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Death is an enigma wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a rice-paper roll and served on a bed of rocket.
Many people have tried to investigate what happens when you die and they have lost thier lives in the process. How many of us have promised to come back and haunt our worst enemies only to reneg at the last moment.

kawabsss The question, "what is death?" Ang pinaka-theme ng Remember Me. And it's making me sad writing it bit by bit. HAHAHAHA. together, apart | beneath the scars | saudade
42forall doom 9 year old nephew said after someone dies they turn into ash, a diamond or a tree. And all adults in the room (except me) erúpted with who taught you all this. 1. Its actually correct 2. A 9 year old can & should learn about what happens after death and what is death. nothing to see
FifiPottier I never said you’d die by vampires! There are a number of “beings” that’d kill you in Vampire Emily that exist. Not only does elemental magic influence, there’s goddesses and different realms too. What is death without life? She/her, digital & tech lover, author 🎃
brajeshnarayan Kannur What is death... May be the distance of sleeping in Cow dung plated floor to marble and tiles floor... Once and always it's a life lived. When you abuse it you are abusing yourself. Don't fight... learn... Human...
auxchamp_ebooks What is “Death of the tom and jerry 2021 trailer and it's really fun.
MyNameIsKennnn The question remains, and will do so for the rest of time whether it be infinite or limited: What is death metaphysically, spiritually? While neurological and physiological death are easily understood - the cessation of vital functions and brainwaves, the impact on… Brute Force & Philosophy
praveshk0 This is basically the answer to life, the universe, and everything. This videos really answers the four things that has never been written in any Religious/Philosophical texts. 1. What is happiness? 2. What is sadness? 3. What is fear? 4. What is death? Rationalism is the new nationalism.
apopbooks What is death? And what does it mean to separate? I have no idea and I’m sure I’ll never know until I die. But I know that my mom’s tears, which I never saw, must have looked like stars twinkling on the river that witnessed the passage of time. Stars shine like raindrops tonight. Best-selling Korean titles translated into English
ItIsMeMaynez Chihuahua The turtle asks to the Skeleton: "What is death, Kenny?" And he responds: "THIS 😈🗡️" Pfff i don't know what i'm saying XD.. Ok but leaving the jokes aside. I love how you are you touching this kind of topics, that shows how is dealing with any relashionship! The things i do here: 1. Retweet and like beautiful Stuff. 2. Draw 3. *Gay Panic* Rookie Artist /18 years/Student (He/Him) My Draws are on my Instagram ;3
buchh50 down under Allow the pain and darkness to contrast your happiness and light. What is death without life after all. Stay strong fam, sounds like she's a great human All opinions are my own retweets are either memes or alpha no inbetween DYOR or STFU ~
exec_suspend they/them, he/him but what is "death" for smash chars theyre trophies. what if losing AND returning to trophies count as death (but not permanent and its all in good fun) as part of the performance??? I love my cats. 20+ he/him, they/them header by hotcakesamba on tumblr
MattsNewWorld Wandering far afield There are deeply fundamental questions that are simply not being asked in the mainstream conversation. What do we need a government to do today? Is anyone beyond redemption? What cultivates tribalism? What is death and why do so many feel the need to avoid it at any cost? Questioning the deepest rooted assumptions always.
kasviel мenтally, noт нere The point of procreation is to avoid death though. So what is death to beings like the Great Ones? It would have to be a species like them but not, an anti-life existence akin to death itself, but total, cosmic death, annihilation from all realities and planes of existence. I write M/M original and fan fiction. Adult language and content, not spoiler-free! They/them.
jamathevain Neptune 🤔interesting. And what is death in your view? An awaken of sorts an artist...exploring life. . MUTABLE. link below.
_PorcelainBlue What is existence to creatures like them? What is death? Year after year, he searches. Jiang yanli and Jiang Cheng welcome him back every time, glancing behind him, hiding their disappointment every time there is nobody hiding behind his wings. Soon, soon he will stop. 🌼she/they/28 🌼artist and fic writer 🌼wangxian hours 🔞 minors DNI
saya1720 India + not really interested in questions about what is death and what comes after death. I will have my answers one day, anyways. We all will. So, imo there is no point in contemplating all that now. here to enjoy fandoms; Yin Zheng main; anitis f*ck off; ship n let ship; don't like don't read; 🔞; spoiler tweets; full hoe-ism || Winter Begonia is my muse 💔
sadiebklyn Brooklyn, NY “Why live, and what am I? What is life, what is death?” multitasker
nicolopigna Berlin, Germany My 2yo just asked me "what is death?" and "what is god?". I'm not ready for this 🤯 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 🇪🇺 Father, Husband, Senior Engineering Manager Software Design, Management, Trading, Startups. He/him.
HusbandsAreMore Ottawa, Capital of Canada What is Death Cover Up, Hospital Death Cover Up - Trafficking and Enslaving People after "death" - Medical Ter roism, Hospital Terrorism - You Are Dec lare d Dead at a Ho spiral - But if They Cover It Up ? A Radical Feminist Speaking Out & Fighting Against Matriarchy & Its Enslavement-Oppression-Exploitation-Abuse-Conning&Mockery of Males & For Male Rights in This
MoViIle DreamVille what is life to a king and what is death to a pawn Yung Simba🎋~ Off The Grid📴
Tomb_Raider__ What explains you the reason why you are living? What is the purpose of life? What is birth and what is death? What purpose you hold in life?....I define it as a religion. PhD (Biology) | Ambedkarite☸ | 🕉 Mani Padme Hum☸💙🧘‍♀️📿
Renata564 Universe Brothers and Sisters, what is Death? We must study in the Holy Qur'an about Life and Death. Today, some of what we see is the Walking Dead. I am a Student Follower of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and His Representative, The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan
johnvernon21 I am old, not in good health, I wonder if I have achieved my purpose. What is living and what is death? I do not need heaven or hell. I think when I die, I simply end. I do not want or need an afterlife. I have to have purpose. I will live to the end fulfilling my purpose.

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