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Of course in a perfect world you'd have your choice of afterlife. But sadly that's not the way it works. If you want to go to Valhalla (and lets face it who wouldn't?) you need to be a practicing Viking ... don't ask me what that entails, but it seems likely it would require a lot of highly distateful raping and pilaging.

No, you don't get to choose your afterlife it comes with your religion. No religion, no afterlife. It's harsh, I know, but they (the religions) invented the afterlife and they get to choose who's in and who's going to hell ... or limbo ... or purgatory ... or Guantanamo Bay.
It is hard to imagine (if you can) an Heaven that really would be Heaven. No matter what treats or delights they may promise you, you are going to be there for eternity, and it's all going to become a little tiresome.

alltsun_nodere Seattle, WA Random bit of midnight existential terror about not actually knowing what happens after death, like what if I'm wrong and end up in hell? Addicted to heroines. Writer/Editor at Anime Feminist. Anime expert for The Daily Dot. Preschool teacher. My views are my own. She/her.
AiryManning We can argue about adjusting to morality without God, but it doesn't make God factual. There are many things that are difficult to deal with sans ultimate justice, such as what happens after death, and good and evil, but wanting answers to those questions doesn't prove anything. Lover of books and learning new things; history (especially Jewish history), culture, science, philosophy; petter of dogs, secret agnostic, Orthoprax Jew
aarias207 i’m having such a deep conversation about what happens after death and how the earth was made with my 11 year old cousin... it’s 3 AM. WHY ARE WE NOT ASLEEP im tired, and kinda hungry
jaeminsbed cgn i am so curious about what happens after death is there an incarnation? heaven and hell? is it just pitch black? i would kill myself only to find out. My curiosity is literally going to kill me i am literally dead inside
spurs_legacy AT&T Center San Antonio, TX Mine are insects, snakes, lizards, and just what happens after death not death itself. King of Spurs Twitter | | 5x | 6x | | | | I’m 20 🥳
2019_lifegoeson Any Rules should be very strict. If a person is proved guilty. Cut off his body part(Hope you know which part) and let him live in the society as an example. Don't hang him or put him in jail bcz we don't know what happens after death.
the3rdjp prolly my bed If we died would we know. I guess the true question behind that is what happens after death. But would we even know? Would our conciousness shift into the universe where whatever went wrong just didn't? And it continued to do that until we grew old and died naturally if you're ain't gonna nut up, then shut the fuck up Live. Work. Pose. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 (He/him, they/them)
fatherpiega Austin, TX Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this, can you help me to understand what happens after death? How do I know that I will be with Jesus right when I die? And what happens to babies who die young and most likely never committed a sin? Are they in hell? Catholic Priest for S.T.L. in Sacred Parochial Vicar St. Albert the Great. Striving for holiness.
demonnerve Unknown We've always said that man is not an all knowing being. There's still so much that cannot be explained. What happens after death is the greatest question and it will never be answered. The Entity is a single parental unit to one boy and one girl. We do everything Bray Wyatt related. We also cover books, movies, music and video games.
fports17 I like to believe that one day I’ll be a ghost cause I don’t know what happens after death and I have fomo
EtopaulPrecious No one knows what happens after death so at the end of the day, it all boils down to your faith and what you believe in Writer, singer, motivational speaker😋 and I'm funny too 😊
gt5841b Washington, DC Believing observable, repeatable facts is a religion. AND believing in magic because some guy said he talks to god and knows what happens after death is also religion? This is your claim? I'm not a wife or a mother. I am just myself joining in the conversation. All I want is liberty and justice for all.
chespikaa "black space where we are by ourselves..." literally where my anxiety began as a child. I was alway afraid of the inevitable and wondering what happens after death. Is there really a heaven or hell? Is there a purgatory? Or are we literally going to turn to nothing.
glossyitgirl i wonder so often about what happens after death and sometimes i wish i was certain about it so i admire people that are so strong about their beliefs 。・. ゜ ♡ ♡ ♡ ゜・。゜・。。♡ ・゜♡ ゜・ . * • LA model, fashion, 17, vegan 。・゜ ♡ 。・゜ ♡ ♡ ゜・。
ArtoriaLearns School Is this what happens after death? Your in a room with Gilgamesh and his copies? Class..Is..In..Session 🏫📝✏️🖋📌📘📓🖇📖📱🍎 (Parody Account)(Art isn’t mine) Servant:
imfallingsodeep 🇷🇸 12) Phobia: my biggest fear is dying and what happens after death (no matter how big atheist i’m) ️ 22 | 6'3 | biased yugoslav eurovision stan | attention seeker
luvhoteI nineteen • leo • loona good morning anybody wanna talk about their fears of inevitably dying and what happens after death ◌ ◌ ଘ 333 ♡ ⃗ only half evil ⌨︎ ༊ ⁺ ˖˚ .◌
OUFreeLearning We are profoundly ignorant about many things in – what happens after is just one of them. In this video and article Suzanne Newcombe discusses the question 'what happens to you after you die?' The home of free learning from Get inspired, explore subjects and study free courses—all for free. Dive in now!
Interesting_Ian England Yes of course it's innate. We just get brainwashed by the process of "education" in our modern western society to believe otherwise. I remember the total shock I felt as a young child when I asked my dad what happens after death and he just said there's nothing. Philosopher, 1st class Hons degree in history of ideas including credit areas history and philosophy of science, the mind body problem, science and religion.
CDMspiritual Everett, WA People want to know what happens after death. If you know that you are spirit and you are not your body, you have some realistic idea of what occurs after the body’s death. CDM Spiritual Center offers a safe, neutral place to re-discover your spiritual nature. Discover Self-Healing, and other spiritual information.
Pieterkoolczytz Well, people are full of shit by definition and literaly. Due to mortality and uncertainty of what happens after death they are quite short sighted and afraid which leads to all kinds of short term oriented actions like, deception, thieving, killing etc. All due to fear. Still seeking.
lesleypitman Tooting, London I got as far as “what happens...?” I got “what happens when you die?” and “what happens after death?” I don’t want to play any more. Librarian at large, with a focus on the open, the diverse and the global. Background in area studies, especially Russia and Eastern Europe. Likes to bake.
ImNateWiles Somewhere... Nobody alive knows for sure what happens after death, so I'm taking that video with a large grain of sea salt, but it does make a lot of sense, and what she's saying there is exactly what I've arrived at myself lately... IG: ImNateWiles
BigTittyBaddie California, USA I love having philosophical discussions, please slide in my dms if interested about questioning your existence and what happens after death Pro Israel, كافره
portlypassenger New Jersey, USA I am fascinated with death or what happens after death really. How life moves on and what impacts we have on our world. Looking at the gravesites of past individuals whether famous, important or forgotten can give a great insight to how society views ind… Travel couple 🌏 who focus on the plus size struggles of traveling. Dog included!
endlessspent satx I’ve been constantly worried about what happens after death and it’s literally tearing me apart. I feel so different lately like I’ll close my eyes and then impulsively think of how terrifying it could be and open my eyes and question reality neon lights.
ReaILifeDragons might fuck around and uhh find out what happens after death 🤪 he/him
mcrgallavich she/her | 14 | fuck labels this world. and even though i’m absolutely terrified of what happens after death i was willing to risk it,because i’m so tired of feeling. i even thought that if the afterlife was just darkness,that i’d be happy. or that i’d instantly reincarnate to a different being or i would painful yet brutally delicious.
BringlesW South West, England This is such an individual matter, what one considers "alive" or "living" greatly varies from person to person. The most common answer I can give is a mix of fear of the unknown, what happens after death, and the knowledge that others on earth live happily Bringles 18 He/Him Pan ❤Centrists/Terfs/Pedos beware, you're in for a scare
Silvalillly Nima, Fadama,Mamobi 🦅🦅 Lol both death and what happens after death are all known informations. People just choose to not accept it. 🤷‍♂️ here and there. 👻 - silvalillly
Kaaliyaaa Washington, USA What Happens After Death: Sadhguru and Shekhar Kapur via Interests everything including you, art, music,movies,poetry, nation building, politics, street art, travel, photography, long walk, walk the talk and LOVE.
fuckhiraki the 6 looking for that one person i can talk to about life and what happens after death w/o thinking im crazy or something i like manga and music and other shit inquires : notsosuperking
patccine you ever just minding your own business when you're suddenly hit with the realities of aging and mortality and the unknowns of what happens after death (●´∀`●) | they/she | 23 | i cosplay sometimes | into genki types apparently |
xannystan the fact that in 18 months im gonna die is making me worry about what happens after death like what if hell is real and death just causes me to suffer forever like what happens when u die how would there be nothing like how does that work like what color do u see idk im just 😳 august 8th, 2019
MPaulkovich Annapolis MD "Im glad you are so intelligent you know exactly what happens after death?" I never claimed to. But (1) the Christian guy did claim to, and (2) there's no evidence for his "heaven." It's not intelligence, it's EVIDENCE and logic. It's not an "insult" to call people out on it. Space Systems engineer, inventor, author of Beyond the Crusades. Columnist for The American Rationalist, American Atheist magazine, others.
AdonicaSS Virtual living at it's finest! I keep tweeting this over and over. "No man knows the mind of God." No one knows what happens after death. Reader, writer, teacher, thinker. Still love Twilight and all those who went down the rabbit hole before and after I did.
_Jaren21 Springfield, MA No one but god knows what happens after death and so it would be foolish to fear what one does not know. -Socrates | ig: | providence men’s soccer ‘23⚽️

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