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ReesPaz Lol I agree on that. China sucks. And yea maybe they should do more testing and confirm it’s safe before installing it. What are the stories like about 5G? What are people saying it does? left leaning centrist who is returning from a year long hiatus. unbiased, meme lover, gamer and zoomer. I post a lot lol
AndreaOlatunji New Orleans, LA What are people saying about “Omar, el Jaguar”? Get your copy now at and I’ll send you the educator’s guide FREE!!!! Children's books Author. Educator. Spanish teacher. Vice-President of Align Education, LLC. Passionate about making learning meaningful.
SheenaJ00684466 USA What are people saying about Apparently she is frequently unfocused and offers more harm than good because of that, sources say: Satire. Cheese Burger Addict, Parody, Memes, Comic, Funny Person, Humor, Trump Supporter, Conservative,
Indian_Nagrik Serious question..what are people saying..?? are people able to see the failure of the state government...or still blinded by the PR stunts on news channel and social media... Never Forgive.. Never Forget..
Soozless Middleton My God, what are people saying??? This is a man who is leading us through a very challenging time. Left or right, he’s still very poorly and so is his wife and unborn child!! Get a grip ! Always need a Cuddle me ♥
ATBunya what are people saying about 5G and Covid i know telecomm technology from my Olevel and further readings, then virus from my current studies these two are not related what so ever so whats the news behind medical student at University of Zimbabwe . work smart, be consistent & disciplined, manage time well (work hard, have fun, enjoy every moment)
Dion_Obay Lagos, Nigeria Loool, Lord knows I've been waiting for a very long time to preach my "Take Care wasn't that good" message. I heard it so many times I went back to listen to the album and still kept wondering, "what are people saying?" 5-a-side footy legend. You can be a good person with no one knowing.
KFJonesAuthor Cardiff, Wales What are people saying about Her Lesbian Boss: The Complete Box Set? Why don't you be one of the first to read it and review it, so we can all find out! A Brit writing steamy romance and erotica across genres
shimkardashian turning off my notifs was the best choice I ever made. what are people saying about the harry and luke toxic masculinity twt? i have absolutely no idea this is an alt. my main is
1975Andreaa What are people saying? He’s trying to be encouraging for fans and making music.. i mean what did he do? Oh, whats the vibe?
FunkySaxyBeats I've seen some people say they've been made fun of for wearing masks when they go grocery shopping? I dont get it. What are people saying to these people wearing them? Or is it a perceived snicker and they're blowing it out of proportion? KC - Music - Fests - Love - Bass - Psydub - Glitch - Funk - Emo -Swamp - Slugwife - DeepDark&Dangerous - Impakt - We Like The Dark - Zooks 👽🚀🛸🌕💜♍️🕉️
kcvail No Trains. What are people saying about Fauci adoring HRC (Search "Fauci Love Letter to Hillary Clinton") and working for the Clinton Foundation for 20 years? Love travel, photography, nature, National Parks/monuments, ancient anything. MarineMom. Nerd. Indie. Videos of abuse harm not help, post mug shot instead
itwassoizzy NCT + WayV Oh man. What did closer say? And what are people saying about Jw? This so stupid,, sigh eat the rich!
FallerNichole Regina, Saskatchewan What are people saying about the Workplace Coping Strategies course: "It pointed out symptoms, which I would not otherwise have seen as mental health concerns and allowed me to reflect on them and reframe" Join here: A PhD student in clinical psychology with a passion for improving mental health in the workplace.
MykeForte United Kingdom So what are people saying then, is 5G the cause of people being sick and it all being a united effort by government to take out the population or is it a pandemic caused by a mutation known as Covid-19. Or is biological war waged on the masses? Audio Maker and Beatmaker. I live for the funk. Love from the soul. Instagram: YouTube:
soothingday smile more, less tears Why? Why i do that? Because in the other side i feel like I can't improve myself. I feel like the only human in this world and im so lonely. But I don't want to get hurt by what are people saying. Weird, right? I don't know what really i want This is a trash account. What are you looking for?
sam_and_colby__ United States What are people saying? Danielle • 18 • USA • 💗💜💙 Fan acc Insta: sam__and__colby__ ~ —— 💫 Onward And Upward 💫 ✖️
zubsha02 So what are people saying its ok for him to do it because hospitals do it or ok for him to do it but hospitals shouldnt do it? Fact is consumer is getting it in the middle, stop picking the lesser of evil. This person and hospitals both are evil for doing this
RolandHolloway5 Cheshire And the Police have been criticised for being over zealous, what are people saying now? Garden maintenance companies still working, skip recovery lorries still working yet tips are closed. Garden centres still open etc etc. Loves Henderson’s Relish.👩‍👩‍👧👓⚽️🏀🏉🏏🇬🇧🇵🇹🇿🇦

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