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misscaramariaa Team Cara/Natalie/Kam What are people saying Cara for ? Lmao y’all just hate her... she literally carried that shit and the only thing she did was “ ah, eh” or whatever...she never let it down for her to take a rest, PAULIE was the one dying when she was carrying. Y’all just hate females I swear Who’s the face of “The Challenge” ? exactly.
TheKirkykid Manchester, England I ain’t got to play season one yet and probs won’t get to play till tomorrow what are people saying good bad?? May you spend a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead
tHeHomeyMarkyD BEAST COAST They are but when we talking who can rap and who has impacted the art and what are people saying in songs then it becomes more than just music MC Ren Luke and Vader in one body Hiphop PS4 kdvsmm Xbox MDotDolla17 Switch SW601122566150 COD Flash47 Lupe Fiasco is the 🐐
autumnrose_114 New Zealand And like if I AM in a bad place and received this message it’ll just trigger me more. I’m not going to be like, “no” I’ll be thinking “oh god! What?! Tell me! What are people saying or doing?!”
HunterConserv British Columbia, Canada Here is our latest article on BC's new Wildlife Management Strategy with some thoughts provided by We are Hunter Conservationists bringing you nuanced content about conservation, science and responsible hunting in Canada 🇨🇦
PapiBaig Los Angeles, CA “Among just Democrats, the divide was starker: 14% support a federal jobs guarantee while 59% want government to work with business do create private sector jobs” Just scrolling around
egladstone Aptos hills, CA What are people saying, exactly? We're in deep shit? Every truth we hold to be self evident is worthless? Kindness, ethics, humility, generosity, hope are stuffed deep into the GOP's pandora’s box so young woman won’t get abortions and big corps won’t pay any taxes? That's it? Going to be dystopian future unless we write the narrative. And we are!
AVMAmeets What are people saying about Here's what a recent graduate said: "This conference really changed my perspective about organized veterinary medicine and opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't know were happening. (1/2) Stay up to date on the latest news and alerts on and more!
DarkEmpressKana Her🖤10/26 What are people saying to you and where are they saying it? Im not the real Auska This is just a fake fan account for roleplay. Married to
aliciacurtis Perth, Western Australia What are people saying about Alyceum Leaders.. "I have started to be reflective, question and use your guidance and inspiration to focus, build confidence, discuss and learn! Virtual mentoring maybe but hope to collaborate and contribute too!" Join us here Leadership Keynote Speaker I Facilitator Co-founder/Chair, 2014, Author of Difference Makers - Diversity on Boards
lh_carter New York, NY What are people saying about Persuasion? Check out this Amazon review: “In a time where there is so much division and polarization in political, corporate and interpersonal communication - this is such an important book from which so many can benefit.” President, maslansky + partners, Language Strategist, Researcher and Author of Persuasion
AngeMaryClaire st olaf Hey what are people saying in stalkerspace? An admin still needs to approve me. I've still only got results through academic history and nowhere else. One of them seems... Incorrect. traveler, question asking mature aged student, Ambition: first female Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby. Blasphemous little whelk.
HONEYLlKE i like. went through this whole thread top to bottom. and its making even less sense. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING. WHAT IS GOING ON the last date i went on the girl started crying because i told her i was a gemini
1909Shiv Haridwar, India “My employee owns my labour power not me” - Bio of a Frontline journalist 🤔 I think he wants to say that the employee doesn’t own him. Or is he saying his labour power is owned by his employee and not him? What are people saying 😫? Here for shit n giggles. I know that I know nothing. सीधे मुँह बात करना अपने बस का नहीं ।
thesmacleodshow Nova Scotia Black Friday sales are on, and Cyber Monday deals are coming… What are people saying about their intentions for the busy shopping days? Jeff Doucette with joins us next Host of The Sheldon MacLeod Show - Monday to Friday 12:30-3:30pm AST on Tweets are not endorsements. And verified accounts are hard to get these days.
JazzWolv Wolverhampton What are people saying about Josephine Davies’ Satori - at next Thurs Dec 5 "Definitely a band to watch." ★★★★1/2 (Downbeat Magazine) ​'Refreshingly imaginative and invigorating." (All About Jazz) ​ tickets here: 🎟 Jazzis supported by Arts Council England and is developing a diverse programme of participation and performance across the city

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