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jeffreyatucker Great Barrington, MA I truly hope that you take my advice and download this book. It is short. Powerful. Brilliant. I would say it will be the most valuable book you read this year. Wish I had read it last year. Editorial Director @aier. Author Liberty or Lockdown
69thHope @Ohara_the_Fox take my advice and don't waste ur time over this anime i read 900 chapters of this garbage what a piece of crap i just be chilling
FormerlyA5158 @settingsun__ Fine. Trying to be helpful, but fine. Don’t take my advice. I guess you enjoy looking like a damn mess. High and mighty dickhead, I just can’t stand /you/ in general. Dare I ask what word you would use, then? As if I care. ⛓9.81 meters per second, squared⛓ //rp acct-bsdrp-nsfwrp-18+// MINORS DNI | My bastard son: @chuuyawantsu
AJCtown Columbus and Cleveland For once please take my advice and don’t watch the movie Bullet Head. I am not well after watching this Greatness isn’t just for the chosen few. Greatness is for those who choose to be different and demand to become the best version of themselves
lxb1tch byt at the same time i feel bad for feeling like this 🙂 im probably the only one she can rely on and tell all of her problems but can you please just take my advice and kill ur brother because i cannot deal w crap today.. she/her but im fine with they/them !!
shaebutterbabie Walked out looking like money Y’all should take my advice and watch synchronic wunlove🕊
Demon_Z_RP FC : Ben Bergmann @castielof_Nomad @JediCat1965 Then take my advice and open up your alcohol options. Two hundred and fifty odd years experience. Former owner of Raising Hell. Loyal to Lucifer, and an odd, small human. ||SPNRP, NSFW, 18+|| #ParodyAccount #NomadsRP (32y/o writer)
haesunsh1ne 18 she her • carrd byf @YURIZ0NE yeah and you should take my advice 😅 haechan on the brain
AnonymousH1ppo United States @EvanFurniss Also take my advice with a grain of salt because I just have a handful of viewers that show up to roast me everyday and I call that my community 🤣 haha jk I love them AnonymousHippopotamus on Twitch and YouTube 🎮
steven_gallaga @brawadis Hey bradon have you ever have gone to do a blood work to see how you doing bc i dont think it normal i had this problem did a blood work and my vidimen d was low and had low iron if i was you i would go to check everything up plz take my advice bro❤❤🙏🏼🙏🏼✌🏼much love bro want to graduate from high school 2020
CatboyAudie he/they ALRIGHT IM GONNA TALK ABT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE -daydreaming helps me cope with things and my parents are both AHHHH to me so likeee -yea i get sensitive easily -not really? i’m usually eating savory foods -yeah that’s true -true too - i always take my advice? ★ 16 ★ priv @Kaoruluvpage ★ Art @CatboyAudi ★ BLM!!! ★
curthoppe ÜT: 40.717994,-73.994252 Take my advice will change your life Jerry can use Dunkn beans bring and a military filter just a simple small krups no need to weaponize the coffee machine Artist/Photographer/ represented by Berarducci Gallery 525 West 25th St. New York, N.Y.
priveruh California, USA @Meewuh and with less time put in than you so yea take my advice, GL My favorite people: @xenoIHI @UnrulyUS
Sarcastit By your side always @BewlayBuddha And there lies the issue young lady. Take my advice and don’t listen to folks 😜 legend in my own living room . Words ,words everywhere and not a thought to think. I don’t really care about anything
OrlaFlood3 I hate when you tell someone something and their like “ but like” but like nothing take my advice and get out of my face x 23 she/her
WyldPapaO Bowling Green, KY @MatAuryn 1 month, and that is catastrophic to the human body. Take my advice Rootworker, Spiritual Counselor, Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Historian, Pagan, Co-founder of Wyld Zine, Author and Nice Guy
helloiamarobo Colorado, USA @Cole_Van_Wyk Just take my advice and don’t trust them when they come for you Space, politics, space politics. Student pilot, aspiring aerospace engineer, never fully works right, very bisexual🏳️‍🌈 #teamspace 🚀 he/him
Blackie52425636 South Africa @LennonHorras @Aquamariah1 @spirit_llama Correct. All my faith is in Him. Take my advice and put your faith in Him as well. Take care. Jesus is my everything. Without Him I'm nothing and His grace is sufficient for me.
EssenceMurjani New York, NY I get slightly annoyed when people dont take my advice bcuz I dont go looking for folks to help. I see a problem and then see 2892 ways to fix it. In flashing lights. I gain nothing from you winning. Ima stop randomly helping folks (im lying). I do what I do over at @coloringpins
gatofel19223387 gatoland @Sonic28560991 Yhea it’s just that i hope that guy would take my advice and apologize. 14. He. Christian. Birthday June 28th. Fav food grilled cheese. I like Minecraft, Roblox, Mario and Pokemon. #PopcornArmy
UpMostRespectt Jersey I was down bad on my dick and a African-American ain’t take my advice 💯💯 #FREEGLOCK AMOS: @Longlivetru10 AMOIG: @Upmostrespectt
tufoniti @takemoredetours @mrwclarkson @c_9 Someone preaching a random story on the net isnt science But cool story Ill take my advice from real experts..who are verified and work in the fields of viruses
machievelspawn Lanling @purpdanger *sighs* Take my advice, Lady Jiang. If you wish to approach someone, do it in your own way. Express your emotions the way you feel appropriate. He's /not/ a good example and his advice isn't the best. Jin Guangyao (for business). Meng Yao (that's just my name). Businessman. Brother & uncle. Busy. Approach at your own risk. #mdzsrp #cqlrp
MandylynnHill Tonawanda, NY @davidblaine Erect tile disfunction so don’t need help so take my advice and listen before it’s too late bc of Adam I saved his life could’ve sooner if he would’ve listened in 2013 whn I told him before the dr lied to him about dying bc he’s not dying but it’s too late to fix it down to earth love spending time with ones who I love and care about for real in person not exact opposite
d0gmah DC @BeccaCharlton @Tompid didn’t take my advice and put a few extra strokes on the tyre pump before the race Is Qui Est Est Is Qui Non Est Consectatur is written on my bike. I think it means try harder. Fast bike. Slow rider.
wabastreams Albany, NY @FranklinTurtz Probably! I’m feeling much better now but take my advice: don’t eat both McDonald’s and Burger King in the same day 27 Enby/they 🏳️‍🌈 BLM ✊🏿 🥄 4😻s Mental Health Monday, Pokemon, Charity & Variety Streamer #WabaLove Come join the Waba Family today!
DraftDummies Salt Lake City, UT It only took Gregg Popovich 6 hrs to take my advice and get Vassell some minutes 😂. He was rewarded with a win & a vintage Vassell performance -- career high 18 pts in 25 min, including some mid-range self creation (oh, and defense of course). CBB/ NBA Draft content & evaluations / Account is run by Sam Ferris and Co-Host Cody -- Hosts of Locked On NBA Draft @LockedOnNBAPods
SubmitToGravity Yuma, AZ @scottscott1e @Aaronj87 @tedcruz You seem to have the mind of a 12-year-old with self-esteem issues. If you're 12, then I guess it's no big deal—you'll probably leave puberty behind you and gain some REAL confidence. If you're 6 or 7 years past that age, then please take my advice and seek professional help. #ImpeachBiden #NotMyPresident Political Vagabond Opposing all Communists & Pedophiles. Hee/Haw
jeffreyatucker Great Barrington, MA I truly hope that you take my advice and download this book. It is short. Powerful. Brilliant. I would say it will be the most valuable book you read this year. Wish I had read it last year. Editorial Director @aier. Author Liberty or Lockdown
Cynical_Crystal On your mind @Mango61 I wouldn’t want to. But the choice is his. He can take my advice, guidance, and feedback but really it’s up to him. #XO chances are, you’re gonna be offended
teddemop Multihomed @LadyRed_6 I been 99% vegan the last 5 weeks, close to zero alcohol, and running - over 16 miles yesterday. And I haven’t lost anything, although I’m trying! So certainly don’t take my advice! Author: #Infosec Rock Star:Geek will only get you so far, Speaker, Independent Consultant, #SANS Instructor, Geek, KT1V, I eat, ski, surf, swill #Champagne etc.
EllisOswalt New York, USA @franktmorgan My success is till growing, so don’t take my advice—but I would suggest to altogether avoid describing your work as “good” in any way and try to make the description of the content inherently exciting. Reader has about 3 seconds to see it and decide if they want to go deeper. I am a ghostwriter for a ghost.
cummingshawk Beware NSFW contained herein @deanofdublin @semperdiced @DanCrenshawTX @FoxNews @JoeBiden Hey @DanCrenshawTX, STFU and take my advice... Retired postal clerk. Beautiful Sofia @Sofimunozcl is in the header. Retired Postal worker. US Navy Veteran Sub Service #SaveThePostOffice #SaveUSPS
perveza1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates @MaddyWithKhan Please take my advice and don’t respond to these people. This encourages them to respond with dumber arguments. They r just looking for attention. Career Banker, Love good poetry
mikebednarski Toronto @Historian_Matt @chrismarkevich @OntarioNDP @albertaNDP @maritstiles Absent from Andrea Horwath's messaging is her vision for the kind of Ontario that she wants. I could offer another piece of advice for Andrea Horwath and the Ontario #NDP. However, I do not think that they would take my advice. CN Tower Edge-walker. Hate vegetables. Love The Simpsons.
BaconThatBurger Trollheim, Texas @MayJain001 @Michael1Bruno1 @BillyM2k Then you can be apart of the community which seems to have some cool people. But you don't need to take my advice I recommend you do your own research and manage your risk C6Y9P4H2E0R1P3U3N7K
iancle1 Youth Sports is and should be ABOUT THE YOUTH. LET THEM BE KIDS!! I was once that parent who put pressure on my kids. I learned the hard way. Take my advice and just enjoy the moment. It is gone before you know it. #godbetheglory #youth #youthsports #aau Husband,Father, MAN OF GOD. Cle since 76. Amateur 🏀 scout & Founder of the #kennyandersonshowcase Closed to the Public. Be a good person in life.
iamlesedijafta Midrand, South Africa @kaebi_gs18 @TysonPhohlela Let’s take my advice and go fetch Batho ba rona coz clearly they’re not happy 🥺 MAC MILLER ❤️
EmilOnTheFloss under the weather Not to be dramatic or anything (and don't take my advice I am not a doctor) but I once had this and it cured my depression!! For like a week or so but still. idk just built different
pondlif51439124 Im going to bury myself in the garden as i think i have asymptomatic death!! Can all Left wingers please take my advice. And do the same. Its the latest trend. Trust me. Everyones doing it thats Leftwing. Antifa and BLM. Honestly. And after 3 wks in the ground you get £5000'000! My names Life. Pond Life. fighting against the swamp. MI5 under cover agent. Anti Left. Anti wokery. General bug eater. into forkery.
MartinWhitman1 @1Fubar If you are a serious threat to an armed police officer you are putting yourself in serious danger. Take my advice, don’t do anything wrong, if the police want to speak to you don’t run. Don’t use guns yourself, don’t harbor criminals and don’t take loads of drugs and use fake $$$ 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
TOXICWALRUSES @chrisvega02 @xD3vlLx @lilbitchburnin @Eba85508034 @eqxalz @jakepaul Bruh Ksi forking stumbling around the ring, how blinded can you be kid. just take my advice and use some common sense honestly. Ben got up almost straight after and was ready to go, we'll never know what the outcome would of been if the ref hadn't made a retarded call
SeanPCollins4 @MMAFighting @Benaskren Take my advice. Ben, grab the dog and your wife. Pack your bags. Leave the country ASAP. I just joined for the Meme's...
NitySl Hell @KasUmiiiUbeee And you don’t need to take my advice about nihilistic optimism it’s not for everyone and I can see some would say I’m being disregardful or even ampathetic but that’s not it Hi I’m SlNITY! 🌺 self taught artist I’m a guy who post SFW artworks! I’m lazy play games & I watch anime! hope u enjoy! alt: @NityS69🔞
rainykilos pro recovery, she/they, 16 like next time she brings up being suicidal to me imma just say hey man so am i, i cannot deal with you rn because you never take my advice and you’re a dick to me and i hate when you snap me dumbass crap cuz i don’t give a single fork please shut up
HobbitDesert United States @mikasasbbytitan @ifspiehis @sportsbroccoli Just as you should take my advice and look into some real world things you can do to help real victims ❤️ Anyways, it was fun talking with you. Maybe log off twitter for a bit and get some fresh air instead of harassing others. 25+ 🏳️‍🌈 ♀️| SNK/AOT | mostly just retweeting stuff so... | side acct
ProfFroak Atlanta, GA I pause to say this is just my opinion. You don’t need take my advice to have a good time, and taking my advice doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a good time. It’s just advice based on my personal experiences (which aren’t universal) from over a decade both as a player and GM. 3/16 Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon. My name is Froak (he/him 🏳️‍🌈). People call me the Pokémon Professor. This is my homebrew D&D crossover page.
kush_jones_ minding my business @Dev79 If you’re good with your local coffee shop and they have take my advice and ask them to order a case for you. Pay it upfront. Now you have stock at home. DJ & PRODUCER @JUKEBOUNCEWERK//@RINSEFM// FOR BOOKING CONTACT: INFO@3FEETHI.COM SEND TUNES: KUSHJONESY@GMAIL.COM
johnmarstonbot the doghouse 🙄 Friend, this man has gone crazy in the sun. I suggest you take my advice and start talking. a john marston quote every hour #rdr #rdr2 #reddeadredemption #reddeadredemption2 #johnmarston
ishasbitch with my girl @razor_kisser bc you’re being a dumb bitch and want me to yell at you but nooo, you’re not gonna listen to me or take my advice when i say stop forking stalking kai bc you’re never gonna have a good friendship or relationship with kai🤨 they/he | my idiot ~ @ShotoTodorokiUA | 🥥 |

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