How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

What happens when you die?

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil?

It's decision time ... move towards the light ... move away from the light.

Well of course most scientists will tell you that the light is simply an effect caused by your eye being slowly starved of oxygen. But what would they know?

Gadfly222 No such thing as an atheist Only wannabe tyrants angry that they cant control everyone & everything. And asking what happens when you die is a good question, because the answer is highly dependent on what kind of person you are today. So spare us your sophistry
meaningfulfilm Bath, England We'll be screening our Documentary 'What Happens When You Die?' on 15th May in Bath. Tickets are FREE and available via the link - Meaningful Films is a Video Production Company creating films that make a difference in the corporate, education & charity sectors across the UK.
GFerro65 Minneapolis,MN/Red Bluff, CA Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. He had a wonderful way describing what happens when you die. He described the universe as a big house. And when you die you're basically going from one room into another. You're not gone you're just in another room. ♀️Unruly Woman 👱‍♀️Tweeting & will mouth off My opinions. *Insomnia👀 Vote Blue! ✌😇💒🛐🙏💋💗🌊😺 I am real.
ofmanypencils FC: Alex Calvert "Please, Lacious. What's gonna happen when we want to have a family huh? And then our children won't get to see their dad because he's off with another case with Sam and Dean? What happens when you die /again/ and you're not brought back? I want /you/!" 🧸age: 16.
HeathenYoutube dropping acid for the first time was a life changing experience. I truly loved it. Very eye opening. My beliefs in what happens when you die and whats out there have completely changed. ❤Radical ❤Resident cringe music maker and H1Z1 player. Sometimes I film youtube videos.
woodlakechurch Bixby and Glenpool, OK Tomorrow morning we wrap up our series 'End Game'! If you've ever wondered what happens when you die, come join us! Services are 8:30am, 10am, & 11:30am at Bixby and 11am at Glenpool. loving God. loving people.
peterfromguam Pennsylvania, USA 💯💯 don’t nobody have a say over what happens when you die but God and you. Fuck what everybody else thinks of you ♈️ | te amo siempre, mijita
Cryptic__Rodent I hope when I have nieces and nephews they ask me about death and stuff because I know exactly what happens when you die,,, hi, come in
DamnGoodKid Everywhere Do you know what happens when you die? " this priest said to me, "Well yes, " I replied, "The kids will argue over my shit, the wife will probably shag my brother again , and everybody who thinks I am a proper cunt will go round telling my family what a great bloke I was Middle Child
simplyysweeeet my coworker and i had a super deep conversation about religion and death on our lunch break and now i can’t stop thinking about what happens when you die and then i started thinking that i’m gonna die one day and I’m having a panic attack sup
UnitronSSB Texas, USA I used to have nights that kept me up like that nonstop. I had force my brain into thinking shit like "you gotta think about how living life right now is, and not what happens when you die. Life's too short for that shit" mentality SSBU Fox main. Wolf/DK secondary. I also play a lot of Clone Hero and upload it to YouTube. I make charts for Clone Hero about once a year lmao.
____Roar____ The truth is you don't know what happens when you die. Me - my body will go to the ground and become worm food. Yum-yum! Humanist fighting for Earth & all of her inhabitants. If we don't care 4 her-we don't care 4 our future. It matters. We need better public education in the US!
AtheistIgnorant Tampa, GL People who dishonestly claim knowledge of the universe and tell me that they "know" what happens when you die, then try to pretend it's NOT a self-centered lie.
horrorwhoreee Hell the day cole passed, when i was saying goodbye, i made a point to tell him that he’d actually get to find out the ultimate truth...he’ll know the truth of what happens when you die, and i’ll never know until it’s my time, and by the looks of it god has tons more torture fr me.. Witch, Artist, and Demonologist 💀🖤👻 Use my code HEX.DEMON when shopping on for discounts 🤪
WaywardWillis Missouri, USA And dad jokes about what happens when you die while being sacrificed to a deity in whom you don't believe? Two atheists discussing religion, society, and pop culture. Follow too! Tune in wherever you get your podcasts.
Russel510 Los Angeles, CA “This is what happens when you die, that is what happens when he dies, and that is what happens when they die. It’s all very personal...” gonna have ready in time for Free Comic Book Weekend at… Full-Time Artist, Recovering Alky, Former Rap Video Director & Hollywood Assistant who now just critiques anything I see in less than 140 characters.
AaronsClarion Oh sure just make anything up you want and say this is what happens when you die. Get real ✝️=❤️ John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” *********** YouTuber ***********
SKgunning Baltimore And ideas about what happens when you die, and souls, spirits, matter and energy. Religion’s role in cultures, stories. Lore as starting points in science. Angels, demons, ghosts and personal ways of knowing, then testing & what is evidence, arriving at consensus. Was neat. Asst Professor Gypsy. Calendars. MTA. Bostons. Libraries. Grocery stores. Camping. Outside. Alum of
Adam_Kuch Virginia, USA I'm sure your belief is more complex than this statement. If one person says "I don't know what happens when you die", and another says "When you die, you get reincarnated as a cloud on Jupiter", the "answer" isn't something you should then immediately believe. Cartographer, draftsman, videographer, graphic artist, writer. Fearlessly curious.
kookcrackers South Carolina, USA It would behoove you to pay attention. Not for what happens when you die, but so that you carry knowledge on a subject that so many innocently died because of. This worlds going to shit and you’ll have to live in it first. Be scared of that. III%, USFA, Jaded, Warped, and all the things that makes a man a little off.
WendyLite4one The Heartland - USA - Two sentences, as written, misrepresent the information:. Sentence 1: "A lot of people describe a sensation of separating from themselves and... Host & Blog Wendy's Coffeehouse and Conscious Living: Metaphysics, Paranormal, UFO, Unexplained. Intuitive, Author/Talking to Nightlights. Stay curious.
karen_maginnis South East, England I had this too - ‘what happens when you die’ and ‘what’s a brain tumour’ were 2 of the worst questions my son’s class of 5/6yr old asked me! 🙈 their teacher stepped in to brush over those questions luckily! Clinical Support Facilitator member of Education, Learning & OD team, implementing new clinical apprenticeship pathway. All views my own.
DaddyJeezus the fortnite island lololol Lol imagine religions and atheism have been built up for eons with nobody really knowing what happens when you die, and then when you die you find out was right the whole time el problemo?
23yrsdumb Resuscitation is a choice. It is a choice to bring someone BACK to life. Resuscitation is what happens when you die, and then medical staff do cpr & push medication & shock your heart. The chance of surviving this is low, surviving without brain damage is even lower. registered nurse working in medical research- drug & device clinical trials. my dog is cooler than the average dog. grad student. 23. she/her
Eikaril Imperio Gay CDMX Sometimes I think about death, and I have this idea of what happens when you die, I mean it must be something beyond life, right? Sometimes I really feel the need to do something about it, and be able to find the right way to achieve that knowledge. Sometimes like this... I am heterosexual but I do not exercise it | Fool for love | Law student | Linguist | Politics | Music Lover | I like girls, in a gay way.
AndrewFTL iPhone: 25.826904,-80.280922 I though the ending was great. Tony dies. He was shot by the guy wearing a brown members only jacket at the diner. Every time the door opens and the camera shows who comes in it’s from Tony’s perspective. Remember when Bobby and tony talk about what happens when you die?
RefluxCitadel_R New York, USA A perk from dying would be I finally get to know life's biggest mysteries: what happens when you die? I'd assume it's just lights out, all done, but maybe I get to go somewhere else. Life attempts to avoid danger for all it', and at the end of it, where else can it go. -17 -Non-Binary -Game Dev -Minecraft is my fucking life -Nature -INFP -Aspiring Astrophysicist -Cobble Stone House

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