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Who made God?

People who believe in God often ask athiests; well what happened BEFORE the big bang. And of course athiests will tell them "Nothing". Which is of course the correct answer, because before the Big Bang there was No Time, No Matter, No Nothing ... even. And of course that is a very hard concept to imagine. So perhaps what they should say is ... "Who Created God?".

Of course the real answer to that is "Mankind created God". We invented him/her/them to explain all the things that we could not (at that time) explain.

JackMurray2 West London, England I know it was written by men to control other men when we were ignorant of science. But educate me if god made heaven and earth, who made god? Spurs supporting Anti-Theist.
noirscape_ a black hole in my brain Which to be fair, it's only extreme if you're not familiar with Platinums usual affair; just look at the history of the devs making this and it suddenly falls into place why you should both take it seriously and enjoy the memes. Same people who made god hand and the first dmc. Distressingly boring. Jackass. Public account: If you like what I do, send me money at:
ophi5ticated _oust_n, _ex_s He supposedly made us and we're sinful. He made the devil and he's evil. Why can't a "perfect" creator just make a perfect creation? What's all this unnecessary evil for? And who made God? Where did he even come from? Why does christianity require so much willful ignorance? Emmett Till, Malcom X, Fred Hampton, Danye Jones, LaVena Johnson, Tamir Rice, Tyrique Hudson, Breonna Taylor, James Scurlock, Robert Fuller, Ma'Khia Bryant
Baffourkbadu here The parable of the talent; the one who hid what God has given him was called a wicked man, God took it away and gave to those who made God use of it. 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒓 † of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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