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Who made God?

People who believe in God often ask athiests; well what happened BEFORE the big bang. And of course athiests will tell them "Nothing". Which is of course the correct answer, because before the Big Bang there was No Time, No Matter, No Nothing ... even. And of course that is a very hard concept to imagine. So perhaps what they should say is ... "Who Created God?".

Of course the real answer to that is "Mankind created God". We invented him/her/them to explain all the things that we could not (at that time) explain.

_stay_informed So god made atoms? But who made god? Chicken meet egg! Reminds me of a quote from a song from childhood by XTC- “Did you make mankind after we made you? And the devil too.” Songs called Dear God.
TrinityJoppa Skeptics often ask, "If God made the universe, then who made God?" The suggestion is that if the universe requires a cause, so does God. This week's episode, though, demonstrates the necessity of a first cause and why God is the best candidate.
AnthonyHJunior California, USA Who made god and who created the creator of god I now have too get two things out of my eye, allergies and now you.
jrfrmem Yes, The “envelope at the funeral” analysis. I studied that for weeks. No one knows for sure. It bothers me that Pence got one. That made me think perhaps it’s nothing. I got so frustrated, I stopped. It’s like when I was 5 and couldn’t figure out who made God. 60+,Christian,Vegan,workout,reversed diabetes,reversing arthritis,loyal,animal lover,tad right of center,sinner saved by grace. I follow all
Jeremiel19 For God who made God? Thus an very unanswerable question. We will be able to feel His essence only that, He is present everywhere but not see His existence anywhere. From nonbeing came being, a wide difference from existence. Zero, emptiness and void what do you aspects from them All out of love
GoddessPhyllis Update: KIRKWOOD AND BELFORT And beyond is disgustingly flooded and there’s cars stuck on BOTH SIDES. My dad and ALOT of cars are stuck at the foodarama on Belfort and Wilcrest and I couldn’t even get close enough for him to walk. Fam who made God angry this week God✨Living Aesthetic✨ Nubian Gold Co. Ankara Clothing
IsJesusAlive Cedar Rapids, IA Braces self for "who made God" tweets. The shirts I'm hocking go to a new laptop. (Mine's 7 years old and you can make tea while you wait for it to start.) Former freelance baseball writer and current web designer. I regularly blog about Christian Baseball tweets
AaronInReality I dwell in the waves of WiFi With a “God” in the picture, now we have to answer even BIGGER mysteries like “who made God?” Christians say “That’s easy. The Bible says no one made him; he always existed.” This solves nothing, and there’s no way to investigate things like this. One must “believe on faith.” Freelance writer | atheist | an advocate for humanism | LGBTQ rights | tech | science | Cautiously optimistic about the future of humanity (on most days)
kaitlynriolo Bellingham, MA Some late night thoughts again (it’s 1:28 in the morning😂) anyways...People say God was the first person on Earth but if God was the first person on Earth there had to have been people who made him, but then who made the parents who made god? It just goes on and on.🤯 Insta~KaitlynRiolo//Sc~ Knicole959
mxlxssv_ A student asked me “who made the earth? God? And who made God? La Rosa de Guadalupe?” omg babyyy One day at a time.
ryanbeatty666 Shenandoah, LA I remember when I was like 8 asking my parents “who made god” and looking back, I’ve always thought what a brilliant question that was for such a young mind. My parents had a shitty answer that the church told them so whatever lol. I still often ponder that question to this day thank god for the freaks... single forever due to happiness... pisces... musician... and still trying to understand twitter

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