so take my advice dude. ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ, ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪᴛ ʀᴇᴀʟ. ғʙ: ᴇᴠᴀ ᴍᴏʀᴇɴᴀ ɪɢ: @ᴛᴇϙᴜɪʟᴀᴋᴡᴇɴ
SkyeInWasteland Neptune, Milky Way But for what? I always feel guilty when I can't help people... but they hardly take my advice OR they end up taking advantage of my problem solving. But tbh it causes me more stress than I ever need... and I'm just now realizing how much I need boundaries and to stand by them.
hyewonsarang Im glad my word could hold u back Take my advice as word of encouragement and think about things u want to do earlier Dont end something u build for so long already Everyone matters @heptayoo #강혜원 #정은비 #김지우 a LEGGO being hyewon's slave for 2800 years now whipped and being an eunha slave too💀 oh yea i love kim jiwoo
lanakortchik Central Coast, New South Wales 'I have never read a book that touched my heart as much as this one did. Please take my advice and read this book.' 🇺🇸🇬🇧#amwriting #amreading #Kindle #HistoricalFiction #historicalromance #wwii #wwiifiction @HQDigitalUK Author of historical fiction, published by @HQDigitalUK/@HarperCollinsUK. Also writing suspense as Lana Newton
liannemac1 I called J to vent and the first thing she says is “bitch you always do this to me. You don’t take my advice and then cry about being sad later on” I rlly hate y’all I’m good love
AndrewPlsStop Area 51 @Wil_I_Be90 Matt Ryan is a statue in the pocket and can’t run. But also, don’t take my advice. I’m really bad at it Just an alien trying to find his forever home
taylucifer666 i know places we wont be found @TheTrueKingOfL1 hey listen take my advice and stan taylor they got me.... yeah.... @taylenasfetish // not affiliated with taylor swift or her management
TheTrueKingOfL1 @taylucifer666 Yeah bro you’re definitely fruity 😂. Look my guy, take my advice and stop stanning Taylor❗️ If you’re reading this, you’re probably a triggered Swiftie, you won’t find much here so carry on with your L 😌
rush23587 The boy that your overthinking about is already half way through a relationship and I don’t think your crossing is mind take my advice work on you bbyg 👏🏽
MadameNescience it/she, 18 don't take my advice. don't listen to me. I'm just some dumb kid who overthinks everything and makes crap up to feel sorry for myself. I know nothing. i can say that i don't know what i'm doing but i can't say i have the time (18+ only)
arsema__t chicago. @1HunterAmazing Shut doesn’t go up prices do so why don’t u take my advice and shut up too ...but the greatest of these is love. | UIUC
TDT1012 your sisters house @RyantDolan you think my old head didn’t take my advice me and Shaq go back to the hypnosis days... thanks again shaq
CalebBrewster11 @matthewdesteur @TeaPartyGeezer @FatMan82935889 @GforGallinazo @bkalincev @MecreantSuper @JWSpry @JazzKatzz @mtnman0038 @EcoSenseNow @dandan_revolutn @OtagoGrad @APJGreen @MrKRudd @Vintagedrummer7 CO2 is the reason life exists. It’s the reason you breath involuntarily, it is life. To call it a pollutant, you would be better off calling O2 a pollutant. Don’t take my advice Al Gore and the UN! Government wants dependency. CO2 Caused Climate Change is a Hoax. Our Sun Is our heater. H2O is our thermostat.
tiktoksaddie pac | ahap ♡ okay going to bed Fr now @BenjiKrol if ur still awake take my advice and use goodmorningtokyo for ur next tik tok Ty ly ❤️ —we’ll have nothing to fear❞ @icxnbenji
connorlemay_ Maine, USA Take my this, and do NOT do what it says. #snhusmm #SmallBusiness #MarketingStrategy #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #Marketing
ClarissaElexis_ Tomorrow Bath & Body Works are having they hand lotion on sale for 1.95$ take my advice and get Vanilla Buttercream 🥳 some say shy... I say mysterious
jeff_quin rosarito, mx @GReschenthaler @realDonaldTrump @JudiciaryGOP Dude, I see you didn’t take my advice toget yourself organized. You are coming across as a real tool. I mean your actually competing with Jordan and Gohmert at this point. And no, the law is not on your side. Another reason why the gop should not appoint judges. Retired Engineer with over 30 yrs experience working in Aerospace, Instrumentation, and Oilfield Technology.
stephizzle___ wtf is wrong with people? Why ya gotta be weird as fork like that? SMFH take my advice and move on
charzell27 fork #Amazon they told me my package will be here by today no package so fed up with Amazon never use them again and you should take my Advice and do the same to
charzell27 fork Amazon they told me my package will be here by today no package so fed up with Amazon never use them again and you should take my Advice and do the same to
Jesssorto I love when my friends take my advice and go to @WarbyParker you won’t regret! 22 NY 🦁🏳️‍🌈🇸🇻
TimothyPerry8 london ''Ladies and gentlemen Take my advice Pull down your pants And slide on the ice'' Jammy dodger Born in Wales,in deep winter,on March twelfth. Instagram. AstairesCat
AdamBru09 @NewGopforUSA @realDonaldTrump Ya, let’s see🤔I wonder where we all come from? Who is God? What is right and wrong? I know, I’ll ask the worse forking people on the planet! I’ll take my advice on how to live the rest of my life from people wearing turbans and curtains and stone their own daughters. Your a fool
SHABZ1985 ENGLAND, UK @bellehassan @bellehassan thanks for liking my ha. take my advice... kylie jenner did just that... the asian market including the arab world is mahoosive. try getting into asian events and you be surprise how popular you actually be! Bradford born and bred. Work for the NHS and proud of it.
felipedamazzio If you are thinking of starting to blog, take my advice and just go for it! The experience is completely amazing, believe me!
clevstworld @DylanHa20 @iwritealittle @BurdsIVue @breezyCLE @MKonSports Lmao. Twitter whacked my other account for saying choice words over that Pirates closer that was trying to get young girls. And I’m all the sudden a Cleveland fan? Wow, you’re on a role. I’d just take my advice and quit posting. Common sense isn’t very common
notmellly California, USA I follow a bunch of y’all esthetician’s and swear I know everything lmfaooo, whatever my skin looks bomb so take my advice or don’t! darling, this is chamomile tea
MusicCityREO Nashville, TN It happened once in the last 30 years. And if you didn't take my advice in 2012, you've already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. At that time the median home sales price in Nashville was $181,250. Today, that number is $322,500. How long can you afford to wait? To tell you the truth about Real Estate and shine a light on it's darkest corners
monoxide405 pfp by @kyrative @comradeshooty69 @reddogz158 @JonM_83 Just please take my advice and leave your body be do not ask me to edit for you or draw or collab or any of that | I stan @Disciplerecs and @Vivziepop | str8
Paul_D1963 Hampshire england The weather is foul out there. If you are an elderly Conservative voter take my advice. Don't bother going out to vote. Stay inside and keep warm. You would not want to end up in A&E after nine years of Tory neglect. You could be there all night. #VoteTheToriesOut #YouthQuake Love history & have been fighting for animal rights since a child. 🦊One of the 48%. Supporter of TIGer 🐯
MichNMpofu an island So you guys wont take my advice and listen to @MAINLYMALI ? aight i am creation both haunted and holy. mntana kaThixo
theguy_you_hate In Beck's Heart Take my advice and don't fall in love. empty trash can #followback
ksej not actually in Canada I have been to the dentist and I have voted so now I feel super virtuous. Take my advice: vote the tories out and don't forget to floss 😉 trans and mental would-be writer and crafter, gestational Daddy to the xCLP and Schumphorpe United 'til I die. Policy and trigger warning:
coltranegetz Seaside (a.k.a Hell's acres) @StormyDaniels Well, your making good money, but you still better take my advice and do some investing. Your intelligent enough to do it. Licensed Caretaker, former nursing student, Visual Art and History, MBA graduate, class of 2019 Cal State Monterey Bay
beulahtoks Lagos, Nigeria “If you are going to succeed in the harshest of economic climes take my advice: Don’t attend pity-parties and definitely don’t host them...” @DonThompson_Jr #Opportunities #FaceFront #Focus #Grit #Business #Breakthrough VISION DEVELOPMENT, MENTORING, TRAINING. My life's vision is to help others succeed by helping them bring clarity to life's complex issues.