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oceania_feeling the canadian wilderness @melohills ive tweeted multiple times that she should break up with him and write an album about how musty crusty and dusty he is, she shoulr take my advice... nalini vishwakumar fan club 🥼
christteach Walthamstow, London @MrsAndrewsEng Difficult! Having no kids myself take my advice with a pinch of salt but sometimes I have taken my running kit to school - ran around the field and gone home after. Maybe there's a group of teachers who want to start a running club at your school? Teacher of English. Some sort of non giving up school guy.
MaccaTheFourth East Lancashire @pepelep48542643 @Emszii You retweet Melville and Kelvin Mackenzie so you're clearly an idiot. I'll take my advice from other sources, thanks 👍 Powerlifter and MMA wannabe. A Yarddog and a Tim. It's Frank Rothwell's world, we're just lucky enough to live in it. Up the workers.
PaulPlamothe Montréal, Québec @jjbrown111076 It is when you are in the ocean and you ask what is that heading straight at me ? I am not a marine biologist so do not take my advice on which way to swim . No DM's
bemorechillyric i love micheal ‘Cause right now you're Helpless, helpless You are Almost hopeless On the school's social map, you're just a blip But if you Take my advice and if you pay the listed price Well, then you go from sad to interesting To hip - Yeah, your whole life will flip! be more chill lyrics every half hour
badkitten01 take my advice: stick to one airline and earn skymiles!!!! u know this d*ck is still an option
perri_anneLove Huntington Beach, CA I will say the combo of restarting American horror story and game of thrones at the exact same time doesn’t make for good dreams at night :) please take my advice missing ben solo
laniyalanay @adoreeep_ man take my advice and shut the hell up bro i talk my crap all day 🤣 fmoig @laniyalanay
OlamideUlot @carterefe__ @FCBarcelona I'll good for your Talent and Football careers in future!! Please Bro don't mistake go to @ManUtd 👂 because Maguire will injure you,, you can ask Ronaldo and Pogba, please take my advice!! ♥️✊ Wizkid|Messi |FCB pls! Follow back Asap ❤️ 🤞
KM90045067 Birmingham, England @Smartish15 @RadCentrism The CDC literally confirmed 1 in 5 children are becoming disabled via long COVID. Clearly you’re being paid off by Koch to lie to the public and induce mass death and destruction. I’ll take my advice from ppl who survived SARS1 over clowns like you 🇬🇧
lgbtdetective blk she/her lesbian @hiyyihdollz unfortunately saying the same thing 4 times in a row doesn't make it true. please take my advice this is kinda embarrassing to read atp and im getting bored WHERE ALL MY HOOD UNNIES AT?
ShameOnPenaldo @VitaminSIIUUU @Akachi_great @KimmichRole "You're slow actually slow" No we just don't keep going on blabbering random gibberish to prove our point. You guys have to crop and cherry-pick stats to make your idol look good, We on the other hand provide actual Stats. Take my advice and stop embarrassing yourself. Cristiano Ronaldo🐑 Messi🐐👑 Luuk de Jong✨
feeliesbot run by @lesbmiserables You know, I told you people something a long time ago... and it's just as pertinent today as it was then. Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice... pull down your pants and slide on the ice. a bot for quotes i find moving, personally important or just neat | dm for source! | | quotes in english and russian | inspired by @.affectingbot
lori_socal San Diego, CA @Gunner_ That was just my legal disclaimer! Absolutely take my advice and start a side biz. Freedom. Comedy. *Please use animal references when describing the size of something. Thank you.
SotirisMakrygi1 Take my advice and redeem yourself you still have time
Satin58740853 Hell @BetoORourke I see you didn't take my advice. I said TYPE IN LARGE FONT it makes you look tougher. No one's going to believe what you're saying if you don't. I'll try to make you look like a serious and tough American but even I have limits.. Lord of the underworld, My greatest Trick was making you think I didn't Exist. I am The Air You Breath, The Thoughts in your Head I am You. All Hail Me
s_diablaa If you think I never cared… take my advice and listen to your gut aint sh!t sweet ho
Handsomeluk My room Dear @ManUtd , Do you know @samumtiti is actually a better defender than @HarryMaguire93 ? He doesn’t cost much,he’s a world class defender! Why not sign him and strengthen your defense? Take my advice: Sign him you won’t regret it!🙂 @FCBarcelona wants him gone anyways. ☢︎︎𝙾𝙵𝙵𝙸𝙲𝙸𝙰𝙻 𝚃𝚆𝙸𝚃𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙳𝙻𝙴 𝙵𝙾𝚁 𝙻𝚄𝙺𝙴☠︎︎ 𝕃𝕀𝔹ℝ𝔸 ♎️ 𝙱𝙰𝚁𝙲𝙴𝙻𝙾𝙽𝙰 ❤️💙
SlouchingM @trublue2020 @DeniseM30563198 @AbbyJohnson Boom shakalaka! You're on FIRE! You might take my advice too. Your daddy DJT hurt you, and you need to work through it.
Tommo963 The land of Oz Baaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaa...........HAVE TRIED THIS PRODUCT AND TAKE MY ADVICE ALCOHOL IS STILL BETTER!!! Australia. Funny MEME, Funny videos, Fail videos. MTB Mountain Bike Fail videos, Mountain Bike competition videos. Motor Rally.
RagMoppp Chasin tail! @kennytheoldguy @MSNBC @FoxNews So Ken... Did you take my advice? Or keep the blinders on like all the other sheep? They covered the raid all day long. Oh and you should know I also watched CNN all day too. They both covered it. But I wanted to know for myself instead of being lead by hatred. Like to get my fish on! Everything else is nunya biz.
Romanmack1125 @ScamboliReviews @ForneverWorld 😂 Just take my advice and stop letting spoilers trigger you. You’ll live a happier life. Sometimes we gotta ask ourselves if what we’re tripping about truly is a big deal - and then go from there.
JesuisSanta California @FreedomIsPower4 @SupremeYGO6 @nataliegwinters The fact that you have bought into the most egregious con job ever perpetrated on the American people in our history makes You the stupidist person in this conversation. You should sit back down and zip it. Since you are too big a fool to take my advice, I need to block you. 🇺🇦Weaver, small farmer, political junkie, moderate liberal, Ally. Live in States of America and Land of Entropy. BLM, #resister. Ex GOP.
angremlin @SandyPugGames @MonkipiQuinn Take my advice: do not use Bonus XP too much unless you need to be stronger for a specific reason, i was like 30 levels ahead of MSQ most of the game and it makes the stoty fights less interesting and makes it so much harder to develop classes bc u get NOTHING at 6+ level lead An | She/Her | 32 | Gameplay Programmer @ Brass Lion
0neircs Dreaming • OOC: She/Her & 18 @anakcnskywalker I can’t say too much. Destiny and the Fates will be cross with me to say the least. Take my advice, yes? Or don’t. It’s up to you in the end. #MORPHEUS: “There is another life that awaits you when you close your eyes and enter my realm.” They / He. Read 📌.
Knomis85 Michigan, USA @grand_video Yes, and yes. But I'm not your lawyer, so take my advice cautiously Good instincts, poor execution. he/him, BLM
Madly_Total Jurassic Antarctica Take my advice: NEVER BUY A MOTOROLLA PHONE. It runs software in the background without your knowledge. That software uses up your battery and might be spying on you. Unfollow me if you eat animals. You're not a dinosaur. pronouns: mad / mad / mad's (or thou/thee/thy) All views presented will soon be yours too.
futctlyrics Brothers and sisters, put this record down Take my advice 'cause we are bad news tweeting futct lyrics every half hour // run by @hetmikey
Brickhau55 says the modernist e-priest wearing blenders and surrounding himself with video game posters... yeah i will take my advice elsewhere. Catholic, #KofC, I love reading.
stalenbroek NL @BondageGearBLN It looks hot, but take my advice and please don't do these things on your own. Always have someone around! I've had some very bad experiences in my network, who didn't survive this :( Hi, I'm Rik. Owned and locked by SIR @RubberRik, exploring kinky minded guys. Subscribe my vids on JFF and support new gear & content:
Asel30287219 @DelishDotCom Mate, just take my advice this once without asking questions and buy $IJJP 🪙 🪙 stocks right now, it's a new stock i've been watching for some time and recently it's been indicating a major breakthrough, so it's better to get in line now and earn big!
kasicarterr Pittsburgh, PA I used to hate when kids said “shut don’t go up prices do so take my advice and shut up too” fork it we ball
iee_jr United States People need to take my advice and learn to be like me. I'm the best example of how to be a perfect human being. I transcend this realm, I often reside in the etheric dimension during the day. 😇 I'm a very special person who works in accounting, business management, & customer service. I run the damn show! Have a question? I have the answers.
DJCarlMeah United Kingdom Don’t trust or get involved with the heroin addicts. Along with addicted gamblers worst of the scum. All they want is to scam you so they can go and get heroin. Gamble their whole life away. They don’t care about anything else. Take my advice and avoid. You take heroin it’s jail. 🔊#DanceMusic 🔊 #DJCarlMeah / DJ Carlos / Horizon Sounds / Proffessor Maddness / The Combinator Project / #MassiveHouseRecordsMHR®️
AndysCheezburg @Christophmas52 @RapSheet @MikeGarafolo Oh I see. While you're at it, take my advice and replace Zach-Joe due with the Darnold-Mayfield tandem. formerly Andy Reid's championship cheeseburger🍔4xNFL fantasy champ💍saucy football fan🏈man crush on Mark Vrable😻#chiefskingdom #WeTheNorth🦖#YNWA⚽️
lyricaIvamps looks like you'd arrived, and i'm soaked through to my brain, but that's alright, won't let it drive me insane, take my advice, coming outside in the pouring rain and let your feelings go posts the vamps lyrics every hour
360Gipsy USA @AHS_Warranty take my advice, if U have AHS and have automatic withdrawals for monthly payments *check yr bank accnt/credit card* every day AHS will steal $ from it and when U call them demanding the refund they will say it takes 14-21 days to give you yr $ back #THIEF #illegal Opinemos pues 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mairohh Kaduna, Nigeria @Ibshart_ @Rahma_sadau Obsession to your life??😂,Chill girl I don’t even know you. Just take my advice hun.maybe the “Gala” is her comfort zone,stop deciding for other people.just look and pass. whatsapp:to order
johnmarstonbot the doghouse 🙄 Friend, this man has gone crazy in the sun. I suggest you take my advice and start talking. a john marston quote every hour #rdr #rdr2 #reddeadredemption #reddeadredemption2 #johnmarston
underratedfact @HoeForBangWice @dahyunsuckerrr You're dümb. Accusing someone that hates your girly when I don't even exist at the time you are referring. Honey, take my advice. Try to do some small research about someone before pulling out some words. I'm just scrolling randomly and found your hateful cult, + I don't like people who hate Lisa.
MagneticFlux420 @BarbaraLuvsMaui @LoriDTate @SenSchumer @Shell @exxonmobil @Chevron I'll close with this. Because you seem like you honestly care. So please take my advice and I mean this. Go buy as much canned goods, flour, powdered eggs, protein stable shelf goods. Make sure you have more than enough.
bookmews Oxford / London @IHTOAU1 @BexBookaholic My place was recommended by a friend! Don't be afraid to shop around and wait for the place/person that feels right. Although I only have one teeny one so don't 100% take my advice. Ahah. I'm very glad I waited and had it done where I did. #Bookseller, #NetGalley member, gift buyer, board game enthusiast and all around general nerd. Currently a department buyer for an indie bookshop. (She/They)
lkrfn L'Etoile du nord @bannerite He'd never take my advice, I'd already know he was guilty, and he wouldn't pay my fee. Case closed: NO. NO DMs Lymphoma survivor; Turkey Hunter; Angler; biker; MN sports; astronomy; music; comedy; every 10th tweet for MI. Live and love; #RESIST #BIDEN/HARRIS
Loakween Barbados @AlidhysbAli I don't have it anymore. The TSH is in normal range and my hormones are normal. As for how, I stopped taking the thyroxine meds, didn't wanna rely on them and refused to believe I have it anf lost weight. It was LOA. Take my advice with a pinch of salt tho. You do you. 20 | If I desire it, I already have it. I get whatever I want whenever I want. Every tweet gets manifested coz it is my reality. I am a master at manifesting✨
Jayce_HouseofM @RealCoffeeWhore take your TIME! your mental health means more than ANYTHING. please take my advice on this one! we are still here and still love ya! xoxo! sending love! Producer, Equal opportunity Fetishist, Lover of WAM, HBIC of
magsmags8 Whittier CA @Sis_Nikki_ Good morning Shwanda take my advice and have a great day today 🙏😊
GrayBldrcn1 @TDSMstocks Mate, just take my advice this once without asking questions and buy #IJJP 💲 💲 stocks right now, it's a new stock i've been watching for some time and recently it's been indicating a major breakthrough, so it's better to get in line now and earn big!
thebadbreed Hey @elonmusk Wattup, my brother from another mother?!?! Just wondering if you’d woken up this morning and decided to take my advice and buy @manutd for a mere $4 billion? As always, my offer to run it still stands. Let me know. 👍 Not growing up - it's a trap! Generally tweeting nonsense... #mufc #Xbox #gears #heavymetal
JWSucceed 341 Barberry Lane @SIDD_ADA My advice would be don’t take any advice. People will give you their advice of things they don’t apply themselves… just look up role models read books and follow me ;) lol 😂 (I said don’t take any advice, that includes my advice in not taking one, so you can take my advice) Influencer and YouTuber wannabe! addicted to #CNFTS and helping the #cnftcommunity Creador de JWS EN ESPAÑOL en YouTube (Coming soon) $jwsucceed $heduardo85