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Who made God?

People who believe in God often ask athiests; well what happened BEFORE the big bang. And of course athiests will tell them "Nothing". Which is of course the correct answer, because before the Big Bang there was No Time, No Matter, No Nothing ... even. And of course that is a very hard concept to imagine. So perhaps what they should say is ... "Who Created God?".

Of course the real answer to that is "Mankind created God". We invented him/her/them to explain all the things that we could not (at that time) explain.

akirathedon Hollywood “Dad if god made everything who made god? Did he make himself?” “That’s one of life’s big questions” “Yes, well I think maybe. Cos some superheroes can make themselves. Venom can make himself bigger. And people can make themselves too! They make themselves stronger, or fatter.” Artist, DJ, WaveLord. 🌊👑 Architect of the Meaningwave® Universe Bookings/business Letitiasjones
Samcarrollhull Hull And if god made the laws of physics, who made god? That game goes on and on!
Malik_Esco "There is no God!.. Who made God?" Asked my niggas who believe in the big bang lmfao.. So who made the big bang? You mean to tell me its existence came outta nowhere and just exploded randomly? THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD 🕋.. Invest if you wanna be rich
toddatobin_tx Spring, TX If there was a god than the universe as we know it wouldnt be so complex. It would just be. But you can’t look me in the eye and ever say that in this giant cosmological one off chance in a quad trillion trillion Trillion that a god made this. Who made god? I don’t buy it Amateur Theoretical Physicists 🌌 Author 📕and Pool Guy 🌊
KateHack1 Canberra, AUSTRALIA “grab an arm full, we have to destroy everything that is harmful to God!" Origin of Species, Darwin Brief History of Time, Hawkings And my favourite “Logic for First Graders" 😂 (The classic little kid question “but who made God?" When will we be free of Murdoch? Miss real journalism, critical analysis, remember that? Or Social Equity, Justice? Ex Navy.
fensome_jack England Well it just talked about the length of the game being 40 hours abd length does refer to story it didnt say if it includes other stuff, but this is being made by the same people who made god eaters and those arent short games so theres that to consider also
ItsQuynton San Diego, CA people always say if God is real who made God But god has no creator because there was never a time before him. Time doesn’t exist to God because time is MAN made. And the devil isn’t some big red guy with horns, that’s obviously tv’s version of him. M❤️ Don’t take me seriously.
courtthelaw Preston,Lancashire You should challenge the fact that pupil 2 thinks it was a man who made God . And ask why they think God was made by man . Then set them a homework on finding a picture of God , from the Internet . That usually gets an interesting result . God is the father , son,& Holy Spirit . Former Law School President .Civil & Commercial Mediator.Ambassador Society of Computers & Law.Winner of Burnetts Solicitors Prize.E-Mitherings my own
vtarakkusu but its shinji mikami who is making it you know the guy who made god hand and the guy who made games extremely similar to resi 4 i trust him a good amount. Like tears in rain | pfp art by | Disabled | Ape Escape 3 is best | 💗💜💙
IainBlundell Preston, England 1st RE lesson, 15seconds in, Yr5 pupil asks: " who made God?". Pupil 2: "...and who made the man who made God?" Ermmm..... Any ideas, anyone? Trainee Teacher, Sept 2019. Previously a Solicitor. Exciting career change.

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