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What is Death>

Death is an enigma wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a rice-paper roll and served on a bed of rocket.
Many people have tried to investigate what happens when you die and they have lost thier lives in the process. How many of us have promised to come back and haunt our worst enemies only to reneg at the last moment.

Hxesandoreos Nashville, TN I guess I'm just confused, how do you define death then like what is death? cause I define it ass the method in which your life is taken and as the transcendence of life. Shawn: Poet📜 Artist🖌 Photographer 📸 In Shooters We Trust 📸
DarylLicTecOAA The difficulty is the idea that Jesus could do something with one nature that opposes the other. And actually God did die. What is death but the separation of body and soul?
Quatr_us Portland, OR If that many people came here, then it would no longer be so desirable, and they'd naturally stop. I guess the answer is no, because Bangladeshis and Indonesians, who will be flooded out, are too poor to travel so far. But so what? Is death the standard? and who are we to decide? Simple history articles for leftists, anarchists, feminists, pacifists, poc PhD IPCAA (Michigan), Prof. Emer. Portland State. she/her
NeloAng03759235 Germany What is your Duty To serve The Emperor's will What is the Emperor's will That we fight and Die What is death It's our Duty Tod? Du willst den Tod? Ich fürchte, das ist mir zu langweilig.
ccaseydouglas Florida, USA And next time ya' might wanna' reconsider the screen capture selection. "What is Death?" isn't a lucky omen. Writer/Mama
TerryMulroy And the question is. What is “death watch”.
joyjoseph_arjoy What is Death Stranding about? Despite being in development for years, most of the chatter around Hideo Kojima's upcoming PS4 game – the first from his new studio Kojima Productions, after a much-publicized departure from Konami – is still Shop At Best Price ►
movie__theater no one can mathematically prove that any of us even exist. multiply any number by zero and what do you get? what is death if not zero? what were you before you were born? what would you think if you never learned a human language? we take everything for granted a fake reality show set in a movie theater // understanding confabulation in the digital age //
nyctobutterfly Unspoken words What is death, it's nothing new. He's always around us already and we live life like we won't ever die, it's temporary. All of it will die someday and only one will never die. The creator.. preternatural quintessence/ Eng lit❣📚/ transcendentals by design✨/ يـا قـَامَـةَ الـرَشَـأ الـمُـهَـفْـهَـفِ مَـيلي        
darthakoko1999 Geneva, Switzerland If you think about it, in a way, the Night King sort of represents the nonsense in the world. Like, all of life's unanswered riddles. What is life? What is death? Sometimes there are things that don't make sense and no matter how deep we'll dig to try to make sense, Actor, director, editor, brickfilm maker, youtuber and LEGO collector.
imsherlock221b pluto If someone ask u what is death.. Tell watch this crap episode and they will pray for the death detective,sociopath
paucasas1 San Luis Potosi, México. What is death may never die, but rises again harder and stronger🤞🏻
Roytheboy1988 potters bar herts uk what is and can you get over it ivrr over 3 years on if it gone to soon Hi there my name Roy aka Roy the boy chef .waterboy for welwyn first team rugby . . wrestler. rapper . ex you tuber football manger .
Amitpagal86 World wake up before u get so deep vilified ..that u don't know what is life and what is death..If this had come true it would mean the death of India and all of u will be part of it..Thank you.. Pharmacist..Proud Father..MODIfied..
rossy_smiles Lagos, Nigeria What is love? Love is when your hubby see you naked on bed with another guy and still tells you Baby dress up and Les go home.. What is death? Death is when you follow him home..😳😳 I'm simple buh I don't take sh*t...💕💕💕
TJMAGA25 Ohio Rustbelt Rising . Fear is all a mind game, folks. Conquer your fear, rationalize; how many have done this before you, what is death rate. Nada. It is your PERCEPTION of impending harm that causes fear. Shed that... then enjoy the ride. And be pissed it is over in 15 seconds. USAF Retired SNCO * EW in Desert Storm/Korea/Cold War/Drug War * Single/Indie/Capitalist * * Dogs * Prog/Metal🎶 * Beauty in all forms * God made Boobs

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