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Of course in a perfect world you'd have your choice of afterlife. But sadly that's not the way it works. If you want to go to Valhalla (and lets face it who wouldn't?) you need to be a practicing Viking … don't ask me what that entails, but it seems likely it would require a lot of highly distateful raping and pilaging.

No, you don't get to choose your afterlife it comes with your religion. No religion, no afterlife. It's harsh, I know, but they (the religions) invented the afterlife and they get to choose who's in and who's going to hell … or limbo … or purgatory … or Guantanamo Bay.
It is hard to imagine (if you can) an Heaven that really would be Heaven. No matter what treats or delights they may promise you, you are going to be there for eternity, and it's all going to become a little tiresome.

lukereevey Sheffield & Oxford i do think about what happens after death, in fact my final paper is around death- but i am happy being gay and i would be unhappy if i were to force myself away from it- what sort of loving god would create a world where i should be shoe horned into unhappiness? & | 20 | Philosophy student | Writer/Football Department Head | Unapologetic homosexual 🌈
MKLak06 I would rather anger the human being then the Almighty Allah. The creator of the universe and everything. Think about what happens after death
TazGFX_ he/him the possibility that an afterlife doesn't exist and after I die ill just be there forever with no option to do anything, or not, really just the fact that we have absolutely no idea what happens after death is honestly terrifying to me. 🍪Proud member 💪💪 Wannabe Graphic designer (DM me on Taz(⚠May charge in the future⚠) also i play cube game Priv: // j
LadyOni70 You're right, no-one knows what happens after death, I can only go with what I think. I personally think we are reborn over and over. Souls in different bodies. I'm not Buddhist but reincarnation just strikes a chord for me. I'm into everything Japan/Japanese. According to my family, too open minded, not conservative at all.
iLikeToranDaily Dunder Mifflin That’s my favorite argument against people. I don’t know what happens after death (obviously), but even with the act of “free will.” You would think when INNOCENT mothers, fathers, CHILDREN for crying out loud are dying that the god would intervene and do something?! ZJC || Everything else - Fan of Kingdom Hearts - Lover of Pepsi Blue - Missing Andy Capp’s Salsa Fries - Founder of Easter in July
Jay0_____0 who knows The fear of death and eternity are the only things keeping me alive rn. If I knew what happens after death, I'd pull the trigger quick. She/Her. Wanna hear a joke? Too bad, I don't have one. Don't stress out about life, you die in the end anyways. Somehow on shtwt & edtwt. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ~✧。*♡◍˖⑅✿✩
dumbasspibs asleep, or dead lmao not me having a whole existential crisis because of trying to think of what happens after death and then fearing death and then 10 mins later craving being dead 20 . they/them xe/xem he/him . osomatsu-san . OMORI . danganronpa . honkai impact | welcome, i am living against my own will
S4_actual Global How do YOU know who is going to hell? People can believe in God/Creator without being sucked into a religion. This is where you people (religious) go wrong, judging folks as if you fucking know what happens after death. What if heaven and hell is between the ears of man? I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery
oluwatoyosiPete How I wish I can know someone who actually died, and comes back alive to tell us what happens after death. Like real die o confirmed dead
altrividae Outside making art anyway where are my dinosaur arm people and the tip toe walkers cmere lets talk about dragons and the possibilities of what happens after death alt, less irritating more genuine just a kid who likes dragons
chelseaehunter Australia Not saying it is completely truthful. You keep glossing over all of my other points that indicate deceit. These people also know what happens after death and are aware of the higher realms, they use this knowledge to enslave rather than enlighten. I Am a widowed healing fun fairy with a Vision of a better world. Folder of Lies:
drabbasbilgrami Hyderabad, India Who is talking about any religion? I don't understand how people talk of science and cannot see the complexity of the universe and how it's functioning! Science will never be able to prove what happens after death! Remember all these tweets will haunt you guys after death! Doctor. Always learning!
otitokoro77 You’d have to end death or at least bring clear knowledge to what happens after death to change it. No one would be religious,if death in its finality and irreversibility didn’t exist. I’m not talking about Nigeria’s material or political religiosity. I’m talking about actual one Yoruba, by choice of God. Muslim, by choice of me. Nigerian, by choice of Lord Lugard.
SGabardi1111 For everyone who doesn’t believe in God or a higher power, what do you believe about life and what happens after death? Serious question. Please be mature. Author, Epistemophilia, Empath, HSP. I love with my heart torn wide open
Gyaltsen010810 Stäfa Switzerland after JoziSA I know of much much higher states of mind that make the meaning of our human rebirth. Everyone is in the belief of knowing what love is and how to live it. But… look at our world! We need a teacher to guide us out of all suffering, one who directly sees what happens after death. Practitioner/monk of the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche & his New Kadampa Tradition-International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU) to benefit others.
kyameiko gay bitch society its not even like j want to die bc i have no idea what happens after death (if there even is an "after") its just i dont want to be in this universe, im not mentally strong enough and i dont want to be, someone do s/t b4 i do (start killing ppl) 55555555 4444444 im black nb
Pete_technician Lagos, Nigeria I'd really like to know what happens after death, like is there life after all this, or when one leaves their memories are wiped clean and then sent to a new born (which might possible be the reason for all these Deja Vu feelings and reincarnation stories. Facility Maintenance Technician, Computer Technician, Engineering, Cert•Marketing, Entrepreneur, , Aspiring family man🌟 Problem Solving Mindset.
arikeOkinn Ozzy's post about pms sadness awakend me to why I have been feeling so miserable these past days. I almost forgot this was a regular thing. We never get used to the madness of PMS. I went as far as wishing suicide wasn't a sin this afternoon and wondered what happens after death I sell jewelry and accessories at wholesale (Eko/Idumota) price.
GlobalExposal Everest Wtf is the religious community? People who got tricked into believing other human beings ideas of what happens after death? People need to return to being normal and everything will be fine. Hunt/ garden / provide your own, focus on the things that truly are important Stop the global integration of political structures
LainKaplan NEPA Any deity that consigns some people to a place of eternal torment isn’t a deity I would ever worship. Also, I’m Jewish, and we do not have the same ideas about what happens after death as Christians. TESOL professional, academic, Magic player trying every day to make the world better. They/them pronouns. Watch how fast and easily I block profa.
drjkyll_mrhyde So an afterlife, we don’t ‘know’ what happens after death and so those beliefs can’t be easily disproven. Therefore provides the most ideal opportunity for happiness and peace that fits our reality as we know it . radfem | arab
Shalinimodi1272 New Delhi, India The unknown always scares us is why death is intimidating as no one knows for sure what happens after death. Therefore, immortality and nectar has always been coveted. My book- Seven Immortals, Immortality - A curse or a boon, is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle. I am an author and enthusiast of our old scriptures like Vedas, Puranas. I am an astrologer and run an NGO.
KailinLembke Lakewood, CA I'm so sad what do you do when evil wins...when torture wins....have you seen what is happening around the's like we are doomed....can't we just live in a safe world....with the war going on nobody is safe....and it's scary...what happens after I meant to I love beauty, effective mental/emotional techn., organizing and planning my days,life, routine....I sale avon....1(562)507-8940
RedMountainMama They’ve opened my eyes to many truths about creation, our history, the love of God, why God flooded the earth, what happens after death etc. I found them very good! Especially Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, and Edras. Definitely a must read. Got kicked of Twit many times. I’m back now to see how long I last. 😂 Registered democrat who identifies as an UltraMAGA 🤷🏻‍♀️
BullMoonRising United States If a nation needs resources they have global trade. Killing each other over who thinks they know what happens after death is neanderthal stupid. It's 2022. We should have ZERO war. We are not apes. All those women and children dying for no reason whatsoever. Just pathetic. Shining a bright spotlight on the pain, misery and death caused by our irrational selfish lockdowns. History will judge us accordingly.
kos_trouble my papa house The verse u mentioned gere begins with BUT. Please read the verses before it, you’ll understand that he was teaching his disciples and decided to end the parable with what happens after death.. the bible has never in any way preached against killing those who are not believers. I just wantu be happy jare..
arshadsidd77 Next Generation : Be a PML(N) supporter or better join that party and you will be free from all the laws of the land for life ! but what happens after death , that will be the true justice
onlylildestinyy DESSY WORLD im not scared to die , im scared of when & how imma die cause i wanna live for a long time and im scared of what happens after death cause nb really know fr instagram : onlylildestiny lash page :dessyxminks
rose07611960 Alberta, Canada That was illusion and self deception. We have no way of knowing what happens after death. Preachers don’t either. Making up a magical ending won’t make it true. Protect public healthcare, education, the mountains, and everything the UCP is trying to destroy. She/her
WowAnAltAccount minor Heavy question meant in a more lighthearted way- How often do you feel like you died at some point in time and that this is what happens after death? That none of this is real? ⭐ wwdits & ofmd brainrot ☀ An alt only used for hyperfixations ☀ sun/star/he/it ☀ any others are fine just not preferred! ⭐
Mando_Says At the WarpGate That’s religion’s only purpose. It’s a tool to control the weak minded who are afraid of what happens after death. They sell their morals and cast aside critical thinking just for the lie of living happily ever after in the afterlife. Living life one day at a time / Co-creator of 🛸
leendelo Guanghan They must just cut his manhood, and have him watch it burn sngaphela phela haibo!!! No one knows what happens after death cabanga person gets to rest and the poor child will leave with such trauma for the rest of her life!!! God's child! Called to serve the Most High God. A living testimony Call me Blessed and Favored much👑 Go getter👣 A Laoshi in China 🇨🇳
KumarArun11710 Jaspur, Uttarakhand What is the truth of life and death, what happens after death and where a person go after his death know the answer of the questions like this with proof. Just download A single, believe in supreme and eternal God and proud to be an Indian.😀
xenorrj he/they | infp | 18 lmaoo, like one minute i'm all i wanna die then i start to think abt what happens after death and have a panic attack. your platonic bff . . . 💭 ²⁶ ' ¹⁰
hopekins01 Lagos, Nigeria Death itself is the most peaceful experience we are going to have in this life, What happens after death is debatable. The more the agony of life, like sickness and mental illness, the sweeter the death experience. Think about the thirsty dear, approaching a brook. Contact me for free e-books and check my pinned tweet
iERAorg London 2/ It is however a topic that will inevitably come up when inviting people to After all, the only thing guaranteed in life is death. But what happens AFTER death? Where is our final destination? Is there a heaven and hell? iERA - Islamic Education and Research Academy - is dedicated to sharing the beautiful message of all over the world.
BenefactrChurch Verifiable evidence for what happens after death is essentially non-existent, so all possibilities are equally likely. For all we know, God might save atheists and send everyone else to eternal torment. The Benefactor offers a valuable benefit to those who join his church and maintain a pure state of faith in him, You must be a member to receive the benefit...
mirai_a0 it's so funny -- sometimes i take personality tests for my characters and the ones who are specifically related to the reaper story i'm working on -- sometimes there will be questions in tests that are like "you spend time think about what happens after death" and its like WELL 27 - any - Writer. (Icon/Banner: Just one of those melodramatic fools. 🥀🪦
PerceptionPara Calgary, Alberta That took a minute to decide, between Alien and Ghost. But in the end, Ghost so I can glean insight as what happens after death. Aliens may never interact with is during my lifetime, so it would have less of an impact I think. We Cover Everything Paranormal! Investigations, Interviews, Reactions, Discussions and even Spoof Paranormal Comedy
CryptMidwest Wichita, KS The mysteries of the universe … The Beginning of the Universe, what happens after death and the grand chicken question. 😂 Lover of all things horror. 😈 Jason, Michael and Freddy are my trinity of horror. Married w/ children & 3 dogs 🐶. Love my ❤️
Wallytheweeb1 hee/hee I don't think it is in the human capabilities to truly know what happens after death. I do however know one thing, to my current understanding I exist. The idea of me is here on this very earth and I absorb things through my five senses. Oi there i'm wally just a Kenyan American boi who will probably steal your nutella,I watch anime and do other stuff pretty epic ,btw
ladywithapen Kansas Jesus accepted that thief on the cross and I fully believe everybody gets a “last call” moment we have no freaking idea what happens after death anyway Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes! Into reading, music, nerdy stuff, my husband and our seven (7) cats. She/her/hers
HyperEnt_ my own head You forget not everyone gives a fuck about your views on what happens after death 😬 we are all going to hell, heaven doesn't exist and your opinion doesn't mean anything when you're burning right beside us for your own sins 😂 🎮horror games in a dark room with a good headset🎮 24/she-her/multishipper NSFW content shared here MINORS DNI |am married my sweets|
GlobalExposal Everest I feel like society or over socializing is terrible for humans. When humans are around large groups and live around many others bad things happen. Corruption Evil Nonsense Stupid meaningless things Believing in lies and other peoples ideas of what happens after death Etc Stop the global integration of political structures
NC7983 Wellesley, MA They did not have an advanced writing system. We have no way to know their spirituality. It does seem as man developed he/she had to ponder, why am I here, why do things happen, and what happens after death. Who know what the brains of earliest 🧌could comprehend beyond survival My Twitter account for econ, history,business, stock market, politics etc My original Twitter acct was nancyis now devoted to birds & gardening
StevenJTrapp Cleveland, OH I find it useful to consider what happens after death and what our place in the universe is. There are limits to knowledge by reasoning but we must examine to truly let go.
ThingsAboutGod The Word of God is the Foundation of Knowledge What Happens After Death? – Herbert W Armstrong – The World Tomorrow Telecast Greetings, you have loved ones who have died, where are they now, are they seeing you, are you going to see them again and when and how, do… ~ Family, education, religion, prayer, faith, forgiveness, pleasure, work, friends, happiness, hope, prosperity, success, courage. World News and Bible Prophecy.
diamandisjewels reading about my 8th house alignment and it said ppl with jupiter in that house tend to be very fascinated with what happens after death… i spent 2 years writing a research paper about that wtf + why be a wallflower when you can be a venus fly trap
pitbullperez305 Miami Beach, FL We don't know what happens after death that's the truth, nor do we understand consciousness enough yet. Your sentence seems meaningless to me, except to try to highlight the brutal division that the religious make against the non-religious and the human will to escape death. Mister Learner & Investor
tohoku_taig Japan The old questions of my agnostic relativist days are back. How do I know Christianity is true and not any other religion? How do I know religion isn't simply nice stories we tell ourselves? How can we possibly know God, if he does, exist and what happens after death, if anything? Catholic American living in Japan

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