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Who invented Death?

A lot of people believe that death was invented in the early 1950s by the Coca Cola Corporation. Their researchers had discovered that older people were losing the taste for Coke and moving on to other carbonated beverages. The marketing people realized that unless something was done about it the older people would quickly out-number the younger coke drinkers. So they needed some way to redress the balance. Their first approach was to increase the number of young people by making sex more fun (see our wiki "Face to face with the missionary drawbacks"). This took off well until the effects were countered by the indtroduction (by Pepsi) of the Birth Control Pill.

MetalBlade Los Angeles, CA • poses the age-old question metal fans have long debated for years and years. Who invented Death Metal?! Members of and more weigh in! Now let's hear it. Who do YOU credit the inception of Death Metal to?! 📰 Home to the greatest & most influential artists in heavy music since 1982! Facebook, Youtube & Instagram (at)metalbladerecords /
necrobalmer okay but the video was about who invented death metal... not what does this lame melodeath band have to say about how invented death metal. Honestly they had a shit ton of modern bands give their take on primitive death metal and that’s what i was trying to get at. All modern dm death metal maniac / vocalist
necrobalmer they had the mf from opeth and the black dahlia murder try to say who invented death metal... literally not a single fucking death metal band was interviewed lmao just the same guys loudwire dickrides and let’s not forgot the slayer dickriding as well lmao death metal maniac / vocalist
BenAtkinsonPhD Calgary, Alberta Joe DiVita: "In Episode 11 of Loudwire's '50 Years of Heavy Metal' video series, we explore this classic argument, with some help from members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Opeth, Cattle Decapitation, Municipal Waste, Misery Index and High on Fire." PhD Economist

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