How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

What happens when you die?

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil?

It's decision time ... move towards the light ... move away from the light.

Well of course most scientists will tell you that the light is simply an effect caused by your eye being slowly starved of oxygen. But what would they know?

JAK80014 Aurora, CO Last night run with Jango and this is what happens when you die falling onto a chest 🤣🤣🤣🤣 NO MORE TORSO! Hahaha See you on Enoch!

theminhoney —we die? How do you think the world was created? Me: Well you when you die you probably just die but I wouldn’t count out reincarnation because no one truly know what happens when you die. Also no one truly knows how the world and people were created so I can’t give an answer— Stray Kids is my ult and I love Lee Minho with all my heart!💕(Fan Account) - They/Them - White - 26 - 16+ - BLM - Private: - Bisexual/Demisexual

drunkdialerr Terrassen So what happens when you die and you don't accept 🤔 She/they .Drummer . Reader. Feminazi. Cityzen. Admiral in Rihanna's Navy. Sagitterrorist.

PinkRangerLyra American Christianity is wild because there’s supposed to be this super powered God and instead of a force for social change he’s, what, a self help guru who tells you you have no social responsibility and makes you feel better about what happens when you die? That’s it? Tiny God Chiefest and greatest of calamities. Here to transplain Constitutional Law for the horny masses, trans, leftist Christian. She/her.

idoser NYC and what happens when you Explore (Out of Body), Death Experiences), and Leads Mindfulness Music Industry 15+ Years with 10 Million Users. Top Producer of ASMR, Hypnosis, Binaural, Subliminal Music.
elytragogy who am i without you? and when Ghostbur is there and we learn more about what happens when you die? because Ghostbur isn't around anymore after Tommy finished Wilburs symphony and Karl mentioned something about ghosts in an alt stream - it's a haunted mansion i beg main: ‘super lore person’ 19 they/them

cocacolaclout she/her there was a philosopher who did this, I forgot his name tho, he spent his entire life thinking about what happens when you die and then in the end just did it to find out open up wide and say pog for daddy

__ivousvois If there ever was a choice between dying and living, would you take it? Say someway you find out what happens when you die, and it’s not a scenario you wouldn’t totally be opposed to, would you choose life or death? Man Of Industry. Sic Parvis Magna.

TheOtherGuy1 The very existence of your question "how do you know what happens when you die" DIRECTLY APPLIES to "God". How do all those people who had very clear motives to control large amounts of people suddenly know what happens when you die. And why are they so different from eachother If you think they're bloody, you should see the other guy.

bbkchicago Chicago, IL, Detroit Mi if you are wrong about what you believe you are in danger of Hellfire.. what happens when you die and you do not fall into an unconscious sleep? Romans 6:6-23  6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we shou

PeaSlut That sounds like what happens when you die and enter the gates of heaven god won’t let me die

LovedayWright Berlin / heart in UK Death is one of life's only certainties - and we can do it better. In Germany, even what happens when you die is governened by rules and regulations. It was so lovely to meet this inspiring undertaker encouraging people to make the process their own. Journalist, editor, translator. Mainly
roze_artz He/Him,They/Them|Minor And also"what happens when you die" by Emily Dicknison Its a very aesthetic and poetic poem about death.Basically an adventure of a woman Hi!!Im CherryRoze Artz Im a animator/(fan)artist and also have a YouTube channel clingytwt•sleepytwt•benchtwt•crimeboystwt•

taylorcabreraa And if it’s not real then what happens when you die bad girl 🤬

RuckUpmedia Have you ever had a love one about to pass? What emotions or thoughts go through your mind? Gloria has helped numerus people over her 30 years as a life transition coach. She will come and speak with everyone including the person who may be RuckUp Podcast is geared towards everyone, we challenge people to be happy and safety in the everyday stuff the world throws at us.

thundersuckles Death Ramps Dr.Who Blaenavon he deserves another few years of being constantly brought back from the dead, maybe he can be of use and tell us all what happens when you die The past isn't dead, it isn't even past she/her

b_orzy Philadelphia, PA for me, thinking about how awful it's been living through a pandemic is almost if not on par with thinking about what happens when you die. if I think too hard or too much about either, a very pungent sense of existential dread (and I do mean DREAD) ensues. sigh PhD student • lover of (physical) organic/green chem ♻, EDM & plants • outspoken • qSTEM 🏳️‍🌈 • he/them • opinions are my own • 757 • nueva edición

Fuck1tyBye Wiradjuri land Ronan: What happens when you die? Declan: Well, when your heart stops beating, I guess your soul leaves your body, and-- Ronan: No, I mean what happens when YOU die. Declan: Ronan: Do I get your money? "We've fucking time travelled, yes?" they/them

Lepaulido1 What happens when you die and you have a twittr. Like what happens to your profile. League: NA DOGGY 🌹

JohannesTEvans Galway, Ireland there are in universe studies into what happens when you die but it's widely regarded as a deeply complex and personal thing and necromancy is viewed as a very complex science treated by many as a perversion bc of this 18+. author and lego enthusiast. cymru am byth. gay. trans. dandy. he/him. i write books full of queer and trans characters. buy them to make a bigot sad

scizocreator Did you exist before you lived. No! This is what happens when you die. You don’t exist. You only exist in others memories. So live whilst you are alive. And when you die you will be in eternal peace. I apologise to everyone in advance, if I upset or offend anyone. Please do not take anything I say too seriously. They tell me I am mentally ill.

thebraxsherry Punxsutawney, PA And imagine what happens when you die, more money.

keepermemorials infoOur favorite death-aware game, published a blog containing practical advice for people caring for a recently deceased loved one’s pet. After reading the post, we started thinking: Who will care for our pets when we die Keeping Memories Alive. Keeper online memorials are a simple way to preserve, celebrate and share a loved one's legacy.

LetsKillBlitzo "I wonder what happens when you die a second time. I can't wait to check it out!" He raised the shotgun and aimed it at her head. 𝙈𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙞𝙨 𝙈𝙊𝙓𝙓𝙄𝙀 Second Account:
hamanegg1983 If you want to learn about God look at sacred Geometry and the flower of life also the Golden ratio don’t bother with Christianity which is old men telling you they know what happens when you die. No one knows love the jam tarts, 2 people call me dad. Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 crypto and stock investor

Smartsheila Boambee, NSW, Australia You know that time before you were conceived? No? Well that’s what happens when you die. So live now and enjoy as this is it, folks! Photographer. Ex Getty B&W Spider Awards Photographer 2005. Love cooking. Wonderful husband. Staff to 2 British blue cats. Atheist. Guest on Gumbaynggirr land

BarkBarkGrr My religion is when Billy Joel's daughter asked him what happens when you die and he said "I think we go into each others hearts" and wrote "goodnight my angel" for her Neil Gaiman said idiot rights. / if you would like to refer to me using pronouns that's fine by me 🐕 I'm not probably a dog.

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