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Of course in a perfect world you'd have your choice of afterlife. But sadly that's not the way it works. If you want to go to Valhalla (and lets face it who wouldn't?) you need to be a practicing Viking ... don't ask me what that entails, but it seems likely it would require a lot of highly distateful raping and pilaging.

No, you don't get to choose your afterlife it comes with your religion. No religion, no afterlife. It's harsh, I know, but they (the religions) invented the afterlife and they get to choose who's in and who's going to hell ... or limbo ... or purgatory ... or Guantanamo Bay.
It is hard to imagine (if you can) an Heaven that really would be Heaven. No matter what treats or delights they may promise you, you are going to be there for eternity, and it's all going to become a little tiresome.

scraphamster Wales What I loved was that, though both of them had very different ideas about what happens after death, both spoke of love enduring and life continuing (in different ways) and they listened to one another with respect and compassion. A beautiful scene. Author of the Max the Detective Cat series (Nosy Crow) and Arthur and Me (Firefly Press). Rep'd by Loves guinea pigs, mysteries and singing.
lovessucrose livor mortis and rigor mortis are just what happens after death its not english its latin (+41) 36/90 sucrose enthusiast and annoyance AR55, EU, he/him, F2P
ademoraez That long conversation about what happens after death was one of the best I've seen in a long while. I watched almost a month ago and still think about it now and then. Both actors were just amazing. 🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷🇺🇲Escritor. Editor. Tradutor. Nerdão dos livros, filmes, e seriados. Ele/dele. Bolsominion nem é gente. 🐮
444luvbug ❣️b’mouth, uk (derogatory) walked past a couple discussing what happens after death and i wanna third wheel and join in 22y/o queer ND commie! • ♎︎☉♎︎☾♑︎↑ | bpd + adhd/c • anti-colonial, abolition. LANDBACK!.𓆞・.。🌿
MeaCadwell Wisconsin Ancient man created their beliefs to "solve" the mysteries of life: lightning, death, what happens after death, etc. Ancient rulers figured out they could use this to rule the people and organized religion was born. That's why there are so many gods/goddesses/religions on Earth. salus populi suprema lex esto (The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law) I block DMs and 45 cult-members.
lewtoo_osu Zagorje The reason we never die in our dreams and wake up before death instead is because we don't actually know what happens after death and do not have a mental image of it, so it results in waking up. Very cool. 19. Pro gamer / Sex haver
KivuvaFred Juja Kenya Whether you believe or don't believe in Hell and Heaven and Judgment, That is what happens after Death. The four ends of human life are; 1. Death 2. Judgement 3. Heaven 4. Hell Child of God, citizen of Heaven
00Dad_Again California, USA A "near death experience" is NOT proof of what happens after death, because—and this should be obvious—the person who had that experience did not actually die. No one has ever returned from complete and absolute brain death. No one. Writer, Educator, Science Teacher, Speaker, Free Thinker and Secular Humanist. Seeking Pathways to Healing and Ways to Live a Meaningful, Authentic Life.
J_The_Engineer_ Chicago, IL I watched midnight mass and that last episode where Erin explains what happens after death, gave me chills, because that’s exactly how I think about it. ⚛️ •Musician •Audio Engineer•A&R for 10x10
JoeMamma0469420 United Kingdom, Hull. -now, this is all my opinion and ideas and thoughts and conspiracy's, but it may be real or fake or Mabye no one knows truly what happens after death?!... I sometimes get random ideas and thoughts like this idk why but I will share more in time. I want heaven to be real but idek. ♂️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♎1️⃣7️⃣Big fan of DC,Marvel,TheWalkingDead,TeenWolf,Supernatural,PrisonBreak,The 100,Riverdale,TCAOS,TVD,TO,SDM&More!
SammStoned Michigan, USA I really wanna know what happens after death… do we get a second life or is this our only shot? If humans are as precious as they say, why would we reincarnate and be reborn again? Hippy, trippy, wild and metal! 🍄👽🤘🏻 Libra ♎️, Aries ♈️ , scorpio ♏️ 4/20 Michigan medical patient ✌🏻 Wife 💜
campbosco Joy Town, USA A4 No, we will not be completely holy in this life. What happens after death is a mystery not reveled to us through scripture. All we can hope is we get closer to complete holiness as we learn and live for Christ!! Committed Christian, Occasional Writer of Bible Studies, Retired Educator, Contented Wife, Cat-Mom (and a happy person) on Gab-
Somidotun7 Planet Earth No one knows the TRUTH about the AFTERLIFE reality, over 3k religions and each believes in a different kind of AFTERLIFE. Religion correctness is the only reason certain religion claim authenticity on the afterdeath version What happens after death? No one knows. Thinker || Good Governance Advocate || Social Commentator || E-commerce Merchant || Statistician || Freelance Writer || Customer relation Manager
johnwaynelusk Oklahomistan Yes. That's my entire point. It makes no sense to say I'm risking something and you aren't, or you're making a "safer bet" than me. That's literally impossible to determine unless you know definitively what happens after death. If you don't know, there's no safe bet, either way. Ken Burns bingewatcher. black lives matter. defund the police. proud tulsan. he/him
venomousrae 23 • she/her • witch bitch keep the friends that you can ponder the existence of hell/heaven, and what happens after death with • ♌︎♊︎♏︎ • love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart ✨ livin' for the hope of it all wife 🏹💗
cirno_perfect Jackie's Fumo Heaven //I'm alive and you're dead; I have not experienced what happens after death, so what I say is based on what I speculate on, but ultimately don't know Quality Cirno Shitposter || The official Jackie's Fumo Heaven account || Cirno Roleplayer || I also freeze frogs sometimes || Wriggle Nightbug simp
AfterDeathTrut1 What if you go on an adventure and don't make it? What happens after death? What happens to us after we die? Either we die and nothing happens or there is an afterlife. Will you make an eternal gamble? Are you ready? ーひとりじゃありません。
ihatelifeshlol he/she cw 49kg gw 40kg the thought of being dead scares me, but i’m also very suicidal and have attempted before. bc i was planning my nans funeral it made me think about what happens after death and ik it’s peaceful but it’s still scary idk if i make sense 19 | tw self harm, suicide
Good_weed7 What if god didn’t want us to know what happens after death for a reason ? I think if we knew it was a after life or something people wouldn’t mind dying and life would be a lot crazier 😳 or should I stfu and stop smoking 🤦🏾‍♂️😩
HoundMerlin The odd thing is that you think there is certainty about either position. It could anything. Nobody knows what happens after death. The important thing is that you accept and respect other people’s beliefs. Threatening people with your particular story isn’t a good thing to do. Sniffing out injustice. Loving human kindness
DrWahbeh Join us on Saturday in an online symposium to explore if death-related experiences and how they can inform what happens after death. Experts discuss near-death experiences, after-death communications, and reincarnation cases and their implications. I am the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I study nonlocal it works, and how to use it to improve our world.
BowTiedJesus Here. Now. God Morning. What happens after death? The soul travels to the astral plane of heaven or hell, in accordance with karmic impressions, expends these, and takes a new birth in a new physical form. The way out of this painful cycle of bondage is through Self-Realization. Aum Monk. Angel Investor. DeFi Dabbler. Amen.
AndreiTaranu Narnia Thinking about it, I guess one reason is that he's as close as it gets to stereotypical evil. We're super comfortable dehumanizing the dude and feel zero guilt about casting hate towards him. I don't know what happens after death, or if our judgement affects him still, but... Can't be bothered to tweet. I outsourced it to a natural language model that was trained exclusively on phonetic transcriptions of Roxette lyrics.
NibrasAdambawa Singapore - Giverny Also some books on Buddhism, if you're into philosophy, life, love, meaning, beginning of the universe, what happens after death and that kinda thing.. I recommend these books also. Banking & Fintech guy. Into art, architecture and beautiful spaces.
Wipolow Eugene, OR sometimes I think that if I sit and think hard enough I will come up with the answers of the universe and what happens after death. But I will never have the answers so I need to like, eat some cereal or something. charming, young, mindful, villain.
teamcreamyy regardless of belief about what happens after death, this life is singular in that we will never live again as the exact person we are now— with this exact combo of dna and history and desires, and being this particular synthesis of nature and nurture, and nonsense. that serpent in chameleon skin; international studies— american studies major; juris doctor. tweets sidereal vedic astrology, nba, the profound, the mundane.
aaaaa_nea Guelph, ONㅤ Can't believe it's 2021 and we as a society haven't figured out what happens after death yet a capricorn made of coffee & moodswings. (she/they)
GoToBraz1l The you find out what happens after death and it scares you so much you take your own life The best Twitter account
VoiceOfIndie USA People get caught up in living life, never giving a thought to eternity. Everyone will eventually die and find out the truth about what happens after death. Warning! No One Is Scared of Hell Until They Get There: I Have Been There by Lannie Richmond! Podcaster. Supporting indie authors, musicians & artists. Fresh Ink Group Publishing. member.
ultimatefunker she/they pfp my orchestra class talking about baby baptisms going to quantum physics and what happens after death the ultimate funker (i’m also
PrinceOfPufftop United States If I had a nickel for every time an old lady walked up to me and asked me if I knew what happens after death I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice Vidya games and anime
Xathrus3 Uk Religion is political (it tells you how to live your life) Politics is not religious (it says nothing on what happens after death) I am not religious and have been vegan for 34 years. Vegan, maths teacher, Dungeon Master
everson_jess Creswell, OR Did you know religion has 2 main purposes? Controlling the masses and helping people explain the unknowable, mainly what happens after death and the fear of that unknown. I mean, cmon a man in the sky who loves me but will send me to hell if I fall for the temptations he created.
Ritika39497662 India 🇮🇳 I am sorry to break this to you, But do you know there something called living in the PRESENT? We don't know what happens after death, rebirth and all are imagined believes and not proven. Can you all wish her bright future rather than focusing on these ideologies? PATHETIC! "You are a STAR you are a MAGIC" ✨ A big Fan of Shehnaaz Kaur Gill 👑 Above all a Human being, respecting every being on this planet earth.🙏
crisp_juliet Virginia, USA Just finished Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune. The cover is fun. I like the house. 🥴 Aw man! I can’t. I was just disappointed, that’s all. It’s ok. And some will love it. 😊 It’s a what happens after death story. Not creepy & an endearing character or 2. Knitting, books, houseplants, politics, Doctor Who. Typical pagan Boomer.

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