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What are people saying about you?

Of course people are talking about you. Tweeting all kinds of stuff behind your back … maybe it's good, probably not.
Do you really want to know? Just put your name in here and find out.

jkrebs001 Virginia What are people saying? I thought it fit really well into the franchise. It's an alien action movie, that's it. I wanna see people try to fight for their lives and shit blown up. That's all. Just an average guy living in an average world.
theclimateweb Portland, OR What are people saying about our carbon offsets course? Here's one comment: "very insightful course ... the no-nonsense overview of Permanence, Leakage and Additionality in particular was very useful." One more day to get a 35% discount! Helping you extract actionable climate knowledge from an infinity of information and resources. Let's accelerate climate progress!
vladvisors Irvine, CA What do people both inside and outside of your business think about your company as a workplace? Learn why NOT knowing the answer can be problematic. The VisionLink Advisory Group enables mid-market companies to achieve greater execution and productivity through pay-for-performance compensation strategies.
bangtansnabi me: *logs on to twitter and sees 'armys' trending my brain: what are people saying we did now? tay || lgBt ARMY || older army || they/them || ot7biased
yongchakyaawol India Saw some videos. Looks like some leikai kumhei with a digital stage backdrop and LED lights. What are people saying who actually participated? still learning how to speak
CharitableAdvis Indianapolis, Indiana What are people saying about Charitable Advisors job board??? "Postings on your site has been great for us. We will be using you guys again for job postings and definitely appreciate..." -- Kristen Revall, Charitable Allies , Learn more President of Charitable Advisors and publisher of the Not-For-Profit Newsletter
211Check Juba, South Sudan tune in to the Voice of Eastern Equatoria State (97.5 FM) every Thursday from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM and listen to "What are People Saying about COVID-19?" a radio drama implemented by Sudan with support from under the Rooted in Trust 2.0 project. is a fact-checking and information verification platform that works on countering misinformation and disinformation in South Sudan.
vpaixmac PNW What are people saying about my book? "...a MUST READ! Brilliantly written...a creative, long-awaited dance with Eve...experience Hebrew and...Eve in her purest form...the visceral experience of wading and seeing your own reflection in the waters..." Flourishing! Love to assist people on their wellness journey. Love spreading...ahh love! A new commandment I give you...Love... - Jesus
DAWPHD Atlanta, GA What are people saying about The Chief Diversity Officer: Strategy, Structure, and Change Management with Dr. Katrina Wade-Golden? Find out and get your copy today: A scholar/leader/educator, Dr. Damon A. Williams asks questions, activates change, and inspires leaders, organizations, and students to become more!
OAkuruyejo Akure, Nigeria 3. Search engine research You can use Google for this or simply use online forums: what are people saying about your industry and business? To do this, simply go to Google and type ONLINE FORUMS + TOPIC 4. Analyse customer feedback Solving customer pain = making sales I tweet about money making opportunities,sales and marketing and how to take your business from local to global markets. connect with me:
levi_allison42 Incheon, Republic of Korea What are people saying about Check out these amazing educators' reviews below! Thank you and for your review! Click to listen to a range of educators and stories below! I am a learning leader 📚, music educator 🎼, community builder 🎤 and passionate about inquiry, agency, and global collaboration. 💡📝🗺
DetritusBramble London, England What are people saying about Chloe Kelly whipping her shirt off? Genuinely curious. I'm saying nothing other than fair fucking play to her, and dread to do my research on this matter. South London Mag Disgusted with petty concerns since 1989. Driving the anti-VAR car 🚘 Music, football, cats and politics in moderation.
JamnaJW What are people saying?? If you don't mind. I'm trying to think of what he did and I can't think of anything F1 Content Creator. ''I'ma keep runnin' cause a winner don't quit on themselves.'' AMF1 roundtable on D&I:
lucixhop 23 | she/her what are people saying about people hating bob? we don’t hate him omg, he was a good guy and we liked bob. we just didn’t LOVE him for joyce. captain of the middle aged ships
folklrelover 19 she/her and what are people saying about taylor 🤨 life is a party and i'm the piñata

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