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What are people saying about you?

Of course people are talking about you. Tweeting all kinds of stuff behind your back ... maybe it's good, probably not.
Do you really want to know? Just put your name in here and find out.

eisforenkai Ottawa, Ontario What? Are people saying that the quake in Seattle could mean Yellowstone is going to go off and/or the Hayward fault? Theater and movie nerd (with some anime added in), California structural engineer who moved to Canada one year ago, toddler mommy
snifflesnoot What are people saying to inniciate this, and so I have to kill someone some of you haven’t slept and it shows. take care of yourselves bros
KawtharMT UK|BHR Uff me too I wanted to refresh and check what are people saying 😭 الحمدلله |BCs(hons) International Relations &Politics
SueannRamella Moscow, ID What are people saying? And note to self, ask more questions when someone wants to borrow an ax. Amerasian micro-farmer and Morning Edition radio host/producer.
wendigochild13 Oh no, what are people saying now about Disney? Lol It looks really good, like the fur and everything is magnificent. I do art, and write sometimes, along with being a BL fanatic, LGBTQ supporter. OTPs: SNS, Drarry, Thorki, Stoki, Hannigram, and Reylo! Wendigochild13 AO3
DoggDoggity Missouri, USA I’m allergic to my cat. Does it really help to bathe them? I have pet wipes, but he hates those and they don’t really help. Also, what are people saying is the downside?? I had a friend whose cat LIKED water. I have a cat with a personality disorder and two dogs who don’t know what the fuck is going on, but are enjoying themselves nonetheless. P.S joined in ‘08. 🌊
psycho14_ My coworker congratulated me on my new job this morning and said no matter what people were saying I deserved it. It's super sweet but wait what are people saying? 🙈🙉 Mona. Psych-O. Disney. Harry Potter. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen :)
QofNerdKingdom What are people saying about her? She literally looks perfect 🤬 leave her alone and let her be happy meanies no jams but I listen to some🔥ones~~~~~ ✨Kpop 09’👧Anime 06’👶✨ 🎵BTS~SVT~MONSTAX~YOI~ETC 🎬~~~~~~ ✨✨☀️Hobi is my sunshine☀️✨✨ ~~~~~~12/18/17~우리가 너를 외롭지않게 해줄게~
AlexRaeJones Blaenavon What are people saying about Amy now huh, HUH?! Dignity and class. My views are my own.
SwoonReads What are people saying about THE LAST WORD and THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE, out now? We publish the latest and greatest in YA fiction with the help of readers and writers like you, because we believe that great books are better shared.
cornerstonelive Southaven, MS USA What are people saying about Cornerstone Church?!? 🤔 . "I love the welcoming you get. It's like home." . Have you been looking for a church home too? Come and see for yourself what we are all about here at Cornerstone Church!! We would be honored to have you as our guest!
jseiden NYC What are people saying about my new book, Outcomes Over Output? " absolute game-changer." "70 pages of actionable brilliance" "I have a stack of them in my office and hand them out to whoever visits me" Get your copy today ... Product. Design. Strategy. Growth. Publisher at Co-author of and
NJMEP Cedar Knolls, NJ What are people saying about Apprenticeships? Come see for yourself and find out if this is a good move for your company: We are a not-for-profit working with NJ's small to mid-sized manufacturers to help improve their bottom-line while meeting and exceeding customer standards.
floraltoronto What are people saying on tumblr??? — that he's a liar and a hypocrite.. thats what most of them are saying but alot of them are taking it too far like damn ma is it that serious fan account
jtodadrew Utah, USA I haven’t seen any Kpop fans saying shit but I believe and as a Kpop fan I couldn’t be more disappointed. What are people saying? To be fair, I don’t really like anyone
boostrankdigtal What’s The Sentiment Out There? What are people saying about you? Good online is not only about reacting well to what people say about you, your brand, products and services, but also about whether to react at all and, if so, when. 🔎👍
fabiang____ Los Angeles, CA should do a better job at laying out a cohesive timeline on this stuff. What happened first, how did people initially respond, and now what are people saying. Otherwise it’s nothing but an echo chamber of opinions at the top of the deck and idk what’s actually going on Writer-Producer
beautybizbffs Los Angeles, CA The power of word of mouth is stronger than any social media post. What are people saying about you and your business? A PODCAST with + giving a fresh and unfiltered behind the scenes of the Beauty Industry and running businesses side by side.
PatrickKFeldman Wellesley, Mass. I don’t know and who does? Trump likes Pomp and Circumstance, not policy. How much of his strong 40% base wants the downfall of the CCP? That’s probably your answer. What are people saying on the TV News? That’s another clue. I know Trump dislikes “Lil’ Marco.” I would like the Earth to be a better place. News junkie, foodie, Celtics and Red Sox fan. From Boston, Massachusetts USA. 🍀🐈🌈
MarinaFlo Norwich What are people saying about my latest track... "Wow, that is superb...gave me shivers and brought a tear to my eye...very moving" What would you say? Songwriter, anything else is a bonus.
Nimble Santa Monica, CA What are people saying about 5.0? “Nimble 5.0 works beautifully on its own, introduces customers to the power of and gently eases them into - President and CEO of The AI Powered CRM that builds relationships everywhere you work. Follow for sales and digital marketing tips. Managed by
Lambo1966 London Agree mate. But he has been with Malaga and he went deep into the champions league under pellegrini! What are people saying? Is that below us? West Ham United season ticket holder.
Jon_Ferrara Santa Monica What are people saying about 5.0? "Nimble's newly enhanced customer profile makes it easy to quickly access a wealth of information about every customer and contact, wherever you are." - Pioneer & Creator of solutions. Founder/CEO & Founder of GoldMine. Interests: Speaker

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