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What are people saying about you?

Of course people are talking about you. Tweeting all kinds of stuff behind your back ... maybe it's good, probably not.
Do you really want to know? Just put your name in here and find out.

LordofLexicon TBD What are people saying when they disagree with ados? That Black Americans who trace their roots to slavery don't exclusively deserve reparations, and how have they come to that conclusion πŸ€” Extremely Melanin Dominant. Smartest guy in the room. God in ruins. No scallywags allowed.
BigPoppaLen I'm always blagged about captions and photos like this... What are people saying? Why are we posing in the walkway of Americans equivalent of high rise flats? What's going on? B-Tec Producer, headache inducer and all round top tosser. Hoping the kids don't find me. (Music stuff on IG)
GenesisLife4 Tampa, FL WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT THE NEW RELIEVE CBD BALM?πŸ‘ - "Great for arthritis and joint relief" - Rob D., verified customer We are a family owned business, who have personally benefited greatly from using CBD and Essential Oil products. Helping others is our passion!
Dk50552648 I live in Oregon. What are people saying about trudeau and his blackface up there?
WizardNYC New York, NY What are people saying about us? πŸ—£πŸ“£ Learn why so many choose Wizard Studios for their event planning and production needs!πŸ€πŸ“ˆ Get started on your next great event with us today! πŸ₯³πŸŽ† βœ¨πŸ’« Wizard Studios is a national, award-winning event production company specialized in bringing the creative to life.
carlito__s_way Fort Hood, TX What are people saying now? Cole's been putting out solid music on his own, been helping everyone on Dreamville, and recently started trying to grow himself as a person by stepping out of his comfort zone and letting himself work with others/do features more... he's a great guy RT'ing cute animal vids, always looking for new music, spouting random nonsense, and living unhealthily vicariously through others
pfreycosmetics What are people saying about SkinPen and Microneedling?
britth174 Middle of America What are people saying now? I keep seeing people saying he’s bald and I’m like Always looking for my next adventure
Tigresauce Louisville, KY so what are people saying about the Lyft and Uber situationist there at BnB? Was it like this last week? Is it like this every time there’s a fest out there? It was easier to get out of Derby. kentucky. geography. Bruce. Iraq vet. RVA. history. outdoors. Lexington. basketball. bacon. dogs. photography. plumber. Louisville
dandyguts god what are people saying now........ im already tired and i dont even know whats going on 23 | he/him | πŸ”ž | witch hat atelier / demon slayer / fe3h / dungeon meshi | πŸ’• πŸ’•| working on a carrd! | icon: Starlight Dragon - zerochan
firasd Delhi, India I also envisage an Explore or Related feature where you can click on a tweet and see similar things people are saying. I often check that ("what are people saying about X topic?") using tweetdeck, where I search some keywords or a tweet link and then filter results by engagement. I like you already. // Building
mariajross San Francisco Bay Area, USA What are people saying about Empathy Edge? β€œMaria Ross gives you solid tips to help build your emotional intelligence, and harness the power of diverse perspectives if you want your organization to thrive.” Chip Conley, NYT bestseller AKA (main account) Storyteller, published author, speaker, actress. Red wine lover. Football fan. Trivia addict. What's your irresistible story?
Kelly_Sqs Kingston upon Thames, London What are people saying about the 'It's good to encourage people to read and try to bring the uni together.' πŸ“š Publishing MA student 🎧 Audiobook addict
Paul_Furbank England And what are people saying about this photo op? Oh that’s right, BoJo is a lying joke! Do your bit for the environment & save yourself some money by using renewable energy in your own home... πŸ‘πŸ»
AboutStaffing Alberta, Canada Shhhh...and listen for a second. What do you hear? What are people saying? Do you hear laughter? Corporate culture is living in the words, the voices and the sounds around you! About Staffing is an Alberta-based recruitment and employment agency specializing in temporary and direct hire placements since 1996.

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