How not to live your life
Are you Mad?

What happens when you die?

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil?

It's decision time ... move towards the light ... move away from the light.

Well of course most scientists will tell you that the light is simply an effect caused by your eye being slowly starved of oxygen. But what would they know?

thatcardsharp Las Vegas What happens when you die and your pet is left alone, wondering why you’re never coming back? And then your pet has to live with that depression forever because it cannot die? :: Las Vegas :: Enby pan, pop culture junkie :: Comics, movies, cats, cosplay, & bicycles :: Pfizer 💉:: nonbinary, any pronouns 💖💛💙

rpaulsen1982 Careful when she starts talking about "our crypto" and "what happens when you die I need your passwords".

CarouselColt I checked in with the QR code at officeworks walked in and it was ...gone Just a giant void with no one in there. This is what happens when you die without being baptized. Officeworks limbo. CC • Queer boi • He/him • Twentysomething • Studying Bachelor of Science (Honours) •

RimeLovesU Dying Mhm, so is Anisa. Ah yes he is, that’s kinda what happens when you die though. You lose all your warmth and you’re as cold as a corpse from then on. You know what’s hot? Me. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ You know what’s sexy? Me. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ ‼️SFW‼️ Character belongs to: /
blakey_les 30 theories about what happens when you die nope ya croak and what is done is over. no punishment, no applause or welcome through the pearly gates. you as all carbon matter ya either rot or burn both the same in reality. stop looking theres nowt else. I am alive

chercher_ai 🥭 Laziness, you're up next L: ok fine. This is the Angel's wing that we'll never get because we're too lazy. And why is that? L: because we're afraid of what happens when we die Do you know what happens when you die? L: I guess not, I've just heard stories ☯︎ young bodhisattva in training

rationalnik 🌽🌽🌽 Hey dipshit, that happened decades ago. Last I checked, the past don’t affect the present, and you’re talking about prisoners ffs. Also, what happens when you die? Since you don’t believe in god I’m here to have fun, insert my opinion, and hopefully find love...and also make Twitter fun again by not making it personal

TyrelleHumphre4 Pittsburgh Pa The simple fact that people are as dumb as they are honestly and when I be watching stuff like this I feel it in my soul and it makes me think why we aren’t taught important stuff like who are we why we here what happens when you die but no teach us some math I’ll never use NoFeelingsAttached Ig:Benji.nfa Let me vent in peace Top libra 10/20🥺

hyuckulfi any prns cbyf in my flop era i guess this is what happens when you die for months and then change your entire account left pixelfucking to become a whenever-i-feel-like-it troll conspiracy account

Solar_Transform UK Guess that what happens when you die and get revived Transformers geek, G.I Joe, Sci-fi stuff. Gaming nerd! Friendly! Bi, he/him! call me Solar posts On This Day In almost daily private account:
RhoadesLeasa Your delusional. Your religious rambling is nonsense and I don’t believe in any religion. If you think religion is going to save you you’re wrong- you know what happens when you die- lots of things- but none of it will ever involve you. Get a grip. Scroll on - live in Colorado❄️ have been kicked of FB permanently 😁 love politics, happily married 💕I don’t sugar coat shit. Morals matter

TruthHu60629661 Keep up please. That was in relation to justifying morals. Crucial question is reason for being here and what happens when you die Truth

jrimer2008 Woodland hills, California tech blog So … What Happens when you die? What will happen to your crypto currency?: OK, I know its not a subject we want to talk about, and I recently signed paperwork for myself should something happen and I need medical care. But what… check it out! I like to have fun, hang out, tech nerd, blogger, more. Learn more at my web site. Keep in touch.

BipolarRunner Glasgow If we had only knew then what we know now however it would be nice to think that theory of consciousness is right and you, Calum and Ian will get a chance to ride those bikes together again. Engineer consultant in Med Ed/Tech, crap artist with strong interest in consciousness research as well as altered states. Masters Champ but flaky runner.

GlobbizAll Atlanta, GA With all due respect God does not take us. God love us so much. That is not what that scripture means. If you're open to doing a bible study we can. Not my opinion, let's go to the Word and see what He says about what happens when you die. My sincerest condolences to the family. Global Business Alliance: Our mission is to help families from all walks of life build a solid financial future on a global scale that's recession proof.

Vampire_Lily Michigan, USA My friend Kasumi is DEEP. Like... So she explained to me her theory of life and death, why it exists, how it exists, what happens when you die, and her conclusion was: Artist. Writer. Developer. Gamer. Goth. Fulltime Spoopy Vampire.

quicksprivate England, United Kingdom cant agree with you more, you have 1 life and fuck knows what happens when you die so you need to get out ur comfort zone and commit to things that you’d be scared to do usually 75,000 on yt

egirlgf Sometimes I have to look at my peers and respect them as humans knowing they base their whole existence around a fairy tale book because they’re scared of what happens when you die show feet

Rev_fultz Gallipolis,Oh You seem to be very full of yourself what happens when you die and you find out you were wrong? I'm a Minister, Polyglot, New Christian Party of America, Writer, Father, Husband, Messianic Jew who loves his wife and children. 🇺🇸 I do follow back.

mina_trophil Punjab, Pakistan Living away from home literally makes you miss every family gathering,every event. At first people notice your absence and then ultimately they become used to your absence they're ok with you not being among them. That's exactly what happens when you die. Exactly!!!! ~Guide us to the straight path~(1:6) 💊⚕

PyardF Neither you or the greatest scientist in the world knows what happens when you die. Someone would have to come back and tell about it...oh wait...Someone did. I like people, places, things and events. I also enjoy doing stuff.

NicoleCLindsay I actually feel really strongly about this. We tell our kids shots hurt. We tell them we don't know what happens when you die. And we tell them Santa isn't real. Our top priority is that they trust us, which puts a lot of pressure on us to honor and deserve that trust. Writer, artist (she/her). Married sex-pos ace and 🏳️‍🌈 ally. BLM. Anxiety up the whazoo. Come feel weird with me and we'll see where this goes 🖤

ChrisSawyer1994 London Even weeks later, I’m still thinking about the scene in Midnight Mass where Erin and Riley talk about what happens when you die. That scene was INCREDIBLE Game Dev Student at UEL. Witcher fanatic. He/him.

thenikkibus Texas like the season begins with a line about what happens when you die, how you probably don't even hear it. And it ends with a cut to black and silence after a paranoid scene where you're meant to suspect something is about to happen to Tony... don't need a degree to interpret that. Marine science and policy communications person. Professional in Knowing Too Much about the Gulf Coast. Recovering newspaper reporter. I write science for you.

ArzaErastus Gilbert, AZ Deluded bunch of old men who think they know what happens when you die, and that they’re “good.” Plus, I love the humble brag about “leave me out of it” but sister Holland is good (without me, knowing that they believe she can’t get there without him. Oh, the pomp! Refugee of an oppressive cult and a failed political ideology. Ally 🏳️‍🌈. Black Lives Matter. Squad stan.

AishaThegoddess United States I made a video on youtube that explores that concept of what happens when you die but it ended up being more of a map of the spirit world. Check it out and i’ll do a more detailed after life video soon! Spiritual gangsta doin time in a body here to learn and add to the collective ☀️ Intuitive Tarot Reader ☀️ Energy Healer ☀️ Certified Spiritual Counselor

ThaPoeticNomad If and don't win Emmys for their "What happens when you die " convo on the Lamentations episode of so help me god. One of the best scenes I've ever scene A poetry, music and film enthusiast sharing my musings on life, art and humanity as I travel the path laid before me.

NormanDunbar Leeds, UK What is it with gods botherers? They think everyone has to worship something? Orgsnised politics us as dangerous as organised religion. And no-one even mentioned politics until you brought it up. What happens when you die? Tell me? He/Him. Oracle DBA, Toad MVP, developer, husband, geek, not a dad, open source contributor, McLaren/Mercedes F1 fan. Author: 'Arduino Software Internals'.

LKSfanpage Every wondered what happens when you die? It can be confusing, so we made a whole page about it! Now you’ll know a little more about the specifics of what happens when Corobo and citizens fall in battle! Uniting any & all lovers of Little King’s Story / 王様物語. We RT fanart & streams (tag us!), share news, update the Wiki & more! Ask us anything. Join the Discord!

CosmicHatter USA That whole speech from in at the end is legitimately the best non-religious (yet not anti) "what happens when you die" I've ever heard and I honestly think about it daily. The writing here 😭 poetically logical or logically poetic? Beautiful. Ty for this🌌 ☆Musician☆dancer☆backyard astronomer☆bi☆married☆Learning 🇨🇵&🇸🇪☆af☆fika champ☆♊♉♑♏ she/her/ella/hon

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