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emmagallegos Bakersfield, CA I’ve been watching a lot longer than that and that was the first one I saw. It’s amazing how powerful it is when you actually speak to people on the ground. One anchor was even like, uh, what are people saying? And the reporter in Chelsea was just flustered Prodigal daughter in the Central Valley. Working on a new publication for Kern County launching any minute. DMs are open. emma.g.gallegos
ohsoldier between iraq and a hard place what are people saying? and what did she say i’m not watching fucking love your axe wound you whore!
bsimon7 Cleveland, OH What are people saying, small number of violent people in Cleveland right now? Seeing dozens and dozens on one singular block from our rooftop.. •Founder, President, and Player Agent, and Founder,
HeritageTitleCo Denver, CO What are people saying about our experts?? 5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review for Julie Franks!! She's an asset to our Westminster branch and we're lucky to have her! Reach out today to receive top notch customer service. Julie Franks ☎️ 303.463.4307 📩 jfranks Full Service Title and Escrow Provider | Making Transactions Personal for the Colorado Real Estate Community for over 40 years |
siddsin79 Gurgaon, India Dear what are people saying about you? And on top of that your colleague is liking such funny messages on you Sad!! Cricket and Biryani run in my blood while I dream of being this celebrity chef someday but in reality I do some magical events for a living
Lumio_app London, England .review 🐝🔍 ❓ How Does PensionBee Work? Is It Right for You? ❓ What Fees & Charges Does PensionBee Have? ❓ What Are People Saying About PensionBee? ...and more. Best UK-Based Pension Manager? Find out below 👇 Bringing Lazy Money To Life 💸 Lumio effortlessly shows you where your savings and earnings ought to be growing 🚀
jefurber Norwich What are people saying about you're voice? I literally went to insta and watched your story to hear it and I think you have a lovely voice... which was clever if it was to get views.. cause, it worked. Norwich based artist; (but also a human. I think)
PatrolSpeciali1 What point are people trying to make by destroying private property? Target along with other businesses donate millions to WIC, Snap and other non-profits that benefit all races. What are people saying by looting and destroying the businesses that help their communities? Old School
PlusSlut What do you see in her hand and what are people saying in the video ... 👂👂
slb1065 Dems should go back IF Repubs agree to safe social distancing and the dreaded mask. Side?? What are people saying when their faces are hidden behind the mask??
tomforwi Wisconsin, USA We need to dismantle families and relationships (bystander intervention, what are people saying to their racist family members? Friends? Lovers?), companies (what type of training are these institutions providing?)... Dad / Husband / Business Owner / Veteran / Democrat / Human | 2020 Candidate for Congress in Wisconsin's 5th District. We are all in this together.
RobClemmonsJr Me: What's that pokemon again and what are people saying about it? Cartoonist. Game developer. Expect politics. Instagram:
DariusSZNN Indiana, USA wth what are people saying when Andrew luck was still kinda injured we were destined super bowl contenders the next year and we have added peices to that but now we’re not ? huge colts fan and check out my stream I play madden and waste coins at twitch affiliate
jjonah415 Chicago, IL & Madison, WI I have been in Chicago for the past week and not seen Steph stuff....what are people saying about Steph now? SF Native. Psych Professor. Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Anti-racist. Capitalism is Oppressive! Imperialism is evil! Pro-Dialecticism
starwenexpress St Charles Your body looks fine I see you have a major bruise in this picture but other than that it's good and the cosplay is good. what are people saying is wrong with your body? Anime, Movie Buff, TV Binger, Gamer, Food: PIZZA, cookies,sushi,bacon burger Hobbies: cards/board games,extreme sports,disc golf,hacky sack,devil sticks,guitar
MMukahh It's not a stone from heaven lol what are people saying. The kaaba (The square structure) was built by prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael in Arabia as a house of worship as commanded by the creator of the heavens and the earth's who is unlike anything we can perceive. Software Engineering Student 💻 Dream Big!
CaldwellLiss Byron Bay Testimonials and reviews What are people saying? We can shape our brand but it's defined by the public. The communities we unite, people we connect and our tribe are our strongest testimony. contemporary social novels Facilitating
EnocqM Zimbabwe Dear Creatives If we can get people thinking and talking about us, we've got a chance to be the stand out, number one, compelling, obvious and go to choice for what we do. What are people saying about your brand? Forbes 2025 | Creative Entrepreneur

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