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What is Death>

Death is an enigma wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a rice-paper roll and served on a bed of rocket.
Many people have tried to investigate what happens when you die and they have lost thier lives in the process. How many of us have promised to come back and haunt our worst enemies only to reneg at the last moment.

MagnifMidlife London, UK "Some people will remember the deaths they’ve been at and then they’ll say, I thought what we saw when my mum died was unusual because it was so peaceful." Read here : Changing the way the world and women ourselves view menopause and aging. The first half was just a rehearsal! Join the movement!
IK10265370 Islamabad, Pakistan i ask u a question 'what is death and infection ratio of people under 17' ??
ldkkei Saigon, Vietnam What is bad? What is good? What should one love, what hate? Why live & what am I? What is lie, what is death? What power rules over everything? He asked himself. And there was no answer to any of these questions except one, Every 60 seconds there is a cunt posting a positive message that they don't live by
GrzegorzHimself What is our Duty? To serve Emperor's Will! What is Emperor's Will? That we fight and die! What is death? It is our Duty!
acient_thug Nairobi, Umoja *What Is Love?**Love is when your husband catches you naked with another man and still say baby dress up let us go home.**What Is Death?**Death is when you agree to follow him..*.. 🤣🤣😀😂😂😋😎Ma l increase volume ladies ❤ ⅈ ᗅℳ ℕᝪᝨ ᗅ ℛⅈℂℍ ℙℰℛՏᝪℕ ℬႮᝨ ᗅ ℛᝪℽᗅℒ ℊႮℽ👑
zaynsupremacyaf beachwood cafe about? (p. 5) 4. What is Death’s failure and mistake? (p. 5, 6) 5. How does the image of the snow affect the mood of this scene? (p. 5) 6. Who is the book thief and what can you say about her character after reading Beside the Railway Line? (p. 5-8) 7. Why does the boy give the ot5 | directioner | she/her | minor
kHoshgeldin__ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯None of your Business Don't worry you'll meet him 😊 And you won't even be able to fight ... Btw what is death ? According to your tiny brain Spirit of gypsy💫 ,wear socks with flip flops, born stubborn😙 part time witch😎, love Allah💓😘islam is my identity, humanity my religion💁
alicealicjajone Fairfax Station, VA U.S.A. We can learn to make other choices, and those choices will set us free. There is a better way! A better way to live and a better way to die. What is death anyway, but transitioning back to the state from which we came; transitioning back to Spirit. Author of OWN YOUR POWER Teacher/Practitioner, Rays of Healing Minister, "A Course in Miracles" Facilitator
el_jaafary__ Nigeria What is LOVE??? Love is when your husband catches you naked with another man and still say baby dress up let us go home... What is death?? Death is when you agree to follow him. 🤣💔 Allah first student proudly Pharmacist
ernestgvalenci1 'The Corpse of Ana Fritz' freaks you out about morgues/the idea of cremation and what is death... ValenciaCF, writer/righter, cyclist, hiker, tin smithing artist. With a unique voice & unorthodox style, I write weird. Bohemian pantser, worlds best Paella.
Christie_Malry flavortown What is your Duty? To serve Emperor's Will. What is Emperor's Will? That we fight and die. What is Death? It is our duty. Anarcho-Communist, police disliker, completely and fundamentally agreeing with everything you say not an endorsement Ace/Pan They/Them
79thfa Independence, KS I have dealt with death most of my life luv, nothing to be ashamed of. What is life without death, and what is death without life? My beliefs get me through moments like these, and I accept that not everyone thinks like me. That's ok, such is IDIC. Be at peace my friend💗 service connected disabled vet. 🌊🌊🌊🌊
youngeisendrath What is Death? Why Do We Fear It? Making Deeper Contact is a one-of-a-kind retreat featuring video and live virtual sessions 12/5-21. It will “turn upside down” your usual way of seeing things and change how you think about everything. MORE: Author | Speaker | Therapist | Teacher | Relationship Expert Podcast ENEMIES: From War to Wisdom "Love between Equals"
Takunda77871201 Harare, Zimbabwe the ritual one drop of chaos one spoon of resentment and a thorn deep within the flesh and it comes out. Melancholy, dire deep disturbed but not disfigured one could only hope its made up unfortunately its as real as sin can it be killed perhaps ,but what is death life is suffering but if you find meaning then you find purpose and maybe life becomes a little less miserable. your on your own in this life...
IllisThoughties Illi's Head You see, we have made life into a hideous thing, living. Life has become a battle, which is an obvious fact, constant fight, fight, fight. And to go into this question of what is death, what lies beyond death, becomes rather meaningless, if you don't know how to live. 's outlet for her thoughts when she needs a shoulder to cry on but no one's around
SvejkovskyMarc What is your duty? To serve the emperors will What is emperors will? That we fight and die What is death? It is our duty ig: svejky17
oliver_shergold Poole, Dorset, UK Sorry I am very easily misled and confused. I thought it meant he had died but that was twenty years ago nearly. So what is death by hashtag? Blogger. Fan of Aldershot Town FC. My fave biccie is the Bath Oliver. I prefer a bath to a shower. I have Asperger Syndrome. Google that if you're not sure.
str4wberrypi SEVENTEEN wait so then what is death & rebirth? is it just like a recap movie like is it necessary to watch cuz some reddit thread said do nge series > death and rebirth > eoe she/they 🪐⭐️ oikawas lesbian gf (real)
graywolfthrone 84/50 | 🎩🦋 | 🐺👑 | 🔱 | 🦁 "What is death? The loss of a body? The loss of the animating spark? If that's the case, I am dead. Or is life the persistence of memory and emotion, volition and desire? If that's the case, I am very much alive." oficialmente o mundinho han alister br, mas temporariamente mundinho elias veturius br (a/ela/-a) surtando em
scottlgreer 1. Yes with regard to logs 2. AND deaths attributed to COVID-19 is a problematic statistic! Attribution and testing issues. Belgium attributes a lot of deaths to it that other countries don’t. (And what is death reporting and testing like in Peru?). Bad data. “Somebody ought to write a book about people sometime- they’re peculiar” Health politics, EU, UK, US. Professor, University of Michigan. Opinions personal. H/h.
t_s_elibot The Grave oh, do not ask "what is death?"; I have measured out my tubers in coffee spoons, and the warm light gives no hope, life without wings, January without jewels, T.S. Eliot reincarnated in bot form. Bot dad Currently running ver. 1.0
i_sumit__singh हरियाणा, भारत What is death of democracy? As per chomu fellows and....
I0vesickgirI hi, may I ask what is death ssk? I just watched JKT48 interview on youtube and they mentioned about death ssk on mnl48 fan
LissBetten If killing earth is necessary and money is survival What is death?? we’re only gonna die
Doenfeelgood Well, What is Life and what is death? De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum
REKTR5 San Francisco And they don’t know what is death cross just have that Hamba Allah 100 of whale (RICH INVESTOR) (REKT BItMEX) (Red Button of Bybit) (Green button of BitFINEX)
REKTR5 San Francisco No you must know what is death cross and $Gold back to 8k Hamba Allah 100 of whale (RICH INVESTOR) (REKT BItMEX) (Red Button of Bybit) (Green button of BitFINEX)
Dejacquebot Paris, France Let us live by movement for movement, by progress and for progress, regardless of whether the grave is close and the cradle far. What is death to us, if death is still movement, and if movement is still progress? Tweeting Ancom hot takes from the 1850's.

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